LNTMG-(135) “Business Trip”

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 Yin Qing only came to participate for a while, and soon left. After she left, Li He didn’t have any interest in staying, and said goodbye to Tang Jinyu, and went home first.

  Old Ape was considerate of him, and feared that one of them would be bored here, so he brought him a drink and took him to the balcony on the second floor to relax.

  Old Ape squeezed the drink into his hand while he was not paying attention, and whispered, “Take a sip?”

  Tang Jinyu lowered his head and took a sip. It was dark and he didn’t see what it was. It was only after drinking that it tasted like Coke without ice cubes, so it was a bit of a surprise.

  Old Ape rubbed his hands together and smiled: “Drink, your brother is strict, he didn’t dare to pour too much, just the bottom of the cup, you can taste it.”

  Tang Jinyu was already satisfied, drinking slowly a little bit.


  Old Ape had watched the child grow up little by little. Although he looks like an older child, he is still a five-year-old child in his heart. He likes him whenever he sees him. He thinks the way the child drinks Coke was particularly interesting, like he was tasting tea, and particularly delicious.

Tang Jinyu asked while drinking, “Brother Yuan, how long are you staying here this time? Why didn’t my sister-in-law come? I haven’t seen her for a long time, and I miss her.”

  Old Ape smiled and said: “She, ah, has been busy sorting out the information for the old dean recently, he has stopped publishing books, but she is very busy. She isn’t relieved, so she takes care of it herself. If you have time, you can call them to ask, since he doesn’t listen to our advice. It’s best to let your old dean know to work and rest, so he doesn get sick and tired. He can’t be sick at this age.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and agreed, “Okay, I’ll call grandpa tomorrow, and we’ll supervise him together.”

    Old Ape nodded happily, “Yes, let’s supervise!”

  After they talked for a while, Xia Ye found them.

  Boss Xia left Song Yi to socialize there alone, and led Tang Jinyu forward. Old Ape followed and shouted after them twice. Xia Ye didn’t stop him, but said to him: “If you are here for business, go to the company to talk tomorrow. It’s late today, so I’ll take Xiaoyu back first, he has to go to school tomorrow.”

  Old Ape paused, and then shouted: “I’ll be there early tomorrow morning. Remember to wait for me. I have something very important to tell you.”


  Xia Ye replied back, Tang Jinyu wanted to turn around to say goodbye, but when he stretched out his hand, he quickly walked away.

  Tang Jinyu whispered: “Brother, are you allowed to leave early?”

  Xia Ye said: “Why not.”

  ”If you leave early…”

  ”I haven’t participated much, aren’t you going to see Yin Qing today?”

  Tang Jinyu bit his lip, still couldn’t help but laugh, his heart was too sweet.

  His brother really spoils him the most.

  After coming out of the cocktail party, Xia Ye took him to eat a little more. The dinner party was beautifully presented, but there was nothing to eat. Xia Ye asked him what he wanted to eat on the road. Tang Jinyu thought for a long time and said, “I want to eat small wontons.”

  Xia Ye laughed, “You want to eat dressed like this?”

  Tang Jinyu looked at his formal dress, rubbed the tip of his nose, and smiled.

  Xia Ye teased him, but still pampered him, and really took him to eat small wontons. Xia Ye drove a long way and went to a small shop where the two brothers often eat, and ordered small wontons, as well as some porridge and side dishes. The storefront was very ordinary. They sat outside, enjoying the summer evening breeze, and eating a bowl of small wontons, light soup, sprinkling a handful of small shrimp skins and a ball of seaweed, and rolling on a handful of freshly wrapped small wontons after being boiled. The gravy was delicious, and it tasted the most refreshing when they took a bite.


  Tang Jinyu has the same temperament as a child, and he can’t help but be happy even if he eats a lot of hot little wontons.

  Xia Ye ate a bowl with him and asked, “Do you want it?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, “Brother, I’m full.”

  Xia Ye asked, “Eat so little?”

  Tang Jinyu said: “Brother, look at me, I eat less and I’m not a picky eater, aren’t I particularly easy to raise?”

