LNTMG-(161) The Second College Entrance Exam

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Tang Hongjun also hurried back. He hasn’t changed for so many years, and cried when his son was unconscious. And now he didn’t need to hold back when his son woke up. The dignity of being a father didn’t matter, and cried more than his wife beside him. It’s amazing that he was still his silly dad.

  Tang Jinyu comforted him in turn, and Tang Hongjun couldn’t control his voice even more, and couldn’t help calling his name when he hugged him.

  Tang Jinyu whispered: “Dad, I want to drink some water.”

  Tang Hongjun wiped his tears immediately and got up to pour him water. Tang Jinyu was actually not thirsty. The doctors and nurses in the ward were all here, and he wanted to maintain his father’s self-esteem, and tried to divert the topic and let him do something else. If he is distracted, he won’t be so sad.


  In fact, Tang Jinyu thinks too much. Tang Honjun doesn’t need any dignity anymore. He only needs his baby son. If he cries twice, he can wake up one day earlier and let him cry every day in the ward.

  Soon, the Xia and Tang families, as well as the elders of the Chen family, all came.

  Mr. Tang Hui came from Qizhou two days ago and stayed by his side. He was old and couldn’t bear this the most. The old Tang family’s tear ducts were shallow. Although the old man didn’t lose his mind outside, his eyes were also red when he returned to his residence, several times. After seeing that the little grandson is in good health, he went over to touch his hand and then his hair, as if he was treating a fragile object with care.

  Tang Jinyu smiled and said, “Grandpa, I’m fine, I’m fine.”

  Mr. Tang Hui said, distressed: “They still can’t tell. Let’s all listen to the doctor. We will stay in the hospital for a period of observation.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and agreed.

  The two elders of the Chen family also stayed in Shanghai for a while, especially Grandma Chen. She really couldn’t help but stew the supplements every day, wishing to make up for her little grandson’s thin face that had been thin in the past few days.

  Old Chen did not take back the lucky word kit. The old man had been in business for a lifetime and was always a little superstitious about air luck. In addition, after hearing a few words from the monk before, he simply left the kit with Tang Jinyu this time, it is a talisman to bless the children.


  Old Chen said: “Xiaoyu, you put this close to your skin, if it is not convenient to bring it, you can put it in your bedroom. Grandpa asked about this, and this is a good thing, and it’s not wrong to carry it.”

  Tang Jinyu was curious, “Grandpa, where did this come from? I seem to have seen a similar one, and it also had a tassel pendant tied like this…”

  Old Chen said: “Impossible. This is a unique one. The pendant on this is tied by my own hands, see? I was afraid that the knot would fall off, so I tied a few buttons.” He pointed it out to Tang Jinyu, Tang Jinyu thought that this was more strange. He had found such a kit when he was cleaning up grandfather Tang’s things there before. If grandpa didn’t say this, maybe he would’ve thought that it was just a coincidence, but it was because of this string. The rope buckle fastened tightly made him even more sure that this was the same kit.

  ”Grandpa, where did you get this?”

  ”I got this a long time ago, it has been many years ago. At that time, you were only one year old, and you were very ill. Your mother came to the doctor with you, and Grandpa couldn’t help much. So I went and asked for a small lucky kit for you.” The old Chen avoided talking about the heavy subject and changed the subject to something lighter. He flicked the tip of his grandson’s nose and smiled, “I specifically asked them to bless you, in good health, and that everything goes well.”

  Tang Jinyu smiled after holding the blessing kit.

  The kit was left. Chen Suling was afraid of getting it dirty, so she also found a cloth bag and put it carefully under Tang Jinyu’s pillow. She now believes in everything as long as it is good for her child.

  Sometimes Tang Jinyu would take it out while no one was around. He was quite interested in this blessing kit, but when he opened it, it was empty and only the outer shell of the kit was left. He calculated the time his grandfather said in his heart, and inexplicably remembered that Grandpa Tang said that when he was picked up in the hospital, he seemed to be around two years old. At that time, his parents and family were not around. It was not so much that he was lost, but passed through a mess of time, it was like being sent out specially… Tang Jinyu fiddled with the kit for a long time, but he underestimated how old the blessing kit was, and the half-old kit was not very strong in the first place. When he was holding it, he accidentally pulled a tassel off again, so put it back in the cloth bag, and stuffed it under the pillow.


