LNTMG-(156) Illness

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 Tang Jinyu stayed in the Internet cafe until the evening before returning home.

  As usual, Grandpa Tang prepared the food at home and waited for him. After Tang Jinyu started attending high school, the old man stopped him from going to the cafeteria to help. Since high school homework was hard, Tang Jinyu was selected by the school to participate in several competitions, and his study time was tight and he was too busy. The old man felt sorry for him, and allowed him to only come when it was for eating. It’s just that the child ran over to work for him when he had a break, and couldn’t stop him.

  Grandpa Tang saw him, only when he had just returned from school to attend an after-class session, and asked him to sit down and eat.

  Their family has always consisted of grandpa and grandchild, and there are no special rules. The old man likes to watch TV for a while while eating. He likes to watch a local mediation program, when he is too busy. Sometimes, he would participate in discussions on TV. Whenever he thinks that of them are not doing well, he would be angry with them

What was broadcast on TV at dinner today was about Jianbao.


  In the past two years, it has been very popular for experts to identify treasure. One of the experts of the program noticed that a dumpling restaurant had a copy of Mi Fu’s original work that was fake. When he was off stage, he privately traded with others and said that although it was fake, he liked the work and was willing to buy it for several thousand yuan. It was an old man in his seventies who didn’t understand this, and when he heard the experts say so, he sold the painting to him.

  After the program was aired, many netizens saw it and argued over the authenticity of the painting. Not only have experts seen this treasure, but the thousands of people on the Internet have naturally recognized that this is the original one. After seeing this, the younger generation of old people had inquired that the painting had been bought by the expert. It was not a normal trading channel. The expert didn’t even show his face, and was very careful when trading online.

  After a while, it was difficult to see what was going on. Just last week, an anonymous netizen sent important clues. It was the expert’s mailbox and the emails and screenshots in his mailbox. The process of how Mi Fu’s real transaction was traded was clearly shown in front of everyone, and it also revealed that the expert found another buyer and sold it at a high price of nearly 10 million yuan. The expert used his own name and bank card number when collecting the money, and the results couldn’t be more clear.

  Not only that, but the other party also made a small setting, turning the expert’s mailbox into a public mailbox, locked the account password, and the words inside could not be deleted, and completely exposed it to the public.

  Grandpa Tang sighed as he ate, “Look, I thought that expert was not a good person when I watched interviews before, people with good education have a good temper. They never have to look at people with their nostrils, and they don’t speak like this. And now they have to go to court to settle this, and there is so much evidence there, and now it just depends on how he quibbles at that time!”


  This mediation reporter has completed the follow-up here. Obviously, the rest of the matter is not something that mediation can do. As the expert said, he has to go to court.

  Tang Jinyu also raised his head and glanced at it, but what he thought about was the traces of the black mailbox that he had cleaned up when he was in the Internet cafe during the day. In the past, he liked to imitate Xia Ye, but after staying with Xia Ye for a while, he felt a little guilty about this kind of kid’s heroism.

  His elder brother’s skills are more than that, and he would never use such an intrusive way to do things. He has to learn a lot from him.

  Grandpa Tang was still in his emotions, so he changed to another channel, pressed the remote control a few times, and flashed a TV recruiting show. The bosses of several big companies sat there interviewing job applicants. One of the bosses, Qin Ke, looked very young and suave in appearance, but he just sat there and didn’t say a word. No matter who provoked him, he would turn it back on the spot without giving any face.

  ”Next is Hisense. I heard that your company was also very famous in the Internet industry. Mr. Li even offered a huge reward of 500,000 yuan for hackers to attack his company’s test page, which is considered the first batch of contributions to Internet security… …” The host smiled and read the hand card, before being interrupted by Qin Ke.

  ”If Li is always one of the first Internet security practitioners, there are too many people who can be listed.” Qin Ke sat there and laughed. He was handsome, if one did not listen to his tone, they wouldn’t be able to tell that he was mocking people.

  The host was busy making the rounds, and President Li also maintained his demeanor, and reluctantly said: “Contributions are not counted, but I have suffered a little loss before…”


  Qin Ke said: “If you suffer a loss, you must remember the lesson, But do you academics think that the data in your hands can decide everything. When you launch the global hacker challenge, you should know the consequences. When you launch the Global Hacking Challenge, you should know the consequences. When you complete, and lose, you should just admit defeat and leave,  yet what are you saying now?” He suddenly laughed, raised his eyes and said, “Are you not afraid that the other party will do it again?”


  ”Did I say something wrong?”


  Grandpa Tang didn’t understand what they were saying and wanted to change the channel, but when he saw Tang Jinyu sitting there staring at the TV screen intently, he stopped and watched with him for a while.

