LNTMG-(148) Truth

(WC: Please read this first! Sorry to spoil it for some of you guys but there is going to be a small kiss scene, and I just wanted to say that if anyone feels uncomfortable with this part, since Tang Jinyu is still a minor (I believe around 17…) I’ll leave a little reminder to anyone that wants to avoid and skip this scene. Although the kiss itself doesn’t provide much detail, I wanted to make sure to let my readers know what to expect. I will also leave similar notes in the future in certain chapters, just in case anyone feels iffy about it. So I hope that everyone can understand this and remain peaceful in the comments below. )

Tang Jinyu originally thought that a genius like his brother would be able to win without hindrance in chess, but Xia Ye’s chess skills were ordinary, and Hua Yan has been practicing with the two elders of the Chen family for many years, she was very fierce in chess, and eaten up most of the chess pieces on the chessboard, leaving only his elder brother to protect the master, there was no way to recover.

  If Xia Ye loses, Tang Jinyu has to play truth or dare.

  Hua Yan thought for a while and smiled: “You have to hold the other person face to the first person that you bump into, and say three particularly nauseating words, okay, start now!”

  As soon as Tang Jinyu turned, he didn’t know if it was a coincidence or what, Xia Ye’s chess piece was knocked down by him, and Xia Ye leaned over to pick it up, and happened to bump into him. Xia Ye whispered an apology, and several girls on the opposite side clapped their hands and coaxed him, Hua Yan’s eyes lit up, “You bumped into him, bumped into him! Xiaoyu, hurry up and say three nasty words!”

Tang Jinyu would’ve been embarrassed if it was someone else, but the other person is Xia Ye, so he was not afraid at all!

  Tang Jinyu held Xia Ye’s face openly, leaned closer, looked at him and said with a smile: “Brother is the best, my brother is really tall and handsome!”


  Xia Ye sat there with his face indifferent as usual.

  Hua Yan snorted: “You are so silly, you have to put it in a better way!”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while, and said, “Brother, do you know which side the heart is located?”

  Xia Ye said: “Left.”

  Tang Jinyu held his hand and smiled at him, “Wrong, it’s on your side.”

  Xia Ye looked at him for a while, then suddenly smiled, then retracted his hand and said, “This sentence is not bad.”

  Hua Yan looked at them and didn’t know why she started blushing, and her heart started to race. She was two or three years older than Tang Jinyu, and she was starting to experience love. She liked watching idol romance dramas the most, and she was so stunned by such little love stories, she glanced at her little cousin, and said with emotion: “I feel relieved. Auntie is still worried that you will not find a girlfriend in the future, so I will tell her to stop worrying. Since you can coax ten daughters-in-law back.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “I don’t want ten wives, I just want one.”

  Hua Yan laughed at him: “What a shame, how old are you to start thinking about a daughter-in-law?”

  Tang Jinyu raised his head proudly, sitting there while watching them play chess, because Xia Ye lost a game, he felt that the two of them were about the same level, he felt a little more courageous, and occasionally helped Xia Ye look at the chessboard, quietly sharing his ideas.

  Xia Ye lost another game, and this time he picked dare and went out to borrow ten dollars from the first person he met.


  Tang Jinyu went out and met Grandma Chen. The old lady immediately gave him the wallet when she heard her little grandson’s request: “Good treasure, take it yourself, take as much as you want!”

  After the New Year, the old lady’s wallet was full of big bills. Tang Jinyu didn’t see ten yuan after looking around for a long time. The old lady took out change from her pocket, and handed it to him with a smile: “I don’t know what you kids are thinking nowadays, take more than you want, and buy more sweets and eat them!”

  Tang Jinyu hugged the old lady and bent over and kissed her, “Thank you, grandma!”

  Xia Ye waited for him to come back and changed positions with him. Tang Jinyu only thought that his brother had lost too much and had no face, so he rolled up his sleeves.

  Xia Ye stood behind him and said, “Don’t worry, if you lose, I’ll be punished.”

  Tang Jinyu hadn’t practiced chess for many years, and swayed around, and was soon caught off guard by the general, and said in advance: “Sister, let’s start out with truth, um, let my brother answer two questions, okay?”

