LNTMG-(149) Searching

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 Xia Ye stayed with Tang Jinyu for two days in Chen’s house. Tang Jinyu’s initial excitement passed, and he was a little embarrassed, and persuaded him to go back to work.

  Xia Ye originally planned to take a rest, not to mention that he had already promised him, and naturally carried it through to the end.

  For the whole winter vacation, he didn’t go anywhere and stayed by Tang Jinyu’s side. If it was just a little indulgent before, this winter vacation can be summed up by spoiling. Xia Ye felt a little different from the past. He thought, it’s no wonder that Tang Hongjun agreed to whatever the little guy wanted before. Who can stand such a small sticky cake? Throughout the whole winter vacation, Xia Ye felt that after listening to sweet words for a year, he felt like he was walking on clouds, and his steps were light.

  After school started, their peaceful life was restored.


  It’s just that the relationship between the two brothers was different from the past. Xia Ye has a sense of measure and can still control himself. Tang Jinyu went to high school campus for two lifetimes combined, but this time he was held in the palm of his hand, and worked very hard. His personality was much simpler than before, and very anxious to look for his brother from morning to night.

  That is to say, he has been Xia Ye’s little tail since he was a child, and he got used to following. When his family saw this, they only teased him, and didn’t notice anything.

  Chen Suling made breakfast in the morning. Tang Jinyu rubbed his eyes and went downstairs, yawning and greeted her, then turned his head to look for Xia Ye.

  Chen Suling smiled and said, “Your brother has gone back to the company. There is something wrong today. He left early.”

  Tang Jinyu was a little disappointed, but soon rolled up his sleeves and said to her: “Mom, I’ll serve the porridge, it’s too hot, don’t take it.”

  Chen Suling stepped aside and laid a small placemat on the dining table. Soon Tang Jinyu took the casserole out of the kitchen, wearing a pair of thick mittens on his hands, and he moved very skillfully.

  When Tang Hongjun came over, Tang Jinyu was placing the dishes and chopsticks. The silly father was so happy that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and kept complimenting him.

  Tang Jinyu said, “Dad, I didn’t make breakfast. You should praise my mother.”

  Tang Hongjun felt that it was simply beautiful, and praised both of them, “You are all good, I am really fortunate to marry such a good wife, and have such a good son!”


  Tang Jinyu sat there laughing, and took the opportunity to say: “I will learn from my father in the future.”

  ”What to learn?”

  ”Well, learn to marry a good wife.”

  Tang Hongjun couldn’t help laughing, and teased him, “Then you have to hurry up now, there are not so many excellent ones. If you see one, you must go home and tell your parents, and we will help you find a way.”

  ”I can do it myself.”

  ”That won’t work, this dad has to help you through the inspection himself to be rest assured!”

  When the father and son talked and answered, Tang Hongjun teased his child, but Tang Jinyu somewhat told the truth, and he took the opportunity to learn from his father and asked: “Dad, when you chased mother before, what romantic things did you do?”

  Tang Hongjun said: “At that time, there were few places to date. We usually went to the library or went boating in the park on weekends. Oh, we would also go to the movies together. At that time, I remember that the movie ticket was only two yuan. I still have it!” He smiled when he was young, it was a pretty good memory.

Tang Jinyu nodded and asked, “How did you know my mother in the first place?”

  ”Our school told us to welcome the first years, so when I went to pick up new students, and saw your mother, my heart beat fast and my forehead was sweating. I almost fell when I helped her with her luggage. Let me tell you this, Dad was young back then, and I had experience at all, so I thought I was suffering from a heat stroke! Hahaha!”


  Chen Suling laughed when she heard this, “Are you ashamed to say that in the end I took you to the infirmary, and when we arrived in the infirmary, the teacher thought I was a senior and that you were a freshman.”

  Tang Jinyu: “Wow, it was love at first sight!”

  Tang Hongjun went to work and drove him to school on the way. While in the car, while his wife was away, he whispered to his son: “Xiaoyu, what Dad told you this morning is serious. If you like someone, Be sure to take them home and introduce them to us, or you can tell your dad secretly, dad will help you out, and we will then discuss the success rate together, right? You might not know, but it’s difficult to chase a girl. I chased her in the first place, and it took more than a year for your mother to agree. At that time, she was the school flower, and there were too many people chasing her. Even now I’m still scared, so every year, I go back to your grandma’s house, no matter how busy I am, I must follow…”

  Tang Jinyu looked at him with shock.