  There was a host who tried to maintain the situation on the court. The two big bosses finally did not turn their faces. The host was sweating from their forehead. When he mobilized his emotions to introduce Qin Ke to the job seeker, he was afraid that President Li would also take down the stage, and quickly said: “Since you have been engaged in Internet-related work before, it is very consistent with the income conditions of Xiaoqin Headquarters. You can think about more. The Qin Group is not only the leader in the hotel industry, but also a leader in the new Internet companies in the past two years…”

  The host flattered Qin Ke several times without a trace, not only to praise him, but also to praise the huge business empire of the Qin family behind him. This young master of the Qin family has taken several hundred million yuan from home to practice, but it has doubled in two or three years, and his potential cannot be underestimated.

  Qin Ke sat there and listened. He didn’t care much about what the host said, and even looked a little bored.


  The back shots were missing, and probably edited out. Looking at Qin Ke and the manager Li, they were not very good with dealing with each other, and they seem to have old grudges. When it was obvious that Qin Ke kept pressing the other to fight.

  Tang Jinyu looked at the face that flashed on the screen, he remembered Qin Ke.

  This person had challenged X at the time, and he was rumored to have failed several times on the Internet.

  Tang Jinyu once found an ancient forum in order to find the traces of Xia Ye. The name of the forum was “Forum”, and the style was as simple as Xia Ye himself, without any nonsense. The only nonsense on the forum was the tens of thousands of messages. Tang Jinyu once looked through it roughly, and the translation was a “challenge letter.”

  Later, when Xia Ye had an accident, this person also disappeared. After two years, Qin Ke opened an Internet company by himself, and in an interview publicly stated that he had used a flower as a mark in the past, and he had written challenges with others, and won awards in several Internet Computer Challenges.

  Qin Ke became popular because of his handsome looks like a popular flower boy. Tang Jinyu knew him because the competitions he said were the most famous hacking competitions. He even had an impression that it was a seal mark of a rose, a very simple inscription, which appeared countless times when he found traces of Xia Ye. This person is a fan of Xia Ye, who has followed and challenged him countless times.

Tang Jinyu thought of Xia Ye, and felt a little uncomfortable. He barely finished the meal, then went to the kitchen to wash the dishes and boil Chinese medicine.

  Chinese medicine was gurgling in the pot. Tang Jinyu took the book and sat there and looked at it, but stared at the book in a daze without reading it.

  When the medicine boiled out, he quickly turned the heat down. This time he boiled the medicine and poured it into a small bowl, and took it to the old manto drink.

  Grandpa Tang coughed slightly in the living room and stopped when he saw him coming, but he could hear that he was holding it back.


  Tang Jinyu felt uncomfortable, and while watching him take the medicine, he persuaded him: “Grandpa, I’m being serious this time. You can’t keep dragging this on all the time. You have to go see the doctor again, if you don’t care to take your prescribed Chinese medicine, I’ll ask for a leave to accompany you tomorrow and see another doctor.”

  Grandpa Tang drank the medicine, and said vaguely: “What to change, this is pretty good. After taking this for several years, I think the medicine prescribed by the doctor is very effective.”

  ”Then even if the medicine is good, you can’t secretly refrain from drinking it. I counted them, and there were no fewer packets. Did you not take the medicine again, or did you drink the medicine twice?”

  ”This medicine is expensive, and it has a strong effect. It’s the same if I drink it several times separately.”


  Grandpa Tang has been used to saving money for all his life, but his lung disease is also an old problem. He refused to listen to his grandson’s persuasion, and pushed Tang Jinyu into his room to let him read and study.

  Tang Jinyu stood there and knocked on the door twice, but the old man either didn’t hear it or ignored it.

  Tang Jinyu sighed and could only sit back by the bed.

  The small dining table outside their house was wiped clean by the old man just now when he was making medicine, and moved to his room to let him study. Although the house is poor and there is no study room, the old man still tries to vacate the room for him so that he can concentrate on his study. 

  The book he had turned over was still in the bedroom. Tang Jinyu’s eyes fell on it, and he picked it up and flipped it.

  The expected situation did not happen, he did not have a fever and passed out, nor did he go to the other side, the book stayed quiet in his hands. The number of pages on the book has not changed, but when it is opened, the things written have changed a little. Tang Jinyu sat on the side of the bed and looked at it carefully. He turned to the page he had read before, as if it was moved by a thin line. The things recorded there have also changed.


  In this book, Xia Ye’s entrepreneurial life, and his relationship with several other entrepreneurs, and even the names of him and the Tang couple next door are recorded in detail. The book says that he is the only child of the Tang family, it describes Tang Hongjun’s every promotion and the gradual expansion of Chen Suling’s company, as well as several small things about him, Even his online name “A Small Fish” was recorded in it. In the book, Teacher Xia did not leave either, and after his operation was successful, he stepped onto the stage he loves…

  Tang Jinyu flipped through the pages, looking at the life he used to be familiar with, and sometimes smiled, but after a while, he burst into tears.

