LNTMG-(134) Gossip Alliance

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 When Xia Ye said yes, Tang Jinyu was happy. In addition, the suit he wore was similar to Xia Ye’s suit. He concealed his thoughts secretly, followed behind his brother and watched his brother swipe the card to pay the bill, “Brother, I’ll buy it for you later.”

       Xia Ye smiled and said, “Do you really want to provide for me until I am old?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, “Hmm!”

  Not only does he provide for the elderly, he is willing to raise his brother for the rest of his life.

  Tang Jinyu has grown taller than last year. He changed into a formal attire and took care of his hair, and finally didn’t look like a kid who has to have an adult with him. But instead looked like a young man who sneaks out for fun, and was full of vigor and vitality.

  His appearance made him look a little grown up, and made Xia Ye look at him frequently in the car.

  Tang Jinyu stretched the corners of his lips and tried not to laugh, thinking that his brother liked clothes of this style, he would have to wear them next time.


  Xia Ye had more thoughts than he originally thought. There were feelings of the little guy growing up, and a bit of unspeakable feelings hidden in his heart.

  The reception was hosted by Qiao, Song Yi is very familiar with them. The two companies have cooperated for many years and are already old friends. After entering, they met many acquaintances. Song Yi waited for them at the door, and most people who knew Song Yi greeted him enthusiastically after seeing Xia Ye. Most of them were people around Qiao Zuo or the person in charge of the Qiao’s security team.

  Qiao Zuo has a security team, and Xia Ye has worked with them several times. The technical staff are usually people who are not very good at social interaction. There are only two types of people who can make them obedient. One is their boss who sends money and the other is the technology. When They see their choice, their enthusiasm is obviously higher than that of the former. Qiao Zuo often suspected that he was raising dozens of people for Xia Ye. This group of people was more excited to see Xia Ye than to see him. 

  Xia Ye went to socialize and said a few words. Tang Jinyu expertly hid in a corner and ate by himself. The strawberries prepared here were very sweet and tasted refreshing with a little icing sugar.

  Li He also arrived soon. He wore a white suit, and it seemed quite natural that he often attended such occasions with Teacher Leo. He walked to Tang Jinyu and greeted him.

  Tang Jinyu glanced at him and whispered: “Didn’t you say that you would wear this when you receive the prize in the competition?”

  Li He whispered: “It’s the same as accepting an award, touch my hand.”


  Tang Jinyu touched it, and as expected, the palms of his hands were sweaty.

  Li He was calm on the surface, but his voice was trembling slightly: “This is the first time that I will talk to Sister Qing. I have memorized a lot, so I’m afraid of forgetting the words for a while.”

  ”Just say what you want…”

  The two whispers, Xia Ye glanced at them, brought a glass of juice and said, “What are you talking about?”

  Tang Jinyu raised his head and smiled: “It’s nothing, Li He is nervous, he is chasing his idol.”

  Xia Ye gave him the juice, glanced at the time and said, “Yin Qing will be here in a while. You can eat something here by yourself. I have something to do, so let your Brother Yuan come accompany you.”

  Tang Jinyu said in surprise, “Brother Yuan is here too?”

  Xia Ye nodded and beckoned Old Ape to come over. From a distance, he saw a chubby figure coming over with a glass of milk. Old Ape didn’t have much contact with Qiao’s people, but many people knew him. He usually worked behind the scenes, but did not deliberately conceal himself. Therefore, for a while, Qiao’s rumoured that he was “the man behind Song Yi” , This was really slander, and Old Ape really took the blame for Xia Ye.

  Old Ape walked over and hurriedly passed the milk to the hand of his little majesty, and smiled: “Xiaoyu, come on, drink this!”

  Tang Jinyu still drank milk in the morning and evening, and when he was enthusiastic about growing taller, he smiled immediately after receiving it, “Thank you, Brother Yuan!”

  With Old Ape here, Xia Ye was relieved and left temporarily.

  Old Ape had a big heart, so he brought the other child with him, he happily accompanied Tang Jinyu and Li He to eat together, hiding and chatting.


  Tang Jinyu was very curious about his arrival, “Brother Yuan, is this event important? Why are you here? I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

  Old Ape smiled and said, “Did you miss me?”

  Tang Jinyu: “Yes!”

  Li He stood aside and got used to the numbness of his classmate’s family, with a calm expression on his face. He and Tang Jinyu have been practicing piano for a while. No matter who is in Tang Jinyu’s house, or if he comes to make a phone call to greet him, he has to ask this in the first sentence of the meeting.

  Just ask if you think about it or not. The older generations are especially fond of comparison, so you have to ask if you think about it the most.

  Li He could see clearly from the side, he felt that the one Tang Jinyu wanted most was his brother.

  Old Ape obviously didn’t dare to compare himself with Xia Ye, so he didn’t ask, and he was satisfied, “I have something else to tell your brother this time. I stopped by to meet Lao Song’s girlfriend. I didn’t expect him to find a female celebrity.”

  Tang Jinyu was too late to stop him.

  Li He heard this over there, turned his head and asked: “What female star?”

  ”Yin Qing.”

  Li He was shocked, “Who?!”

  Old Ape thought for a while, turned his head and asked Tang Jinyu in a low voice, “Is it still not open to the public? How do their entertainment circles generally deal with it, did I say too soon?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded.


  Old Ape was a little regretful, and Li He had already asked him over there, with the sentence on the left and the right, and kept asking, her number one fan resolutely refused to believe that his idol was in love!

  Tang Jinyu knew that he would not believe their nonsense, so he thought about it and told him the truth. Li He couldn’t accept it at all, and almost cried on the spot.

