LNTMG-(130) The Person You Like

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Qin Shuwei personally ran to buy McDonald’s and came back, but after he pushed the door in, there was no one in the room. He didn’t dare to call Qin Ke to ask where he was, the young master of this family had an uncertain personality. One sentence can irritate him, and Qin Ke is notoriously not a fan of answering the phone. He only dared to call the driver at the moment, and ask where Qin Ke was going.

  The driver tremblingly replied: “Master Qin said that he was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel to rest, so I asked him to go back first.”


  Qin Shuwei was already a little annoyed, but didn’t dare to get mad, and only said to the driver: “Then ask him if he wants to eat, I have already bought it.”

  The driver asked in a low voice, Qin Ke’s sarcasm could be heard through the phone, and he lazily replied, “Keep it for yourself,” and the driver stammered to the phone and said, “That, Master Qin said…”

  ”I heard. You can send him to the hotel. I’ll go look for him tomorrow.”

  Qin Shuwei hung up the phone, he endured it, but still couldn’t hold back the anger in his heart and threw the bag of McDonald’s food on the ground. The big cup of Coke inside rolled out and sprinkled on the floor with a “crash”, and the Coke was spilled on the carpet, and the only remaining liquid was only ice cubes rolling on the ground.

  Qin Shuwei was holding his mobile phone in one hand, and pulling on his tie with his other hand, he was still a little annoyed. He called his father Qin Cheng, and it rang twice before it was answered. Qin Shuwei said, “Dad, you told me to please that Qin Ke, but I really can’t do it, can you change it to someone else, you don’t know how difficult he is, he is simply sick!”

  ”What’s wrong with him?”

  ”He asked me to buy food, I went to buy it, but he didn’t eat it. I went out and he went back to the hotel by himself! Isn’t he messing with me?”

  Qin Cheng’s voice was somewhat majestic, and he whispered: “What did I tell you to do when you left?”

  ”You told me to meet all his needs…”


  ”That’s it! Whatever he says, just do what he says. This is an extraordinary period. Only Qin Ke’s shares can help us through the current difficulties. Isn’t it easier to ask him than to make you kneel down in front of Zhuang Ya to ask for money?”

  Qin Shuwei closed his eyes, he didn’t want to recall that unbearable past.

Many things have happened in the company in the past two years. Zhuang Ya and their father and son have torn apart their faces. He was stepped on the dirt in front of Zhuang Ya. He was no longer the high-spirited prince in Mingcheng, because of what happened in the past, and every gave him a little face and called him Mr. Qin, but the number of people who laughed at him could not be determined.

  He no longer has the proud capital, so his father asked him to please Qin Ke. He was exhausted, and could only pin a little hope in his family, and wanted his family to reach out and help and find a chance to make a comeback.

  In the struggle between their father and son and Zhuang Ya, the balance has already begun to tilt, and if they are a little careless, they would lose everything.

  Qin Shuwei was taught a lesson by his father. After hanging up the phone, although he was not upset, he also knew the priority of the matter. He suppressed all his emotions and hoped that he could please the young master Qin Ke tomorrow.


  He sent a message to Qin Ke, introduced some snacks to Shanghai in a warm tone, and asked him if he was interested.

  It took a long time for Qin Ke to reply, “Whatever.”

  Qin Shuwei did not dare to do anything else, and just wanted to buy some of them tomorrow, and then ask: “Is there any place I want to go tomorrow? I will ask the driver to pick you up in advance.”

  This time Qin Ke responded a bit faster, and ordered: “Don’t bother me before 4 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. I want to sleep late. By the way, the seats in the car are too hard, so prepare a few more cushions. Today, I sat cross-legged for a while and my ankle hurts.”

  Qin Shuwei agreed, but couldn’t help but slander, Qin Ke has so many things, no one needs to bring cushions when going out, ordinary people still have to go down, is he the princess and the pea!

  The Qin family started as a hotel, and the family has a big business. There were more than a hundred people in the whole family. Although the father and son duo seem to be beautiful outside, it can’t be said to be the same when it comes to the Qin family. The current rulers in the family are Qin Ke’s two older brothers. Qin Ke is only 19 years old and has become an out-and-out noble son. He does not need to make money on his own, and only the equity dividends left by his father’s generation are enough for him to stand firm in the family and be able to say a few words.

