LNTMG-(144) Confession

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Before the winter vacation, Tang Jinyu was recommended by Teacher Leo to participate in a competition. This competition was very important, and he took leave for his final exam.

  Li He went to the Australian city to play, and he was not in the same area. There was no one else that he could play without Li He, at the same level.

  Unlike Li He’s career path when he was a child, Tang Jinyu integrated it into his life from the very beginning, just like he was eating and drinking water, something that he had to do every day. He may not be as proficient as Li He, but he was the one who can best integrate his feelings into the music, especially this time since his family members accompanied him to participate in the competition. In addition to his parents, and uncle, his favorite brother also came.


  Tang Jinyu hasn’t been so happy for a whole year.

  He played Liszt’s “Dream of Love”. The whole piece was soothing and long, and it was about love that had been played by hundreds of people, but everyone can still feel a different kind of special feeling to it.

  The song is romantic, warm and sweet. It’s different from the ups and downs of others. Tang Jinyu’s piano sound is very clean and clear. The boy in a white suit sitting on the stage was like a young prince, as he sat there and played a song, like a fairy tale.

  He played the piano more attentively than ever, and the feelings he brought were different.

  Very bright and pure piano sound, very gentle like others, every note can be grasped in place, with the calmness that a teenage boy rarely can play, but it also has the innocence and warmth unique to this age, very wonderful merged together.

  The judges were immersed in it and gave Tang Jinyu a particularly high score, and the female pianist who liked him very much at the end of his performance stood up and enthusiastically went forward to give him a hug.

Xia Ye sat down and watched, and the sound of music echoed with the Buddha in the hall.

  Although he doesn’t understand piano, he doesn’t hinder the boy in the stands who concentrates on playing.

  He sat there listening attentively, applauding earnestly, there was only one person on the stage in his eyes. When the other person smiled, he saw it, and raised his lips when he didn’t realize it.

  How could there be such a good person in this world?

  He was so good that he only thought of him all day long.


  When Xia Ye accompanied Tang Jinyu during the competition, he kept thinking about this issue. After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t help but his eyes became enthusiastic, falling on the boy playing the piano.

  At the end of the three-day competition, Tang Jinyu unexpectedly won first place.

  He took the trophy and ran to his family, hugged them one by one, and gave Xia Ye a particularly strong hug, blushing, and handed the trophy over: “Brother, give it to you!”

  Xia Ye was stunned, then took it and looked at it carefully.

  Tang Hongjun was a little jealous, looked at Xia Ye several times, and said to his son, “Xiaoyu, your father didn’t even look at it.”

  Tang Jinyu said generously: “It’s okay, our family has many other trophies, and those are for Dad!”

  ”But those are not gold awards, no, no, dad didn’t say that the silver award is not good, but this is different. This time it’s the first gold award you have won…”

  ”It’s because I got first place, so I have to give it to my brother.” Tang Jinyu said confidently, “I would never let a second-place trophy go in my brother’s room!”

  Tang Hongjun opened his mouth and couldn’t refute that Xia Ye either won’t win the prize, but even if he wins, he will really be in first place.

  Chen Suling was amused, and nodded: “It seems to be true, Hong Jun, there are so many trophies in the family. Xiaoyu took first prize in the competition, so don’t fight.”

  Tang Hongjun retorted in a low voice: “His first trophy is clearly on Mom’s side.”


  Tang Jinyu won first prize at the age of five. Although it was a competition for elementary school students in the city, it had a different meaning. Grandma Chen gave him a banquet for three days and invited guests to have fun. The most conspicuous place was well displayed. The old lady said that she would borrow it at the beginning, but she didn’t return it afterwards. Every year when Tang Hongjun would visit her, he could see it on the showcase in her living room. She took the glass cover and placed it in the most conspicuous place.

  Tang Hongjun tried to mention it to her twice, but the old lady either interrupted or pretended not to hear him, obviously she didn’t intend to give it back.

  Chen Suling raised her eyes to look at her husband with a smile, but Tang Hongjun was afraid of her and immediately did not dare to mention it again.

