LNTMG-(138) Telephone

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 One after another, some people left the room with blue screens. Some people refused to leave immediately, sitting there and blaming the computer for having hardware problems. After restarting unwillingly, the blue screen was still in the state.

       This behavior was quickly despised.

  Because the computers provided to them in the building are the latest equipment specially purchased, each one was worth tens of thousands of yuan, and the hardware is currently the best, so there was no equipment problem. After people restarted the computer, several windows popped up with a large paragraph on it, telling them that this computer has been taken by Mr. “X”. Please wait patiently for 24 hours. The game ends at noon tomorrow, so the computer will be returned to them.

  The following words have not been read, and the screen once again enters the blue screen state, exactly the same as before.


  The man looked embarrassed. After several attempts, he couldn’t solve it, so he cursed in a low voice, got up and left.

  Those who met “x” ended up fairly well, at least the other side was polite. Those who encountered “troublemaker” were simply miserable. The other party was full of tricks and pervasive. Those prank viruses were like a group army, and unknown when they would be hit by a surprise attack.

  The room where Xia Ye was located was very quiet. There were even a few cups of tea and a plate of nuts on the table.

  Old Ape has a heart of love as big as mountains and rivers, even though he is only in his thirties, he has already lived out of the realm of retirement. The atmosphere here was much better than that in other rooms, and they were not too nervous. Xia Ye and Han Yichen led two people to stare there, and Old Ape took the child and gave the child the number of schools he visited every day. So far, he has successfully brainwashed him, and as soon he mentions about the academy, his face is full of admiration.

  ”Senior Brother Yuan, if I can’t get up in the morning, what should I do if I can’t go to Dean Tang’s side to line up to occupy a seat?” Xiaodong has begun to fall into deep anxiety, “There are a lot of people in class, will I be able to sit in the front? I’m afraid that I can’t see the blackboard in the back.”

  Old Ape waved his hand and said, “Hey, what’s the matter, I’ll show you a shortcut.” He raised his finger to Xia Ye, and Xiao Dong looked back and wondered: “Did Brother Xia also go to several universities?”

  ”He did not, but his younger brother is the grandson of the old dean. The three generations of the Tang family are like this, I will take you to get to know him later. University is the epitome of a small society, you come here not only to learn, but also learn to socialize and establish good relationships, understand?”

  ”Is Dean Tang’s grandson the same age as me?”

  ”A few years older than you, his name is Tang Jinyu. You can call him brother when you see him! Xiaoyu is very easy to talk to. If you have a good relationship with our little highness, going to several universities is equivalent to having a pass, but it’s just not too easy to use… …” Old Ape had a deep understanding of this, and sat there to teach him.


  Xia Ye glanced at the time, whispered a few words to the person on the side, and got up to leave.

  Old Ape saw this, and quickly asked, “What’s the matter, what’s the situation?”

  Xia Ye said: “No, I’ll go out and make a call. You and Xiaodong can take a break, so you can help Han Yichen and the others in the afternoon. I guess the Yinglian people will have trouble at night. So we will take turns to stare at them. We must work hard on our last day.”

(T/n: Yinglian= Eagle/Haws Alliance)

  Old Ape agreed.

  After Xia Ye went out, someone in the room let out a sigh of relief, and the newly joined people relaxed completely. Someone touched the tip of his nose and said with a smile: “Say, don’t laugh at me. When I was with Xia Ye just now, I didn’t know why, I was so nervous.”

  Another man who looked the same age as Old Ape also laughed, “It’s not just you, I was also nervous.”

  Old Ape knew him and said in surprise: “Old Huang, you are the oldest person in this group, why are you afraid of Xia Ye?”

  ”You can’t say that. I’m not as good as you when it comes to qualifications, and when it comes to skills…” The person called Old Huang shook his head and smiled bitterly. “I may have thought that I did a good job before, but after being in the same team as you, I was willing to lower myself. I had heard rumors of Xia Ye’s speed before, and regarded it as an exaggeration. But now I am convinced it’s true.”

  Old Huang’s name is Huang Tukai and he was a medical student. He was the first Chinese to receive Microsoft loophole reward fund. Strictly speaking, he and Old Ape were the ones that discovered this loophole, but Old Ape’s report was related to hard disk logic locks, which Microsoft didn’t care about, and it would take a year to make up for the fault if something  went wrong. At that time, Old Ape wanted to transfer his bonus to pool the money for his college entrance examination. That year was too miserable, because he didn’t get his prize, and he didn’t didn’t pass his entrance exams. He thought that he shouldn’t be wasting his time, and it just happened that Dean Zhu wanted a paper, so he made this as his topic and made it public.


