LNTMG-(139) Puppet Machine

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 The person on the other side shook his head and considered: “It may not be one person, maybe there is a team, aren’t we in groups this time, I remember a few people were together at the beginning.”

  ”Yes, troublemarker never appears alone. They act in groups. This group of people play too much!”

  ”Yeah, it’s just that I had a little trouble with them before. The boss has already gone to apologize to them, but they are still chasing after us like this, do they want to destroy the computer before they stop…”

  The eagle alliance stood with his brows furrowed, looked for a moment, and slowly shook his head to deny this statement: “No, these have problems. They are learning and evolving.”


  ”These computers are puppet machines.”

  ”Impossible!” The person sitting there who had just been attacked has not recovered yet, subconsciously said, “Absolutely impossible. I have checked every attacker. They have different lines and different goals, so they definitely have intelligence! How could it possibly be a puppet machine!”


  Eagle said: “Do you know the ant colony’? They can build bridges, can transmit food and information, and can create their own ‘highways’ to facilitate wars. Wars bring them nourishment and can even enslave other species. Ants and insects…” He stared at the screen and gritted his teeth, “We are not the first target he attacked. These puppet machines have evolved.”

  These puppet machines cannot communicate, but based only on the location of the surrounding machines, they can use their own specially created algorithms to determine the best path to complete the task. They appear in groups, from clumsy at the beginning, to later being able to actively share information or energy with other puppets that have not received communication information or that have insufficient energy. In short, in the process of spreading and assimilating like a virus, they are also rapidly evolving themselves, and all the machines they attack will become a member of them.

  The “troublemaker” wants more than the core files, he wants all the computers.

  His ultimate goal is to make the most puppet machines.

  The Eagle Alliance suddenly had an absurd idea. He even guessed that all the members of the Bad Boys Group were just one person.

  The so-called leader “troublemaker” has been sitting alone on the throne for a long time, enjoying loneliness and mocking them at the same time. Only because of this can they explain why a small program was taken away, and the “troublemakers” started chasing them frantically, and continued to attack them for more than a year, until they completely apologized.


  Because of that procedure, it belonged to the “troublemaker” himself from the beginning.

  The Eagle Alliance personally defended the last computer. He maintained it for 5 hours and came back to life several times. His expression of joy soon became gloomy again, and he cursed, followed by a blue screen on the screen.

  Someone stood aside and calmly said: “Boss, forget it, he came prepared, we should be the ultimate goal, troublemaker has merged the power with other people, and we really can’t help them.”

  The Eahle Alliance got up with an ugly expression, took his coat and left the room. Several people behind him looked at each other and soon followed.

  The break room was full of other unsuccessful people. Some of them were eliminated early in the morning, and their mentality was quite good. They were still talking and laughing there, seeing the Eagle Alliance and his party come over, they greeted them actively. The Eagle Alliance was not in a very good mood. He nodded to the other party and quickly found a place to sit down. After looking around for a while, his mood became bad again.

  There are still seven or eight seats vacant, the battle in the room continues, and the final king will be decided on the last day.

  He was just bait.

  They were the final goal of the “troublemaker”.

  During dinner, Han Yichen held a piece of bread in his mouth and chewed it twice, with bloodshot eyes, and his eyes refused to leave the screen. Old Ape tried to persuade him but he refused to listen, so he could only pour him a glass of water and put it there, “When we change shifts later, you go and rest.”


  Han Yichen refused. He had been tense for nearly an hour, but this hour was too quiet. It was like a fire attack that appeared during the day. He couldn’t help but ask Xia Ye: “Lao Xia, what do you think they are doing?”

  There were three dishes and one soup in front of Xia Ye, “Eating.”

  ”He just ate like this for more than an hour?”

  Xia Ye nodded, thought for a moment and said, “Maybe they are resting for a while.”

  Han Yichen thought it was incredible, would anyone want to eat and rest at this time?

  In the corner room, Qin Ke chewed slowly and ate his food, got up and moved for five minutes, doing eye exercises.

  He has maintained his vision of 1.5 for many years playing with computers, which makes him quite proud.

  After doing this, Qin Ke moved his wrists and sat down in front of the computer seriously. He was going to meet his final opponent.

  The last bone is indeed the most difficult bone to gnaw. After a round of confrontation, the more than 100 puppet machines controlled by Qin Ke have been blocked by half, and fewer than 70 can serve as the vanguard.

  The building has tight defenses. Except for the machines for them, the rest are physically isolated and cannot be controlled for the time being. Compared with the usual manipulation of 20,000 or 30,000 puppet machines, these are really too few, but the advantage is that they can get more attention from the owner, as well as optimization in several assaults.

  Qin Ke licked his lips, the night had just begun.


  ”This attack is different from the previous one!” Han Yichen sat behind Old Ape, dangling the bread while eating, widening his eyes, “Fuck, isn’t this a hooligan? When did he hack into Xiaodong’s computer? It’s gone! Old Ape, don’t you care what that child might think?”


        Old Ape said: “Go, go and sleep, it’s not your turn to change shifts yet.”

  Han Yichen refused to leave, so he rolled up his sleeves.

  Old Ape had to say: “Xia Ye’s idea.”

  Han Yichen stopped and took a closer look at the screen on Old Ape’s side. Suddenly he became excited again: “Honeypot? You can do it, when will it be arranged?”

  Old Ape was too busy to return to him, but Xia Ye looked more leisurely, even though he was still sitting, and he didn’t seem to be flustered.

  Han Yichen poured a cup of tea and leaned over to ask him. Xia Ye glanced at him and said: “There is something special in Old Ape’s computer. When you log in to it, you are tacitly agreeing that it has also obtained all your authorizations at the same time. “

  Han Yichen nodded. He also suffered from this loss back then, thinking that he had hacked Old Ape’s computer, but he didn’t expect that he had been seen.

  Xia Ye: “Do you know who designed this in the first place?”

  Han Yichen’s eyes shook, and he looked to the side and whispered, “It wouldn’t have been…you?”

  A new round of charge began, and Xia Ye did not answer him.


  Old Ape answered for him and nodded cheerfully, “Yes, this is the beginning of Lao Xia’s trust in me.”

  Han Yichen: “…”

  Comrade Xiao Han was about to fall apart. How can this be trust! This is clearly information sharing, and it’s all monitoring!

  Old Ape doesn’t think so. He knows what happened to Xia Ye back then, and how difficult it was to regain this trust on the Internet, and there was nothing that he couldn’t open, so it didn’t matter.

  Compared to being Xia Ye’s friend, those imaginary ones are nothing, and Xia Ye only stared at him in the first few years. After they were friends, he didn’t do that anymore.

  Han Yichen thought for a while, then turned around, and asked a soul question: “Why didn’t you do that to me? Why didn’t Lao Xia look at my computer?”

  Old Ape proudly said: “Hey, when you are like Xia Ye, he must choose a good one, at least it has to have connotations like mine.”

  Han Yichen was indignant: “Just your sour poems!”

  ”You peeked at the poem I wrote again!”

  The two murmured a few words until Xia Ye spoke.


  ”It’s online.”

  When these words came out, it was not only Old Ape and Han Yichen, but also the other people in the room. Han Yichen asked, “Is it going to be finished?”

  ”Yeah, it’s already started.”

  Xiaodong is short, so he leaned closer and looked at the screen and asked, “Brother Xia, the other party has so many cameras, and my computer has been taken over. What are we going to do next?”

  Xia Ye asked him: “Have you ever seen a martial arts fighter? Just return it the way it came from.”

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