LNTMG-(160) Conscious

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 Tang Jinyu looked at his watch and said to him, “I’m leaving now, thank you.”

  Song Yi: “Are you sure you don’t need help?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, “No, I can take care of myself, Brother Song, you have to take care of yourself, no matter how busy you are, you have to eat, don’t sleep in the office and work overtime.”

  Song Yi felt a little surprised. This was the same boy in front of him that called him uncle.


  What’s even stranger is that the boy generously came over to hug him, patted him on the shoulder decently, waved his hand and ran away.

  All these movements were too fast, and the embrace was too natural, as if they had known each other for a long time, Song Yi subconsciously responded, and waited for people to leave before reacting.

  There are 4 hours left.

  Tang Jinyu donated the money left by Grandpa Tang and mailed them to several orphanages, hoping to help those children.

  If he is not in this world, grandpa must be doing the same thing, silently doing good. That stubborn old man has done this all his life. He never seeks fame and fortune for good deeds. Unless someone finds it out, he will never say a word.

  When he came out of the bank, he ran into a few high school classmates. They were all worried about Tang Jinyu. When they saw that he was in a better condition, they were relieved. Some people followed him and said, “Squad leader, where are you going? I have a bike, let me take you all the way!”

  Several others responded, and the feelings of the people in their class have always been very good.

  Tang Jinyu waved their hands with them, and said with a smile: “No, I’m going a bit far away.”

  ”Then will you come back after summer vacation?”


  ”Yes, squad leader, you can join us during summer vacation. You didn’t come when you had our graduation last time. Everyone missed you!”

  ”Our class still wants to organize it. Let’s take a group photo together, and then go on an outing nearby. Squad leader, you should come too!”

  A few classmates looked at him eagerly, Tang Jinyu still shook his head and said, “I won’t go, you guys have a lot of fun, we will meet again when we have a chance.”

  The classmates only thought that he was going to work, and the old town was indeed far away from other places, so they didn’t persuade him any more, and waved to him and said, “Squad leader, we’re done, let’s go play together next time!”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and agreed, and waved to them, just as the bus came, he got on the bus and left.

  He took more than an hour’s drive and spent the last time going to the cemetery.

  Tang Jinyu went to see Grandpa and sat there to talk to him. The sky gradually darkened, but he was not afraid at all. He sat there holding his schoolbag, leaning on the stone tablet, and whispered to the old man, just like when he was at home, saying everything to him, “Grandpa, you didn’t see the admission notice, but it’s okay. I will show you when I have the chance. I will find you soon, and take you to see a doctor. Chinese medicine is really too bitter. Every time you take the medicine, you can’t eat a few bites of food. Let’s not drink it this time….and treat you early and this time you will definitely be cured.”

  ”I can play the piano, and I plan to work with Uncle Xia in the symphony orchestra in the future. You see, I have thought about my work, and I will honor you when I receive my salary.”

  ”You have worked so hard to make your wish come true to see me finish my college entrance exams and see me go to university. I secretly tell you that I have found a good partner over there. I have found a person who I particularly like. You don’t know how great he is. In the future, I will bring him to show you. I really like him so much. I want to marry him when I graduate from college.”


  He sat there and talked a lot with his grandfather, the book in his school bag was faintly hot, Tang Jinyu took it out and held it in his hand, he knew the time was about to come.


  Just like the scenes in dreams countless times, the white warm mist emerges, it is a feeling of incomparable peace of mind, the mist is so dense that it can be touched.

  The moment the number on the book returned to zero, the page opened again, and a line appeared on the title page:

  ——He is the best opponent, best friend, mentor and helpful friend, and where I am heading. I would like to remember this book.

  Tang Jinyu saw this sentence, and countless familiar faces appeared in his mind. Some were Qin Ke who disdained anyone on TV programs but insisted on following in Xia Ye’s footsteps. Song Yi, who quietly spent more than ten years running the company Xia Ye left behind and donated scholarships for him There are innumerable people like him who have been helped and were grateful…Countless people gathered together like small pictures, and everyone’s thoughts became this “book.”

  The one who wrote the book hoped that everyone would not forget about Xia Ye.