  Xia Ye flicked his forehead, “I’d rather you pick a little bit and eat two more bites. Eat more to grow taller.”

  Tang Jinyu saw that Xia Ye had eaten all the side dishes and porridge, and he gave his brother a particularly high score in his heart. His brother is really not picky and easy to feed!

  After having supper, Tang Jinyu sat in the car for a moment and said, “Brother, I don’t want to go home, I want to stay with you.”

  Xia Ye said: “Then you have to get up more than half an hour early in the morning, so go back, I will go back with you today.”

  Tang Jinyu opened his mouth, but took the words back to his mouth again, nodded and said: “Alright, then I will go to your side to sleep.”

  Xia Ye feels that the little guy is a bit clingy these past two days, but his brother has been like this since he was a child. He had to be his little tail after a few days while he went on business trips to enjoy himself. Although he did not travel this time, he only saw him on the weekends after school, and would be happy to see him. So Xia Ye nodded and agreed without taking it too seriously. After he took him back, he helped finish his homework, smoothly, but when he turned his head, he climbed onto his bed.


  Xia Ye just came out of the bathroom with a towel on his head, and was a little confused for a while, “You want to sleep in this room?”

  Tang Jinyu was wearing cartoon pajamas, sat down inside, leaving a large space and patted the pillow next to him, looking at him expectantly, “Brother, there’s enough space on your bed, so let’s sleep together?”

  Xia Ye was a little uncomfortable, “Go to sleep by yourself, I’ll go to the guest room.”

  He turned around and wanted to leave. Tang Jinyu ran off the bed barefoot, holding his arm and dragging him to the bed together, “Brother, let’s sleep together, I still have gifts to give you.”

  Xia Ye sat on the edge of the bed, watching him squat down there flipping his schoolbag, unable to stop his sight. He looked at the back of the little guy and quickly moved his gaze away and looked elsewhere, “What do you want to give me?”

  Tang Jinyu pulled out the model from his school bag and held it over to him like it was a treasure, “Ta-Da~! Present!”

  Xia Ye took it and took a look, a little surprised: “You did it yourself?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and said triumphantly: “Of course, I did it for you, does it look okay?” His eyes were still peeking at Xia Ye, trying to show a little tail, “Brother, you can put it in the office, on the table. If you don’t want to, put it in the bookcase, which is the one by the window that is directly opposite…” He can see it when he looks up.

  The difficulty of this model is quite high. Xia Ye looked down for a while and nodded, “Okay.”

  Tang Jinyu was happy. If he had a small tail, it would definitely not be shaking slightly right now.


  Xia Ye put down the model, dragged his arm to draw the person closer, raised his hand to touch his face and chuckled: “Baby, I always feel that you have given me a lot of things this time.” He pressed his thumb on the little guy’s dimple, and gently rubbed the place where it was sunk, his eyes became gentle, “Can you tell me what you want?”

  When Tang Jinyu was touched by him, he couldn’t help but blush, and babbled for a while, then whispered: “I want to be good to you.”

  Xia Ye was almost captured by such soft words. He had never thought that a simple sentence would be so sweet. The whole heart was wrapped in this gentleness, and his heart was willingly bound. He laughed, raised his hand and rubbed the little guy’s head, “You’re so good to me, are you providing me with elderly care in advance?”

  ”Um…” The tips of Tang Jinyu’s ears were red, and he added another word in his heart, he felt that he could raise him now.

  In any case, it’s still good to have this kind of heart. Xia Ye accepted the model and stayed in the bedroom at night.

  Tang Jinyu lay there side by side with him. He couldn’t sleep, so he whispered to his brother: “I remember you would hold me in bed.”

  Xia Ye said: “Yeah, you’re a little big now.”

  Tang Jinyu whispered: “I’m okay now.”

  Xia Ye laughed, but did not come and hug him as Tang Jinyu expected.

  Tang Jinyu was a little disappointed, stretched out his hand, and quietly hooked the corner of Xia Ye’s clothes, “Brother, you haven’t done it in a long time…”


  Tang Jinyu felt that he couldn’t just say this. It didn’t seem too romantic. He thought for a while and said, “It’s been a long time since you slept with me. Being too tired is bad for your health.”