  Hua Yan originally also thought this, she was a little scared when she saw Xia Ye. Although Xia Ye was handsome, he was not an easy person to get in contact with, so they didn’t dare to really punish him, so when she heard Tang Jinyu say this, she nodded and said: “Okay, let’s ask two questions!” They discussed for a while, Hua Yan chose the question, turned around and curiously said: “I want to ask, what is your income, Brother Xia?”

  ”Total income or annual income?”

  ”Well, annual income.”

  Xia Ye said a nine-digit number, and the little girls on the other side were dumbfounded. When they wanted to ask again, Xia Ye said quietly: “It’s already the second question.”

  A few blinked over there, and didn’t dare to speak any more, and the next game began.


  Tang Jinyu had a tough time playing on his own. Xia Ye gave him the wrong command several times, and began to reduce the number of pawns one by one. He looked at Xia Ye suspiciously. If it weren’t for his brother’s serious appearance, he would think that he was deliberately making trouble to make him lose.

  When Tang Jinyu lost a few games in a row, Xia Ye was punished, and the questions he answered began to escalate. The few girls on the opposite side couldn’t help but secretly develop in the direction of gossip.

  Xia Ye did not refuse anyone who came and answered them all.

  ”There is a person that I like.”

  ”Yes, I plan to get married in two years.”

  ”The other party’s career? It hasn’t been completely determined yet. As far as I am concerned, I only hope the other party will try more. After all, life is short, and I am willing to support all of their dreams.”

  ”It was not a love at first sight, but a childhood sweetheart.”

  ”The most intimate thing I’ve done with them? Just hold hands, and kiss on the forehead.”

  ”I can’t say their name, but I’ll send you a red envelope.”


  Even if he didn’t say his name, Tang Jinyu blushed and couldn’t concentrate on playing chess at all, and put several chess pieces randomly.

  Fortunately, someone from Grandma Chen called them over to eat, and Tang Jinyu escaped. He threw down his chess pieces and breathed a sigh of relief. He took Xia Ye’s hand and ran away quickly.

  Many relatives came to visit during the New Year. Although the Chen family had two empty villas, the guest rooms were a bit empty. The old lady was reluctant to let Tang Jinyu live elsewhere and keep him by her side.

  Xia Ye was going to sleep in the hotel, but Grandma Chen resolutely refused, “The bed here is big enough, you can squeeze it with Xiao Yu, it’s okay!”


  Xia Ye glanced at Tang Jinyu. The little guy nodded his head immediately and did not dare to make trouble. He thought about it and said respectfully to Grandma Chen: “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

  Grandma Chen held his hand and asked him to sit next to him, treating him like her own child.

  Watching TV with the old lady and chatting for a while, the old lady asked them to go up and rest, and only told Tang Jinyu: “Good treasure, go to bed early at night, tomorrow morning your grandma Cheng and the others will come to play bridge. I’m old and can’t see the cards clearly. Can you play cards with me tomorrow morning and help me watch for me?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and saluted on the stairs, “Roger!”

  The old lady was amused by him and waved her hand to let them go upstairs.

  The bed in the guest room has been cleaned up. The heating in the room here was sufficient. Only a thin quilt was enough, and two pillows are placed side by side on the bed. Tang Jinyu went to wash first. After returning, he fiddles with the pillows for a while so that they are next to each other. After putting them together, he patted them again, and laid down and tried them one by one.

  Xia Ye came out of the bathroom, and saw him rolling on the bed, rubbing the bed like a little milk dog, and smiled: “Go inside and save me some space.”

  Tang Jinyu rolled on the bed and went to the bed inside. After watching Xia Ye sit down, Xia Ye warned him as soon as he stretched out his hand: “Don’t come over, or else don’t think about it tomorrow morning.”

  Tang Jinyu was stunned, but he quickly understood, covering half of his face with the quilt, looked at him with embarrassment, “I, I didn’t mean that, I just missed you, and my hand just rolled over…”

  Xia Ye felt that this was more exciting than touching, and he admired his concentration a little bit.


