LNTMG-(155) Search

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 The old man didn’t understand why hiz little grandson was suddenly sad. He couldn’t help but comfort him. After asking a few times, Tang Jinyu said to him: “I was dreaming of other things…”

  The old man laughed and rubbed his head and said, “You are under too much pressure. Give yourself a vacation, relax and rest a bit, don’t be tired.”


  The old man squeezed his face and said with a chuckle: “Oh, you really cried. Let me see, our little overlord has become a little cat. What if you let your classmates see it, wipe it quickly.”

  Grandpa Tang wrung a hot towel over, wiped his face with his hands, soothed him for a while, and went to school with him. The old man worked in the school cafeteria, followed him on the same road, and waved his hand when they arrived at the entrance of the teaching building, and left by himself. Tang Jinyu stood on the school stairs and watched him for a while, until the old man disappeared when he turned away, and subconsciously took two steps to follow him.


  A few classmates came over, and a boy saw him come over and embraced him affectionately and said, “Squad leader, why are you here so early today?”

  The one next to him booed: “He must be here to supervise you on duty. Last time, you got a point deducted for the sanitation area you were responsible for!”

  ”Go, squad leader, don’t listen to their nonsense, go, let’s go to the classroom, you can see with your own eyes, there is nothing wrong with it!”

  Several boys flocked Tang Jinyu to the class. Tang Jinyu was not thinking clearly. He had been thinking about the old man, for fear that he would lose him again, and wished he could go to the cafeteria to follow him all day. But his classmates were enthusiastic and took him all the way to their classroom. Tang Jinyu followed them all the way. After sitting in his seat, he looked at the textbooks and was in a trance for a moment. It was not the textbooks of grade two, but a pile of textbooks of grade three on the desk.

  He picked it up and looked at it. It was all his handwriting. The strokes were very serious, and his words were small and standard, which was his usual style. It’s just that this time it was different from before he opened the book. He calculated that a year has passed, which can match the time he went to school in his dream. He was in second semester during his second year in high school, but now he was already in his third year in high school, and there is only one month before the college entrance exams.


  On the blackboard of the classroom, there are red slogans to encourage students to study hard. They also wrote an eye-catching countdown, and erased and subtracted one day every day; time felt short when he saw this.

  Many classmates came here in advance, some were reciting quietly, some were writing papers, all preparing for the exam.

  Tang Jinyu looked at the papers on his desk, since he was reviewing both in and out of his dreams. Although the textbooks are different in different years, the basic knowledge is similar, and the topics do not cause any hindrance. But now he was unstable and couldn’t write any further, so he flipped the paper twice and put it aside.

A classmate walked over and saw him, and greeted him enthusiastically. He still stood there talking to him, “Squad leader, fortunately you told me how to solve this question yesterday, my dad asked my tutor to test me again in the evening, and told me that it’s better to find a tutor than to find you to help me, and much better than that of a college student…” The boy is tall and strong. At first glance, he is in good condition at home. He wears a pair of brand-name sports shoes but his actions are very simple. He took pancakes that were in his hands, and handed it to Tang Jinyu as he said, “Squad leader, do you want to eat some pancakes?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, he had no appetite.

  Another boy immediately ran over to take the pancake, and took a bite and said, “If the squad leader won’t eat it, then give it to me. I haven’t eaten this morning. I’m almost starving to death.”

  The strong boy pinched his neck, almost picked him up, and said angrily: “What are you doing! Spit it out, I bought it for the squad leader!”


  ”Don’t pinch, don’t pinch, It can’t be eaten anymore when I vomit it out… I put a bottle of milk in the squad leader’s drawer. Enough, don’t pinch!”

  Hearing this, the boy snorted and let go: “That’s pretty much the same.”

  The one who ate the pancake was also familiar with him, the squad leader took care of them, and everyone tacitly tried to send some food to him. They were all good brothers. While eating the pancake he grabbed, he still complained, and he was not convinced: “Why are yours bigger, mine is so small, you give me… No, you buy the small ones for the squad leader and keep the bigger ones for yourself. Is there any justice in the world!”

