LNTMG-(136) War

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 Tang Jinyu learned from his family the next day that Xia Ye was on a business trip.

  At first he didn’t feel anything was wrong, but when he sent a message and  never got a response from Xia Ye. He first thought that he was busy with work, but when he couldn’t contact several people for days, he felt that this was abnormal.

  No matter how busy his brother is, he will at least reply to him at night before going to bed every day. But there was no news this time. His phone has been turned off, and he could not be contacted at all.

  Tang Jinyu panicked and called Song Yi to ask. Song Yi knew very little about this, but comforted him: “Don’t worry, Xia Ye left with Old Ape that day. It should be something important.”

  ”But my brother said to go on a business trip, Brother Song , where did he go on a business trip?”

  ”I don’t know about this too well.”

  Song Yi didn’t know, so it shouldn’t be a business trip for the company, and from the information he found in the past, his brother had an accident due to a plane crash, and this had something to do with the Qin family and Zhuang Ya. After all, after the accident, and Song Yi’s attitude towards Zhuang Ya. The disagreement between the two companies was obvious. Song Yi has publicly accused Zhuang Ya on more than one occasion, but the other party avoided and did not respond.


  The family also tried to find a way to inquire. After Tang Hongjun came back, he said to Tang Jinyu: “I asked, your brother is really busy now. Don’t worry, he’s safe. You should come back after a while.”

  Tang Jinyu nervously said, “Has he gone abroad?”

  Tang Hongjun said: “That shouldn’t be. Uncle Xia said he hasn’t used his passport or purchased anything.”

  ”Then what is he doing?”

  Tang Hongjun said vaguely: “Some business matters. Originally, your grandfather also received notice to help, but he is getting older and chose a few students in his class. Your brother is with them. Don’t worry, there are so many people that they should be able to finish their work soon.”

  Teacher Xia should also have some news, but when Tang Jinyu looked at him, he only showed an apologetic expression. Obviously, that piece of news could not be said for the time being.

  After the family inquired, Tang Jinyu calmed down, and Tang Jinyu was a little relieved under their influence.


  Although he tried to be as relaxed as everyone else, after he couldn’t get in touch with Xia Ye, he couldn’t eat well. He woke up in the middle of the night after turning around several times. He was obviously haggard and his face was thinner. The Xia and Tang family were worried about him, but there was no way they could help. Tang Hongjun was even more distressed and changed his recipes to cook for him. For this reason, he also learned a few dishes from the new chef in the cafeteria. The old man made a sweet and sour style of food, and the cuisine was very good. Although he doesn’t learn very much, Tang Jinyu can eat more every time after he cooked.

  A week later, Xia Ye called Tang Jinyu.

  Tang Jinyu was in a daze when he received it, and then stood up and said, “Brother? Is that you?”

Xia Ye smiled on the phone, “It’s me, can’t you recognize my voice in just a few days?”

  Tang Jinyu’s eyes turned red, “I can tell, brother, when will you be back? I miss you so much.”

  There was silence for a moment, and he said, “There are still some things that have not been completed. It may take more than a month to go back. I will try to talk to you every week. You tell the family so that everyone does not worry.”

  Tang Jinyu agreed and asked, “Aren’t you abroad?”

  There was a laugh, “If I am abroad, will you come to me?”

  Tang Jinyu was anxious, holding the phone and said, “I’m definitely going! Brother, where are you?” He only remembered that Xia Ye encountered a plane crash abroad, but he didn’t know the specific time and flight, so he cried in a hurry.

  Xia Ye said: “Don’t worry, I’m with you Brother Yuan, and Han Yichen, you can ask Xingxing, we are very safe, but now we have to develop a project in secret, will you wait for me for a while?”


  ”You have to eat well, I will check on you when I come back, okay?”

  ”Okay, you come back quickly, I’m waiting for you.”


  Xia Ye’s talk time was very short, and he hung up the phone soon. Tang Jinyu couldn’t bear to be separated from him, blinked his eyes vigorously, and still couldn’t hold back the moisture in his eyes. He raised his hand and wiped it. He hadn’t cried for a long time, but he really couldn’t bear it anymore.

  Although Xia Ye reported to him that he was safe, Tang Jinyu still called Han Yixing and heard the little girl say that his brother had also called. After hearing their answer was the same, his heart was able to let go.

  He had no choice but to continue to wait.

  More than a thousand kilometers away, in a tightly guarded building.

  A group of middle-aged men dressed in formal attire hurried up the elevator accompanied by guards. They held a list of reports in their hands. The list of cybersecurity personnel who passed the test within this week was all on it. To put it another way, at this present, all the highest-level Internet talents that can be found in the country were all elites without exception.

  Computer technology was different from other technologies. An ordinary person, as long as he is proficient in the use of computer tools, can quickly reach a high level, and does not require much system education, and it is not limited to age. In the list passed this time, there was only one person over 50 years old, and the rest are generally around 20 years old, and there was even a 12-year-old boy.

  The head of the person in charge read the list, listened to the people next to them whispering to report the information of these people, nodded and said: “These are civilian security talents. We must give them enough space to use their power reasonably.”

  ”Minister Jiang, rest assured, we will.”

  The person on the side nodded and took him to the conference room.


  The conference room was divided into front and rear doors. Unlike the past, only the front light was still on this time, and the rest were off. The entire conference room was half-lit and half-dark, and there was no previous silence. Many people were talking noisily, their voices mixing together. Although the voices were not high, the voices of more than 30 people were still a little buzzing. The person who presided over the meeting tried hard to read the meeting draft in front of them, trying to calm everyone down, but it worked with little effect.

