LNTMG-(151) Dreams

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 ”Oh, it’s hard to say, many years have passed!” The old man thought for a while and said to him, “I heard that he went to the north, but it is also possible that he went south. I remember he called me and I asked a few years ago. Some of my children transferred to another school seem to have heard that he has relatives in the south.”

  Tang Jinyu took it down seriously, but there was only this little news, and the other party didn’t know anymore than that.

  Xia Ye was careful, and after serious inquiry, he found that the clues were all right. Knowing that this was the person they were looking for, he felt relieved. When he came out of school, he took Tang Jinyu’s hand and said to him: “If you have a name, it’s much easier to find. After I go back, I will let someone look it up and I will find him soon.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded: “Yeah, I will definitely find them.”

  That day, Tang Jinyu didn’t go around stubbornly as before. Xia Ye took him back to the hotel to rest. Tang Jinyu was so exhausted that he fell asleep almost instantly on the pillow.


  Xia Ye stayed with him all the time, reached out and touched his cheek, his eyebrows furrowed. He can feel that the kid is hiding something from him, but he can wait for the day when the other party tells him in person.

  There is still a lot of time, so he is not in a hurry.

  Tang Jinyu had a long dream.

  He dreamed that he was in an old house, which was his “home”. In the living room was an old color TV, a table and two benches. This was all the belongings, and the rest was nothing big. Although it was in poor condition, it was clean and tidy.

  In his dream, he looked like a high school student. He packed his school bag, changed into his school uniform, and rode his bicycle to school.

  The place he went to was the school he and Xia Ye just went to today.

  At the gate of the school, the classmates around him, and the teacher in class could be heard clearly, and he even raised his hand to answer some questions. At noon, he did not attend a self-study class. He came out half an hour early and ran very fast. He went to the cafeteria to find his grandfather.

  The old man with a gray beard was very happy to see him and beckoned him to come over. Tang Jinyu washed his hands and started to help.

  First, he helped bring two baskets of green vegetables, and cleanly picked a few long lotus roots, washed them, and cut the lotus root slices.


  The back kitchen is the busiest when ordering food. No one here paid any attention to him when he used the knife. It seems that everyone thought that this was normal, and that nothing strange.

  It was a very strange feeling. Tang Jinyu looked at himself in the dream. It was different from being taken care of by his parents, and grandparents. He went to Grandma Chen’s place during the New Year, and would cut some fruit by himself at home. His mother would immediately confiscate the knife whenever she saw him use it, for fear that he may hurt himself a little. Whenever he cooks at home, Tang Hongjun and Xia Ye always have to stand in the kitchen and watch the whole process. But now that “he” goes to the kitchen to cook-or work, and everyone has become accustomed to this.

  In his dream, he seemed to be used to these things, and sometimes someone would take the initiative to ask for help.

  ”Xiaoyu, help me chop this radish together later, hurry up, I’m waiting for the pan.”

  ”It’s too late, Uncle Liu, I’m going to help my grandpa fry lotus root clips soon!”

  ”You don’t…”

  ”What I cut is lotus root. Would you like to try it?”

  Tang Jinyu cut the lotus root slices with a knife. The thin slices on the two sides were connected only a little bit, so that there can be enough meat fillings inside, which will be fried more thoroughly, and the bite will be more crispy. He put the lotus root slices in the basin and cleaned it again, and went to look for the old man.

  The old man worked on the other side, he was very good at knives, and he was particularly safe when chopping meat. After cutting the meat and mixing the stuffing, he made the batter. He glanced at him and laughed in a low voice: “Little clever ghost!”

  In the dream, he also chuckled, helping the old man to work together, his movements were very skilled, he didn’t need the old man to speak at all, he knew what the other person wanted with just one look.


  He not only helped his grandfather, but also other people, but Tang Jinyu avoided those who wanted to take advantage of their grandfather and grandson duo. The old man’s temper became a little bit angry, and he yelled back with his eyes wide, protecting his grandson very well.

  They finished their work in the cafeteria and waited until the students had eaten and left.

  The old man dragged him to eat together in the back kitchen, he took two long benches and put them together, let him lie down and take a nap, took the pu fan and fanned him while saying: “Grandpa is not sleepy, you sleep less when you are old, you don’t sleep that much, so go to bed, grandpa will fanned you.”

  He was lying there still trying to talk, the old man stared at him and said: “Don’t talk, whoever talks is a puppy!”

The kid lying on the long bench didn’t hold back and laughed, and the old man smiled with his sullen face for less than a minute.

  Their happiest time was every midterm and final exam. After the results, the scholarship will be issued to him. With the money, their grandparents will have a better life for a while. Every time his results are sent back, a parent meeting will be held, since the school where he studies and his grandfather works is the same school, and it is the most convenient every time he goes to inform, and he trot to find his grandfather.

  He took the old man’s hand to the front teaching building and said proudly, “Grandpa, I won first place again this time!”


  The old man was too used to bragging about his grandson’s report card in the kitchen, but after walking a few steps, he waved his hand and said with a restrained smile, “Xiaoyu, go by yourself, grandfather will go back first.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Grandpa, come here too. All parents are coming here tonight. The teacher said that we should mobilize before the exam, so come and listen! If you don’t like to listen to those, you can listen to how my teacher praises me. I’m really good, really!”

  ”Grandpa won’t go! My clothes are dirty, I haven’t changed them yet!”

  ”It’s okay!”


