LNTMG-(150) Canteen

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  Tang Jinyu himself was also trying to find the old man in his dream. But he couldn’t tell other people too much, so he could only do his best to find him.

  Whenever there is a competition or when going out to other cities with Teacher Leo, Tang Jinyu will always check the map of that city seriously, finding the most lively night market snack street and the most famous local restaurants. He knows that the old man’s craftsmanship is particularly good, and the possibility of finding him in these places is high chance, even if with a small clue.

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t eat too much by himself, so he took other people in his friend group to eat together. He knew a few people, but Li He was very popular. He made a lot of friends every time he played or went out. Tang Jinyu dragged Li He to dinner, and invited them to dinner together. Li He felt embarrassed and wanted to share the meal expenses with him. But Tang Jinyu shook his head and said, “No, I just want to order a few more dishes. I can’t eat all of it myself, and I don’t want to waste food. It’s best to bring many people, and order more, so we can taste it together.”


  Li He felt that Tang Jinyu was a good person, and he also helped him think of excuses for him, and couldn’t help but care more about him. He hooked Tang Jinyu’s shoulders and said to him: “I have seen your intentions, but you don’t have much pocket money…”

  Tang Jinyu said, “There is a lot left.”

  Li He asked him how much, and when he heard “more than fifty thousand”, he suddenly became dumbfounded and stopped arguing with him.

  Tang Jinyu just spoke some nonsense. His pocket money is now being given by his brother. Xia Ye gave him a card for him to swipe at will. He hasn’t seen the exact amount of money in it. Anyway, he listened to his brother’s tone, and was quite proud, it should be enough.

  Tang Jinyu and Li He ate a lot of local specialties together, but he didn’t find him, but they made new friends.

  Xia Ye was also helping him find the old man.

  Just wanting to find such a person out of thin air is like finding a needle in a haystack, it is really difficult.

  Tang Jinyu slowly began to dream about him. At first, he thought it was just a dream, or that he missed Grandpa Tang too much, so he would dream about him at night, but slowly, he realized that these dreams are all possibly connected, like what happens every day in another world. For example, last night he dreamed that his bicycle was running out of air on his way to school, and wanted to inflate it. But tonight’s dream continued from there, not only did he inflate it, but he also oiled the chain of the bike by himself. And after that, he packed up, and rode to school.

  And what happened to him every day “over there” is also very simple, and it was the daily life of high school students, and the lessons taught by the teacher continued every day.


  The things in the dream started to become clear a little bit. He remembered more things, and when he woke up in the morning, he would even be in a daze. He didn’t know which side was true and which side was fake.

       Tang Jinyu felt that it seemed that both sides were real.

  The world he came into was not like in a book, but like another parallel time and space, and even because of some things he accidentally encountered with Xia Ye, some changes occurred, and the world outside the book slowly changed, it was now different.

  The Internet has become more popular, some companies and technologies have appeared earlier, and people who should have encountered accidents have survived. Although he does not know the year in which Teacher Xia passed away, he is still alive. According to the data checked, Teacher Xia should have been absent from Xia Ye high school life, and Xia Ye would have died when he encountered an air crash last year.

  Teacher Xia, Xia Ye… They passed that level and survived.

  The world has changed.

  Because of his dream state, Tang Jinyu’s mood gradually calmed down. He didn’t eagerly search for Grandpa Tang anymore. He had a vague feeling that the time was not yet ripe and he still needed to wait.

  Xia Ye’s annual meeting is generally arranged during winter and summer vacations, so that he can free up time to spend time with the little guy, and this time is no exception.

  During summer vacation, Xia Ye asked him where he wanted to go. Tang Jinyu said three places in one breath, “Brother, Pingcheng, Huicheng and Qizhou are all fun. I want to go out and stay for a few more days, and go together!”

  Xia Ye pulled him over, let him sit on his lap, raised his head and squinted at him for a while and said, “Did I not spoil you all this time? You want to go everywhere, how far do you want me to run?”


  Tang Jinyu whispered.

  Xia Ye scratched his chin, “Say it again? You still haven’t said a reason.”

  Tang Jinyu fell into his arms and said in a low voice: “I’ll go as far as you drive…”

  Xia Ye laughed and said: “If you say something nice, I will take you there.”

  This Tang Jinyu is the best. He sat there holding his brother and talked a lot, and said nice things as if he didn’t need money. Finally, he looked at Xia Ye’s faint smile on his lips. The little guy was daring, stretched out his finger and touched him twice, and then Xia Ye bit his finger.

  ”Brother, fortunately, there is Brother Song outside. I am not willing to let you out at all. You look so handsome and so good. What if others like you too?”

  ”You think of a solution yourself.”

  Tang Jinyu was a little embarrassed, but he still hooked his arms around his neck and lowered it a bit. After several kisses, his cheeks were flushed and he kept looking at him and said, “I have stamped it, and it will be mine after I stamp it.”

  Xia Ye leaned over and kissed him again, “Yes, it’s all yours.”

  This kind of little love story is really sweet enough, after hearing a few words, he can’t pinpoint north, south, west, and east.

  Xia Ye was satisfied and took Tang Jinyu out with him during summer vacation.