  After turning off the light and lying down, Tang Jinyu made a little movement. Xia Ye waited for a while, then waited until a hand slowly stretched out, tentatively touched him, and saw that he did not hide, so he held it. His fingers shook lightly. It was the same as when he was a child, but back then he was climbing on his knees in slippers, and now he was squeezed in, and wanted to be more intimate.

(Just a little reminder for anyone that wants to skip this part, feel free to skip this part if you feel uncomfortable)

  Xia Ye held it with his backhand, rubbed his knuckles with his thumb, and whispered, “Can’t sleep?”

  Tang Jinyu gave a hum, was quiet for a while, and laughed again, and followed the other party’s low voice and said, “Brother, you answered a wrong question today.”

  ”What was wrong?”

  ”Doing the most intimate thing, well, actually kissing the forehead is not the most intimate, kissing is.”

  Xia Ye held his hand tightly for a few minutes, and said vigilantly: “Who kissed you?”

  Tang Jinyu laughed, and moved his fingers under his palm, “I kissed someone else.”


  ”You, I secretly kissed you, the time you just came back drunk…”


  Tang Jinyu leaned in and kissed his lips in the dark, and whispered, “Just like this.”

  This kiss was a little shy but bold. It stopped at the corner of Xia Ye’s lips and did not leave. When speaking, the lips brushed against his a few times. It was obviously just a small inexperienced gesture, but it was sultry and powerful.

  Xia Ye’s adam’s apple rolled a few times, and the person who held him pulled the other person closer, and said dumbly: “Yours is not a kiss, but this is.”

  When Xia Ye leaned over, Tang Jinyu was unprepared and was kissed until his mind was blank.

  Xia Ye gave him an adult kiss.

  However, it was only limited to a kiss. After stepping on the brakes, he held his hand to his mouth, bit his fingertips to leave a circle of teeth marks, grind his teeth, and tried to relieve himself.

  Tang Jinyu buried his head in his arms, his ears were hot, but he still trusted him, and slowly fell asleep in his brother’s arms while holding him.

  Xia Ye circled the person in his arms, wrapped a strand of soft hair with his fingers, and stared at him through the night.

  He was a little reluctant to let go.

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  The author has something to say: [Small Theater]

  Xia Shen: Kissing is not the most intimate thing.

  Xiaoyu: Then what is?

  Xia Shen: Wait two more years to teach you.

-WC: I know that the kiss doesn’t provide that much detail, and there is also going to be a few more in future chapters that are also not going to go that much in detail. I’m sorry for being annoying and for sounding paranoid, but I just wanted to leave this reminder to prevent anyone from stirring up trouble in the comments below or in NovelUpdates. So I will say this again, if anyone feels uncomfortable with the MC and ML intimacy, then feel free to either skip it or drop this novel entirely.-

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

6 thoughts on “LNTMG-(148) Truth

  1. To be honest, if you get this far into the book and then start complaining about something that anyone, even the blind, could see coming a mile away, I don’t think you have a right to a valid opinion! This isn’t a sudden genre change or even an instant relationship turn. I’ve read stories where it goes from strangers or enemies straight to instant love (and liked a fair few of them anyway) and this story, even if it did start with little Xiaoyu toddling around, gave a very long time for the reader to adjust their view of the maturity level of the characters and time for a family view to change to romance. I can’t guarantee you won’t have someone causing a ruckus complaining, but keep in mind you have random people instantly rate all BL with 1 star just based on the genre without even giving the story a chance and rest assured it’s the same thing. At any rate, considering a good 90% of all yaoi manga is about high schoolers 17 is pretty average in terms of age. I’ve read worse and besides everything, this is fiction! Sit back and enjoy the ride folks! Or know your preferences and leave it be.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    Liked by 11 people

  2. Dont worry because of excellency of process when they transit from familial love to romantic love, the disturbance should be minimal for general readers. The author and the translator&editor are very good!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. thank you for your hardword and for the reminders! I’m good with the kiss. it’s actually fine since 17 is old enough and that’s still a cute intimacy, plus the change in their relationship was not really sudden. i’m actually more worried about the more adult things at 17, but thatnks for the author’s heads up, I can rest assured hehe

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