LNTMG-(159) Old Friends

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 He was holding the book, confused, and suddenly remembered what the doctor had said.

  When he was in the hospital before, the doctor said that if Grandpa Tang’s illness was discovered a few years earlier, there might be a cure… A few years earlier, Tang Jinyu looked down at the book, and his heart beat faster. Yes, he’s now 19 years old, and the book is in 2012.

  This is a staggered period of time. After returning, if he can find Grandpa earlier, he can definitely get treatment in advance.


  He tried to touch the book a few more times, and the countdown on the book continued. Except for the time lost bit by bit, nothing changed, and nothing happened. After trying a few times, Tang Jinyu knew that he couldn’t leave now and he still had to wait patiently. This day’s time just allowed him to make some preparations and deal with some of the things here.

  Here, grandpa is his only relative, and grandpa is gone, he has no reason to stay.

  It was still late, but this time Tang Jinyu did not sit at home as before. Suddenly, he had the energy, and his spirit was lifted. First, he took his school bag out and put the book in, carried it on his back, and carried it every step of the way. He immediately began to organize things at home, his family is very poor, and there are not many things that can be used. He picks up one of the better ones and puts them in the living room and packs them in boxes. His neighbor is an old grandmother with inconvenient legs, and living here is not very easy. Leaving it to her can be regarded as helping.

  After that, he went under the bed to find the box his grandfather had left him, and took out the 50,000 yuan bundled inside. The money inside was specially changed by the old man in the bank. It was very new, and when a thick wad was held in his hand. Tang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel sad again. He took the bag, thought about it, and counted out a thousand yuan and put it aside, and put the rest of the money in the backpack.

  When the person in charge of the piano shop interviewed him, he paid him 1,000 yuan in advance. After that, he was busy in the hospital during this period, he did not have time to respond to the other party. Anyway, he did not go to the piano shop to work, so he had to pay the money, and return it to the other party.

  Tang Jinyu found the phone, clicked it, and found that it was out of power, put it aside and charged it for a while before turning it on. Sure enough, he found several missed calls and text messages.

  The text message was sent by the person in charge of the music store to inform his boss that he was back and asked him to go for an interview in the past two days. A few messages were sent in a row, and it seemed a bit anxious.

  Tang Jinyu glanced at the time. It was a bit late now, so he didn’t call, and replied with a message, saying that he would go back to visit early in the morning.


  He stayed at home until midnight, and when he was tired, he took a shower and slept on the sofa for several hours.

  Not long after dawn, Tang Jinyu woke up. Before he opened his eyes, he touched the schoolbag he was holding in his arms. He reached in and fumbled for the book and took it out. The countdown on it has changed, and now there was more than ten hours left.

  After he saw this, his heart settled down.

  When he sent the two boxes of items packed out of the room to his neighbor’s grandmother’s house, the other party was cooking breakfast, and when he saw him coming over, she asked him to eat together, “Xiaoyu, I was just about to call you. I made fried cake today, isn’t this what you like the most? Come and sit down, there’s a bowl of sugar beside me to put sugar on your own.”

  Tang Jinyu gave her the things and smiled: “Grandma Yang, I won’t eat, there is something I need to do and I will be going out in a while.”

  Grandma Yang wiped her hand and looked at him. She was startled when she saw the two boxes, “What did you bring here?”

  ”Some things I don’t need at home, I’m going to college, it’s useless to leave them, I just want to send them to you, you pick and choose, and you keep what you can use.”

  Grandma Yang wanted to persuade him, but when she opened her mouth and suddenly remembered that there was no one in this child’s house. The house on his side was rented, and he would definitely not rent it again after going to university, and this was longer his home. Grandma Yang sighed and nodded: “You are a good boy. Leave things here. Grandma, thanks you in advance. If you have time, come back and have a look. Grandma will make fried cakes for you.”


  Tang Jinyu put the things down, but was worried.