  Although the old man repeatedly declined to say that he didn’t want to go to the parent meeting, he still went and was happy after going, and he kept smiling from ear to ear. After the teacher finished his speech, he asked the students to read the letters he wrote to the parents one by one. When it was Tang Jinyu’s turn to go up, he just said “For my favorite grandpa”, the old man sat down and began to wipe his tears.

  He and the old man have always got along like this, very at ease.

  They support each other, rely on each other, and are each other’s only relatives.

  He has always been busy in his dreams and has been living like this, simple and fulfilling. In his dreams, he is in good health. He has always been at the forefront in physical education classes. Whether it was running or basketball, he can play all kinds of sports.

  He jumps particularly well, running up, taking off, turning around and looking up at the sky, and feels that his whole body is flying, as if being lifted up by someone, so he feels very relieved…


  When he woke up, Xia Ye was holding his waist and hugging him to his chest, breathing a little unsteadily.

  It took a long time for Tang Jinyu to realize where he was. He was still immersed in the dream, and he squatted in Xia Ye’s arms and said, “Brother, I dreamt of going to gym class.”

  Xia Ye said: “No wonder you kicked and turned over this night, what did you dream of?”

  ”Jumping high, my score was particularly good.”

  Xia Ye laughed and rubbed his head, “It’s not bad.” He kept arching in his arms, unable to stop him, full of energy.

  In the morning, his body is always prone to impulse.

  Tang Jinyu felt something strange while in Xia Ye’s arms, and then his face blushed, and he whispered in a low voice.

  Xia Ye didn’t let go, holding him on his chest, and said dumbly: “Don’t move.”


  ”It’ll be fine in a while.”

  Tang Jinyu thought this was a bit long, but he stayed still. Xia Ye diverted his attention and chatted with him about finding the old man. “I already told Song Yi last night, to find them faster, don’t worry, I promised you that I’ll help you find him.”


  Tang Jinyu moved inwardly, raised his head and kissed his chin, “Brother, you are the best.”

  Xia Ye felt that his calmness was in vain.

  He closed his eyes and said dumbly: “You better get up.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t know what was wrong, so after getting up, he saw his brother go to the bathroom, and it took a long time to come out.

  After Xia Ye came out, he regained self-control and did not hide from him anymore. He only let him go after a long kiss on the sofa.

  After finding clues from Pingcheng, Tang Jinyu didn’t want to go to other places anymore. He exclaimed that he was a little tired, so he followed Xia Ye back to Shanghai.

  Xia Ye didn’t ask much, and followed him.

  Xia Ye took over the matter of finding the old man, and let Tang Jinyu concentrate on his summer vacation.

  In addition to doing homework at home and going to teacher Leo to learn piano, Tang Jinyu also took the time to go online to read the post he posted before. The number of comments is still increasing, but it has not risen so rapidly at the beginning, and there are more people.

  He logged in to his account, and he saw a “99+” text message prompt in the background, but when he opened it, it showed that the mailbox was empty.


  Tang Jinyu felt that this was a little strange. He called Xia Ye and said, “Brother, is my computer infected with a virus? I can’t see my notifications, there are too many. I set it up to only accept messages from you and Song Yi. But now, there’s more than 99…”

  Xia Ye said: “It’s okay, the internal adjustment of the website will be fine in two days.”

  Tang Jinyu believed it to be true, after waiting for two days, there were no more messages, and the usual silence was restored.

  After the summer vacation, high school life began, and his studies began to become tense.

  At the same time, Tang Jinyu’s dreams became more frequent, and he became more sleepy.

  He used to have the energy to accompany Chen Suling to go shopping on weekends and holidays, or go to the company to find his brother, but now, unless there is an important piano competition, he will not go out, and he wants to sleep after eating after returning from school every day. Chen Suling and Tang Hongjun were very worried about this, and they took him to the hospital for an examination. The doctor told them that he was only a little tired, and that he should rest more, so they were relieved.

  Tang Jinyu has been sleepy since about nine o’clock in the evening, yawning and wanting to sleep. Tang Hongjun and his wife feel distressed for him, and try to let him get enough sleep at home.

  But even so, Tang Jinyu still had dark circles under his eyes, and he couldn’t get up in the morning. Fortunately, he didn’t have early classes in the morning, so he could get a little more sleep.

  But his dream is not stable.


  He is also studying and going to school in his dream. Unlike in Shanghai, he has to go to the kitchen to help out at five o’clock in the morning and study late in the evening until 10:30. When he gets home, he has to boil Chinese medicine and supervise the old man to finish drinking. He sometimes feels tired and wants to let himself rest, but the “he” in his dream does not listen and insists on getting a scholarship.

       He’s too tired.

  It’s like reading two high school seniors.

  Tang Jinyu’s academic performance is also improving by leaps and bounds. After all, he is in class in and out of his dreams, and has 24 hours of non-stop tutoring, and has passed the hell level of high school twice by himself.

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2 thoughts on “LNTMG-(151) Dreams

  1. No wonder Jinyu is so tired! I worked some menial jobs when I was in college. An Amazon like workplace, assembly line work, etc. The worst part of those jobs? The fact that every single night I dreamt of work. Every dream was of work! I’d wake up and not know what day it really was or if what I dreamed had actually happened at work! My brain latched on to repetitive tasks I suppose (the same thing happened when I was into Candy Crush or other puzzle games for some reason). I know Jinyu is just dreaming of his past life, but I sympathize!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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