  Old Ape was different from the bug hunters who received bonuses, and was almost classified as a stubborn hero, but in any case, the time made a hero, and Old Ape’s ability made him one of the most brilliant people back then.

  Huang Tukai was very polite to Old Ape, and the two talked very happily.

  Only when mentioning Xia Ye, did Huang Tukai become a little cautious. Although Xia Ye was a little younger than him, he didn’t know why he froze when he saw him inexplicably, and subconsciously did what he said, for fear of not doing it well.

  Old Ape smiled and said, “You are too modest.”

  Huang Tukai smiled bitterly: “Just a level down.”

  If he hadn’t been in contact with Xia Ye’s team for the last few days, Huang Tukai and the rest could not believe that Xia Ye was the mysterious x-great on the Internet. After all, this person X has become famous more than ten years ago. Although he was low-key at the time, big things happened every time he shot several offensive and defensive battles were done quite beautifully.

  But this was not the most important thing, defense is just what Xia Shen has done in recent years.

  x, this name, after all, was the “God of Space” that was known to be able to access all personal computers and servers at will with a piece of code.

  How old was Xia Ye ten years ago? Ten years old?

  When Huang Tukai thought of this, his hair stood up straight.

  He glanced at Old Ape who leisurely took the child to eat melon seeds and drank tea, and then at the boy Xiaodong who was learning to start doing math problems with him, and shook his head, although he was still a teenager, but Compared with the Xia Shen of the year, he was still somewhat inferior.

  Old Ape was different from his concerns. Although he has spent more time in school in recent years, he does not neglect technology. He likes gossip, so he even knows a little more than Xia Ye and the others.

Except for their fixed three people and Xiaodong, the selection of the other three people have something in common with Xia Ye.


  For the three people selected by Xia Ye, each of them has good skills on the one hand. On the other hand, they are also people who have never done anything wrong with the Internet and strictly abide by Xia Ye’s law-abiding principles.

  In the words of Xia Ye, they had the same opinion.

  Han Yichen stared at the computer screen intently, Xia Ye was not there, so he carried a heavier burden, and dared not relax at any moment.

  The screen faithfully records the surviving squad curve chart, and uses numbers and curves to draw a life and death line. In the eyes of these people, with this data, they have already grasped all the opponent’s attacks in their eyes and can see it clearly.

  The “troublemaker” continues to torture other teams, regardless of single player or multiplayer combination, his chances of success in hunting are always the highest.

  ”Stop arguing immediately, otherwise your computer will rest in peace all year round!”

  ”Now, to protect eyesight, the third set of eye exercises will be played, everyone get ready!”

  ”Read the next paragraph aloud, Badboy is listening to you, you must read aloud to unlock—”


  These mischievous tricks we’re everywhere, and the people who were attacked are in a mess.

  Some people also recognize the actions of the Bad Boys group, because every time the Eagle Alliance has repeatedly attacked, their shots are steady and ruthless, which is almost like a private vengeance.

  It is reasonable for Eagle Alliance to be attacked, since they do not get along well with the people in the Bad Boys group, especially in recent years because the Eagle Alliance has changed from dark to light because of its commercialization, and this time they received the most people, tying to get into their organization in order to catch a free ride. The advantage of Eagle Alliance is that there are many people, but the disadvantages are also here. Since there are too many people, some loopholes will inevitably occur in management. It was also common to modify the fees by using the R & D tools of other predecessors on the network.

  People from Bad Boys Group and Eagle Alliance clashed because of this incident. Eagle Alliance admitted their wrongdoings, but was still attacked several times.

  The people of the Eagle Alliance didn’t expect that they would meet the leader of the Bad Boys Group here.

  Compared with the others, this one was enough for a group army.


  While the Yinglian people had a headache, in the corner room, Qin Ke stared at the screen blankly. Other opponents did not dare to provoke him, but he stared at the Yinglian people to death. It’s not bad to have a place to resolve old grievances. He just really looks down on them, especially the way the leader of the Eagle Alliance shelters everyone under his wings.

