LNTMG-(140) Phone Service

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 Xiaodong has not yet come into contact with martial arts novels, but he can understand the meaning of this sentence. He stood there watching nervously. He was still young and treated the game as if he were in school, simply relaxed, and with a competitive spirit, and hoped that his team could win.

  The 3 ips that came in from the outside seem to be much smarter. They appear to be manipulated behind the scenes by experienced advanced hackers. What’s more deadly is that they know how to cooperate. The 3 ips are in a group, distributed attacks, each group of attacks is worth the threat that a top hacker can produce.

  After the blue screen computers become puppet machines, they are like ant colonies, possessing group wisdom.

  After a certain period of time has elapsed since the attack, the large-scale puppet machine spread their network tentacles. By exchanging information and analyzing and summarizing the information, the wisdom of the group gradually became higher and higher, until one of the individuals separated and possessed certain wisdom, and began to actively cooperate with the attack.

  They were evolving.

  The ultimate goal of evolution is that each individual will gradually have a certain amount of wisdom. When gathered together, they can fight in groups. After splitting, they can turn from one-way attack to encirclement, which is very powerful.

  Anyone who encounters such a difficult opponent will change their faces drastically.

  Old Ape palms were covered with sweat, and Han Yichen was already afraid to speak. The others looked at each other and tried to relax their breathing as much as possible, waiting for Xia Ye’s instructions.


  Xia Ye sat there steadily, his expression unchanged.

  In the corner room.

  Qin Ke was suddenly wary for some reason. He glanced at the battle to confirm that the advantage was on his side, while speeding up his movements a bit.

  ”We must fight quickly.”

  He said this to himself, while entering new commands, he accelerated the swallowing speed and updated frequency of the ant colony. After the modification, the attack efficiency began to increase. In an instant, a large number of puppet machines flocked to the same target and attacked frantically.

  Suddenly, his computer had a blue screen.

  Qin Ke was taken aback for a moment, and did not react at all, “What’s the matter?!”

  He quickly sat upright, stared at the computer screen and re-entered the assignment, but there was no response. Unlike all puppet machines, only he is personally controlling the computer in front of him, and there will never be a blue screen. For a moment, he even felt that it was a hardware problem. He had too much confidence in himself and never thought that he would be cut off.

  The blue screen prompt shows that the computer memory has been illegally accessed, asking him to check whether the hardware is installed correctly, and gave him an error code.

  Qin Ke stared at that code, which was a blue screen that showed that a process had illegally accessed the kernel-level code of the system.


  He couldn’t figure out what was accessing the kernel of the system, which would suddenly cause such a big damage. He turned on the puppet machine he had figured out with, and stared at the screen with a dark face to check it, and checked it over and over again without noticing anything wrong. Qin Ke’s forehead was sweating, staring at his computer, unwilling to let it go, and finally found something wrong in an important place. After investigation, the final result made him stare and sit in his chair for a long time, and couldn’t come back to reality.

  The attacks given by his own puppet machine unexpectedly came back, without exception, falling precisely on the computer he controlled.

       This is absolutely impossible…

  He has already seen through the other party’s honeypot. The so-called honeypot was just a decoy. Generally, the honeypot is more of an interference, and the more powerful one is only to obtain information from some attackers and lay a mark. But a honeypot is just a bite of meat. It is a time difference. It is a bet on whether the defender or the attacker has the faster hand speed, and who has higher skills, can defeat the other party within the time it takes to eat the honeypot.

  Qin Ke has more than one hundred puppet machines in hand, and one person is worth several teams of the other party. He is not afraid of a small honeypot at all. Even if the other party is doing a complete honeynet, he has the confidence to fight for speed with the other side. Qin Ke determined that this honeypot could be captured, and that he could still use this honeypot as a springboard to harvest Xia Ye’s team.

  He has absolute confidence in himself, so he went straight to the honeypot, wanting to take the opportunity to break through the opponent’s defense.

  But he couldn’t figure out why he was defeated as soon as the war started.

  Qin Ke bit his thumb, tried a little bit, and tasted the slight rust. He stared at the screen with dark eyes and quickly browsed the records. He didn’t believe that he would lose without even standing in front of Xia Ye.


  Qin Ke paused with his fingers, pursing his lips and staring at the characters on the screen, he found the reason.

  It was not a honeypot from the beginning, it was a phantom.

  Unlike honeypots, phantom was an attacker.

  If the honeypot is just the bait hanging there and is in danger of being eaten at any time, then the Phantom is an assassin hidden in the dark. It was not stupidly hung in place like a honeypot, from the beginning, after the attacker gains network access, as soon as he sets foot on the field, it begins to fabricate a false scene.

