LNTMG-(145) Love Letters

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Tang Jinyu touched his forehead, and looked at Xia Ye again, and couldn’t help but laugh stupidly.

  Xia Ye’s eyes also softened by his emotions, and he walked slowly in the snow holding his hand.

  Tang Jinyu touched his shoulder carefully, and said to him: “Brother, you kissed my forehead for the first time!”

  Xia Ye thought to himself, it was not the first time. He had kissed the little fool while he was sleeping during camping, but this time it was as sweet as before.

  Tang Jinyu was still cheating, “It’s great, you used to only knock on my head.”

  Xia Ye coughed and said, “I will try to change my ways in the future.”


  Tang Jinyu’s fingers moved in his palm. Although his hands were wearing gloves, he felt the little guy pick his palm. It was a bit soft and itchy. Xia Ye squeezed his hand tightly, and the corners of his lips moved, showing a small smile.

  The snow outside was getting bigger, there was no wind, and it fell rustlingly. The sound of snowflakes falling on their shoulders. They walked a bit far, Xia Ye knelt down and said, “Come up, I’ll carry you.”

Tang Jinyu did not hesitate this time, happily lying on his brother’s back, hugging him tightly, and still whispering to him, “Brother, I’m so happy tonight.”

  Xia Ye doesn’t say many sweet words, but he could listen to them. Just hearing it was like eating candy in his mouth, and sweetness filled his heart.

  After going back, the little guy suddenly became a little bit shy again, and when he stood in the hallway, he blushed, hesitated not to go upstairs with him, and found an excuse: “I’m going to the kitchen to have a hot cup of milk, and you should go up and change your clothes first!”

  Xia Ye watched him take the milk and ran into the kitchen, without stopping, so he went to the bedroom first.

  The Xia and Tang family have been together for so many years, and they are close to each other. They both have a fixed bedroom in each other’s home. Xia Ye is also very relaxed here. When he returned to his room, he just changed his sweater, when he suddenly thought of something, and turned to look around the bedroom.


  The desk was clean, and there was no note left. Xia Ye searched again, but he didn’t find it in the drawer. He sat on the side of the bed and thought about it. Suddenly he raised his hand and picked up the pillow, and he found a stack of letters under the pillow, each one had his name written on without exception, and asked him to open it in person.

  Xia Ye sat by the bed and slowly read the letters one by one.

  From the first letter to the last one, he read it word for word, watching that the dependency at the beginning became a must-have attachment. There was even a little water stain on the two letters. He couldn’t help but suspect that his brother had dropped two golden peas when he was writing. Thinking of this, his heart felt sweet and sour, and felt sorry for him, but once he thought that he would be the only one to read this, and only his moods fluctuate when it comes to himself.

  The little guy has him in his heart.

  Xia Ye looked at the letter, thinking so, trying to suppress the joy that swept in his heart, and restrained them as much as possible deep in his heart.

  This is the best gift he has received over the years. Xia Ye rubbed the letters, placed them carefully, and put them away properly.

  It was late at night, and there was only a small lamp on the side of the stairs.

  The person who just said to drink milk also ran back to the room and went to sleep, like a shy little snail, temporarily using up all his courage, and now hiding in his shell to save energy.

  Xia Ye laughed, didn’t bother him anymore, and went back to rest.

  He has got too much today, too much, and he needs to plan how he will go next and how to protect the little guy to the utmost extent.


  Xia Ye thought about it most of the night, and only slowly fell asleep when it was light out. He slept very well this time. When he woke up, it was more than nine o’clock in the morning. Although he had only rested for a few hours, his spirit was unprecedented. 

  After he got up, he went to the living room downstairs and saw Tang Jinyu. It was different from what he thought. His brother was not shy. Instead, he ran over in slippers and gave him a hug. He stared at him and asked carefully: “Brother, you still remember what happened yesterday?”

  Xia Ye laughed and pinched the tip of his nose, “I didn’t drink, of course I remember.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, but quickly said seriously: “I didn’t drink any alcohol last night. I’m telling the truth. I’m really happy…”

  Xia Ye covered his mouth with some sweet annoyance. The little guy was really too enthusiastic, which really made him unable to stand it in the morning.

  After only one day of tutoring at home, Xia Ye couldn’t help but begin to release himself, and took Tang Jinyu to camp.

  There was no way, the little guy in his family looked dazzled as soon as he saw the snow. In the past, he would’ve been able to bear it. But now that this kind of attack has increased exponentially. When the little guy looked up at him, he began to give in.