  He went to the piano shop again with his bag on his back, because he arrived early and the door was not open, so he stood by the door and waited for a while.

  There was dew in the summer morning, but Tang Jinyu didn’t care at all. He put his hands in his pockets and looked at the sky. He felt that today’s weather was particularly good and the air was good. Even the burden that had been weighed down on his shoulders for several days was gone, and his whole heart was a little lighter.

  When the person in charge of the piano shop came, he was stunned when he saw him. He looked at his thin face and his dew-stained clothes. “Why are you here so early? I saw the message you sent. I want to call you this morning…” He opened the door as he said, and said to Tang Jinyu, “Come in and sit down and talk.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t answer the phone before and didn’t respond. The person in charge of the piano shop was indeed a bit dissatisfied, but after sitting down, after hearing Tang Jinyu’s explanation, his attitude improved a lot, and in turn he comforted him with a few words.

  ”Everyone has to leave one day, and the sorrows change smoothly. In the future, you have to work hard alone.” The person in charge of the piano store said, “You just came today, and our boss is coming over. When you tried to play here before, you were really good. I told the boss, and the boss is also very interested. But instead of playing at the piano shop, you are instead teaching at the boss’s house.”

Tang Jinyu wanted to speak, the person in charge coughed first, and whispered to him: “Don’t worry, it’s actually very simple. Just teach the boss to play a song. If it doesn’t work, just educate him. Our boss has just switched to investing in these two years, mainly because he wants to feel the atmosphere…”

  As he said, he handed over a business card, and the name printed on it made Tang Jinyu stunned. He was so familiar with the three words “Guo Xiaohu”, he stared at it for a while and suddenly asked: “Is your boss from Shandong? He should be 25 years old this year, and his family is engaged in the building materials business, right?”


  The person in charge was stunned, but quickly reacted: “Did you read the newspaper too?”

  ”He has also been in the newspaper?”

  ”Yeah, those lace news are all scribbled. In fact, our boss Guo’s private life is not that messy, and he has never brought up those little stars. He is currently with a…male student from a conservatory of music.” Probably thinking about letting Tang Jinyu teach, the person in charge simply said it. Anyway, it was all about being talked about. It was mentioned many times in newspapers and on the Internet. “Boss Guo likes men, but don’t worry. He likes to take care of people. It’s better to be fairer and weaker, especially the kind with a literary and artistic atmosphere. It is not the same type as you.”

  Tang Jinyu blinked, looked down at what he was like now, and understood in his heart, he smiled: “It turned out to be like this, I know.”

  ”I know this may be presumptuous, but this is one of the most lucrative jobs, and Boss Guo is actually very honest and direct, completely different from those discussed outside.” The person in charge wanted to tell him again. At that time, the phone rang, and he answered a few times, and immediately got up and gestured to Tang Jinyu, “The boss is here, you come with me, and in the end he has to approve the matter personally. Don’t be nervous when you meet. Boss Guo is very talkative, so just behave well.”

  Tang Jinyu wasn’t nervous at all, he didn’t plan to continue working, but he was surprised to see Guo Xiaohu, an old acquaintance.

  The person in charge of the piano shop took him to the living room. After knocking on the door, he signaled Tang Jinyu to go in by himself, “I’ll be waiting for you in the office outside.”

  Tang Jinyu opened the door openly. Inside the sofa sat a young man in his twenties with a straight nose. When he looked up and saw him, his brows wrinkled slightly, but he soon relaxed, and said: “You can play the piano?”

  Tang Jinyu was also looking at him, held himself from laughing, nodded and said: “Yes.”


  No matter when, Guo Xiaohu’s temper was the same as when he was a child, going straight back and forth, like a cannon barrel, especially when they met Han Yixing, the two of them could quarrel in less than three minutes with a single sentence.

  Guo Xiaohu was looking at him, seemingly suspicious. Tang Jinyu was also looking at him. The last time he saw Guo Xiaohu, he was in Harbin, a high school student who worked hard, a silly big boy. He is now a successful person, and seems to be doing well.

