LNTMG-(143) Exchange

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 Tang Jinyu hugged him, Xia Ye could only laugh, pinched the little guy’s earlobe and teased him: “You want to eat cake?”

  The two of them were sitting in the living room eating cakes. Before the adults came back, Tang Jinyu was next to Xia Ye, with his knees touching him. If he hadn’t grown up, he really wanted to climb onto Xia Ye’s lap and sit as he did when he was a child, and nest in his exclusive position.

  Xia Ye cut a piece of cake for him, “I was in a hurry on my way home, and didn’t prepare anything. I bought a cake on the way. What else do you want?”

  Tang Jinyu watched him smile, took a bite of the cake and ate, feeling very satisfied, “I don’t want anything!”

  It took a while for Xia Ye to realize what he meant, and then smiled. When Tang Jinyu held a piece of cake to feed him, he also opened his mouth to eat. Probably because of the mood, something that he can easily eat himself, now tastes very good.


  After Xia Ye came back, the whole family atmosphere was different. The Xia and Tang families got together and had a lively meal out, just in time for Dean Tang to come to Shanghai for academic exchanges, and deliberately stayed one more day to catch Xia Ye with everyone. 

  Xia Ye drank two more glasses during the dinner, his face remained unchanged, but when he laughed was mostly not the same as usual.

  After returning home, the drunkenness became apparent. Tang Jinyu helped Teacher Xia help him back to the room. Xia Ye’s drinking was good. After drinking a glass of honey water, he lay there and rested.

  Tang Jinyu said, “Uncle, go and rest. I will stay and take care of my brother.”

Teacher Xia said: “It doesn’t matter, you go back, I can do it alone.”

  Tang Jinyu refused to leave and insisted on staying here. Teacher Xia smiled: “That’s okay, you can take care of him. If you have anything to do at night, remember to go downstairs and call me. By the way, there’s a small hall outside, if Xia Ye wakes up in the middle of the night and asks for water, you can go outside and get it.” Teacher Xia looked at the person who was sleeping on the bed and shook his head with a smile, “This is the first time I saw your brother drunk. I am indeed happy today. The guest room next door has also been cleaned up. I think this drunkard is also quite honest. You can stay with him for a while and sleep next door at night.”

  Tang Jinyu agreed and sent Teacher Xia out, and brought in another glass of water and put it on the small table in the bedroom.

  Xia Ye fell asleep, lying there quite peacefully.

  He couldn’t open his eyelids, but his consciousness was between half drunk and half awake. He vaguely heard his father and Tang Jinyu talking over there, it seemed like the little guy was staying with him. His clothes on his body were carefully taken off. After being wiped with a warm towel, and replaced with different clothes, and was fed a little honey water in the middle of the night, which made his thirsty throat much more comfortable.


  He vaguely saw Tang Jinyu sitting there by the bed, staying with him.

  He wanted to reach out and hug the little guy next to him, but he couldn’t raise his arm. After a few times, he slowly fell asleep.

  While he was half-dreaming and half-waking, he felt something soft touch his lips,

  That kind of softness is different from other things that he usually touches, it was soft and waxy. It stuck on him like a small jelly, and squeezed lightly, very shyly.

  Xia Ye’s heart jumped wildly from this little action, the warmth on his lips was like a spark, and instantly swept through his body, but the wine was still there, and he couldn’t open his eyes anyway, and he couldn’t determine whether it was a dream or a real thing. His arms were sinking like lead, and he couldn’t even raise his hands to hug the other person. After a lot of struggle, when he finally moved his fingers, he opened his eyes and found that the sky was already bright.

  Most of the curtains were drawn, leaving only a little light on the corner of the wall. The room was half-bright and half-dark. Xia Ye stood up and sat on the bed, rubbing his forehead.

  His heartbeat was still a bit fast, thinking about the dream he had yesterday.

  And the soft kiss in the dream.

  When someone knocked on the door outside, Xia Ye dumbly responded. Teacher Xia pushed the door in from the outside and saw him, and said, “Wake up? Your head must hurt. I prepared a bit of hot and sour soup for you, to wake you up, get up and eat some.”