  Xia Ye closed his eyes and let out an “um”, which was regarded as a response.

  ”Brother, are you not used to sleeping with others?”

  ”…Not used to it.”

  ”You will get used to it slowly in the future!”

  Tang Jinyu encouraged him, and substituted himself into that “other person” and has already figured out how to work towards his goal. Today was a small improvement, Xia Ye doesn’t let people get close now, so he will slowly get closer to let him get used to the two of them in bed.

  The bed in the bedroom was very big. Tang Jinyu thought at first that he must not go to sleep early, so that after his brother fell asleep, he could sneak a little closer and hug him to sleep. But his biological clock was really good. He goes to school on time all year round. So once he gets to a certain point, he can’t lift his eyelids and he falls asleep after a while.

  On the contrary, Xia Ye slowly opened his closed eyes, gently propped up a little sideways, and looked down at him.

  The little guy slept soundly in his bed, holding a little corner of his clothes in his hand, which was a bit sweet.

  Xia Ye looked at it for a while, leaned over and kissed his forehead lightly. It was a very light kiss. When Xia Ye raised his head, there was an unbroken smile on his lips.

  On the other side.

  On the top floor of a hotel in Shanghai, all the lights in the presidential suite were on, and there was a box of opened mousse cake on the table. A few pieces were dug up indiscriminately, and they were discarded there. The other side had an old set meal from McDonald’s, and a few glasses of ice coke.


  Qin Ke sat cross-legged on the soft sofa. He was holding a laptop, typing on the keyboard in one hand, and unconsciously placing his thumb in his mouth. Under his eyelids, the blue and black caused by lack of sleep was already present, but like nocturnal animals, his spirit was still in a state of excitement.

  He could not find “A Little Fish”.

  He checked all the chat conversations, appearance records, and clues about this account on all social platforms, and found no news at all.

  This was interesting.

  Either the person himself is a master hacker, or he is closely guarded.

  After Qin Ke analyzes, he thinks that “A Little Fish” is unlikely to be a master, because as long as the hackers are still active, they will always leave a trace, especially those who have their own code names on the Internet, they will mark them. Put your own mark, similar to an enclosure, divide your territory and defend your dignity and reputation. Just like he is accustomed to using flower stamps as a mark. As for the type of flower, it all depends on his mood.

  But “A Little Fish” did not.

  Qin Ke spent a week collecting all the information as much as possible. He analyzed some of the conversations in the other party’s message. The specific address has not been found yet, but from the traces of the springboard he searched, it was certain that “A Little Fish” is also in Shanghai. In his previous search, he checked all the universities in Shanghai, carefully investigated, sorted out the tables and checked the time one by one, and found a general activity area.

  Within a hundred kilometers, this is the limit he can do.

  Qin Ke bit his finger and laughed. There were lines of green scrolling characters on the screen appearing in his eyes. He hadn’t felt this kind of excitement for a long time. He was like a treasure hunter and couldn’t wait to solve the mystery, and find the treasure.

  The hotel door was knocked several times, someone came to visit.

  Few people knew the address of Qin Ke. After opening it, it turned out that it was Qin Shuwei, who had been accompanying him for several days. Qin Shuwei only sent Qin Ke a few McDonald’s in the past few days, and didn’t say anything else, but he still came to greet him as usual. He seemed to have just arrived from other social places today, and he was dressed neatly and in a neat suit.


  Qin Ke glanced at him, Qin Shuwei’s heart dropped a bit, and explained: “I had something to do today, so I was late, it was a private party hosted by the Qiao family…”

  Qin Ke lazily said: “Did you have a cooperation with the  Qiao’s?”


  Qin Ke sneered, “Then what are you going there for? Other people have business contacts, that is called substantive contact. So are you responsible for applauding when you go, and become an audience?”

  His words were harsh, and Qin Shuwei’s face was red, but he couldn’t refute a word.

