LNTMG-(146) Little Sweethearts

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Chen Suling woke up in the morning, the room was cleaned up, and breakfast was on the table. Two servings were served. Xia Ye bought milk. Tang Jinyu also cooked two side dishes, one was refreshing celery and cashew nuts, and the other was fried potato cakes.

  Chen Suling was especially surprised. Tang Jinyu pushed her from behind, took her chopsticks, and said, “Mom, you can taste it, how does it taste?”


  Chen Suling ate a piece of potato pancakes and repeatedly boasted: “It’s delicious, better than your dad’s craftsmanship.” She took two bites, then looked at them with a smile, and finally looked at her little son, “You did all this? Come on, do you want to ask me for something?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head and smiled with his eyes bent, “No, mom should eat more, it’s the biggest encouragement to me.”

  Chen Suling was so happy with his sweet mouth that she squeezed her son’s face and said, “You can talk, I will leave a car for you later, so that the driver will take you to find your classmates, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “No, I will go out with my brother.”

  ”Your brother is busy with work, be good, go find classmates to play by yourself, or call Xingxing…”

  Xia Ye said: “Auntie, let me take Xiaoyu.”

  Chen Suling asked: “Aren’t you busy?” She remembered that Xia Ye was similar to her before, especially in the past two years, but she was also happy to see his career picking up.

  Xia Ye said: “I’m not very busy during this time. I told the company that I will take a vacation for a while.”

  When Chen Suling saw that he was persistent, she nodded and agreed. She knew that Xia Ye’s previous task was high tension for a long time. It would be nice to have a vacation, especially if he was accompanied by family members to relax.

  After breakfast, Chen Suling went to the factory, leaving Xia Ye and Tang Jinyu at home.


  They sat on the sofa together, Xia Ye took a book and read it, Tang Jinyu sat next to him and played with his mobile phone. After a while, he slumped on his brother like he had no bones, moving from half-lying to sitting on his lap, very skilled, holding a mobile phone to see interesting jokes, and after reading it, he would share it with Xia Ye, and had a lot of fun.

  Xia Ye was holding the book in one hand, and when he lowered his head, he could see the boy lying on his lap. He raised his hand and touched his head. The hair on his palm was very soft, with a little golden-brown reflection after being exposed to the sun. There was a little warmth when he ran it through his fingers.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t look at his phone, but looked up at him. After meeting his eyes, he smiled, revealing the shallow dimples on one cheek.

  Xia Ye also laughed, poking his finger at the small dimple, “What are you smiling at?”

  Tang Jinyu turned over, holding his waist and still smiling, “Brother, you pinch me, how come I always feel like I’m dreaming.”

  Xia Ye was reluctant, only raised his hand to squeeze his earlobe, rubbed the ear beads, the other’s small ear moved away due to sensitively, and in a blink of an eye it began to turn red, but he still held him without letting go, and Tang Jinyu whispered vaguely.

  They were close, so Xia Ye naturally heard him clearly, lowered his head and smiled: “How could it be a dream? I won’t agree if you are starting to regret it now.”

  At noon, Xia Ye took him out for dinner. He ate at a vegetarian restaurant, which is now well-known and has been on TV twice.

  Tang Jinyu ordered the veggie bag he likes to eat, as well as a few signature dishes. The dishes here are lighter, which suits Xiaye’s appetite relatively better. Xia Ye liked it, and Tang Jinyu was also happy, and ate more with him.


  Ji Yuanjie’s mother is still working here, but she only does morning and evening shifts, so they did not see her. Ji’s mother has done a good job and has been getting along well with her colleagues for two years. When Tang Jinyu asked her, the waiter who served them only said a few words. Once they heard that it was a friend of Ji’s mother, they gave them a cold side dish.

  After they had eaten at noon, they packed a few more steamed veggies and took them to the factory to send them to Chen Suling.

  Tang Jinyu often came here with Chen Suling. Many people knew him. Xia Ye followed him, and found out why the little guy had bought so much food. Several departments passed by and gave snacks, and a piece of jujube cream golden silk cake was delivered to Chen Suling’s office.

  Xia Ye following behind, but every time he saw a young girl talking to his brother, he couldn’t help but look twice.

  He was only slightly aware of it before, but now he realizes that the little guy is a bit too popular.

  Chen Suling was not in the office, and she seemed busy to leave, so they left before sending a snack.

Outsiders seem to have nothing to do when visiting a small town, but it is different for Tang Jinyu. This was the place where he grew up when he was a child, and it was interesting to visit the old place again.

  Xia Ye drove him all the way, Tang Jinyu said to the kindergarteners passing by: “Brother, do you remember this place? Dad and you used to run the fastest, and every time I was the first to be picked up.”

  Xia Ye looked up, of course he remembered.

  This was the place where the two of them lived together, and their memories were everywhere.

  It’s like a relationship imprinted in the blood, which cannot be erased.

  He only left a small gap in his feelings, and he could only accommodate the person next to him, and it could only be this person.

  Xia Ye asked while driving, “Where else do you want to go?”

  Tang Jinyu looked at him: “Where is brother going?”

  ”Listen to you now.”

  ”I will follow my brother wherever he goes, I am happy wherever he goes.”


  Xia Ye’s lips were raised by him, and his mood improved a bit, so he drove him to the aquarium.

  The aquarium is almost the same as before. Tang Jinyu likes it very much. There is light falling through the glass on the ground, and the light and shadow on the ground were also sparkling like water, walking there as if they were in water, and inside there is faint blue light everywhere.

  Xia Ye took his hand and talked to him as he walked, “Do you remember when you were a kid?”