  Qin Cheng and Zhuang Ya were already at a disadvantage, but after they finally find out that Qin Ke, the young master of his family, has come to Shanghai. After lining up with other people, he pushed his son Qin Shuwei forward. He has already given up his old face, if he lost to Zhuang Ya this time, their father and son were really going to be left behind, so let alone face, there will be no point left.

  Qin Cheng didn’t want to live such a hard life, and Qin Shuwei naturally didn’t want to either, but he had been so proud at home for so many years, and he still had a little master’s air, so that he was reluctant to bow his head and serve others.


  The father and son had a small abacus in their hearts, and Zhuang Ya on the other side also kept people coming to approach Qin Ke, but her treatment was not as good as Qin Cheng’s father and son, Qin Ke refused her visit and did not want to meet her.

  Inside the hotel’s penthouse suite.

  A coat was thrown at random on the sofa, and Qin Ke sat cross-legged on the sofa, playing with the laptop in his hand.

  On the table was a disassembled McDonald’s set meal. The half-eaten hamburger was placed in a box. There were two large glasses of ice-cola on the table. Because the owner did not drink it in time, the walls of the paper cups leaked drops of fine water.

  Qin Ke looked at the webpage for a while, and used a “borrowed” account to log in to the Loulan forum to leave a message. The post he replied to was the one looking for “Eight-Treasure Rice Pudding Grandpa”, because the poster was “a little fish”, this post was worth hundreds of thousands was also called koi posts by people on the Internet.

  He typed very quickly, replied more than ten words, and not surprisingly his comment was quickly restricted.

  Qin Ke frowned slightly, and quickly let go, not caring about this little thing, and “borrowed” an account to continue to leave a message. He was very interested in “A Little Fish” and the posts made by this person, and the people who think a lot on the Internet are different. Qin Ke was born in a wealthy family, but his mind is simple and clear. He only saw the title and thought: What kind of fairy eight-treasure rice is necessary to make people remember it?

  Qin Ke is a sweets lover and is very interested in the snacks mentioned in the post.


  He flipped forward, and he changed the avatar of the account he used to “borrow” before. It was a picture with flowers on the corners, which was easy to recognize. After a bit of flipping, he found one which was replied to by Koi himself.

  A Little Fish: I don’t know the specific method of the eight-treasure rice, but the recipe of the fried vegetable ball can tell you that [texture] is probably that. If you are interested, you can try it yourself, it’s easy! Thank you for the clue you just provided, but the old man who fried rice cakes you mentioned is not the one I was looking for.

  Qin Ke held his chin and looked at it. The information he compiled yesterday was actually believed by the other party and gave him a serious reply to the formula.

  He unexpectedly had some good feelings for this little koi.

  Looking at the recipe posted on it, Qin Ke suddenly felt that the burgers and cola on the table were not fragrant at all, so he called the hotel and asked the kitchen to make him a fried vegetable ball according to this recipe.

  The front desk of the hotel didn’t hesitate when they heard his room number, so they immediately asked the chef to make a serving. The ingredients used for the fried vegetable balls were all common ingredients, and they were delivered immediately after they were fried and delivered to Qin Ke’s room. When it was placed on the table, the food was still hot, but it tasted good.

  Qin Ke didn’t have a meal today. The vegetable balls were fried until they were golden and soft, and there were several kinds of sauces beside them. He took a bite with them. The sauce was slightly salty and sweet, and it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The ones with sesame seeds were especially delicious, and the other ones without sesame seeds, would dip a little sesame salt in the small dish next to him, and eat the small plate in one breath.


  He thought this was the same as what a little fish said, it was really delicious.

  Qin Ke touched his chin, and gave him the title of gourmet in his heart.

  While eating, he used the computer to turn the recipe map sent by “a little fish” into perspective. After studying it for a while, he laughed and said, “Why are you still a student.”

  The other party probably used a piece of homework draft paper to write the formula, and then took a picture and put it on. There are a small half line of unclear words on the back, but this was a piece of cake for Qin Ke, and it was quickly identified as a math problem. 

As for the manuscript paper, Qin Ke couldn’t recognize it for a while, but it looked like the one commonly used in colleges, only a little print could be seen on the edge, and it was not clear which school it was.