  Xia Ye took the opportunity to receive the trophy and held it firmly in his hand. Even Uncle Tang winked at him several times, and he pretended not to see it, so he just stayed.

  Winter vacation has begun. The winter vacation for high school students was much shorter than before. There are still many tutoring classes to attend, but Tang Jinyu doesn’t need to go. He is usually tutored by his family at home.

  Both Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling are highly educated, and with Dean Tang, his grandfather of S university. He usually learns at home. How many people can’t ask for such teaching qualifications with money.

  What’s more, Xia Ye came back this time, and it took only two years to finish studying in Qingbei. After that, he started his own business and took the position of Internet magnate, more than qualified enough to tutor a high school student.

  Xia Ye took the initiative to suggest that he would help the little guy with his homework during winter vacation. After greeting his family, he first took Tang Jinyu back to the small town where they had lived before.


  He had promised the little guy at home that he would spend the entire winter vacation with him and live there with him.

  Chen Suling’s factory is still there, and she often goes back and forth there. The houses of the Xia and Tang families have been reserved for special care, so there was no need to prepare anything especially. Chen Suling often stayed there for a while, and she would also go there this winter vacation. There was a batch of down jackets rushing to be made, but the time to go with the two brothers was staggered by half a month. Once she heard Xia Ye’s offer, nodded and said: “Okay, go, look after Xiaoyu, it may snow in these two days, remember not to play outside for too long, and be careful of catching a cold.”

  Xia Ye agreed, “I know, don’t worry, I’ll take care of him.”

  North, small town.

  The town has changed a bit in the past few years. The previous zoo was demolished. It’s said that it will be converted into Happy Valley. Many young people are looking forward to it, but the elderly are a little bit reluctant. The panda house is separate and has a special breeding base, so it has not been affected. Bai Xue just gave birth to a baby two months ago and many people go to see the red panda, among them is Han Yixing who is the most enthusiastic.

  After Tang Jinyu returned, Han Yixing called and asked him, “Xiaoyu, would you like to see the baby panda?”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while, but refused, “Someday.”

  ”When will that be?”

  ”Well, it may be years later, I have something to do.”

  The little girl was disappointed, “What is it, is it more important than watching a baby panda?”

  Tang Jinyu smiled and rubbed the tip of his nose, “Yeah, something special and very important.”


  Han Yixing was busy there and didn’t talk much. She just told him that he should spare a few days to eat together, and then hung up in a hurry.

  Xia Ye packed their luggage and tidied the bedroom. He just came out to hear his brother talking to someone on the phone and asked, “Who was it?”

  ”Stars called, and asked me if I wanted to see a panda.” Tang Jinyu saw that Xia Ye’s collar was not fixed, so he tidied it up. Xia Ye was still a little bit tall, so he stepped up on his feet.

  Xia Ye originally frowned slightly, but after seeing the little guy concentrate on smoothing his collar, he thought for a moment and didn’t say much.

  When they came back, it so happened that it began to snow in the beginning of winter in the small town.

  The snow was quite heavy, and it snowed at night.

  Tang Jinyu kept standing by the window watching. Xia Ye called him twice, but didn’t hear him, and only reacted after Xia Ye held his hands to warm him, and raised his head and said, “Brother?”

  Xia Ye held his hand and said, “You were so deep in your thoughts. That you placed your hand on the glass and forgot to remove them. It’s cold, so be careful of getting sick.”

Tang Jinyu smiled and said, “No, I’m in good health now!” He raised his arm and pretended to show it to Xia Ye. After a few strokes, Xia Ye was amused. After seeing the snow scene outside, Tang Jinyu gently pulled Xia Ye’s hand, and pulled his sleeves and whispered, “Brother, will you go for a walk with me? I want to step on the snow.”

  Xia Ye hesitated.

  Tang Jinyu tugged his sleeves twice and looked at him eagerly. Xia Ye couldn’t bear this. He felt soft and nodded, “It’s just a short while, and we will come back after a while, okay?”


  ”I knew that my brother was the best!” Tang Jinyu happily gave him a hug and ran to change his clothes.