  Xia Ye told the elders in the family that he happened to be on a business trip and was going to these places for a few days. Because he was with him all the way, the elders in the family let them go and let Tang Jinyu follow along. This is the habit that the Xia and Tang families had. Whether it was Tang Hongjun or Teacher Xia, they have seen their children grow up, they have experienced too many critical illness notifications, and everyone has reached a default condition, that is, when Tang Jinyu goes out, he must be accompanied by a family member.


  Xia Ye is also a family member, so with him, they can rest assured wherever the child goes.

  They went to Pingcheng first.

  Tang Jinyu had been to Pingcheng twice before. It might’ve gotten there early at that time, because some buildings in the city had not yet been completed, especially the old city that looked very old has now changed slightly. Some houses have been demolished near the old city and a new shopping mall has been built. Although it was different from the previous time, it looked a bit similar to the one in Tang Jinyu’s dream, especially the shopping mall. It looked very familiar to him.

  Xia Ye accompanied him to the mall for a round. Tang Jinyu was curious about everything. He wanted to buy something under the pretext of going around. After reading all over, he bought a lot of things.

  Xia Ye didn’t let him eat more snacks, but let him buy them. After buying them, only a small portion was left, and the rest were packed and mailed back home.

  Tang Jinyu also went to see the high school here.

  He can already think of which high school he was studying in his dream. After all, he went to class every day for several months, every day, but he doesn’t remember too clearly.

  He directed them where to go, and Xia Ye drove as he spoke. During the period, he looked at him several times and asked in confusion: “Xiaoyu, have you been here?”

  Tang Jinyu still couldn’t say anything about it, when he thought of his reason, his mouth was still blocked. He vaguely said, “I checked the map before I came. There is a transfer student in our school who is here. He explained it very well, so I thought of checking it out.”

  Xia Ye shifted his attention to the second half of the sentence, frowning slightly: “It’s not that great here.”

  ”I just wanted to come and see.”


  ”The high school where you study in Shanghai has a high rate of enrollment, and the basic teaching facilities are better than here.”

  Tang Jinyu reacted and rubbed the tip of his nose and smiled: “Brother, I don’t want to transfer school, don’t worry, I just heard my classmate say that the food in the school cafeteria was very delicious, and I was a little curious.”

  Xia Ye breathed a sigh of relief and quickly drove to the vicinity of the school.

  During the summer, the school was empty and almost no one was there. The school was divided into two campuses. The middle and high school sections were on two sides. The dining hall was between them. There was a three-story old-fashioned building, which looked exactly the same as the auditorium on the side. If it were not for the two gilded characters of “canteen” hanging upstairs, it would be impossible to distinguish them for a while.

  Tang Jinyu walked up the steps, stepping up to the door and looking through the glass.

  Xia Ye followed and said, “There should be no one here now.”

  ”Yes, the school nurses are here every year.” Tang Jinyu said while watching, “This is how our school is, and there will be a few teachers here…I see people!”

  Tang Jinyu opened the glass door and walked in to greet the people inside. Because it was summer vacation, there were very few people here, and only a few old men who worked in the back kitchen. Xia Ye was worried that the little guy would be embarrassed, so he was already thinking about his words, but before he could get there, he saw that his brother had already made the old men laugh. One of the elders waved his hand and said: “That’s not right, I just make a few worthless breakfasts,’Chinese burgers’? Your name is strange and nice, but I actually make a steamed bun with ham and fried eggs in it, it’s very simple!”

Tang Jinyu said, “Really, my classmate said that it was the best one. Every morning, they would run over to grab a portion, and if they ran slowly then they wouldn’t get any!”


  When the uncle heard that his small snack had gone out of the circle, it spread to Shanghai. And now there are people who come here to try some. If they don’t have the materials at hand, they would’ve had to roll up their sleeves and make some Chinese burgers for Tang Jinyu on the spot.

  The uncles in the back kitchen had a good time chatting with the little guy, and they didn’t rush people like the guards. They wiped the tables and chairs on the side with towels and let the two of them sit down and chat together.

  Xia Ye sat there listening the whole time, his brother held the audience alone, and the three old men had a good chat and told them a lot of news.

  ”Eight-treasure rice? We also have it. Let me tell you, I make Chinese burgers, but this eight-treasure rice is very good!” The uncle was so happy that he patted his legs and said to him, “Don’t underestimate the Eight-treasure rice, this rice is exquisite. This craftsmanship was not handed down from my ancestors, but taught to me by an old friend who I knew many years ago. That old man has great craftsmanship. A serious chef, who knows all kinds of dishes. He used to sell fried skewers at a stall in the night market in the old city. By coincidence, he is also named Tang, the same as your surname!”

  Tang Jinyu’s heart beat faster, he looked at him and said, “That old man, what is his name?”

  ”Tang Zhengde.”

  Tang Jinyu clenched his hand for a few minutes, suppressed the heat surging from the corner of his eyes again, and tried his best to continue to ask in a steady voice, “That Grandpa Tang, where has he gone now?”

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  1. I was almost embarrassed reading those cavity inducing flirtations! Ah, these two really soothe the soul.

    Is it time? At least, we have a name to match the original grandpa’s face!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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