  Qin Ke ate another vegetable ball, typing on the keyboard with both hands while chewing, quickly searching for clues related to this question in the online world.

  He thinks that “a little fish” is a good person and a good friend to make.

  Quite interesting.

  On the other hand, Tang Jinyu finished writing the homework, took a photo and sent it to Old Ape, and left a serious message: “Brother, I have finished the inscription, but today’s writing is a bit slow. It’s a bit too late, so I won’t bother Grandpa, can you please show it to him tomorrow, thank you!”


  Old Ape replied in seconds: “Okay, let me see it for you first. This question is a bit super-class for the knowledge you are learning now, so it’s normal to be slow, ha ha!”

  Old Ape chatted with the child. After a while, he was optimistic about the topic and praised: “I have read it, the idea is okay, and the solution is quite good. I will send it to the old dean tomorrow. You should go rest, you have school tomorrow!”

  ”I won’t go to school tomorrow, I have to go to teacher Leo to practice piano.”

  ”It must be hard to practice the piano!”

  Old Ape kept his words to himself, hoping to lift his highness to heaven.

  Tang Jinyu turned off the computer and went to sleep. He ran 800 meters in gym class today. Although his grades were not very good, he steadily stepped through the average time. This has made great progress for him in the past. After all, he hasn’t been very good at sports before, and he has gradually trained a little bit later.

  It was probably because he exercised during the day, so he slept deeply at night.

  Tang Jinyu also had a dream.

  He dreamed of Guo Xiaohu. Guo Xiaohu was wearing a sports suit. He was particularly happy running over to him. He ran slowly in front of him. Guo Xiaohu went back to accompany him and said with a smile: “Xiaoyu, I am now in the provincial team. Training every day, ready to sprint for the prize, did you see how I wrote to you?”


  Tang Jinyu ran slowly, which seemed a bit difficult compared to the past, and nodded to show that he knew.

  Guo Xiaohu looked at him and asked, “You saw that letter, didn’t you?”

  Tang Jinyu’s footsteps suddenly became a little messy.

  ”Xiaoyu, actually I actually treat you…”

  Guo Xiaohu still wanted to talk, but he didn’t want to listen anymore, stopped and turned his head and ran back.

  Guo Xiaohu chased him and called his name. Tang Jinyu didn’t dare to stop at this moment. After running away, he could hear the gasping sound of his chest until he hit a person’s arms. The other party supported him in his arms, “What’s the matter?”

  Tang Jinyu’s heart beat like a drum, gasping for breath and his throat was dry and speechless, but the moment his hands fell on him, he knew who it was and knew he was safe-he looked up and saw Xia Ye, and saw his own safe haven.

  Guo Xiaohu chased him from behind, standing a few steps away and calling his name, his voice was a little sad: “Xiaoyu, do I have no chance at all?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head vigorously and hid behind Xia Ye. His brother immediately blocked him strictly as usual.


  Guo Xiaohu asked in confusion: “Why? Why are you so sure, do you have someone you like?”


  ”Who do you like?”

  This time the two people asked him together. Guo Xiaohu’s voice was superimposed on his brother’s voice. Tang Jinyu hid behind, grabbing Xia Ye’s clothes and looking at them. Finally, his eyes fell on his brother’s face. He didn’t know why but his heartbeat that had just settled down suddenly jumped quickly again. He was so nervous that his fingers were trembling a little, and he squeezed the corner of his clothes tightly, and said dryly: “I, I like…”


  ——I like my brother.

  The dream came to an abrupt end. Tang Jinyu opened his eyes and put his palms on his chest. He could still feel his heart throbbing violently and heart-palpitation, almost uncontrollably and unable to hide it.

  He still remembers being questioned in his dream, but after saying it, he suddenly didn’t want to hide so much.

  He has someone he likes and has always liked that one.

  The sky outside was not yet bright, and it was still early. Tang Jinyu lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling for a long time before burying himself in his quilt. When he was unable to hold his breath, he stuck out his head and took a deep breath, and his face turned red, all the way down to his neck, and even to the tips of his ears were red.

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  1. It’s happening everyone, it’s happening!!! Jinyu finally knows about his crush on Xia Ye!

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