  Tang Honjun coughed, and then quickly added: “Well, I also want to visit the elders at home. It’s all incidental, no conflict!”

  ”Dad likes mom the most!”

  ”More than that, the people I love the most in this life are you two, a big baby and a little baby!”

  Tang Jinyu was in the co-pilot’s place for a long time and nodded and said, “Me too.”

  In the future, he will find a person he loves the most and get married, and then pass on this feeling to his son, even if the two of them don’t feel tired for the rest of his life, he will always feel at ease when he comes home.

  He thought, if 17-year-old Tang Jinyu met Xia Ye and was the same age as him, he might’ve also fallen in love at first sight. After all, that person was too shining, like the starlight guiding him in the dark night. Once he looked up, he would be everywhere. And even after a long time, he could not put a second person in his heart.


  Tang Jinyu went to Xia Ye in the evening. He went directly to the company after school. The driver at home was also familiar with this route. When he sent him over, he asked: “Would you like to buy a cake on the road?”

  Tang Jinyu has been doing his homework on his brother’s desk since middle school. He didn’t really want to be too familiar over there. But if he doesn’t go there, then that means he would be tutored for his homework, and come back at about 8 o’clock in the evening.

  Tang Jinyu was not willing to waste any time on the road today, he shook his head and said, “No, I want to go there quickly.”

  Xia Ye was discussing business affairs at the company. After holding a conference call and seeing him, he immediately beckoned him to come over and said to the phone, “I will consult Manager Song for the rest of the matter. He can take full responsibility for the details of the remaining terms on my behalf.”

  Tang Jinyu waited for him to hang up, and asked in a low voice, “Brother, did I delay your work?”

  ”No, it was almost done.” Xia Ye looked at the little guy standing across from his office and smiled: “What are you standing so far, come here.”

  Tang Jinyu just came over and was pulled by Xia Ye, and sat on his lap. Xia Ye laughed, “What did you do when you went to school today?”

  Tang Jinyu sat there and said everything, Xia Ye didn’t feel impatient at all, and he asked a few words from time to time as he listened.

  What is the love of high school students like?

  They would stick together every day, want to meet each other, and then hold all the good things in front of each other.

  Passionately like a little milk dog wagging its tail.


  They would bring milk and breakfast to each other in the morning, read books and play games together, and share with each other when encountering fun things. And also take pictures of themselves and share it to their circle of friends, occasionally showing off.

  There is also a bottle of strawberry milk in Tang Jinyu’s schoolbag. This is his favorite flavor. He bought it from school and brought it to his brother. In addition, he also brought his textbooks and guiding books. As for looking online, their accounts were universal. His account number is his brother’s backup number, and his password is the same.

  Tang Jinyu took out the strawberry milk, opened it and handed it to Xia Ye, watching him drink it and then hesitated to say something.

  Xia Ye asked, “What’s wrong?”

  Tang Jinyu said: “Well, I just think it seems that there is no difference between us these days when I get along with my brother…”


( If anyone feel iffy with this scene. Just skip it)

  Xia Ye saw the small dimples that occasionally flashed on the little guy’s cheeks as he spoke. He stared for a while, raised his hand to pinch his chin, and lifted his chin up and dropped a kiss, and shared some strawberry milk with him. Tang Jinyu had no experience, so when he swallowed he almost choked, Xia Ye didn’t let him go, and only let him go a little to let him breathe, and it soon turned to another kiss, more domineering than the strawberry milk flavored one before.

  The sweetness of strawberry was mixed with the breath he was most familiar with. Tang Jinyu’s cheeks were hot and he only felt that it was his favorite taste.

  Xia Ye pressed his lips and whispered, “Is it the same as before?”

  Tang Jinyu boldly bit him, laughed for a while, then pecked him a few more times, as if imitating and learning from a chick, and kissed him.

(Scene over)

  After the weather warmed up, Tang Jinyu got busy.

