LNTMG-(133) Buying Clothes

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Yesterday’s bowl of healthy soup was just the beginning. When Xia Ye came out of the study the next morning, he saw his brother mopping the floor hard. The floor was shining brightly, and even the books he kept in the living room were also affected, sorted and arranged, the glass coffee table can illuminate people’s shadows cleanly.

  Xia Ye suddenly walked from the dark room to a place with light, his eyes narrowed slightly by the reflected sunlight, and he subconsciously raised his hand to block it, completely unaware of what was going on.

  Tang Jinyu cleaned up the house and went to make tea for him again. When Xia Ye wanted to pick it up, the other party put it down on the coffee table and pushed him to the bathroom. “Brother, you brush your teeth first, I know you are about to get up at this point, the water has been poured for you.”

  Xia Ye had a cup of water in one hand and a toothbrush in his other hand. Looking down, the toothpaste was already squeezed on the toothbrush.

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Xia Ye felt that it was really Feng Shui’s turn. Ten years ago, he leaned on the door to supervise the little guy brushing his teeth. Now it was his brother’s turn to take care of him. He lowered his head to wash, and after taking care of himself, he just got out of the bathroom and smelled the scent of an omelet. Tang Jinyu had already prepared breakfast.


  Xia Ye sat at the dining table and felt a bit unreal. After being fed, he felt a little real while eating. This was the same breakfast that he and his father ate every morning. His father was always the best at this, as long as he was at home both he and Tang Jinyu will rush to eat this. But he always tasted something wrong after cooking it a few times, but his brother learned it correctly, and the taste was the kind that he likes.

  Xia Ye was satisfied with breakfast and asked, “Are you begging me for something?”

  Tang Jinyu blinked, “No.”

  Xia Ye was puzzled: “Then why do you suddenly mop the floor and make breakfast?”

  Tang Jinyu handed the last piece of omelette to his hand, holding his chin in a happy mood, “Brother, do you think I am treating you well now?”

  Xia Ye nodded, and calmly ate the last piece. He was waiting until his brother asked him for something.

  Tang Jinyu did not ask for anything, but promised: “I will treat you better in the future.”

  Xia Ye looked up at him, only to feel that the small dimples on the little guy’s face were looming as he spoke, making people feel ticklish.

  He doesn’t know how good he will be in the future, but for him, it was already good.


  After breakfast, Tang Jinyu went to Leo to learn piano. He usually studied piano for two days on weekends. Xia Ye had nothing else to do, so after sending him over, he dropped by to the aquarium shop. The small fishes raised by Tang Jinyu were quite edible, and were in a small group. He is familiar with fish raising and already knows what kind of food is best for them.

  Tang Jinyu received a warm welcome from Li He as usual today. Li He even poured him a glass of water, and his piano sheet was placed in his place in advance.

  Tang Jinyu drank the water and watched Li He talk to him about the reception. He told him what he knew in advance. Li He rarely played games, but he raised his chin when he heard Yin Qing’s endorsement of a game. “Yes. she has earned it. Ah, our sister Qing has made a fortune these past few years, and they will definitely be grateful for this wise decision they made today.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and he also felt that this endorsement was really worth the money.

  Teacher Leo soon came in to start a new day of teaching. The competition was about to arrive, so his teacher has been a little excited recently.

  Tang Jinyu felt that if the coach was used as a metaphor, their teacher Leo was probably already a master-level coach, and only hated that he could not go on the court to kill the Quartet, so he waved his hand to let their two apprentices come to the stage and compete with the newcomers for the crown. Teacher Leo carries the arrogance of the old aristocracy. This was also the same for Li He, but it was not as obvious. The sharpness of Teacher Leo comes from the awards he has received over the past ten years, so even if they don’t like him, they can’t beat him.


  However, this was also to the outside world, it was either to stay or abandon the pride of the nobility, and directly start teaching.

  Tang Jinyu had been scratched, and laughed and cried, and Li He had been beaten on his head for an unknown number of times.

  After a long time of contact, Tang Jinyu couldn’t help changing his master to a driving school instructor. He felt that Mr. Leo now taught them exactly the same as the driving school instructor, and he spoke harshly. He was merciless when swearing. His fingers that fall are not the keys but the steering wheel. If he doesn’t kill the listeners with “Music cells”, then he didn’t play well.

  Li He was dismissive of his euphemistic rhetoric, and snorted while Teacher Leo was away: “What coach, you are too polite, next time you should go to my house, I will show you the way my father drives, and how my mother commands from her seat, because that’s what you are doing right now. My uncle can’t wait to push me away and play in this competition himself!”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while, and spent a lot of fun there.

  However, in the afternoon, the focus of teaching fell on Tang Jinyu again. Teacher Leo stared at him for half the afternoon, giving him a little lecture, and finally performed a passionate interpretation. He took Tang Jinyu’s school bag and used it as a prop, “Look, to do this, you have to bring out your aura no matter what you use. You treat it as a sharp knife. You have to lift it up and stab the enemy’s heart fiercely, spurt! Then sprint——!!!

  Tang Jinyu was so frightened that he waved his hands around, “Teacher, teacher, I have something in my schoolbag!”


  Teacher Leo paused and asked him, “Is it important?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded repeatedly.

  Teacher Leo didn’t put it down, but lifted it up, “It’s important, you must feel your heart lifting like this, isn’t it very tight?”

       Tang Jinyu felt exhausted all afternoon.

  Li He was cheating on the side and was caught upright. Teacher Leo taught him: “What are you laughing at? It will be your turn in a while. I said to you guys, if a men’s iron will is not good, and you can’t even play love songs, how will you find someone in the future?”

