LNTMG-(142) Return

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 In March, Tang Jinyu participated in the piano competition and won second place.

  Li He won first place.

  Li He noticed that he was a little depressed, and after receiving the award, he went to comfort him for a while.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t hear him at first. It was the first time Li He said these things, and he moved around in circles before saying to him: “It doesn’t matter this time, there will be another time, and there are many opportunities, Uncle Xia, didn’t even say that you should go abroad to participate in a few more competitions and get some experience…”

  Tang Jinyu waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, I don’t care.”

  Li He asked him strangely: “Then why are you looking at the trophy and not speaking today?”

  Tang Jinyu rubbed the tip of his nose and smiled: “I just want…well, I miss my family, I want to show this to them.”

  Li He watched him seriously for a while, but he still didn’t believe him. When he was a child, he went home and cried when he got second place in the competition. He felt that his self-esteem of being a man had been hit. Later, he almost practiced his fingers by practicing overtime, and then something went wrong. He was too familiar with this, and said to Tang Jinyu: “You must not increase the amount of practice. According to the teacher, although my uncle has a temperament, his guidance is the most reasonable.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and said yes.

  He was still looking at the trophy. There was a heavy trophy more than the Certificate of Excellence, and he didn’t need his brother to buy him another one.


  In July, Han Yichen and Old Ape came back early, but Xia Ye still stayed there and made the final combination.

  During the period of Old Ape’s absence, in addition to the school salary, he was given a double salary. Dean Tang knew a little about what he was going to do. After listening to the old dean’s words, Yue Yuan was also very supportive of her husband, and the couple’s relationship was very good.

  But it was Dean Zhu of the School of Computer Science who loves and hates Old Ape.

  Those who love him, and hate his mouth.

  Mathematics is the foundation of all science… This famous saying is true, but it can’t be used by everyone!

  Dean Zhu is now also very old, how easy was it to see such a good seedling? A good child sent over, so he let Old Ape take them back for a few months, and then he let him go to several other universities to listen into, and he couldn’t stop him! It was obvious that he was the teacher, and Old Ape was Xiaodong senior, one senior and one freshman, can’t wait to take root into other universities. And Dean Zhu couldn’t help but be distressed when he thinks about it.

  As the old saying goes, the predecessors planted trees and the descendants took advantage of the shade, and Old Ape couldn’t wait to dig all the good seedlings in his courtyard into the courtyard of others!

  This traitor!

  Unfilial son!

  Dean Zhu was thinking that he would have to be exiled a second time, and it would be better to let Old Ape be busy for a while, so that he was too busy to go to several other courtyards. But the old man just thought about it, and looked at Old Ape who had lost a pound after he came out, and he was also distressed. He also thought that he hadn’t been home for more than half a year, and the young couple had finally reunited, so he scolded himself in his heart, and the traitor go for the time being.


  After Han Yichen came back, he went to Tang Jinyu and gave him a bag of candies and some special chocolates.

  ”The sugar is what Xia Ye asked for, and there is also a kid over there. Every time he eats corrugated candies that are particularly exciting, your brother thinks it must be delicious, and reserved a portion for you. There are also these chocolates that the pilot eats. The kind that tastes pretty good, you can try it…”

  Tang Jinyu looked around and asked, “Brother Han, where is my brother, didn’t he come back with you?”

  Han Yichen said: “No, he has the most technical skills. There are still some problems that we can’t help with. They needed to keep him on the list for a while. It’s estimated that it will be done soon, and it will be fine in a few months.”

Tang Jinyu couldn’t say the word “think” to outsiders, so he could only hesitate to ask: “Will this affect the company’s work?”

  Han Yichen smiled and said: “It’s okay, Song Yi is here, and your brother can also talk to him. Since communication is very convenient, don’t worry, there is no delay.” Not only did it not delay, it’s estimated that the upper part also deliberately delivered several big projects. If the company’s cooperation can be achieved, He’s sure that it will be enough for the next few years of income.

  Song Yi has also heard of these things, and is already preparing for it. Manager Song is not afraid of being busy, but he is not busy enough, and feels energetic when he mentions work.

  Tang Jinyu collected the candies, prepared a large glass jar, and put all the candies in it.

  On his birthday, Xia Ye still failed to return, but at 12 o’clock in time sent his blessings, “Happy birthday, baby.”


  Tang Jinyu gave him a photo with two candies in his open palm, and replied: “I can eat two today!”

  ”You can eat more today.”

  ”No, I’ll wait until I miss you, hehe~”

  Xia Ye was busy at work, but he did not forget to tell Song Yi to give him gifts because he couldn’t go there in person. He sent a lot of gifts this year. It took two small trucks to deliver everything to his home, all large and small. The packed gift box was waiting for the little guy at home to open it.