  Everything that Qin Ke detected by the puppet machines is fake, and he didn’t even find any clues of the phantom, and charged against the virtual honeypot hanging high, the phantom hung in the dark, waiting for the puppet machines to come charging, and gave him the final fatal blow.

  By returning it back the way it came from.

  Qin Ke’s own attack hit himself without fail.

  Qin Ke didn’t notice this layer of disguise.

  It was absolutely impossible to achieve this level in a short time, at least it has been laid out for more than a few days, and all of them have not noticed… Qin Ke’s throat rolled, his pupils contracted slightly, and his back became cold.

  He suddenly thought of something, and quickly operated the computer to query the nearest puppet machine. This was the first one he captured. After opening it and checking it carefully, he couldn’t help but let out a loud cry, “Sure enough, this machine was taken. It’s the same as the puppet machine that changes over time, including properties, terminals, servers, data, applications The surrounding network environment…it can simulate it, this outright liar.”

  Qin Ke checked the other computers nervously, and the more he checked, the clearer the conjecture appeared in his mind.

  Although no computer is deceptively the same, he can be sure that all of these puppets have been recruited.


  From the very beginning, Xia Ye hacked other people’s computers and even replaced the core files. He carefully planned this scam. All hackers played a role in this scam, and obtained information according to Xia Ye’s wishes. Attack or be attacked. Those idiots were ignorant, like puppets manipulated by invisible wires. They even had a lively fight on the virtual network launched by Xia Ye, which was like a play house.

  Qin Ke just showed a mocking smile, and quickly reduced his smile. He suddenly remembered the dozens of puppet machines he controlled. If those people are stupid, isn’t he also a stupid?

  Qin Ke’s face turned ugly.

  In the room where Xia Ye’s team was located, everyone was still staring at it with breathlessness. The red dot that symbolized the rest of the team disappeared but turned on again within a few dozen seconds, and then it kept flickering. Everyone looked at each other and didn’t know what the other party was doing. They seemed to be checking but didn’t attack again, and they couldn’t tell the person’s next plan.

  ”I lost.” After a while, the other party suddenly sent such a message, and then went offline.

  The little red dot that symbolized the last PK team turned gray. Only Xia Ye’s team was still on.

  Xiaodong didn’t understand this, and asked, “Senior Brother Yuan, did we win?”

  Old Ape smiled and said, “Yes.”

  Xiaodong was still a child after all. He started cheering when he heard that he had won. Xia Ye rubbed his eyebrows, slightly exhausted, Xiaodong stopped in shock when he saw him, and only whispered the “Yeah” in the end.

  Han Yichen said happily, “Lao Xia, look how you scared him, he doesn’t dare to speak anymore.”

  Xia Ye took a look and compared the kid with his brother, who was much more lively and pleasant when he was 12 years old.

  It was around than 1 a.m., which was earlier than they expected to finish. Xia Ye wanted to go back to rest, but the others were energetic. This was especially true for Xiaodong, but he didn’t dare to disturb Xia Ye. He so happened to be in the same dormitory room with Old Ape, and grabbed Old Ape’s hand and shouted one by one, did we win? Has my computer been turned into a honeypot? I didn’t even know when it happened!”


  Old Ape smiled and said: “It’s not just you, everyone in our team is, even Xia Ye’s computer is the high-interaction honeypot I talked about last time.”

  Xiaodong nodded thoughtfully, “I know, collect synchronization information.”

  ”By the way, in fact, the honeypots are real, that is to say, every one of them is a trap. As long as the other party attacks, the result of entering any computer will be the same.” The old ape took his hand back and preached slowly. “That person may not be able to distinguish what was true or what was fake, but in fact it’s actually both, Honeypots and Phantoms exist at the same time, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a crazy person using his whole team as bait, ha ha!”

  It was also the final moment that he discovered all of Xia Ye’s plans. He knew about the honeypot and the Phantom, but at the end of the day did he know that he had deployed Phantom in the entire infrastructure of this building, not just computers, but in all of the facilities that can be manipulated, such as elevators, lights, landlines, etc..that covered the first floor.

Old Ape still remembered what the rest of the team had just learned, especially Huang Tukai and others’ stunned look. Old Huang also carefully asked: “If the end user encounters the situation of interacting with the decoy, will it increase false positives?”

  Xia Ye replied simply: “Impossible, Phantom’s data on each terminal is 100% covered.”

  Perfect coverage, but hidden in it, because the Phantom is only exposed to the attacker, it will never have false alarms, it’s alarm is a real threat every time.

  It’s also responsible for killing all threats.

  From the very beginning, Xia Ye has been fully deployed and has become a man who masters the fate of others.

