LNTMG-(147) Annual Leave

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Tang Jinyu and Xia Ye did not return to Shanghai until New Year’s in the small city.

  Xia Ye didn’t live in the company’s apartment anymore. He went back and forth every day and insisted on going home.

  His excuse was to teach the little guy homework, but halfway through the tutoring, he feels that he needs more concentration.

  When Tang Jinyu approached, he whispered: “Don’t get so close.”

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him, his eyes confused. He was just looking at the paper, the title was so small that he couldn’t see clearly without getting too close. Tang Jinyu suddenly smiled after thinking for a while and sat upright and said, “Brother, Don’t be afraid, my eyesight is very good, and I won’t be nearsighted when I write on my stomach!”

  Xia Ye glanced at him. He was not worried about the little guy’s sitting posture, but now he was more worried about himself.


  Sometimes Tang Jinyu deliberately wanted to stick to him, but sometimes he didn’t realize it. Since he was used to this behavior. After all, he grew up like a small tail behind him, and now he was following him even tighter. Tang Jinyu was told by Xia Ye several times about this, but he would look up at him blankly, not knowing what happened.

  Xia Ye was thrown into fire by him, and the most terrible thing was that the little arsonist of the other party was still in a state of ignorance and had no idea.

  Xia Ye’s face was sullen, and doubled his homework.

  Tang Jinyu lowered his head to concentrate on solving the problem, and stopped a bit.

  During New Year’s, the Xia and Tang families got together. Chen Suling watched the news and saw many young people gathering together for the New Year, and she asked, “Does Xiaoyu also want to go out with friends?”

  Tang Jinyu hugged her and acted like a baby. “Mom, it’s New Year’s Day. Of course, I have to be with my family during the Spring Festival!”

  Chen Suling fed him a piece of fruit and said with a smile: “If you want to go out and play, just tell me, and I’ll let you go out more now that you’ve grown up.” In the past, she and her husband were worried that their son could not adapt to the outside world. They wanted to build a crystal house to keep their son in, but now that their child is older and now is in much better condition than she thought. She touched her son’s head, Tang Jinyu rubbed his face against her palm, laughed, and kissed her.

  The elders in the family stayed until about 12 o’clock and went to bed. Tang Jinyu couldn’t sleep. He laid on the sofa next to Xia Ye and watched the Spring Festival Gala. He waited until the song “Unforgettable Tonight” played before sitting up and stretching his waist.

  Xia Ye said: “Would you like to set off fireworks?”


  Tang Jinyu’s eyes lit up, but he quickly shook his head hesitantly, “You can’t set off fireworks or firecrackers in the city, you have to run a long way, so forget it.”

  Xia Ye actually prepared some, but when he saw the little guy yawning, he said, “I ordered a few small ones in the yard.”

  Tang Jinyu was curious about what little fireworks were, but Xia Ye just gave him a fairy stick after taking him out.

  Tang Jinyu was still happy. After holding it for a while, he gave Xia Ye one, and lit it with his own. The two of them held the fairy stick together and took a picture. Tang Jinyu said happily, “Brother, look at me and show you a heart~”

  The fairy rod swept across the air, leaving a pattern of a heart for a while, and Xia Ye smiled when he saw it.

  They set off all the small fireworks before going back to sleep.

  Tang Jinyu squeezed in, and followed inside Xia Ye’s bedroom, “Brother, how well did I perform these past two days?”

  Xia Ye nodded. Their family has a mature commendation system, which is generally aimed at Tang Jinyu alone. For example, if the little guy takes the initiative to do housework at home or gets good grades at school, they will praise him for his good performance and give him certain rewards.

  Tang Jinyu whispered expectantly: “Then can I sleep with you today?”

  Xia Ye was silent for a moment, “No way.”

  Tang Jinyu was particularly disappointed, “Why?”


  ”You did two wrong questions today, and the review was unclear. You have to perform better.”


  Tang Jinyu reluctantly went to his room, Xia Ye waited until he closed the door before going back to sleep.

  He doesn’t know if the little guy next door has slept well. Anyway, it took Xia Ye a long time to fall asleep. He kept thinking about the words the little guy said just now, and he couldn’t help but laugh. Tang Jinyu treating him like this is a kind of a sweet torture, but he is so happy. He can’t take advantage of him when he is young. He has to raise him a little bit. And if during that time, the little guy is still willing to be with him, he won’t let go.

  But if the little guy repented at that time.

  He will also stand in place and give him freedom.

  This is the baby he has brought up, slowly in the palm of his hands for more than ten years. How could he be willing to hurt him a little, and make him suffer the smallest grievances?

  On the second day of the new year, Tang Jinyu had to accompany his parents back to Grandma Chen’s house as usual.

  Usually this is his favorite time of the year, because going to grandma’s home means that he doesn’t have to do homework or practice piano, it was vacation. Moreover, the second elder of the Chen family loved him the most, and his uncle and aunt also loved him very much. There were many children and relatives, and a lot of cousins, many children can play together. Although he only goes there every New Year, he has a good relationship with the small friends he meets during the holidays, especially his two cousins ​​that treat him very well.

  But this time Tang Jinyu didn’t want to go, since now no one is home anywhere, so he is reluctant to leave his brother’s side at all.

  On the day he returned to his home to visit relatives, Tang Jinyu drew his hands forward and tried to tell Chen Suling that he wanted to stay at home.

       But when asked about the reason why, he couldn’t tell her.


