LNTMG-(152) Intention

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 Ever since Tang Jinyu started his senior year in high school, Tang Hongjun changed his tricks every day to cook for him. He watched his child’s eye bags, and he couldn’t bear it every time he saw it. He felt that his studies were too hard, and compared to other children, his son can just choose either reading or the piano, but Tang Jinyu has a tight grasp on both, and the grades have been very stable, which makes them very proud, but can’t help but feel distressed.

  He and his wife didn’t even think that their child could go to school smoothly. At first, they had made plans to raise him at home for the rest of their lives. They were already very satisfied after he finished kindergarten. And then went to school year after year. Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, their child at home would have to go through the college entrance exams and go to university.

  Tang Hongjun kept telling himself that he didn’t want his child to be so tired.

  But Tang Jinyu worked so hard that they couldn’t say “no” to their child, so they could only fully support him.

  Since Tang Hongjun and his wife couldn’t help much, they prepared the best meals for their son, provided him with the best transportation, and allowed their child to rest as much as possible and eat more.


  Tang Jinyu does not have high material requirements, so there is nothing special about it. Even if a family like them spoiled him, they never compare with other people. At most, he has a little hobby, such as traveling with family. He likes to play games with my brother, and likes to eat some sweet and sour dishes.

  For this reason, Tang Hongjun deliberately learned a few dishes from the chef in their cafeteria.

  The chef in the canteen has a gray beard, and the person standing with one hand leaning over the spoon, an iron pot, makes him extremely majestic. He didn’t expect that a big engineer like Tang Hongjun would come to learn crafts from him specially. At first, he thought that Tang Hongjun was here to tease him. Tang Honjun inherited their old Tang family’s ancestral stunts and was especially good at admiring others. Within two days of work, they chatted with each other very happily.

  ”You can make this for your children. It’s smart to eat fish, especially if you are about to take a third grade exam, and take more supplements.” The chef said while teaching him, “This squirrel mandarin fish is good, the fish is tender, and the sweet and sour sauce is poured over it. After that, it’s delicious, children loved this dish”

  Tang Hongjun studied hard on the side and took a small notebook to make notes.

  The chef saw this, and smiled and said, “Don’t remember such details. I cut such a thin slice to make it more beautiful. You see, the fish is bright in color and beautiful on the plate. But generally, you don’t have to cut it so thin at home. It’s hard to master the heat. You can roll a few knives at home just like when you fry fish for the New Year!”

  Tang Hongjun nodded again and again, and said, “Okay, I wrote it down.”


  ”Don’t copy the dishes after you go back. They taste better after you improve them. This cooking is the same as being a human being. You have to change your old habits wherever you move. Didn’t you say that your child at home doesn’t like to eat ginger shreds? Then change it, or remove it, that’s all, according to your own preferences.”

  Tang Hongjun wrote it down and tried to improve it after returning. It tasted good, and then served it to his son.

  Tang Jinyu always ate what his family made since he was a child. He was used to his dad cooking. For a while, he didn’t notice too much difference. He only felt that the taste was familiar and special. During this time, he ate a lot of food, and had a little bit of energy.

  Tang Hongjun couldn’t help but learn more from the chef in their cafeteria.

  After studying for a while, the chef said to him: “I’m leaving in a while, here is a book. I wrote a few dishes on it. You can use it as you like. it. It’s not a secret recipe handed down from my ancestors. These are the little things that I’ve been thinking about over the years. It is rare that your child likes to eat them, so you can have it to make more dishes and taste them.”

  Tang Hongjun was a little surprised, and quickly took over to thank him, and then asked, “Where are you going?”

  ”There is something at home, go find someone.” The chef didn’t say much, and left after giving him the little book.

  Tang Hongjun’s work was also busy. In the afternoon, when he took the time to buy some gifts and wanted to send them to the cafeteria, he only found out after inquiring that the chef had already left.

  Tang Hongjun was a little surprised: “So fast? Is there something urgent at home?”

  The person in charge of the cafeteria said: “Are you asking about Old Tang? He has such a quick temper. After a day and a half of personal management, he came to the door. This doesn’t matter much since he completed his resignation procedure. I heard that something happened at home. A relative’s child sent a telegram and went there to find someone.”