  Old Ape sighed carefully. Thinking about it now, it’s a bit legendary to have such a friend. He really didn’t know if Xia Ye would make a mistake one day, who would stop him. However, after thinking about it, Xia Ye has always set his own rules so strictly, and perhaps he has concerns in this regard himself. He has put a lock on himself and will never allow himself to make any mistakes.

  Xia Ye returned to the room, his cell phone was in the room, but it was already late, and he was reluctant to wake up the little guy at home at this time.


  He was not as plain as on the surface, and he was somewhat relieved. After thinking about it, he picked up the phone and sent a message to Tang Jinyu, greeted him casually, and wished him good night.

  Xia Ye got up and went to take a bath. After returning, he habitually glanced at the phone. Unexpectedly, Tang Jinyu actually replied.

  ”Brother, can you use a mobile phone?”

  Xia Ye just wanted to text him while holding his cell phone, and instead called him, and heard him call him excitedly.

  Xia Ye laughed, lay on the bed and talked to him, “Did you miss me?”

  ”I really did! I couldn’t stop thinking, I almost cried yesterday.” said the little milky voice with a little nasal voice, he was wrapped in a quilt, and he whispered, “Brother, when are you coming back? Can I pick you up, I want to be the first to see you.”

  Xia Ye’s ears were itchy by his voice, and asked, “Why are you still up?”

  ”Don’t divert the subject, it’s rare that you can make two calls today…Ah, won’t it count as one? Will you call me at noon? Brother, why are you suddenly able to use your cell phone?”

  Xia Ye patiently replied: “No, I’ll call you back at noon. I have completed a small task today, so I can use it.”

  Tang Jinyu asked again, “Can I use a video call? I changed my pajamas today, it looks very much like yours!”

  Xia Ye was a little tempted, but still refused: “Videos are not good, and photos cannot be sent for the time being.”

  Tang Jinyu feels a little regretful. After thinking about it, and then asked, “Brother, it doesn’t matter if I send it to you, right?”


  Xia Ye just said yes, but soon remembered that his phone is now under surveillance due to a confidential mission, and immediately said, “No wait…”

  Before he could finish. Tang Jinyu had already taken a picture and sent it over. The little guy was dressed well, sitting cross-legged, and he could see him wearing a large blue T-shirt with small clouds printed on it with a pair of shorts. His hair was soft and fluffy, and his head was raised as he took a picture with a small dimple on his face.

  Xia Ye watched for a while, but still saved it.

  Tang Jinyu asked, “Brother, what did you just say?”

  ”Nothing.” Xia Ye coughed lightly, “It looks like my pajamas.”

  The other person on the phone smiled and said, “The color looks like, don’t you see it? They are all blue. I also prepared a big set. We should wear it together when you come back.”

  Xia Ye’s heart moved slightly, and heard the little guy over there say again: “My dad and uncle also have them. We can all wear the same clothes, so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable, brother. This could just be our uniform uniform for the cool summer!”

  Tang Jinyu tried hard to find a supplement and tried every reason to slowly wear the same clothes as his brother. But he didn’t know that Xia Ye on the other side of the phone also had this idea.

  ”Yeah, wait for me to go back and wear it together.” Xia Ye said, “I can use my mobile phone to text you in the next period of time, but calling is still not convenient. I will call you when I find time.”

  Tang Jinyu was very coaxing, and he was satisfied when he said that he could send text messages, “Yes, brother, I will send you more, we can reply to each other after you get off work at night, hehe~”

  Xia Ye also laughed, coaxed him, and urged: “Go to sleep, and class will be held tomorrow.”

  ”No class tomorrow, it’s Saturday tomorrow.”


  ”Don’t go to the teacher to practice piano?”

  ”Well, Teacher Leo seems to be away.”

  ”Just say whatever you want”


  ”Brother, I miss you, you can chat with me for a while, so can’t I ask for leave tomorrow morning, I will only ask for this one time, I just really miss you so much!”

  Tang Jinyu rarely acts like a baby, and tries to act like a big boy. But once in a while, Xia Ye can’t bear it, he listened to the words of his brother over there, saying that he missed him, he struggled a little in his heart, and soon surrendered.

  “I’ll be with you for a while, you put your phone next to your pillow and you will fall asleep after a while.”

  There was a small cheer over there, and said that he was okay.

  Xia Ye knew in his heart that maybe someone was monitoring his cell phone, but he couldn’t care about that anymore, he wanted to listen more.

  The little guy’s words are really too sweet.

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  1. Xia Ye is usually fairly capable of putting his foot down for things he considers necessary for Jinyu. Only a few sips of coke for example. But who can resist that cute begging? Stronger men than Xia Ye would be unable to fight back against that attack of cuteness!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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