  Minister Jiang paused, turned his head and asked in a low voice, “Why didn’t you turn on the lights?”

  The person on the side hesitated, and bit the bullet and told the truth, “That’s right, one of the comrades who came to participate in the mission this time, well, he doesn’t like light very much, so two days after coming here, the lighting control on this side is low, but only the first floor and conference room where they stayed are controlled, and the rest of the lights are still good.”

  Minister Jiang laughed, and said with interest: “The other players don’t have an opinion about this?”

  ”Yes, some people still quarreled for two days without accepting it, but they couldn’t change it, so they just let him go.”

  ”Very interesting, who is this person?”

  ”Here, look at the person sitting on the innermost side of the round table on the right. Yes, the one who is lying on the back with the hoodie. His name is Qin Ke.”


  Minister Jiang took a look. The light in the room was very dark, and Qin Ke was very good at finding a place, and chose the most suitable place to sleep. Sitting not far from him was a little boy. He looked around ten years old and he looked very young. Minister Jiang paid more attention and knew that this was the genius child who had been selected, but at the moment the boy seemed to be a bit nervous, sitting there fiddling with a Rubik’s Cube, trying to relieve the pressure.

  After looking at the boy, Minister Jiang patrolled the room again. After looking for a moment, his sights fell on a few people sitting diagonally across from Qin Ke. He finally settled on a young man in his twenties. Seeing the profile, he felt a somewhat familiar feeling, “Is that person Xia Ye?”

  ”Yes, Minister Jiang knows him? He is also the core of this mission, and compared to Qin Ke, he has a more general view and is willing to cooperate.”

  Minister Jiang laughed and nodded. After more than ten years, the child who stood trial has grown up, and there were several friends beside him. He looked at it for a while and said with emotion: “The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward.”

  The people around him only thought he was talking about the 12-year-old genius child in the conference room, and echoed: “Yes, the younger you are, the easier it is to master computer technology.”

  Minister Jiang laughed, led people in, and sat straight in the first row. He whispered a few words to the people on the side. After sitting quietly for a while, the lights in the room suddenly lit up. The dim meeting room finally returned to light.

  The meeting room became quiet for an instant, and Qin Ke, who was sleeping on the side, sat up slowly, squinting his eyes and looking forward.


  Minister Jiang sat there without speaking, but only raised his hand to signal the host on the podium to continue.

  The host has been tortured by this group of elites in the past few days. There were also powerful people on their side, but they had never seen such a group of unruly people, and it was simply chaotic. He stood there squatting and thinking about the draft of the meeting: “The serious loss of civilian security forces has a lot to do with the lack of support from relevant departments. We deeply feel that there are too few opportunities for everyone. We want to start from a pragmatic approach and strive to establish an information security industry base to attract more people to participate in the construction of national security projects…”

Qin Ke turned the pen in his hand and said with a smile: “I have a proposal.”

  ”Comrade Qin, please speak.”

  ”At present, our national security technology is not lagging behind the world in theory, but in fact it is no longer available. As the saying goes, “There can be no construction without destruction” you came to us for the purpose of “construction”. If there is no real attack practice, how can we prove that the shield is strong enough?”

  He was provoking them.

  Minister Jiang had people turn on all the lights, and gave him a disarm as soon as he came in, telling him that there are also security personnel who were not inferior to him, and this did not scare Qin Ke at all, but instead gave him a bit of fighting spirit. They are the sharpest spears by nature, and not well-maintained shields, they are weapons that have never have to fear, their nature is to attack.

  The people around Minister Jiang also responded immediately, unceremoniously: “You may not be the first in technology, but your imagination is absolutely first-rate!”


  This sentence was full of sarcasm, not only Qin Ke, but also the other thirty people around him said it. It seems that there has been a lot of grievance this week.

  Someone immediately refused to accept it, patted the table and said, “Come and try?”

  ”Who is afraid that you will not succeed!”

  The host was still reading the conference draft, trying to make the atmosphere a little more harmonious, “Yes, we hope to build a bridge between the organization and the people, and for everyone to come together because of the same purpose. Network security needs to attract interest in people, and provide freedom to promote guidance and recommendation…” He has already wiped his sweat with his handkerchief.

  ”Go to war.” Xia Ye said simply. “But since we are divided into two groups, we also need a leader here.”

  Han Yichen beside him shook his wrists, moved a bit and grinned. He had been waiting for Xia Ye’s words for a long time. And Old Ape on the other side of Xia Ye also stroked his glasses on the bridge of his nose, still looking worried about the country and the people, but when Xia Ye said this, he also relaxed a little, and muttered softly: “It’s time to control, young people nowadays are a little bit outrageous.”

  Qin Ke looked up, stared at Xia Ye for a moment, and smiled: “I think so too. Why don’t we negotiate internally and make a rule.”


  The host looked at Minister Jiang helplessly while reading the manuscript, and Minister Jiang raised his hand. He finally breathed a sigh of relief and quickly took the manuscript and walked down. He really couldn’t move this team!

  Minister Jiang was very interested in their proposal and nodded: “This is a good idea. It’s better to let us provide the space and computers, and everyone can discuss it in a friendly way. Isn’t this the new era? It would be better for you to resolve disputes peacefully.”

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  1. This is about what I hypothesized last time. Why wouldn’t the government pull the best and brightest? I’m not sure how to feel about Qin Ke yet. He’s not likeable but he does intrigue me.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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