LNTMG-(131) Number One Fan

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On Saturday mornings, Tang Hongjun usually sends Tang Jinyu to Teacher Leo’s place. In the evening, he arranged for Xia Ye to pick him up. The weekend would be spent at Xia Ye’s house, and he would wait until Sunday night to send him back. Sometimes he’s late, but sometimes on Monday morning, Xia Ye would send him directly to school.

  Tang Jinyu went to teacher Leo’s home to practice piano as usual.

  After he came in with his bag on his back, Li He kept looking at him, his eyes were burning. During the period, he made a mistake several times and was knocked on the head by Teacher Leo.

  ”Li He, concentrate on it!”

  Li He stared at the piano, his fingertips rose and fell faster. He was in a state of excitement as soon as Tang Jinyu came in. Even when Teacher Leo asked him, he confessed loudly: “I was wrong!!”

  In return, Teacher Leo knocked him on the head with another music sheet, and said angrily: “What is there to be proud of when you make a mistake? Aren’t you ashamed to speak so loudly?”

  Li He controlled his accuracy a little bit, but he couldn’t control his emotions. He was so excited that he didn’t pay any attention to his hands at the moment. He played a song praising love with great enthusiasm!


  Teacher Leo wrinkled his brows and drove him to the piano room next door to practice, and then taught Tang Jinyu alone.

  However, what the young apprentice teaches is not easy. The song “Dream of Love” he learned is Liszt’s music. Liszt’s hands are big, so many of his works are 13 or 15 scale degrees, and most of the piano players’ hands don’t meet such conditions, so they can only omit a few notes, and play it as a creeping sound.

Tang Jinyu’s hand was a little smaller than Li He’s, and it was a little bit difficult, but this could be overcome.

  But after teaching, Mr. Leo discovered a problem. The little apprentice was too shy and didn’t express love enthusiastically.

  Teacher Leo interrupted his practice and muttered: “Xiaoyu, this is a love-themed song. It should be full of love. It’s not as crisp as you express it now. It should be softer and more pleasant. Wait until you play here in the middle section,” he pressed a few keys to pop up a tune, prompting, “You should enter a more intense emotion when you play, because the uncontrollable love in your heart can’t be controlled, it should burst out, just like having a secret crush, and later you should develop it into a hot love! You want to have sparks all over the place, so be bold!”

  Tang Jinyu had just had a bold dream in the morning, and he blushed when he heard his teacher say this.


  Teacher Leo wasn’t finished yet, and instructed: “After reaching the climax, it is a cycle, back to the beginning of the book, the theme of love, it is all like this, but you have to express a reluctant feeling, or your own feelings… and on the way feel the lyrics. When I heard you play last time, didn’t you and Li He write a comment that there is a bit of heartbreak?”

  Tang Jinyu blushed and nodded: “Yes.”

  Teacher Leo encouraged him: “Then boldly express this feeling, come, you try again!”

  Tang Jinyu played it again, and Teacher Leo quickly shook his head as he listened by the side: “No, no, it’s not like that. Come on, put your hand on your chest and feel it.”

  Tang Jinyu followed his introductions, put his hand on his chest, and looked up at the teacher.

  Teacher Leo took a deep breath and suddenly sighed loudly: “Ah—”

  Tang Jinyu was unprepared and almost fell off the piano bench in fright.

  Teacher Leo: “Do you know what it feels like to be heartbroken for your lover! Heartbroken! My love, love, love for as long as you can, and your heart is always hot and affectionate, as long as there is another heart that returns warmth to you, my dear, let the fire of love swallow us all! Xiaoyu, you tell me out loud, is this not love!”


  Tang Jinyu said dryly: “I don’t know, teacher, I haven’t talked about it.”

  Teacher Leo looked at him with the ferocious “love” on his face that was overly lyrical just now, “Why don’t you talk about it!”

  ”My teacher said not to let us fall in love early.”


  ”Then you just think about who is the most important person around you?”

  ”My dad and mom.”

  ”Anyone else?”

  ”My brother……?”

  ”Okay, just your brother, you bring him in! Some close relatives are more likely to have a sense of substitution, come, I want you to try again!” Teacher Leo was going to cheer again, just after “Ah”, Tang Jinyu immediately rose, blushing and waved his hand: “Teacher, I understand, I will feel it for myself and practice slowly!”

  Teacher Leo put his arms around his chest, sitting by the side with a serious face listening to him play the piano.


  Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. In his ears, the words that Teacher Leo had read aloud were still in his ears. There was also a bit of boldness that sprouted secretly from this morning, breaking through the ground bit by bit, bending towards the ground, and the branches and vines began to grow up.

  When he first started, he trembled a little with his fingers on the keys, but soon after he bounced, he was immersed in it, even with a bold desire to say something that could not be said, maybe not so bold, but it was affectionate. The continuous tune was like a secret monologue in a midsummer night, and the sound of the piano was pure, poetic and dreamlike.

