LNTMG-(137) Troublemaker

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 Minister Jiang gave them three days to resolve internal conflicts.

  But time was not enough for some people, especially when the environment is different, the equipment provided is not easy to use, and some people felt very uncomfortable. But they quickly entered their states, some players acted solo, and some took the initiative to move closer to other experts to seek cooperation. After all, everyone has basically seen each other’s capabilities since this week, and several popular champions have been favored.

  Xia Ye gathered the most people, but he didn’t blindly gather people and horses. He only chose a few people who he was optimistic about before. Old Ape and Han Yichen have been by his side, and the 12-year-old boy also followed them. Old Ape took special care of the boy. This boy was a student in the juvenile class admitted by S university. When he came, Dean Zhu of the School of Computer Science repeatedly told him that if he had a chance, he must take good care of this seedling.

  At that time, Old Ape thought that the child must have been wiped down early in the morning, but he did not expect that a child could persist until now. It must be that children have a special trust in their older brothers, and they have simple minds and first-rate data analysis skills. Old Ape was happy to take him with him. It’s just that the number of colleges he’s been to the most during this period of time made the boy stunned.


  ”Senior Brother Yuan, Dean Tang of the academy is so amazing!”

  ”Of course, don’t you know that the best major in our school is mathematics?”

  The little boy shook his head, “I don’t know, Dean Zhu came to my house for a home visit after I took the exam. He said that my computer is good, so he let me learn computers from him.”

  Old Ape touched his chin and said proudly: “It’s okay, you are still young, you should follow Dean Zhu to learn casually, and go to a number of other colleges to listen to when you are free. Let me tell you, Dean Tang is fine, and the people that are just looking are treated equally and never driven out.”

  The little boy nodded immediately, already yearning for the academy.

  If Dean Zhu was here, he wouldn’t hesitate to catch up with Old Ape, this unfilial son, take off his shoes and beat him three hundred times in public!

  Dean Zhu was getting older and finally found a treasure. He wanted to bring him all the way. The heartless traitor of the computer school began to dig his own corner! It’s unreasonable to move the good ones to other people’s courtyards!

  The number of Xia Ye and his team is fixed at around seven, and there was no intention of increasing it.

  There were other teams in twos and threes, many of whom wanted to choose Qin Ke.

  Except for Xia Ye, Qin Ke was indeed the best choice, but unexpectedly, Qin Ke had no one, and chose to enter the room alone.

  Someone was rejected by Qin Ke, puzzled, and stopped him saying: “Qin Ke, I know that my skills may not be as good as you, but I can also get ahead. You saw yesterday’s offensive and defensive battle, my effect is…”


  Qin Ke lifted his eyelids and looked at him, smiling but not smiling: “I don’t want others to pick the rest.”

  The other party was stunned, then flushed, and clenched his fists in anger, “What do you mean!”

  ”The literal meaning.”

  This person did go to Xia Ye before, but after being tactfully rejected, he switched to Qin Ke, but he didn’t expect Qin Ke to say such words directly, and was quite unable to step down for a while.

  Qin Ke didn’t care about them, and chose a room to enter, and began to familiarize himself with the machine.

  This time, they were provided with enough rooms and computer equipment, and a war was about to happen.

  The person with a large number of team members chose to take the initiative to attack, and the person who was rejected by Qin Ke, with a hint of revenge, quickly locked on the daring Qin Ke. Some people chose Xia Ye’s side and began to make careful explorations. The surrounding networks are connected to each other, and information extends in all directions. The appearance of any “information” may represent an opponent.

Not long after, various voices slowly emerged, and some people’s faces became difficult to look at.

  ”Why is my computer so slow? Has it been messed up by someone!”

  ”The server cpu is full? Was it caused by someone!”

  ”Bandwidth is soaring! It’s definitely been caused by someone!”


  Han Yichen sat in a corner of the room, staring at the screen, and suddenly angrily said: “Fuck! My log in from yesterday… Oh, I used another computer yesterday, no wonder it didn’t work.”


  Old Ape looked at him: “Xiao Han, concentrate, don’t lose the chain for these three days.”

  Han Yichen rubbed his eyebrows, and said tiredly: “Old Ape, you don’t know, I have a long love for my computer, it’s just like my wife, But now that I change my computer every day this week. I feel like I change to a new wife every day, I’m really tired.”

  Old Ape immediately covered the little boy’s ears. The child was listening curiously, and was a little confused when his ears were covered.

  Old Ape took a slap-sized lollipop from the boy’s small backpack, and said to him: “Xiao Dong, let’s not listen to this. You eat candy and play on the computer.” He and Yue Yuan have been married for many years, and didn’t have any children, whenever he sees young children he can’t help but burst with paternal love.

  Xia Ye also raised his head and glanced at the boy named Xiaodong, and his gaze fell on his hand.