  The book that Tang Jinyu held in his hand was slightly hot, and turned into a burst of starlight out of thin air, melting into the white mist.

  The white mist swept over, hugged Tang Jinyu, and took him to the other side as he had experienced in the dream before, but this time there was no other white mist to hold him.

  Grandpa Tang is gone, his bond here is broken.

  He has gone through a staggered time and returned to his own world.


  When Tang Jinyu woke up again, he found that it was in a strange place, the white clean room and the unique smell of disinfectant water in the hospital, which made him dazed, but he soon understood.

  He fell asleep before, and Xia Ye must’ve been particularly worried about him, it was normal to send him to the hospital.


  He just woke up and didn’t have much strength. He originally wanted to try to sit up, but under his efforts, he only moved his fingers. Someone was talking at the door. They lowered their voice but still could hear them. Tang Jinyu looked up slightly and saw the second elder of the Chen family and Chen Suling standing at the door. He opened his mouth to call them, but his throat was hoarse and he made  no sound.

  ”It’s all my fault, you said that you were at the company on that day, but I just needed to go out. Who knows that there will be heavy rain on the road, I just got wet when I changed the car, and even my brocade kit was soaked!” Old Chen was anxious. “If I knew this would have happened I would’ve called you, I was restless that day, and I ran to find the monk. The monk is too old and unreliable. I went to see him, and he congratulated me on my wish… But Xiaoyu hasn’t woken up yet, I’m so anxious!”

Grandma Chen pushed his arm and said, “Pat the door frame quickly. Don’t say that word. He’s still lying on the hospital bed. If there’s something wrong with him, just see how I finish you, old man!”

  Chen Suling’s eyes were red, but she didn’t care at the moment, and asked, “Dad, what else did the master say?”

  Grandma Chen rushed to the front and said: “It’s all auspicious words, but I don’t want to hear those words. I just want my darling to be good.”

  Old Chen immediately patted the door frame, still sighing, “The monk used to say that Xiaoyu had to be raised by outsiders in order to turn his fortune and turn it into a good fortune. In the past few years, I thought it was talking about the Xia family. Xiaoyu’s health got better, and I was happy for a while. But who knows how to raise it so much, and why can he suddenly not wake up…”

  ”Oh, Xiaoye is a caring person, he has invited several doctors over the past few days, but I haven’t seen him sleep well.”

  Several elders in the family spoke in low voices, but in such a big place in the ward, Tang Jinyu could hear them clearly when laying there.

  He glanced sideways at his pillow, and sure enough, there was a red kit, like the one he found before, embroidered with the word “Fu”. He raised his hand to take it, and his strength recovered a bit at this moment. The dipper in his hand pulled the infusion tube, causing the bottle on it to make a slight collision. This small sound alarmed the adults at the door.


  Chen Suling was the first to find out. She hurried over and yelled to him twice. She heard the boy on the hospital bed yell “Mom”, and her eyes were filled with tears in surprise, and her vision was blurred. She wiped the corners of her eyes in a hurry, and smiled while touching his head lightly, “It’s okay that you woke up, it’s okay, my baby is okay.”

  The second elder of the Chen family also hurriedly came to see him. Tang Jinyu looked up at them and shouted with a smile: “Grandma, grandpa.” His voice was still very weak, with a little hoarseness that hadn’t been spoken for a long time.

  Grandpa Chen’s eyes flushed suddenly, and he nodded in response. Grandma Chen didn’t dare to touch him, and didn’t know where to put her hand. In the end, Tang Jinyu raised his hand to look for her. The old lady hurriedly held him and cried. : “My dear treasure, you scared grandma. You must not be so naughty next time, and you must not sleep for so long.”

  Tang Jinyu looked at Chen Suling and said dumbly: “Mom, have I slept for a long time?”

  Chen Suling’s fingers trembled slightly, but she tried to keep her voice from trembling, and she whispered: “You have slept for five days. If you didn’t don’t wake up, your mother would’ve taken you to another place for treatment. Your father will go to the unit to hand over the resignation report today. If I don’t want anything, I’ll just stay with you.”