  Li He refuted him: “What does this have to do with finding someone!”

  ”Of course, you see, just like me, because I play well…” Teacher Leo stopped in the middle of his words. He has no partner in his life, so he really don’t know how to give an example, but now that stupid nephew said this, he was looking at him as he wanted to keep listening. Teacher Leo said dryly: “I, I’m not like an ordinary pianist. It’s fine for you to learn to be an ordinary pianist, so you can find a beautiful girlfriend.”

  ”What about you?”

  ”I don’t need a partner, music is the love of my life.” Teacher Leo shook his collar and walked out with his head high.

  After Li He waited for him to go out, he whispered: “I don’t, I will marry Sister Qing in the future.”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  He felt that Li He’s wish would never happen. Yin Qing had already belonged to someone else, and the eyes that looked at Li He for a while were full of sympathy.


  Although Teacher Leo was crazy in teaching, he never did anything to hurt his students. Tang Jinyu’s school bag was now firmly placed on the small sofa.

  Li He was very curious about his schoolbag, and asked when he was resting, “Tang Jinyu, what’s in there?”

  ”Oh, it’s a model, It’s almost done.”

  Tang Jinyu took it out and showed it to him, while he was resting for a while, it was the shape of a spacecraft, composed of very small inserts. Li He didn’t understand this, and he felt his scalp numb when he looked at it, “This is so complicated, what are you doing with this?”

  ”Little craftsmen, it’s a gift.”

  ”It won’t be… the one you like?”

  ”Yes.” Tang Jinyu admitted openly.

  Li He was very envious, but after watching it for a while, he asked, “Will they like this as a gift? Little girls nowadays seem to like idols, and few people like models, which is quite difficult.”

  Tang Jinyu smiled, and his eyes curled up: “He likes it.”

  ”Are you sure?”

  ”Yeah, no one knows him better than I do!”


  Li He was envious again, guessing that it was Tang Jinyu’s former classmate. This kind of childhood sweetheart is really good, not to mention, Tang Jinyu’s little white face is really beautiful, especially when he laughs, it’s very attractive, and was sure to catch up with him.

  Tang Jinyu not only made a model, but also made a plan in his heart.

  He had never liked a person before, and he only wanted to earn a scholarship. Later, he was spoiled and grew up again, and most of them were obtained. But he wants to practice earnestly from now on.

  Practice how to chase the people you like, three-year plan, five years to show up.

  If he doesn’t move fast, his brother will be snatched away. Brother Song who loves career so much, fell in love in his twenties and gets married after talking for a few years? But this can’t be said directly. Tang Jinyu wondered if he still had to take his time. His brother casually said that the model of the Millennium Falcon that day was a bit interesting, so he put it together and put it in the office for his brother, so he could see it every day. After seeing it, he will think of him for an extra second.

  Accumulating every second, he can wait for him to run forward until he runs to his brother.

  A few days later, the reception was held as scheduled.

  Xia Ye personally picked up Tang Jinyu. He drove at the back door of the school and waited for a while, only to see children in school uniforms trotting over.


  Tang Jinyu and his school wear formal attire on Monday and Wednesday. Today was Wednesday, Tang Jinyu wore a small upright suit with a tie. The weather was a bit hot, and he ran in a hurry. His forehead was wet with sweat, and an instant, his little dimple appeared.

  Xia Ye’s eyes fell on him, and before he could react, he subconsciously turned off the air conditioner in the car.

  After Tang Jinyu got in the car, he put his school bag aside and asked, “Brother, why did you come to pick me up from school? Didn’t you say that you would come at 8 o’clock in the evening?”

  Xia Ye said as he drove, “Yeah, I picked you up to try on two clothes.”

  Tang Jinyu curiously asked, “Did my mother ask you to come?”

  Xia Ye laughed and shook his head: “No, I just want to buy you a few.”

  Tang Jinyu was puzzled. Chen Suling prepared all his clothes for him. There was space on the first floor in his home where all kinds of new clothes of the season are placed. It’s no different from a shopping mall. There were types that were full, and he hadn’t really worn outside.

  Xia Ye also suddenly had a desire to shop and wanted to buy something for him. After taking him to the mall, the biggest brand was still his own. After thinking about it for a while, he changed a few and asked Tang Jinyu to pick the one he liked, “I won’t come back home tonight, you pick up your clothes and I will take you there directly in a while.”


  Tang Jinyu has been following Chen Suling in the company since he was a child. Although he doesn’t know how to make clothes, he knows how to choose. He picked two of them and tried them on. The shopping guide on the side has praised him, “This is very suitable, and the color looks good. The complexion is fair!”

  Tang Jinyu came out to show Xia Ye, “Brother, how about this?”

  Xia Ye nodded, “Very good.”

  The shopping guide lady on the side said: “This is especially suitable for your children, he looks young!”

  After hearing this, Tang Jinyu hesitated and changed again. This time he tried his best to choose a black, more formal style, but he was indeed young and his youthful temperament could not be concealed. After applying a hairspray to his hair, He looked like a big boy, but he was still a good-natured boy.

  Tang Jinyu came out to show Xia Ye, “Brother, what about this?”

  This time Xia Ye looked for a long time, and after a while, he nodded and said, “Yeah, just this set.”

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  1. Teenagers are an awkward age for many reasons, but one of them has to be how in between it is. Too old for kid stuff, too young to be considered an adult. It’s so arbitrary at times! Too mature to not take responsibility for mistakes, too immature to avoid making those mistakes to begin with. I’m rooting for you, Jinyu! Xia Ye is patient though- he won’t be stolen away from you!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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