  ”I was so hungry when I came here in the morning, and told the boss that I wanted pancakes and a scone.”

  The little guy was amused, “You just admitted that you wanted two!”

  Tang Jinyu listened to them, and his eyes fell on the pancake in their hands. No matter which side he was on, he rarely ate these things. In the past, his family was poor, and his grandfather was their only source of income. Since he was sensible, he was never willing to waste a penny on buying these foods. Later, when his parents and Xia Ye took care of him, he was in poor health and couldn’t eat these, once he got sick.

  The little guy had pancakes and snacks. After he finished eating, he asked, “Squad leader, the mailbox you said you wanted to invade last week…”

  Tang Jinyu immediately said: “I haven’t invaded, so I just tested it a bit.”


  The little man scratched his head and said, “I see, squad leader, why are you speaking so rigorously now? It’s a bit similar to… what was the name of the person who came to give us scholarships last time…”

  ”Song Yi.”

  ”Yes, that’s Mr. Song, it feels as though I am talking to him.”

  Tang Jinyu smiled and thought to himself that they hadn’t met his brother yet.

  The smile on his lips stiffened, and he suddenly remembered that there was no Xia Ye in this world. Only Song Yi was still there. He was doing what Xia Ye would do in the future, and his tone was very similar to that of the other party, living by himself like the other party.

  They were the same people from the beginning.

  Ambitious, capable, and want to change the world on their own.

  It’s just that someone left too soon.

  Tang Jinyu was just thinking about it, and felt terribly uncomfortable in his heart, as if a piece of meat had been dug away, and it was so painful that he couldn’t support himself and could not sit in this classroom anymore.


  He watched his classmates greet him, no matter how illusory, he was sitting here, but he was thinking of the other side. The bell rang, and the class teacher walked in. Tang Jinyu couldn’t bear it either. He raised his hand and stood up and said, “Teacher, I am not feeling well, I need to go back early…”

  The teacher did not doubt him, and asked him to go back. Because Tang Jinyu is a good student with excellent academic performance and has never asked for leave. When the teacher sent him out of the classroom, he even specifically instructed: “Take a break, and come back tomorrow when you get better. You have a solid foundation, now the most important thing is to have a good mentality, and have a good grasp of it. There is great hope for you to go to Qingbei.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and walked out of the school carrying his bag.

  It was the first time he skipped class in his two lives. He rode a bicycle in the old city for a long time. He saw the words “Longteng Internet Cafe” hung on an old Internet cafe. He watched it for a while, stopped the bicycle, and went in.

  He turned on a computer and went online to check some information.

  He searched for all the people and things in my memory. Mom and Dad, grandparents, his grandfather in Qizhou, and his brother, and Han Yichen, Old Ape, Song Yi… He missed them like crazy.

  He pieced together all the clues, and finally put the matter together. Xia Ye sold the charging software of Internet cafes at low prices, but two or three years later, he and Song Yi started a company in Beijing and left the small northern city, and never returned.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t want to think about the reason, but he guessed that it was probably because Uncle Xia had not survived at that point and passed away.


  Technology has not been developed in advance. He searched for Chen Suling and her company, and did not find the clothing brand he was familiar with since childhood. Instead, he found Tang Hongjun’s name in several scientific research papers, but he’s not sure whether it is the other party…

  Tang Jinyu lay on the table of the Internet cafe, unable to lift his head for a long time, his shoulders trembling slightly.

  The opened page was blank with the name of “Xia Ye” that he had been searching for.

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2 thoughts on “LNTMG-(155) Search

  1. That is the sacrifice of moving into this reality. That large loving family? It doesn’t exist here. I’m not downgrading the original grandpa at all! The love Jinyu felt for him is so genuine and deep felt that he couldn’t forget it even into a second life! Unfortunately, you can’t have both realities at the same time though. This is a good opportunity to make peace with this life, whatever that really means to Jinyu, so he can move on.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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