  Xia Ye agreed, changed his clothes after washing, and went over to eat.


  The hot and sour soup was made very well. It tasted like home. Xia Ye ate two small bowls and went to get seconds by himself. Teacher Xia was very happy to see that he ate more. “It tastes good, right? Xiaoyu made it just before going to school this morning. He also ate this in the morning. When he left, he asked me to wake you up at noon and said that you would probably want to sleep in. The child is careful and cares more than I do, ha ha.”

  Xia Ye paused, and then continued to eat the bowl in his hand. This time his speed was a little bit slower, and he tasted it carefully. While eating, he said, “Dad, did Xiaoyu take care of me last night?”

  ”No, I told him to go back, but Xiaoyu refused, saying that he hadn’t seen you for a long time and wanted to stay with you for a while.”

  Xia Ye laughed and ate the hot and sour soup specially reserved for him, without wasting anything.

  After he had eaten well, he stayed online for a while at home. When he was left by Minister Jiang, Minister Jiang asked him what he wanted and he would try his best to satisfy him. One of the things he mentioned was to ask Qin Ke to stay for assistance. When he came back yesterday, Qin Ke also regained his freedom with him. At this moment, he is expected to make old mistakes again.

  Xia Ye turned on the computer and skillfully logged in to the account of “A Little Fish”, and he saw several hidden attacks as expected.

  Qin Ke’s methods were much higher than before, and even Old Ape had concealed it, but Xia Ye knew some of his methods. They worked together for a year, and he knew what Qin Ke could do.

  After resolving those attacks, he made a “little spider” by the way and turned over along the springboard to teach Qin Ke a lesson and let him converge a bit.

  Soon a stranger tentatively tapped twice, wanting to add “A Little Fish” as a friend.

  Xia Ye simply said no.

  There was a persevering post over there, this time their username changed to “Boss, aren’t you too domineering?”


  Xia Ye continued to refuse.

  They clicked the application for the third time over there, and the username said “I will add kids, and not talk nonsense”.

  ”A little fish refuses to add you as a friend.”

  ”‘You also treat me as a junior, can you take care of me?” I ask you to be added as a friend.

  ”A little fish refuses to add you as a friend.”


  Xia Ye sealed the dozen or so accounts that Qin Ke had obtained in one go, before they stopped there. It was estimated that it was not entirely voluntary. The “little spider” that Xia Ye let over played a role. At this moment, it’s estimated that It was messing around in Qin Ke’s computer, and Qin Ke was a little too busy to continue his harassment.

  Xia Ye checked the time and got up to say hello to Teacher Xia, “Dad, I’ll go to school to pick up Xiaoyu from school.”

  Teacher Xia nodded and agreed, “Buy some spare ribs by the way when I come back on the road. I will be off class today and I will cook some good dishes for you two to try.”

  Xia Ye responded and took the car key and went out.

  He waited outside the school gate for a while. After school, he saw his brother running out and didn’t need to call the little guy. He turned around and found his car. He trotted over with a bright smile on his face. 

  ”Brother! I knew you would come to pick me up.” Tang Jinyu got in the car, his nose moved and smelled the rich fragrance of flowers. Taking the opportunity of putting his school bag down, he looked at the back seat. There was a big bouquet of roses over there, blooming red. He turned his head and asked curiously, “So many flowers, did you buy flowers for Song Ge to give to Sister Qing?” Yin Qing was filming in Shanghai recently, and Tang Jinyu has seen her several times.


  Xia Ye said: “What am I doing for her? I bought this for you.”

  Tang Jinyu was very happy, and couldn’t sit still in his seat. He ran to the back and took the photo with his mobile phone while holding the bouquet. Xia Ye started the car while listening to the “click” at the back, and the corners of his lips rose a little. His mood has improved a lot.

His cell phone rang, and before he could read it, he heard the little guy sitting behind said “Ah”, leaned in and said with a smile: “I forgot, I will send you one after the photo is taken, it became a bit of a habit.”

  Xia Ye smiled and said, “This habit is good and can be maintained.”