  He did not speak, but his piano said two words for him.

  He was saying, I like you.

  Teacher Leo was very satisfied, and did not interrupt Tang Jinyu’s practice, with a smile on his face and nodding frequently.

  He has always felt that among the two students around him, perhaps Li He has better physical aptitude in all aspects, but Tang Jinyu’s ability was unmatched. This kid, if you tell him once, he will definitely absorb energy and bring change. As long as you polish him patiently, in due time, he will surely become a great weapon.

  Teacher Leo was very satisfied with him and asked him to continue practicing there, and went to the next door to guide his nephew.


  As soon as Li He waited for him to come in, he immediately looked forward to saying: “Uncle, I’ve practiced well, will you let me go with Tang Jinyu?”

  ”Xiaoyu is playing the next paragraph. You played like a ghost in the first section. I won’t let you go over and disturb others!”

  ”…You can’t say that, I’m very proficient at it!”

  ”I’ll listen to you for a while.”

  Li He immediately set off. The storm came for a while, and he looked at his uncle expectantly, and couldn’t wait to find Tang Jinyu.

  Teacher Leo rubbed his forehead. Hearing his babbled words over there, the blue veins in his temple couldn’t help but burst out, “Shut up!”

  Li He shut his mouth, but his face was full of “why”. As soon as Mr. Leo saw him, he couldn’t help but think of the sled dog raised in his hometown. That stupid dog couldn’t understand his instructions every time. At that time, he would stare at him with a pair of blue eyes and tilted head, and would look at him like that, with a straightforward look.

  Teacher Leo took a deep breath and asked him: “I didn’t believe in wild history before, but I believe it now. Beethoven might have been pissed off by his nephew.”


  ”Why don’t you just say that his nephew made Beethoven so angry that he wanted to kill himself several times…”

  ”What did you say?”

  Li He didn’t dare to say anything, and looked down at the piano.

  Teacher Leo never left him all morning, and taught him by head.

  Li He finally reached break time, and couldn’t wait to run next door to find Tang Jinyu, he blocked him and kept him from leaving, lowered his voice and excitedly said, “Take it out!”

  Tang Jinyu said, “What?”

  ”Sister Qing’s autographed photos, you must have a lot? Are you a good brother? Quickly divide me two.”

  Tang Jinyu really didn’t ask for this, but Yin Qing’s number one fan obviously didn’t believe it. He didn’t believe that someone who saw his idol themselves still had such determination, which is simply unscientific.

Tang Jinyu said, “She really didn’t sign a photo. Do you think Sister Qing went to participate in the organizer’s event, she definitely wouldn’t bring her own photo to give away. That seems so narcissistic, right?”

  Li He nodded: “What you said makes sense.”


  Tang Jinyu said again: “I took a group photo with her, and took a few pictures with my mobile phone. Oh, yes, I also have her phone number.”

  Li He: “!!!”

  The news was so exciting, Li He couldn’t hold it for a while. He circled him twice and rubbed his hands lightly and said, “That Xiaoyu, can you help me ask, no, no, no need now, Sister Qing must be busy. It’s good if you bring my name when you send blessing text messages on New Year’s and holidays.” The more he thought about it, the more excited he became, “You must not write well, so I will edit it. I will send you them in the future, can you forward it to me? I recently learned to make a Christmas tree, with a lot of small expressions, and it’s really pretty!”

  Tang Jinyu spoke, nodded and said yes.

  While they were chatting, Tang Jinyu’s phone rang, and both of them immediately looked down.

  Tang Jinyu took a look and said, “I’ll go back.”

  Li He followed him and said eagerly: “Who? Is it Sister Qing?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head: “My brother sent a message asking me where to eat at noon.”

  Li He stopped and stood there.


  Tang Jinyu sat there deleting, and modifying a few sentences repeatedly. Li He also wanted to ask him in detail about what happened when he saw his idol. He couldn’t help but feel happy when he saw him like this, “Ah, Tang Jinyu, it almost seems like you are sending a message to sister Qing, but why are you being so careful texting your brother? Did you do something bad and dare not let him know?”

  Tang Jinyu read and typed a sentence several times, and tried to suppress the small seedling in his heart that was pouring out to prevent it from revealing. His face was a little hot when he heard Li He’s words and scratched his face, and did not deny it.

  He is indeed a little cautious, and now he dare not let his brother see it.

  For someone like his brother, he has to take his time and walk a little bit behind his back, open his hands and hug him tightly.

  Once he hugs him, he wouldn’t let go.

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3 thoughts on “LNTMG-(131) Number One Fan

  1. Awww. Jinyu with the stirrings of a first crush is so cute! Our meme-tastic piano teacher was an inadvertent matchmaker!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thanks for the hard work in translating, translator-san!
    Jinyu’s struggle in love is real now!! Prepare the red rice, we must celebrate the first love of the little highness. I’m waiting for their relationship to be official!!! *happy*

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