  Qin Ke yawned. He had only slept for a few hours for a few days. The little koi was hidden tightly, and the defenses were endless. Yesterday, he almost got caught. If he wasn’t alert, he would’ve been stuck, and he wouldn’t be able to come out if he was locked up. It was a little irritating to think about, but Qin Ke was a little suspicious. The other party is not alone, and that there was a team protecting the little Koi. They used ruthless and shameful methods. He can also do all kinds of tricks, but if he’s not careful, he will be “visited” by the other party.

  Qin Ke sat back on the sofa and looked at the laptop while tilting his body, but at the moment it seemed that his energy was consumed a lot. After pressing the wrong button several times, he simply closed the notebook and sat there with his eyes closed. 

  Qin Shuwei didn’t know what to do. After standing there for a while, when he was about to sit down, he heard Qin Ke who was sitting across from him say to him: “Don’t come over for a few days.”

Qin Shuwei was taken aback and asked: “Are you going out? Where are you going?”

  Qin Ke said: “I don’t know.”

  Qin Shuwei tried to put a smile on his face, and tentatively said: “Can’t you say it? Qin Ke, we are all a family, there is nothing you can’t say.”

  ”I really don’t know.”

  Qin Shuwei did not give up, and was still trying to find out where he was going. He no longer had calmness from his face, and was very anxious, for fear that Qin Ke would turn around and find Zhuang Ya to cooperate with, and for the two of them to completely ruin his life, because a lot of his bad debts can’t be cleaned up.


  But when Qin Ke said he didn’t know, Qin Shuwei asked him again, he smiled and said: “It’s a secret mission.”

  Qin Shuwei twisted his eyebrows: “Mission?”

  Qin Ke stretched his waist and yawned: “Yes, I am fighting to protect the motherland. I don’t know how to explain it to someone like you.”

  Qin Shuwei’s face was ugly, he didn’t believe a word of what Qin Ke said.

  But when he came back the next day, Qin Ke was really gone.

  The hotel room was empty. When the young master of the Qin family came with his hands empty, the computer was bought temporarily, and he walked cleanly without leaving anything.

  Qin Shuwei’s forehead was covered with sweat, so he called to talk to Qin Cheng, but he was also panicked over there. After all, Qin Cheng still had some relatives in his home, so he called to report to his home, but his home just replied that they knew about it, and didn’t ask any more questions.

  As far as everyone knows, perhaps today’s departure is the real reason why Qin Ke came to Shanghai.

  In Xia Ye’s office.

  Old Ape was also frowning, sitting there and muttering: “I came to Shanghai this time for a few other reasons. I know only a little bit of news now, but I heard that a group of people will be convening in Shanghai to do something.”

  ”What for? The game?”


  ”No,” Old Ape’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, the expression on his face became more solemn, “I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it seems that it means the one above it. In addition to people like us, I also went to the old dean, and asked him about his two top students from the Department of Mathematics. The specific analysis is still unclear, and everything is in the highest security regulation.”

  When relevant departments took action, the atmosphere was completely different, and it was beyond their control.

  Old Ape said: “Xia Ye, this time the matter is very troublesome, you did that thing too conspicuously back then, plus you have been engaged in network security now, so you may be involved in some aspects.”

  Xia Ye was silent for a moment, and said, “It would have happened sooner or later, so I am mentally prepared.”

  Old Ape nodded. When he came this time, he also made plans to advance and retreat together. There were people in the courtyard, not only the old dean, but he himself also didn’t worry about those brothers. His knowledge lies here, if he really wanted to find their group of people then, he, like Xia Ye, who is also on the top will definitely not be able to run.

  A few days later, the call came in.

  Xia Ye and Old Ape received the news almost at the same time, and the time and place were the same. Xia Ye contacted Song Yi and briefly arranged the company’s affairs. He only had time to call home and said he was going on a business trip, and he hung up the phone.

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  1. I started out thinking what they are worried about is the force behind the digital attacks on trying to hack thr Little Fish account, but with more being said and Qin Ke also disappearing, I wonder if they have been contacted by the government for their hacking skills? Curious! Almost missed today’s update- glad I managed to get to it!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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