  Tang Jinyu went home from school and didn’t have time to change out of his sportswear. He sat cross-legged in the living room and spoke to him for more than an hour.

  From school supplies to toys, there were some gadgets that Tang Jinyu mentioned casually on the phone before. He bought two game consoles so that he can invite his classmates to play at home, and there was even a set of beautiful china bowls.

  Chen Suling came over to help him receive gifts, and she smiled and said, “Why do you still have this? Are you afraid that you won’t have a good meal at home?”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while, and said, “It shouldn’t be, Mom, I want to learn how to cook, and I will give it to everyone when it’s done.”

  Chen Suling said, “Cooking? Okay, you just need to study with your father at home. He has been obsessed with the kitchen for the past two days and can’t help himself.”

  Tang Hongjun was indeed busy in the kitchen after he got off from work. While Xia Ye went to do tasks, the little guy in his family didn’t eat well by himself. He looked a little taller, but he was also thinner, especially now that it’s hot. He looked thinner, that is, Xia Ye called at noon to say a few words before he could finish a bowl of rice.


  Tang Hongjun looked anxiously, thinking of making good food for his younger son. He learned a lot of new dishes from the chef in his canteen at work, but Tang Jinyu recently started to go out to competitions with his teacher, and he didn’t have much time to eat at home. In addition, the child’s appetite is not very good when the weather is getting hot, so he can only find opportunities to coax him to eat two more meals.

  Xia Ye called over at night and asked him, “Do you like the gift?”


  ”Which one do you like best?”

  ”I like you to come back.”

  Xia Ye was sweetened by surprise, and laughed in a low voice: “Go back, and wait for me again. When the time comes, I will take you out. Where do you want to go?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Where do you want to go, brother?”

  Xia Ye felt that he was going to be sweetened by this little new year cake. It was soft and waxy, so obedient. He held his phone and said, “If you go back early, I will take you to camp and make leaf specimens, OK?”

  Tang Jinyu’s first leaf specimen was made by Xia Ye for him. It was his kindergarten homework. Xia Ye remembered, and he always remembered it. He smiled with his eyes curved when he heard it, and said okay.

  ”This vacation can be longer, and divide them each one separately. When it snows, I will take you to step on the snow. Do you still want to go to the previous hot spring hotel? The ski resort has opened. It should be very busy in winter. There is a ski suit that I brought for you as a gift today… “


  Xia Ye whispered the arrangement. Whatever he said, the other person on the phone said it was okay. He was soft and temperamental. He could only imagine the other party lying on the bed talking on the phone. Before the change, as long as he raised his hand slightly, he could poke the little guy on the cheek, watch him blink, and then smile and call him brother.


  Xia Ye returned to his senses and responded.

  ”Brother, I took second place in the competition last week.” Tang Jinyu smiled and said, “Li He doesn’t comfort me anymore. He said that he would stagger with me next time, so that we can all get a good place. He is really good, I used to think I practiced a lot, but now I know that he started practicing piano at the age of 3 and started to win competitions at the age of 5.”

  Xia Ye counted the time and said, “You practiced at 5 years old, two years later than him, and after two years, you will surpass him.”

  Tang Jinyu was too happy, “Where is there such a calculation, I am already very happy to take second place. My father said that he never expected me to take such a good ranking. He only wanted Uncle Xia to take me to practice my finger flexibility, so that I could recover.”

  ”Nonsense, you have always been healthy.”

  ”Well, I also think that since I didn’t get sick in winter, and I have only coughed once this year until now. I am very healthy.” Tang Jinyu was a little proud, rubbing the tip of his nose, “And I think I can play pretty well. It’s normal for me to take second place, and my brother is first!”

  Xia Ye was amused by him.

  After the summer vacation, Tang Jinyu started his sophomore year in high school.


  His grades have always been among the best in the class, and coupled with his piano expertise, he is the key to cultivated seedlings in the school. His teacher was even a little reluctant to let him go to the conservatory of music, and he wanted to train another Qingbei student. However, after knowing that his piano teacher was Master Leo, he immediately stood in awe. When a teacher in the office talked about Tang Jinyu and Li He from Class 9, he would compare themselves with each other. Tang Jinyu, a good student, almost got a full vote, and no teacher neglected to praise him.

  Even the head teacher of Class 9 shook his head and said with emotion: “Li He’s piano professional class is good. Compared with the small monitor of your class, his cultural class is far behind. He also loves to play tricks. Yesterday, he sent such a big papaya to a girl’s deskin his class and drew a face to let her eat more papaya. “

  ”What does it mean?”

  ”I didn’t understand it at first, but then I heard other classmates say that the little girl brought a bottle of milk every morning, and he put a papaya in it, and it was just… a mess!”