  Qin Ke quickly tapped the keyboard with his fingers, and quickly filled in the corresponding positions with lines of code. Like he had done countless times, and he was confident this time.

  His biggest trump card has just come out.

  Seeing the springboards connected one by one on the screen, quickly forming a net, Qin Ke has a small smile on his face, but his eyes are still sharp and excited, “One more thing, eat this bad guy, and you can destroy the worst at night. A fort…”

  The most powerful one, he found out as soon as he entered here, there are still 23 hours, he has enough time to prepare to defeat Xia Ye.

  At noon, Xia Ye was short on time and made a call. Sure enough, the phone at home was picked up before it could ring. He just heard a few people talking, and finally the phone passed around to his father. Teacher Xia said, “Xia Ye? How are you today? Is your work going well?”

  Xia Ye smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s going well, don’t worry.”

  Teacher Xia asked a few more things that the family cares about, and almost said too many things, but Tang Hongjun helped to correct him. Tang Hongjun took the call and encouraged him, “Xiao Ye, you are doing something meaningful now. Our whole family feels particularly honored, you have to work hard!”

  ”Okay, I will.”

  Chen Suling took it and said a few words. She thought that talking for too long would be too much to disturb Xia Ye’s task, so she only told him to eat well.

  Xia Ye agreed one by one. He had always listened to his family nagging about this, but he didn’t care. But now that he suddenly heard them, his heart was warm. The elders in the family talked a lot, and he was a little homesick.


  The phone was finally handed over to Tang Jinyu. Although Tang Jinyu took it over and tried to pretend to be calm, Xia Ye just heard the little guy sniffing and called his brother with a nasal voice.

  Xia Ye’s voice softened a little and said to him, “This Friday, remember to bring sportswear, you will be in gym class in the afternoon.”

  The little guy on the phone was very good, “I bought it, and put it in my schoolbag.”

  Xia Ye asked him what he had for lunch, Tang Jinyu replied back, and in turn cared about him, “Brother, do you have a habit of eating there? Can I come and see you? Or if I can’t go there, we can give something away. Okay, you were too rushed when you left, you didn’t bring anything…”

  Xia Ye smiled and said: “Don’t worry about me, I am quite comfortable here, Old Ape and Han Yichen are also there. You obediently wait for me to go home, and I’ll even prepare a gift for you.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Can you buy things over there?”

  Through the phone, Xia Ye could imagine his brother’s stupid appearance, like a little fool, but innocent and cute. He laughed in a low voice, “Yes, yes.”

  Tang Jinyu’s tone of voice was quite light, and told him to let him buy more things, and not treat himself badly.

  Xia Ye nodded in response.

  They are really good in terms of eating and lodging here, and they are treated well.

  ”Brother, I’m going to participate in the competition. Teacher Leo recommended that I participate in the International Youth Piano Competition. My mother prepared clothes for me, which are pretty good-looking. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the clothes first…”


  Xia Ye squeezed the phone tightly, and sighed slightly in his heart, and couldn’t say anything for a while.

  The little guy sounded a little frustrated, but he was still trying to say something happy, “but I will bring the trophy back to show you!”

  Xia Ye tried to sound relaxed, “So sure?”

  ”Teacher Leo said that as long as I enter the finals, there will be an Excellence Award, hehe!”

  Xia Ye: “I used to fight for second place anyway. Why are you only fighting for the Excellence Award this time? Don’t be nervous during the competition. I believe you can get a good ranking. If it really doesn’t work…” Xia Ye wanted to say that it was okay if he didn’t win an Excellence Award. But his brother already began to answer his questions, “If I don’t do really well, my brother will buy me a trophy, and bring it home to me to put it up!”

Xia Ye was amused by him, and talked to the little guy, and felt as if the tension and fatigue of the past few days had also eased a lot.

  In the room.

  The last team of the Eagles Alliance were sweating from their foreheads.

  Another computer had a blue screen, and the fingers of the people sitting there were shaking. They no longer hated those damn prank viruses, but feared it, and shakily asked: “Is he alone?”

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  1. The funny thing is Qin Ke is absolutely one of my absolute favorite MC shou character tropes- the intelligent troublemaker! I can suddenly see the aggravation of being on the enemy side! He’s growing on me as time goes on.

    I was really hoping Xia Ye would be there for the competition. :-/ Maybe the next one?

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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