  Xia Ye followed behind him, gave him a hat, scarf and gloves, fully armed the little guy before putting on a jacket, and held his hand.

  The two of them didn’t go far, so they walked in a circle in the community, and walked the same route when Tang Jinyu went out to walk when he was a child.

  Tang Jinyu walked two steps ahead, put his hands in his pockets, and stepped on clear shoe prints on the snow, making a “creaking” sound. Xia Ye followed behind him, stepped side by side and stepped on the slightly larger shoe prints. As he walked, he mentioned to Tang Jinyu about the time he wanted to be carried on his back when he was a child. He deliberately teased him: “Do you still want to be carried today?”

  Tang Jinyu stood there and stopped, shook his head and said, “No.”

  Xia Ye also stopped and looked at him. There was a small intersection in front of him. He waited for the little guy to re-determine the route.

  Tang Jinyu stood there without moving, as if he built enough courage, turned around and walked two steps to Xia Ye, and gave him a hug.

  Xia Ye was caught off guard, raised his arms for him to hold him, and called him: “Xiaoyu?”

  The boy in his arms didn’t say a word, but he hugged him very hard and buried his head in his arms. Xia Ye slowly put his hand on his shoulder and patted him comfortably, touched his head with the other hand, and called him again softly.


  Tang Jinyu could feel the coolness of snowflakes falling in his ears, but the moment it fell, it was melted by his own heat. He was not cold at all at the moment, and his whole body was warm. He held Xia Ye hard and didn’t let go, “Brother, during your absence, I thought a lot, sometimes I think, if I have a blood relationship with you, it would be fine, even if there is a little bit, so that I can run to disturb you without fear of making mistakes, or any sudden separations, but I think, if you are not my brother, maybe I can have a little more…thoughts…”

  Xia Ye noticed something wrong and asked in a low voice, “Baby?”

  Tang Jinyu hugged him, buried his head in his arms and squatted and said, “I, I wrote you letters and wrote a lot. I thought about it for a long time, originally I wanted to wait for you to go back to read those letters at night before saying it, but I can’t wait, brother, I want to tell you in person…I, I like…”

  Xia Ye’s heartbeat speeded up, and the last sentence that the little guy said, buried in his chest, was almost a whisper, with a slight tremor, and was said quietly, but he still heard it.

  Xia Ye raised his hand and touched his head, lowered his voice as much as possible, and coaxed softly: “Xiaoyu, you say it again, I didn’t hear clearly.”

  ”I like you.”

  This time the little guy said much more clearly, grabbed his clothes and raised his head. His face was already flushed from his cheeks to his neck. He tried to look into his eyes and said again: “I like my brother, I want to be with you.”

  Xia Ye’s adam’s apple rolled, and the corners of his lips rose up, but it quickly converged, and said in a hoarse voice, “You are still young, I can accompany you for several years…”



  ”I’m 17 years old and I know what I’m doing.” Tang Jinyu looked at him seriously, “I don’t want to wait a few years. If you leave me for a few months, I won’t be able to stand it anymore, brother, will you stay with me forever?”


  Xia Ye thought about a lot of confession scenes. He wanted to wait a few years and let him take the lead, let the little guy at home touch him a little bit, give him the best of everything, and give him the most reassuring love, but he never thought that he would receive such a childish and serious confession.

  The boy in his arms said it stubbornly, and it was not easy to look him in the eyes when he said this, as if he would continue to grind until he nodded even if he did not agree today.

  Xia Ye thought to himself, maybe the other party was more courageous than him.

  He looked at Tang Jinyu and slowly nodded: “Okay.”

  Tang Jinyu smiled, but soon hesitated, “Brother, am I embarrassing you like this? But what should I do if I really like you? If you meet someone you like more in the future, well, then I have to work harder than everyone else, so that you can like me more…”

  Xia Ye said: “There is no one else.”

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him, Xia Ye took off his gloves, stroked his cheek with a warm palm, lowered his head and dropped a kiss on his forehead, “I promise you, there is no one else, the one I like is here.”

  From beginning to end, he liked this one.

  This one in front of him, this one in his arms, is the treasure he has carefully hidden in his heart.

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