  Old Ape and Xiaodong went well in the offensive and defensive battle, and he was quite inviting credit, but before he could speak, he heard Xia Ye ask the boy: “What brand of candy do you eat, is it delicious?”

  The little boy was dumbfounded, but he quickly stood up, sent his little backpack to the great god, and said in a flattering manner: “Brother Xia, I am eating sweet candy, it’s very sweet and delicious! This one! The brand is the best, do you want it?”


  Xia Ye opened his backpack and searched it with his fingers, took the largest one, and nodded in thanks.

  Old Ape: “…”

  Old Ape didn’t even have to ask what Xia Ye was thinking, and the corners of his mouth twitched, “Well, Xiaoyu has grown up, so you can leave the candy to other children. I don’t know how long it would take before he could go out, so he only brought sugar to relieve his hunger.”

  Xia Ye stared at the screen, didn’t mean to return the sugar, and said quietly: “Eating too much sugar makes your mind unconscious. It doesn’t hurt to eat less these days.”

  Old Ape thought to himself, you didn’t say that to Xiaoyu at the beginning, you said that eating too much sugar was bad.

  With Xia Ye sitting here. He, Han Yichen and Old Ape are the golden triangle. Coupled with the ability of the selected people to complement each other, there was no risk for the time being, and there were people outside who had their computer locked in, and were eliminated one after another.

  In the next room, there were more than ten computers on a long conference table, and their room is also the one with the largest number of people.

  But at this moment, the successive blue screens and the ugly face of the person sitting in front show that they have not achieved good results because of their large number of people.

  The fifth computer had a blue screen for a moment, and there was a change. The characters on the screen continued to scroll. If they looked carefully, they could see that it was the computer’s “important file” information, which is also something they should strictly preserve in the game, similar to the position of the “flag”, an important file of a team, hidden in the core position of the team.


  Sitting in front of the computer was a twenty-four or five-year-old young man. His forehead was already covered with fine beads of sweat. He couldn’t help but slam the keyboard on the desktop severely, and he was immediately stopped by the person beside him in a low voice.

  At the same time, the screen suddenly froze, and a huge little yellow face emerged, and the speaker also emitted a series of haha ​​laughs uncontrollably, like it was a prank by someone else.

  Someone recognized it and immediately changed his face: “It’s a “troublemaker’!”

  The young man sitting there didn’t know much about this situation, “What kind of troublemaker?”

  ”You may have just returned from abroad, and you don’t know some of the top hacker clubs in China. In addition to some people from the Eagle Alliance and the NSFOC, there is also a bad boy group. Their leader is called troublemaker. Their attack targets are not fixed, and the destructiveness is very small, but sometimes it depends on the situation…” The other party said it was difficult because the attack had already begun.

  A slot machine-like thing appeared on the computer screen, with three red buttons arranged there in sequence.

  A line appeared on the side to explain: “Hi friends, working and studying on the computer every day must be boring? Let badboy make your work tense and exciting, let us play a game! You must really want to save that important file, right? Let’s play a round, you must win, or else I will delete your belongings if you lose!”

  ”Use the slot machine to determine the life and death of the document’s fate. If you choose the right one. I will only delete one at random. If you choose the wrong one, everything will be deleted.”

  Such a choice basically pushes people to death a little bit.

  The bright red countdown made people sweat. The young man sitting there bit the bullet and chose one. He was lucky. He chose the right one. Only one file was destroyed. Listening to the sound of the file shattering, he followed the first one. The countdown to the second round has begun again.


  This kind of prank virus exploded in other rooms one after another, and many people have been caught. Some people got some relief time, but it was still to no avail. Some people chose wrong and were wound up, some of them couldn’t bear the pressure and could only leave in despair.

  In a large room in a corner, there were several computers in front of Qin Ke, wrapped around himself. The slight “ticking” of the machine can be heard between the wires, and the puppet prank virus was still being generated on the screen. 

  He sat there admiring the results of his attack, while smacking his lips and muttering, “I really want to eat a hamburger.”

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  The author has something to say:

  The small Pseudo-Science theater:

  Li He: I know Badboy. In our city of Harbin, we call this a blind runner.

  Qin Ke: …you are so kind, you just wait.

2 thoughts on “LNTMG-(137) Troublemaker

  1. As someone who is NOT tech savvy, this was interesting to read. I wonder how accurate it is though? I feel like I can sense some twitching from people who actually know this sort of thing! At any rate, I’m, as always, rooting for Xia Ye!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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    1. I don’t have any experience in hacking but in programming(u can hack thru programming) yes and I promise you in real life it is not exciting at all. But in terms in how accurate is this, I also don’t know cause I can’t see any terminologies from programming however they do tell some about hacking like virus, puppet or etc. So I am not twitching about this but Xia Ye get your ass fast cause Tang Jinyu already misses you. Thanks for the translation btw

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