  Tang Jinyu touched her hand, Chen Suling immediately squeezed his hand tightly, and looked at her child with red eyes. Everything she just said was true. She and her husband will do it a little later.

  Tang Jinyu smiled slightly and raised his hand. Chen Suling knew that he had been lying down for several days and was supported by nutrition needles, and had no strength. She held his hand up. She wanted to ask her child what he wanted, but Tang Jinyu raised his hand and put it on her cheek, he wiped her tears with his fingers and whispered: “Mom, don’t be afraid, I’m not going anywhere, I will be with you and Dad.”

  Chen Suling’s tears rolled down instantly, she wanted to laugh, but the corners of her mouth moved a few times and she could only hold back her embarrassment without crying.


  Her child is still around, still staying here.

  The doctor came quickly. After the examination, he didn’t have any clues about his symptoms. He only asked his family to take care of him. In addition, it is recommended to stay in the hospital for a while and then observe.

  Needless to say about this, the elders in the family refused to let him out of the hospital. They were so frightened that they felt that no hospital was safe.

  After Chen Suling asked the doctor, she was given a bowl of porridge to feed her child carefully. She didn’t care about anything now, and only had her child in her eyes. Old man Chen took the chance to notify the other family members that his grandchild woke up. The old man called them one by one. It was not too troublesome. When the notification reached Tang Hongjun and Xia Ye, both of them only said “Go right now.” And hung up the phone.

  Xia Ye came sooner, he was still panting when he arrived at the door of the ward, with fine beads of sweat on his forehead.

  Grandma Chen saw him and asked, “Why do you sweat so much? Sit down and rest. There is still a glass of juice here. The doctor said Xiaoyu can’t drink this now. Drink it to quench your thirst.”

  Xia Ye didn’t answer, staring at the little guy sitting up on the other side of the hospital bed who was drinking porridge, and his voice was even more hoarse than him: “Wake up?”

  Grandma Chen smiled and said, “Wake up, wake up! He was looking for you just now, so let’s go.”

  Xia Ye woke up firet, walked a few steps, and stood there watching him. Tang Jinyu raised his head and smiled at him. When Chen Suling fed him another spoonful of porridge, he shook his head and whispered: “Mom, I’m full. I’ll eat it later.”


  Chen Suling quickly agreed. She saw that Tang Jinyu still had a little at the corner of his mouth and wanted to wipe him with a tissue, but Xia Ye took a step faster than her, reached out and put his palm on the little guy’s cheek, held it up, and looked at it seriously.

  Xia Ye’s actions were too domineering, and Chen Suling couldn’t even snatch him, so she could only get up with the bowl and let go of her position.

  Xia Ye didn’t sit down, bent over and looked at Tang Jinyu’s face for a long time, and asked in a dumb voice, “Does it hurt?”

  ”It doesn’t hurt, brother, was I talking in my sleep again?”

  ”No, you didn’t say anything, you just cried.” He closed his eyes tightly, big tears rolled down, crying so that the eyelashes were soggy, but he clenched his teeth and refused to say a word, and cried. His heart hurt.

  Xia Ye looked at him without saying a word, but Tang Jinyu understood his thoughts almost instantly. He had been extremely sensitive to Xia Ye’s emotions since he was a child, and this is even more so now. He gently rubbed his cheek against the palm of his hand a few times to appease him.

  Xia Ye lost weight, his eyes were dark, and he looked haggard. He looked down at the baby in his palm. After several times, he couldn’t hold back and bends over and hugged him in his arms, holding him in his ears. Calling him baby in a soft, barely audible voice.

  Tang Jinyu hugged him and tried to hug him tightly, “I’m here, brother, I’m back.”

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  1. Why am I ugly crying so much? He’s back, yayyyyy. Now he can find Grandpa and everything will be okay this time. Thank you for the update.

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  2. I’m with blehmehbleh- ugly crying is a thing! I’m just imagining the horror and immense sadness the family had seeing Jinyu in a coma just crying and thinking he was in a lot of pain without them being able to do anything and it’s so hard to imagine going through! He’s back at last though! Thank goodnes.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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