  Chen Suling thought about it, and comforted him: “Your aunt has also gone back to her family’s house. She’s not coming this year. It’s okay. You’ll be by my side, so even if she comes back, it doesn’t matter. Let’s go have dinner and accompany your grandparents, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu actually didn’t care much about what happened when he was a child. His little accordion is still well preserved, and he is not angry anymore.

  He didn’t see his aunt much since that incident, his aunt would go back to her natal home to visit relatives like everyone else on the second day of the New Year, and no longer clings to the two elders of the Chen family. Uncle Chen sometimes would accompany her, and sometimes he also brings his children to stay at home. The two children in the family were just like him, smiling all day, and they had a good temper.

  After Chen Suling said this, Tang Jinyu couldn’t find any more reasons, so he could only change his clothes and go downstairs.

  Downstairs, Xia Ye was waiting for them in the living room.

  Tang Jinyu went down first with his suitcase, and was surprised to see him, “Brother, why are you here?”

  Chen Suling carried a small bag to follow, and heard this, and smiled: “Your brother will go with us this year. He has some business to do there, so he is just going along the way.”

  Xia Ye picked up his luggage in his hand and said, “Yes, I will accompany you.”

  He was hit with unexpected joy. Tang Jinyu kept turning his head to look at him, and he couldn’t hide his love.

  Xia Ye helped put the luggage in the trunk and waited until he got into the car, and when there was no one around them, he reached out and covered the little guy’s eyes and leaned close and whispered, “If you look again, I’ll kiss you.”

  Tang Jinyu: “!!!”

  Tang Jinyu was not so courageous to do it under the eyes of the elders at home. He was a little shy, and sat there honestly. After a while, he took a peek, and felt that his brother looked handsome looking forward.


  Tang Jinyu rejected airplanes before, and Xia Ye knew this. This time he went home to visit relatives by car. In the past, it would take a few hours’ drive from Shanghai, but it was almost as convenient as before. Chen Suling took three cars and arranged a driver. She and Tang Hongjun took one, and left one for the two brothers, and the rest were gifts.

  Tang Jinyu was just happy at first, but then he felt sleepy, and slept on Xia Ye’s shoulder. He woke up on the way and raised his hand and rubbed his eyes. Xia Ye shook his hand and said, “Don’t rub hard, it will become red soon.”

  Tang Jinyu groaned, with a little nasal sound, “Itchy.”

  Xia Ye took his hand and gave him a blow, “Okay.”

  Tang Jinyu blinked and looked at him and said, “It’s still a little itchy.”

  Xia Ye blew several times, and Tang Jinyu sat there shaking his head and said it was okay. Finally, Xia Ye looked at him for a while, and raised his hand to scratch the tickling flesh under his arm without any expression. Tang Jinyu laughed and fell into his arms, and couldn’t help but beg for mercy: “Brother, I’m not itching anymore! I’m fine, I’m fine!”

  Xia Ye let him go.

  The Chen family is a big family, and Grandma Chen is also a lively person. Every year, the house is decorated with special festive decorations.

  When she saw Chen Suling and her family come back, Grandma Chen smiled happily, holding her little daughter’s hand, and after seeing Tang Jinyu get out of the car, she didn’t want to talk to her daughter anymore, and she walked over and hugged her grandson, “My darling, you’re here. I heard magpie barking in the yard just now, and I guessed that you were almost here!”

  Xia Ye greeted Grandma Chen, and the old lady patted him on the arm and nodded happily. Tang Jinyu walked and talked to her while supporting the old lady. The two grandparents and grandchildren were very close. Grandma Chen laughed from ear to ear since she saw him. She held his hands and didn’t let go, and let Tang Jinyu sit next to her at the dinner table.


  Grandma Chen has three children, two of them stayed by her side, and her youngest daughter married away, and she didn’t see her grandson several times throughout the year. 

  After a few words, a child ran to Han Ya to provoke discord, and told her: “Big cousin, Xiaoyu grabbed your position as soon as he came. Grandma usually lets you sit beside her!”

  Hua Yan rolled her eyes and said bluntly: “He comes here once a year. It’s normal for grandma to do this. Besides, you don’t need to take care of my family’s affairs.”

  ”But Xiaoyu…”

  ”That’s my brother, what do you care about what my brother is doing!”

  Chen Deyun and her sister Hua Yan united the front. They and Tang Jinyu were the closest in their generation, and they were not provoked at all.

  Chen Deyun was more careful, and when she took people to find Tang Jinyu to play with, she deliberately picked a few with a mild temperament to ensure that it would not affect everyone’s mood. Hua Yan wanted to play chess, but Tang Jinyu only knew a little bit. If he was backed up by Grandma Chen, he knew that he wouldn’t win, so he dragged Xia Ye over and sat him down next to him and said, “My brother will do it for me, if he loses, I will accept the punishment!”

  Xia Ye asked: “What punishment? Put a sticker on your face?”


  Hua Yan smiled and said, “Of course not, this has changed a long time ago. Those who lose have to play truth or dare!” She looked at Tang Jinyu and rolled her eyes. “But you two count as a team. If Xiaoyu loses, he can’t choose his punishment, so you both have to play together!”

  Tang Jinyu relied on Xia Ye, and was particularly confident, “No problem, come on!”

  Xia Ye held the chess piece and rubbed it in his hand for a moment, then smiled and said, “Let’s get started.”

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  1. It’s amazing how much warmer the family got when the aunt backed off! There’s always going to be the one kid causing trouble, but they alone don’t gain traction.

    Xia Ye and that soap scent are going to be great companions for an unfortunately long time I think. Haha! Jinyu is creating a lust debt that isn’t so easily repaid! Persevere Xia Ye!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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