  It’s no wonder that the girl from Class 9 cried. Girls at this age are just beginning to develop, and bodies are almost the same as the washboard. One of the most popular TV advertisements this year was about papaya milk breast enhancement. Many boys make fun of this remark, and Li He coldly put a big papaya in someone’s else’s desk, in order for them to eat more, this was a prank that couldn’t be more straightforward.

  The teacher scolded Li He and educated him, and he was not allowed to play nonsense again.

  Li He was very depressed when he got out of the office.

  For this reason, he was depressed for a week, and it was only relieved on the weekend.


  Tang Jinyu also heard about his prank, and after asking Li He, he frowned and said, “What is all this mess, who made eat her breast enhancement?”

  ”Then what do you mean?”

  ”Aren’t you Chinese? Haven’t read a book before? It is said in “The Book of Songs·Guofeng·Weifeng·Papaya” it says: You give me a papaya, I return a piece of jade to you…”Li He was dissatisfied and recited the two sentences, and stopped and said: “She is still a member of the study committee of the class, and she doesn’t even understand this. I don’t like her anymore, she reads too little.”

(The Books of Songs- For instance, “木瓜,mu gua, Papaya” in “魏风,wei feng, The Ballads of the State of Wei” says, “You give me a papaya, I return a piece of jade to you, this is not a return gift, but a keepsake for a long lasting love.”)

  ”Why do I feel that these two papaya are not the same, and…” Tang Jinyu looked at him for a long time, and then swallowed the words that came to his lips.

  It’s so strange that this is a girl, Li He, who looks like a mixed-race, looks like a foreigner. If he didn’t know him, he wouldn’t know if he could speak Chinese. Who would have thought that he was so classical in mind. According to the Book of Songs?

  In the early winter, Chen Suling prepared this year’s thick woolen coat in advance. According to the usual practice of previous years, Xia Ye and Tang Jinyu were dressed apart. This year they prepared horn button coats, the most popular style, which happened to match Tang Jinyu’s school uniforms, especially The little suit he wore on Monday looked very scholarly, like a little gentleman.

  This winter came a bit early, and Tang Jinyu felt a bit colder than others, and put on a coat with horns in advance. Inside he had his school uniform suit, a violet V-neck sweater vest, a tie, and a school bag slung when he walked out of the school door, he looked like a school grass. He has grown taller, and several girls around him were talking to him while walking, and he was already a head taller than the girls.


  The eyes of many girls around him fell on his face. Tang Jinyu answered the question with a smile, and did not dodge, but the girls blushed.

  Tang Jinyu raised his wrist and looked at the watch when he left the school gate, waved his hand to everyone, and said with a smile: “Let’s stop here for the study group, everyone’s division is quite reasonable, and a list will be sent to the study committee tomorrow. After I summarize it, I’ll show it to the teacher.”

  The girls were all members of the class. They nodded and agreed.

  When Tang Jinyu went to high school, his family members would come to pick him up. During Xia Ye’s absence, Chen Suling had always sent a driver to pick him up.

  Tang Jinyu saw a cake shop open on the road and wanted to buy cakes, but the driver smiled and said, “You don’t need to buy it, it’s prepared at home.”

  Tang Jinyu was very familiar with the driver and curiously asked, “Uncle Sun, do you have a cake at home? My mother didn’t seem to say that she would one today.”

  The driver just smiled: “You’ll know when you go back.”

  Tang Jinyu had a good temper, and went home after hearing this, without stopping on the road.

  When he returned home, he found that the peony in the yard had been watered. Someone had sketched the mark. He didn’t think much about it, and entered the house with his school bag on his back. There was the smell of chocolate cake in the living room. It was Tang Jinyu’s favorite to eat. The sweet smell kept spreading in the air. The tip of Tang Jinyu’s nose moved, and said he was home while changing his shoes.


  There was a noise in the living room. Someone came slowly from the corridor, standing tall, casually pulling the sleeve of his wrist, looking up at him and smiling, “Xiaoyu?”

  After seeing the person standing in the living room, Tang Jinyu was stunned for a moment before reacting. Before he could put on his slippers, he ran over and hugged him. The smile on the corner of his mouth couldn’t be hidden, “Brother!”

  Xia Ye caught him, gave him a hug, smiled and said, “Baby, I’m back.”

  Tang Jinyu hugged him and didn’t let go, and rubbed his head twice, very happy, “I’m not dreaming, am I? Brother, are you really back?”

  Xia Ye touched his head, rubbed it and said in a low voice, “Your not dreaming, I’m here.”

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  1. Reunited and it feels so good! About time! Granted, I’d rather the author work in another mini time skip at this stage in the relationship instead of later on. This way the shock of Xiaoyu not being quite so “Xiao” anymore can really be obvious! Absence does make the heart grow fonder too. Next chapter has to be some sweet bonding time!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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