  Tang Hongjun didn’t ask much, so he went back first.

  Tang Hongjun returned home and started cooking. The booklet the chef gave was really useful. He tried several dishes in a row, and didn’t mess up. It was easy to cook and tasted good.

  Chen Suling likes some of the stews in the book. As for the squirrel mandarin fish, it was Tang Jinyu’s favorite.

  Tang Hongjun has made squirrel mandarin fish several times in succession, and is now selling it now. Although the taste is average, the sweet and sour sauce is good and it is delicious. This dish was warmly welcomed at home, and Tang Jinyu could finish half of the dish by himself every time, but was still left unfinished.

  Tang Jinyu ate the squirrel mandarin fish during the day, and it was a coincidence that he also dreamed of this dish at night when he dreamed of it.

  The taste is exactly the same. The fish is deep-fried and golden and crispy, and a little soup is brooded, sour, sweet and delicious.

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t help swallowing when he woke up in the morning.

  He didn’t know what was going on. He had eaten it two or three times this week, but he still wanted to eat it. He felt that the taste of squirrel mandarin fish was very familiar.

  This dish was still a bit difficult to make. Tang Hongjun was splashed with oil on the back of his hand and made marks. Although there were only one or two small marks, Tang Hongjun didn’t take it seriously, but Tang Jinyu didn’t bother him to make them after seeing this.

  On the weekend, Xia Ye picked him up at the apartment for two days. They went to eat out, and Tang Jinyu ordered this dish again.


       But the taste was much worse this time.

  Xia Ye watched him use his chopsticks less frequently, and asked, “Not delicious?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head. Of course, the signature dishes in the restaurant are delicious, but it was not the taste he likes. He always feels that something is missing.

  Xia Ye sandwiched ribs and rice cakes for him and coaxed: “Eat first to cushion your stomach, and wait for me to learn someday.”

  ”Brother, what are you going to learn?”

  ”Learn to cook fish.”

  Tang Jinyu took a bite of the ribs and smiled: “No, let me do it. After I finish my college entrance exams, I will learn a few dishes from my father. Brother, you like that ham and asparagus, right? Wait for me to learn, I’ll make it for you every day!”

  It was good to hear that Xia Ye wanted to make him something.

  Although Tang Jinyu didn’t mention the squirrel mandarin fish, Tang Hongjun made it twice later. He could see that his son liked it. As long as he had enough time, he would cook it for him.

  Tang Jinyu really gave up a lot of face to ate a lot, and both father and son were very happy.

  At the end of the year, Tang Jinyu was going to the competition, and it so happened that Tang Hongjun’s unit was at their busiest at the end of the year. Chen Suling also had a cold, and neither of them could go with him.

  Xia Ye took the initiative: “Auntie, I will accompany Xiaoyu.”


  Chen Suling wore a mask and sat on the sofa, far away from both of them. She coughed. Tang Jinyu wanted to pour her water. But she waved her hand and asked him to put the water glass farther away. “It’s fine, I will get it myself.”

  Tang Jinyu said: “Mom, it can’t be contagious, I am in very good health now.”

  Chen Suling shook her head and refused, wrinkling her brows slightly and said, “Xiaoye, are you able to go yourself? I will send another driver to follow…”

  Xia Ye said: “No, I can bring a driver from the company.”

  Chen Suling thought for a while, but she nodded, “Well, you should be careful on the road. After two days, your uncle will be done, let him pick you up.”

  Xia Ye said: “No, I’ll just send him back. You can take care of yourself at home, and my uncle can stay at home to take care of you, so that Xiaoyu can concentrate on the competition, otherwise he would keep thinking about it.”

  Tang Jinyu also nodded to the side, he didn’t dare to approach her, and had a worried expression on his face.

  Chen Suling smiled and said through a mask: “Well, this time you are going to accompany him to the competition. By the way, bring a small camera, and take some videos of the competition. The competition is too far away, and the elderly at home can’t go, so we can all just wait and see.”

  Xia Ye agreed. He went for a few days and went back to the company to arrange follow-up work. Chen Suling asked him to take Tang Jinyu with him. She had a serious cold and was really worried about infecting her little son.