  Xia Ye found an RV, and although he also brought a tent, he didn’t really intend to let him sleep in the tent. Tang Jinyu’s health is not good, and there is no way he can bear the wind and cold. That is to say, he coaxed the little guy to play in response to the situation.

  In addition to the RV, Xia Ye also sent a cross-country motorcycle, which can also be ridden in the snow after modification. There was little snow here, so there was no problem.


  He took Tang Jinyu to the woods and walked with him on the snow. There were no leaves this season, but when he encountered a small piece of plum forest, he folded a bud and brought it back, intending to slowly admire it in a vase.

  Xia Ye was particularly indulgent to him, and Tang Jinyu would accompany him wherever he said to go.

  When they went back, they saw soldiers running nearby with heavy load, the team was tidy, and they were loud.

  Tang Jinyu whispered in Xia Ye’s ear and said, “Xiao Ji said that he would be a soldier after graduation. The military academy does not charge tuition, and after graduation, he is also assigned with work! I heard that even if he’s in college, he has a fixed salary every month. Oh, they seem to be called an allowance…”

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t stop talking to him, he wanted to share everything with his brother, and there was too much to say, so Xia Ye squeezed his face.

  Tang Jinyu was pinched to open his mouth: “Huh?”

  Xia Ye approached, leaning over and whispering in his ear, “How can you talk about others in front of your boyfriend? I’m going to be jealous.”

  Tang Jinyu’s face flushed immediately!

  They played outside for two days, followed by an RV, or Xia Ye took care of it. Tang Jinyu was still in good spirits when he came, and he didn’t get sick at all, so he had a very exciting time playing.

  After they got home, Chen Suling also arrived.


  This time she came to see the jackets produced in the factory. She came to stay for a few days. When she was having dinner with them, she also asked about camping. She was a little surprised to hear that they had been outside for two days, “So long?”

  Tang Jinyu proudly said, “Mom, my brother takes good care of me. Look, I’m not sick at all, I won’t get sick this year!”

  Chen Suling smiled and nodded. She was relieved with Xia Ye. Sometimes he was more careful than adults like them.

  Xia Ye and Tang Jinyu both slept in the RV for the past two days. They talked on the upper and lower bunks. Tang Jinyu originally wanted to chat for a while tonight. He liked talking to his brother, but now that his mother is back. He couldn’t run to his brother’s bedroom with his pillow anymore, so he hesitated for a while.

  While Chen Suling was in the study, Xia Ye raised his finger and scratched his chin, teasing him: “Would you like to go back to bed with me tonight?”

Tang Jinyu struggled, but still shook his head and said, “No, I will stay with my mother.”

  Xia Ye didn’t bother him. He was teasing him, so he nodded and went back by himself.

  He was afraid that if he stayed here, he might not be able to control it in the evening, so he ran to hold a candle to talk at night.

  Xia Ye arrived early the next morning. He bought breakfast early and planned to take it over to eat with his family.


  After entering, he saw Tang Jinyu mopping the floor over there. He stepped forward and said, “I’ll come.”

  Tang Jinyu hid, and said repeatedly: “No, no, I have to personally do this, and I will cook dinner later.”

  ”What’s happening?”

  Tang Jinyu held the mop and whispered for a while, and said in a low voice, “I will get married in the future, so I won’t be able to go home. I want to treat my parents better. Anyway, I want to take care of them more…”

  After hearing this, Xia Ye couldn’t help laughing, and pushed the person to the corner a little bit, looking down at the little guy and softening his voice to tease him, “You want to get married now?”

  ”Why not, it’s just being married.”

  Tang Jinyu’s words were justified, even turning his head to hide, not daring to look at his brother.

  Xia Ye teased him for a while, and the little guy blushed when he got closer, but he closed his eyes when he got closer. The long, thick eyelashes were like flapping butterflies, trembling slightly, he felt itchy. Xia Ye flicked his forehead, took the mop, and mopped the floor for him.

  ”Go to the kitchen to cook, and I will do the rest.”


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4 thoughts on “LNTMG-(145) Love Letters

  1. This dog food is top quality! I appreciate so much the innocent beginning on this romance- only a kiss on the forehead so far (minus the stolen one!) and so much spoiling its stuffed me full of fluff! Of course Jinyu immediately goes to marriage! Of course Xia Ye can’t resist indulging in whatever Jinyu wants right now! With how close this whole family is, while I can predict some tension at first considering Jinyu is their only child and still not fully grown up, how they can not eventually remain one big happy family?

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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