  ”Remember, when the exams were completed in the past, my parents and uncles would bring me here. My brother took me the least, because my brother was busy at school and it was very hard.”

  Xia Ye smiled and said, “Do you still hold grudges?”

  Tang Jinyu blinked, “No, I really think you were working hard. There are so many high school exams, and now my school sends out a lot of test papers every time. Brother, were you tired back then?”

  Xia Ye thought about it. He didn’t have much memory in this regard. Those test questions were not too stressful for him, but he nodded and said, “Yeah, a bit.”

  Tang Jinyu shook his hand tightly and tried to relax his tone: “I will try my best. I think I can keep up now. Although I can’t go to the same university as my brother, I can try to take the first place in culture courses, and for professional courses.”

  ”Aren’t you worried that Li He and you are competing for first place in your major?”

  Tang Jinyu proudly said: “He is going abroad to study, no one is robbing me~”

  Xia Ye laughed.


  As they walked, they met acquaintances head-on. A girl with a ponytail in front was walking side by side with a boy. The girl was holding a huge colorful marshmallow in her hand, chatting and laughing with the boy next to her. After she raised her eyes and saw them, she whispered “Ah”, followed by a loud sound on the flood. She pulled her hand back from the boy’s hand. Tang Jinyu originally didn’t see them in the dim light, but when she moved like this, he saw them.

  Han Yixing blushed as he stood there and stammered hello to him, “Xiaoyu, you, are you coming to see the fish too?”

  Ji Yuanjie next to her was quite natural. He came over to say hello to Xia Ye, then smiled at Tang Jinyu and put his hand in his pocket.

  Han Yixing was a little nervous at Xia Ye, squeezed past, and tugged Tang Jinyu’s sleeves. Before Tang Jinyu could react, the little girl pulled him a little bit stronger and dragged him aside, whispering to him, “Don’t tell my brother, I am just…”

  Tang Jinyu suffocated a smile, and teased her: “Tutoring homework, right? I know after-school tutoring, I do it too.”

  Han Yixing didn’t think about the two brothers that way at all. Hearing this, her eyes lit up, she nodded repeatedly, “Yes, right! Please, help me keep it a secret, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu agreed. The little girl cheered and attracted Xia Ye on the other side to look over. She was so scared that she stuck her tongue out, and then lowered her voice: “You also help me beg with Brother Xia Ye. He loves you the most, you say it. He listens to everything you say. I will take the college entrance examination next year, and he will also take the college entrance examination in the next year. We originally planned to tell the family after entering university…”

  Han Yixing has a very good relationship with Tang Jinyu, and told him everything. She and Ji Yuanjie were really just tutoring homework at the beginning, but later she didn’t know why, looking at Xiao Ji everywhere, they slowly got together.


  Tang Jinyu originally wanted to remind her of some things, but when he heard her twittering about learning, he also followed along in the fun, thinking that Xiao Ji really wanted to treasure stars more than he thought. If it weren’t for stars to take the initiative, it would take three years to touch her fingers carefully.

  Han Yixing talked to Tang Jinyu for a long time, and Xia Ye stood there to examine Ji Yuanjie and talked briefly with him.

  Unexpectedly, the boy was much more mature than he had seen last time, but he was still gentle and kind. Xia Ye’s questions were answered politely, respecting him very much.

  Han Yixing and Tang Jinyu whispered for a while, and after Xia Ye coughed, he reminded him. Han Yixing reluctantly let Tang Jinyu go back, and stood in front of Xia Ye obediently, watching him eagerly.

  Xia Ye looked at her and Ji Yuanjie, then turned his gaze on the little girl and said to her: “Go home early, don’t worry about your brother, okay?”

  When Han Yixing heard him speak, she was relieved and nodded repeatedly.

  Xiaoji and Xingxing left first, but Xia Ye was not in a hurry to take Tang Jinyu away. He sat down in their old seat and quietly watched the big fish swimming in the place separated by the glass wall on the opposite side.

  Tang Jinyu sat next to him and interceded for Han Yixing. Xia Ye only thought for a while before nodding in agreement.

  Tang Jinyu curiously asked, “Brother, aren’t you opposed to puppy love?”

  Xia Ye said: “Xiao Ji is a good person. I just asked him, he has plans for his future. He is a very calm child.” And he would also beat him, without Han Yichen here, Xiao Ji didn’t dare to mess around.

  Tang Jinyu sat there, and after a while he touched Xia Ye with his shoulder again, and teased him in a low voice, “Brother, does this count as a puppy love?”


  Xia Ye coughed, but didn’t refute him.

Tang Jinyu asked again, and put his hand into Xia Ye’s pocket. Xia Ye held the messy little hand and said in a low voice: “Most puppy loves are not good, and they are easily distracting, but in some cases it’s not.”

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him.

  Xia Ye’s face did not change, and calmly said: “Your grades are not bad, and I will also help you improve, and complete your current stage of study, and prepare for the next stage.”

  ”What should I do for the next stage?”

  Xia Ye glanced at him, “Have you forgotten what you said in the morning?”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while and blushed, but he still sat next to him and kicked his feet, clenching their hands together in Xia Ye’s pockets, and smirked.

  The next stage sounds like a good plan, he can’t wait to run forward.

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  1. I saw this come in to my email yesterday (by the way, these are sending as full chapters in case you weren’t aware and mean to only send previews) and hopped on here to read and it wasnt available yet. Almost broke my not reading the email version rule! Just, I love everything about this fic. These two are THAT couple and I’m all for it! Though I’m pleased to see the best side ship show up this chapter as well! Siscon big bro isn’t going to be nearly as happy as I was to see this!

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