  The second year of high school homework began to increase. Xia Ye’s scores in mathematics, physics and chemistry were strong. Tang Jinyu admired him since he was a child, but he was a little biased. When he was divided into classes, he chose science, and his grades remained at the top. His professional class is tutored by Mr. Leo. Although his progress was slow, he was still catching up step by step. Mr. Leo has praised him several times and described him as a “down-to-earth” type of person.

  Li He sometimes envied him. He even asked him several times, “Why are you not nervous at all? You practice piano like this, but also during competitions, how did you do it?”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while, but didn’t know how to answer for a while.


  To him, playing the piano is like eating and drinking water. White rice and water are not tasteful, but if he doesn’t eat that bite every day, he always feels that something is missing and he wants to make up for it. So he has never hated piano, including those instruments that Teacher Xia taught him before. He really likes it, especially when he finds that he can understand what his teachers are saying. Every time he makes a little progress, his energy increases.

As for winning the prize, it was a surprise, and his family had never put him under any pressure in this regard.

  Tang Jinyu scratched his cheek and talked to Li He about his motivation for participating in the competition, “In fact, when I first started participating in the competition, it wasn’t for me, it was for someone else.”

  Li He said: “Who?”

  ”My brother, my brother failed to participate in competitions before. He later went to do other jobs, but I felt that was always a pity. When I was a kid, I used an old piano that used to belong to him.” Tang Jinyu gestured to how he used to play his accordion, and smiled, “I used to be in poor health and my fingers were not very flexible. After learning for a long time, I thought that no matter what instrument it was, I must play well and win a prize for my brother.”

  Li He was about to be moved by this story, but after asking what major international competition was, he heard a “Municipality Primary School Musical Instrument Competition”, The tears in his eyes immediately disappeared.

  ”What place did your brother take at that time, leaving you with such a deep obsession?”

  ”He almost passed the preliminary round.”


  Li He thought to himself, it’s no wonder that Tang Jinyu is not nervous every time he competes, how can this make him nervous! He always wanted to be the first, but his companion? All he thinks about is “Wow, I have passed the preliminary round again, which is awesome”-what a ghost!

  Tang Jinyu was in school during the day and took time to practice piano. He was as busy as a little spinning top, and fell asleep on the Xia Ye car several times.


  One night when he came back from practicing piano, Tang Jinyu got in the car and said nothing, holding his schoolbag and nodded off repeatedly, and fell asleep in a daze. Xia Ye thought about this, and turned around and drove the car to his apartment, where he lives. It’s closer to teacher Leo’s home, and he has piano practice for another day tomorrow on the weekend. So it was more convenient to live here.

  After arriving at the community, Xia Ye parked the car on the side of the road to let the little guy sleep for a while without disturbing him.

  Tang Jinyu slept for half an hour, quite a little restless, his schoolbag in his arms was tightly hugged, and his brows were raised.

  Xia Ye took a thin blanket and covered him. Tang Jinyu woke up as soon as he touched him. He subconsciously held the wrist near him. His forehead was covered in sweat. When he opened his eyes, he hadn’t completely recovered when he saw Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye leaned over and hugged him lightly, patted him on the shoulder and said, “Did you have a nightmare?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and said dumbly: “I dreamed, Grandpa.”

  Xia Ye asked in a low voice, “Miss Grandpa? Tomorrow I will ask for leave for you and Teacher Leo, and take you to Qizhou City to see him, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu grabbed Xia Ye’s clothes, buried his head in front of his chest and shook his head. His throat uttered one or two ambiguous words. But he couldn’t say the whole thing. He seemed to be worried and sad, and choked up.

  Xia Ye could hear the grievance in his voice, but the little guy didn’t say anything no matter how much he asked. He sighed, hugged the person tightly and kissed him twice, and coaxed: “Stop crying, tell me what you want? I will give you whatever you want.”


  Xia Ye coaxed in a low voice for a long time, and at some point he stopped crying, but when the little guy raised his head, his eyes were red.

  ”Brother, I… I had a dream and I feel uncomfortable, what should I do?”

  Xia Ye rubbed his forehead, “I don’t know what to do with you, baby, what can I do for you?”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a long time, then whispered: “I want to eat Eight Treasure Rice.”

  Xia Ye said: “Okay, I’ll go find it for you, find the chef who can cook eight-treasure rice, I will definitely find it for you.”

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