  ”Impossible!” Li He’s voice trembled, very sad. “Our sister Qing, oh, how come our sister Qing is looking for someone, she has to do a lot of scenes, why should she get married and retire…”

  ”I don’t want her to retire, she has to shoot more in the future.”

  Tang Jinyu comforted him with a few words, but Li He was still indignant and whispered: “What if he affects the career of our idol!”

  Tang Jinyu: “No, Brother Song has his own career line, but they are the same.”

  ”It’s different!”

  Old Ape touched his chin and said, “In fact, Lao Song is indeed a high climb.” He had heard about Yin Qing also being a member of their college.

  Li He quickly put Old Ape as his own people.

Li He’s low mood lasted until Yin Qing entered the stage. After Yin Qing came, his mood immediately rose into 100,000 points and began to concentrate on watching, not only looking at Yin Qing, but also paying attention to the other people around her.


  Tang Jinyu asked him in a low voice what he was watching, Li He whispered back: “Let’s see if anyone is arrogant to Yin Qing. You don’t know. In the past, someone in the crew used to bully her, grab her lines and deliberately target her by taking their opportunity. Last time we saw her from a long distance, she deliberately stuck to reshot on such a cold day, and while she was fine on the shore, our sister Qing was still in the water.”

  It was the first time that Tang Jinyu knew of such a thing, but quickly calmed down: “It won’t be like that anymore, Song Brother is here.”

  Yin Qing came soon. The male partner next to her was indeed Song Yi. Song Yi looked a little different today. Tang Jinyu observed for a long time and realized that his glasses had changed. It seemed that the hairstyle had also been taken care of, and he looked more elegant and gentle. 

  After Yin Qing finished her work, she took a moment to take the initiative to find Tang Jinyu. She thanked him first when she saw him: “Xiaoyu, thank you, what do you think of my dress and jewelry?”

  Chen Suling’s company also invested in some niche brands of jewellery this year. Today, Yin Qing’s high-profile dress and jewellery were all funded by Tang Jinyu’s family. The little boss naturally thought to praise her, and said with a smile: “Good-looking!”

  When Li He saw Yin Qing, he was so nervous that he couldn’t say a word, his eyes looked straight ahead, and stood there stiffly.

  When Tang Jinyu introduced him, Li He held back for a long time before stammering “Hello”.


  Yin Qing was very kind, shook hands with him, and laughed when Tang Jinyu said he was her number one fan: “Really, thank you so much. I will try to produce more and better dramas in return, I also hope that everyone will study and work hard and make progress together!”

  Li He nodded excitedly, “I, I will work hard!”

  Li He wanted an autograph. He brought a notebook, but he didn’t bring a pen. He stood blushing and was at a loss, and Old Ape took him to the waiter to borrow a pen.

  Yin Qing was very enthusiastic towards Tang Jinyu. She took advantage of the fact that there was no one on her left, and she came over and whispered to Tang Jinyu: “Hey, Xiaoyu, can we talk about gossip in private?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, “What gossip?” Could it be the secret of other stars in the entertainment industry?

  Yin Qing leaned closer and asked in his ear: “I heard that Song Yi and the others had a major event when they started their company. It seems to have happened many years ago. it was said that the high-level people fought and blood flowed, and in the end, the boss personally came out to bail them out in person…”

(T/n: she’s talking about the time when Han Yichen went over to Qizhou to fight his cousin’s bully, and Old Ape and Song Yi got involved in the fight.)

  ”Boss? Isn’t that my brother?”

  ”Yes, yes, Xiaoyu, have you ever heard of this? It is said that a lot of contacts were used in those years, and a huge price was paid!”

  Yin Qing looked at him expectantly, full of gossip.


  Tang Jinyu thought for a long time, but didn’t think that there was anything else.

  Yin Qing said: “You really don’t know? That seems to be public relations, right? It should be true.”

  Tang Jinyu asked in confusion: “Did my brother fight too?”

  Yin Qing shook her head hesitantly, “I don’t know this, but I have heard several versions. It is said that Old Ape, Han Yichen and Song Yi were involved.”

  Tang Jinyu curiously asked, “Sister Qing, how do you know this?”

  ”I’m a wired person on your Song brother’s side, he is so good, how can I let this go!” Yin Qing blinked and smiled at him, “I’ll tell you secretly that we will get married next year, you can call me sister-in law privately, and make sure not to be photographed by reporters.”

  Tang Jinyu also laughed, he and Yin Qing got closer, and felt that she was very kind.

  Li He and Old Ape came back soon. He borrowed a pen and asked Yin Qing to sign as he wished and put it in his personal pocket, and was very happy.

  Yin Qing was busy with business, waved her hand and left soon.


  Li He gently touched his shoulder and whispered: “What did my idol tell you? Sister Qing just whispered to you, I saw it all.”

  Tang Jinyu held back, and shook his head and refused to say.

  Li He held his shoulders, raised his eyebrows, and made Teacher Leo’s signature emoticon package, “Say it, so we can still be brothers!”

  Tang Jinyu just said a few words casually, “She didn’t say anything, just wish me progress or something, just as it was written on your note.”

  ”You are lying!”


  Li He observed him, nodded and said, “Yeah, it should be true.”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  You are too perfunctory.

  Even though he thought so, Tang Jinyu was relieved that it was Li He, since he wouldn’t be able to deal with other people.

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  The author has something to say:

  Memoirs of a small theater:

  Regarding the dark history of “high-level gathering to fight”,

  Manager Song remained silent and did not refute.

  Because the truth is too unbearable.

  He had no face to say.

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  1. Now I’m wondering how she even heard about that fight. Brother Song would rather die than admit his part in it! Significant others always seem to sniff out your dark history though. HYC perhaps? He seems the type to blab about it and exaggerate it at the same time!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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