  They used to call and send text messages most of the time this year. Xia Ye can’t send photos, but there was no limit to receiving photos. Tang Jinyu often takes pictures of family gatherings and sends them to him every day. Most of the content stored in Xia Ye’s mobile phone is not all pictures of the little guy. Although he is not here, he is very clear about the little guy’s growth. The photos gave him the feeling that he was also involved and grew up with him.

  Tang Jinyu finished the flower shoot, and missed Xia Ye again. He kept leaning over to talk to him, especially close, as if he could not finish talking.

  The two went to the vegetable market to buy spare ribs and some fresh vegetables. It’s estimated that the two families will eat together at night, so they just bought more. Tang Jinyu is very skilled in buying vegetables. He has learned a lot of dishes from the elders in his family in the past year, and eagerly wants to show off his cooking skills.

  But just as he thought this, and arrived home, the vegetable basket was picked up by Teacher Xia and Tang Hongjun. Even Chen Suling went to the kitchen to make a good candied apple. The elders did not give him a chance to play. Tang Jinyu rubbed the tip of his nose and went to find Xia Ye. Sitting next to him on the armrest of the sofa, he peeled the walnuts, pretending to be a strong man, and squeezed the walnuts to pieces with a “ha”, “Brother, do you think I am better than before?”

  Xia Ye raised his eyes to look at him, looking down from his eyebrows and along his nose, falling on the little guy’s rosy lips. He looked for a moment, and took a lot of effort to move his gaze away.

  ”Brother? Don’t you want to eat walnuts?”

  Tang Jinyu handed it over, holding a small handful of walnuts in his palms, and Xia Ye leaned over and ate the walnuts from his hands.


  Tang Jinyu blushed, “Do you want to eat it? I’ll peel the pecans for you, it has a creamy taste and it’s very delicious.”

  Xia Ye shook his head and said, “Now that I look at you, you are a bit taller.”

  Tang Jinyu was particularly proud when he heard this, stood up and showed him, “You can see it too, right? Brother, you have been away for a year, and I have grown a lot this year!”

  Xia Ye took the meter ruler to measure him, and re-lined him in the old place they used to record his measurements. There was a line that Tang Hongjun drew just a month ago, and it said “176cm”. Xia Ye pinched the meter ruler and looked at it. The number was above 180, and whispered: “Don’t lift your feet.”

  Sure enough, the height of the little guy slowly dropped a little, and the number remained at 176cm.

  Xia Ye released the ruler slightly, and next to the line marked by Tang Hongjun, he lifted it a little bit, and then drew another one, “Well, it’s a little higher than before.”

  Tang Jinyu became happy and looked at it herself, “Look at it, wow, I’ve grown taller again!” He looked at Xia Ye and whispered, “Brother, do you remember what you promised me before?”


  ”That is, for every centimeter I grow taller, you help me realize a small wish, and I have several wishes.”

  Xia Ye remembered that he had indeed promised that. At that time, Tang Jinyu was only a little six meters tall, so he made a wish to watch a movie with him, and the rest remained unchanged.


  ”Brother, I’m about to take my final exam. When the winter break is over, shall we go out to play?”

  Xia Ye nodded and said, “Okay, where do you want to go?”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while, then gathered his courage and said his wish: “I want my brother and I to go back to the previous home together, and then watch the snow together.”

  Xia Ye smiled and said, “That’s it? It’s not a wish. I can accompany you back now, but it will be a bit too late when it snows. I don’t know if I can stay with you during your winter vacation…”

  ”I want to redeem all of my remaining wishes for you to have a vacation. I will redeem it for ten days. Brother, you stay with me for a while, and you will definitely be able to wait until it snows.” Tang Jinyu finished saying his second wish. He looked up at Xia Ye and smiled.

  Xia Ye looked at him. He thought he had been able to resist a lot of sweet words this year, but he never thought that there would be such a sweet wish and such a sweet sentence. He lowered his head and squeezed the little guy’s face, and said with a chuckle: “Okay, I’ll redeem it for a winter vacation. If I don’t go anywhere, I will stay with you.”

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  1. Xia Ye knows the likelihood of that kiss being real! How else do you explain the roses? This slow boil just had the dial turned up a notch!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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