  The first fifth of the pages in the book were quickly turned over. Most of the content in the back was illegible, but the last page was blank, and he doesn’t know why it was damaged.

  It seemed that a page was torn off at random.

  The ending is not finished.

  He took a look, put the book down, and looked at the spine of the book again. The author did not write their name, and was left vague.

  Since he can’t go back there for the time being, and there is no way to communicate. Tang Jinyu didn’t have any dreams when he went to bed at night, just like an ordinary boy at this age, he was in good health, and wouldn’t easily get sick even if he got caught in the rain.

  On the second day, Tang Jinyu went to school with the old man. The old man went to work in the cafeteria. As usual, after finishing all his morning schoolwork, he ran to the cafeteria a short time in advance to help the old man. The work at noon was the heaviest, especially on Wednesday, the northern cafeteria eats most of the steamed buns. A drawer of steamed buns needs two adults to move down together. The old man is getting older, but the work day after day is still the same. Tang Jinyu is not willing to let him do this, and always comes to help.

  He arrived at the canteen very quickly. Not long ago, he had come to Pingcheng with Xia Ye on purpose. At that time, the canteen looked almost the same as the small auditorium next to it. However, after a few years, the small auditorium was demolished. The cafeteria also looks a bit older. When he passed by, the boss over there was very happy to see him and asked, “Xiaoyu is here?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and said, “Uncle Wang, where is my grandpa?”


  ”He has asked for a leave of absence for something, and he seems to be a little uncomfortable. I’ll call and ask.”

  Tang Jinyu agreed, grandpa and grandson had an elderly phone, and Grandpa Tang usually had it. The people in the cafeteria called him, but the old man only said that there was something wrong, which made Tang Jinyu want to eat in the cafeteria today.

  Tang Jinyu answered the phone and asked, “Grandpa, are you in the hospital? Where is it?”

  ”It’s okay, it’s just an old problem, I came to get some prescribe medicine. If you don’t want to eat in the cafeteria, go home and wait for me. Grandpa will go home soon.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t wait, but drove to the hospital to pick him up.

  When he arrived at the gate of the hospital, he happened to run into the old man coming out. The old man coughed a few times and smiled and said to him: “You have a bad temper, didn’t I tell you about it. It’s only a minor illness. The doctor prescribed some cough medicine and said it was the flu. I plan to take a few days off to rest at home. It just so happens that you are about to take the exam. Grandpa will take good care of you at home this month.”

  Tang Jinyu carefully looked at the boxes of medicine, and the old man said, “I really didn’t lie to you, just a little cough. It’s been several years, right? It will be fine after a while.”

  ”What about the medical records?”

  The old man rummaged through his bag and said, “I don’t know where I left it. I’ll buy another one another day,” he said distressingly, “I have to spend a dollar more. I’m really old and I don’t have a good memory”

  As he spoke, he secretly watched his little grandson’s reaction.

  Tang Jinyu also looked up at him, they looked at each other, and the old man looked away with a guilty conscience.


Tang Jinyu boiled Chinese medicine for him at night, watched him take the medicine, and said to him: “Grandpa, I watched you take the medicine. Don’t just take half of the medicine every time, and you can’t save the medicine. Don’t be afraid to spend money. I have a scholarship when I go to college. If I get a good score in the college entrance examination, the school would give me a bonus. Later, when I grow up, I can make money to support my family and make money to support you…

  ”Yeah, I know.” The old man smiled and reached out and touched his head. His hands were too rough, and he didn’t dare to use force when it landed on his grandson’s head, so he was satisfied with just one touch.

  Tang Jinyu held his hand on his cheek, rubbed it against each other, and lowered his eyes and said: “Grandpa, I’m serious, I can’t live without you.”

  The old man was a little surprised. After watching him for a while, he suddenly smiled: “Why do you still act like a baby? This is the first time I saw you like this. Where did you learn it?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “I always knew how.”

  The old man changed the subject, stopped talking about the hospital, and sent him to study.

  In the middle of the night, the old man coughed constantly, at first it was loud, and then after putting on his clothes, he held back his voice. There was like an old bellows in his lungs panting. He bent over and clenched his fist and pressed it hard, but he could hear it. The sound of that old bone squeezing.

  Tang Jinyu slept on the single bed in the living room and heard it through the door.


  He got up and went to the bedroom door, raising his hand to knock on the door, but listening to the old man inside trying to suppress it, and did not even dare to let a single gasp escape him. It made his heart feel sour, he raised his hand for a long time, choosing whether his hand should fall.

  He didn’t knock on that door.

  But he kept standing at the door, listening to the old man’s breath returning to a steady state before returning to sleep.

  The old man considers him as his top priority. He loves him to the bone, and the same is true for him. He also loves his grandfather.

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  1. 😢 I can predict where this is going…

    Has Jinyu been brought through the veil in order to peacefully see off his grandfather? That’s so sad but so sweet at the same time!

    I hope he can get back safely to his other family too.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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