  Guo Xiaohu looked at him for a while and nodded: “I heard that they praised you well. I think you can play well, so you can spare three days a week to come over and give me lessons. Then you can take a taxi by yourself. I will let them reimburse you for the fare. So do you think you can teach me?” He thought for a while, and then struggled, “It’s okay if you can’t teach me. If you teach me a little bit, it’s the kind you like to listen to when you play the piano.”

  Tang Jinyu was still watching him, Guo Xiaohu couldn’t help being a little wary, “Did they tell you?”


  ”I have an object.”


  Tang Jinyu hadn’t laughed for many days. This time he was really amused by him, and felt better. He took out the thousand yuan from his pocket and pushed it over on the table. He said, “Mr. Guo, this is to thank you for your kindness, but I have other things to do. So I can’t come to work or teach you how to play the piano.”

  Guo Xiaohu frowned, “Why, too little?”


  Tang Jinyu shook his head and said, “No, I am very grateful.”

  During the last period of his grandfather’s illness, this thousand yuan also helped a lot, and he was really grateful for the old man to suffer less from his illness.

  Guo Xiaohu could hear that he was really grateful, and it was a bit strange for a while, but when he asked about it, the boy in front of him turned off the topic and didn’t talk about himself, but cared about him instead. From his body to his career, he also wished him a wonderful love in the end, and he wished him to get married soon and grow old with his partner.

  Guo Xiaohu felt inexplicable, was fooled and looked at the other party and left, sitting on the sofa thinking for a long time before remembering what he was going to do.

  He came to interview others, why did the other person ask about himself in the blink of an eye?

  And when he saw this boy named Tang Jinyu, he always had the feeling of seeing his teacher, and he was led by him in everything.

  Guo Xiaohu touched his nose, his eyes fell on the small pile of money that was returned on the table, and he muttered, “It’s really evil.”

  After Tang Jinyu left the piano store, he received a call from the school saying that Song Yi was here.

  Tang Jinyu was a little surprised, but after a glance at the time, he still met him at school.

  When he met Song Yi at school, it was already afternoon, and there were only 5 hours left before the countdown in the book.


  Song Yi will come every year to award scholarships to students who are both excellent in character and learning. Some time ago, he was working outside. After he came back and received news from the school, he came here specially.

  Tang Jinyu met Song Yi in the principal’s office. Song Yi was the same as he remembered. If anyone among these people is most familiar with, except for his brother, it must be Song Yi. After all, since middle school, he started when Song Yi took the scholarship, and every time he heard a few words of praise from him.

  Song Yi recognized him, nodded and let him sit down, “Did you need any help before contacting me? Tell me, I will try my best.”

  Tang Jinyu sat there and looked up at him, shook his head and smiled: “No need now.”

  Song Yi confirmed with him again, and was a little confused, but still said: “The company is now funding college students, you can continue to apply for scholarships in the future. Of course, if you have excellent grades, there will be other generous scholarships in Qingbei University. You have to cherish the opportunity.” He looked at Tang Jinyu, smiled suddenly, and applauded.

It was the first time that Tang Jinyu saw Song Yi here, with very shallow smile lines on the corners of his lips, and his eyes seemed to pass through him, as if he was looking at an old friend.

  Tang Jinyu laughed too, he knew what Song Yi unfinished words meant.

  Because Xia Ye was also a student of Qingbei.

  He was here and took his exams at the same university as his brother.

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  1. *ugly cries* this chapter was sad and sweet at the same time, I love that he can go back and find his grandpa earlier so he can have him in his life for a while longer. Thank you for the update.

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  2. This has got to be one of the first chapters for this story I didn’t read on time once I started following. Bought a car yesterday and got too distracted to get back to this!

    I am beyond thrilled to see the people Jinyu met on the other side in this world too! Especially my hidden favorite Xiaohu! I hope he meets this same person on the other side as well since I just want him to be happy!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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