  Tang Jinyu refused, and stood there and said: “Mom, I will stay to take care of you, how can you be at home alone if you are sick?”


  Chen Suling said: “It’s not a major problem. Haven’t you already watched me take medicine? I’ll sleep for a while, and your father will be back at night.”

  Tang Jinyu stood there and still refused to leave. Chen Suling coughed and gave Xia Ye a hint.

  Xia Ye saw what she meant, and he took the little guy’s shoulders and said, “Be obedient. You will be going out in two days. If you get sick, you will not be allowed to play.”

  Chen Suling really coughed up this time. Although she had the same idea, she had never threatened him so bluntly.

  Xia Ye misunderstood her, and said: “Not only in the competition, but also for winter vacation.”

  Tang Jinyu looked tangled up and looked up at his mother.

  Chen Suling: “…”

  Chen Suling had to say: “Xiaoyu, listen to your brother.”

  Tang Jinyu could only follow Xia Ye, turning around one step at a time, particularly reluctant to give up his mother.

  After Chen Suling waited for them to leave, she called Tang Hongjun and talked about the situation. Tang Hongjun immediately said, “How about I squeeze some time? Although I can’t send Xiaoyu to the competition, I still have time to pick him up. No matter how busy I am, I have to pick him up!”

  Chen Suling smiled and said, “Xiaoye is here, there is nothing to worry about.”

  Tang Hongjun thought for a while. Although they both had the same reason, he was always a little worried, as if his raised son had been entrusted to others, and he was particularly reluctant.


  Chen Suling coughed badly, Tang Hongjun said quickly: “You rest first, I will go home early today after I finish my work.”

  Chen Suling agreed and hung up.

  In the evening, Tang Hongjun returned home and simply cooked the porridge and took it to his wife to eat. He took the medicine and said to her: “I have boiled some Chuanbei pear water. Don’t drink water for a while. Drink more pear water, it’s good for the body.”

  Chen Suling nodded in response. When she faced her husband, she didn’t wear a mask. After sleeping, she looked a little better.

  One laid on the bed, and the other sat on the edge of the bed. After a while, Chen Suling laughed and said, “It’s so quiet at home. How come when Xiaoyu isn’t here, I think the house is empty. “

  Tang Hongjun said, “I’m also not comfortable. When I was cooking just now, I felt that he was playing the piano in the living room. When I was cooking the porridge, I put in a lot of rice, and then I remembered that he is not home today.”

  They are no longer young. They all have slight wrinkles on their faces in their forties. Tang Hongjun still has one or two gray hairs in his inconspicuous sideburns. Chen Suling plucked them several times, but they will still grow out tenaciously.


  She shook her husband’s hand and whispered: “Hongjun, we can’t always rely on Xiaoye in the future.”

  ”What’s wrong?”

  ”When he gets older, he decides to get married. He can’t let his younger brother follow him for the rest of his life. But now Xiaoyu’s health is better now. I can rest assured that at least he can take good care of himself. It’s just Xiaoyu’s situation, we are still not sure yet…”

  Tang Hongjun shook her hand and said softly, “I know, we’ve talked about this before.”

  After a while, Chen Suling sighed slightly, and clenched his hand.

  They were not sure about the health of their child, they would go to check up every year, and the doctor would also say something that needs attention. They felt that their child is in good health, but when it comes to genetics, they definitely don’t want to destroy the happiness of other girls’ lives without any guarantee. So, no matter what, it was perfectly fine if their child never gets married in life. They can simply just raise their child and give him the best life that they can.

  ”We’ll talk about this later.”

  Tang Hongjun loves his child and refuses to think about it anymore. Chen Suling thinks more optimistically than him, and has a little hope. She hopes that in the future, she might meet a suitable person who can take care of their child in their place like them and take care of him for a lifetime.

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  1. First off, who else was surprised they were surprised about Grandpa Tang being the one teaching Dad how to cook? It seem so obvious in hindsight!

    Secondly, I am thrilled the parents only care about Jinyu being cared for without having any high expectations for a daughter-in-law or grandchildren! Xia Ye has all the odds in his favor!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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