  Xia Ye hasn’t been idle these days. He still invited a doctor from Beijing according to his original plan and found the best doctor in the country to give Tang Jinyu a consultation. He didn’t dare to relax even though he woke up, and his string has been stretched tightly.

  After repeated confirmation, the doctor could not find out the reason, so he could only take care of his body further.

  After a period of careful recuperation in the hospital, Tang Jinyu’s complexion recovered a little, and his body gradually improved. Xia Ye observed for a while before he became less nervous and was able to sit down calmly and communicate. In the previous few days, he couldn’t listen to half a word he said, and just stared at him, for fear that little guy would have an accident again.

  Not only did Xia Ye feel this way, but the Tang family was also the same.

  Tang Hongjun supports Xia Ye’s approach the most. During the period when his child was sick, Tang Hongjun’s attitude towards Xia Ye changed a lot. He seemed to have taken Xia Ye as a candidate as a parent. When he was confused and could not make up his mind, he would take the initiative to discuss with Xia Ye, and part of the guardianship in his hand was handed over.

  Compared with the nervousness of the family, Tang Jinyu feels more relaxed.

  He knew that he would have nothing more to do, and although his body is still a little weak, he can feel the merging inside. The vigorous energy of the past is sprouting, and he is not so weak anymore, maybe he can still run and jump as before, and play sports and basketball and all other things.

  The hospital was crowded, and Xia Ye always brought doctors over. Tang Jinyu couldn’t find a separate opportunity for the two to talk, but it didn’t matter if he thought about it. He stayed here for a long time anyway, and took it easy.


  After staying in the hospital for a period of time, it was the day when the college entrance exams were about to come.

  Tang Jinyu wanted to go back to school. He just mentioned it to Chen Suling, and Chen Suling’s tears were falling, and she coaxed him, and said: “No, let’s not go baby, it’s okay, you are sick, so you don’t need to go to the exam.”

  ”But my body is fine, mother, I will go to the exam room the day after tomorrow, I want to go to school first…”

  ”Let’s take the exam again next year, too.”

  Tang Jinyu still wanted to talk. Xia Ye just came in to hear their conversation, and said: “Don’t go, school seems to be on holiday today, let the students go home to rest and prepare.”

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him, Xia Ye was watched by him for a while, and then said: “Even if there is no holiday, there is still one day left. It is useless for you to go there.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “I want to try. I reviewed it well before.”

  Chen Suling knew that she couldn’t persuade him, so she kept Xia Ye here, and she just took the time to go home and cook porridge for her son. She cooked millet porridge this morning. Tang Jinyu always said it was delicious and ate a small bowl more.

  When there was no one in the room, Xia Ye closed the door and sat on the edge of his bed. He reached out and touched his cheek. “Did you know that you had a fever for several days?”


  Tang Jinyu shook his head. He had no sense of the drowsiness these days, but he quickly shook Xia Ye’s hand and rubbed it twice, “Brother, I didn’t mean to scare you, I didn’t know it would happen, I…” He thought for a while, then laughed again, “I’ll tell you when I finish the exam, it won’t be long anyway.”

  Xia Ye raised his eyebrows: “Why?”

  Tang Jinyu whispered: “I’m afraid that after I say it, you will be under too much pressure and would be even more nervous than me.”


  Xia Ye sighed, his voice slowed down and tried to discuss with him: “You don’t have to think so much, your body is just a little better, and nothing is more important than your health right now. You will take the exam next year as well, and it won’t get in the way.”

  Tang Jinyu smiled and said, “Brother, I think my review is quite good, I want to try.”

  ”Must you take the exam this year?”


  Tang Jinyu looked at him expectantly. He has been reviewing in another world long enough, and he has actually fought a battle, and now he is full of energy. And there is another most important reason. He wants to go to find his grandfather after the college entrance exams. Then he can show the college admission letter to the old man, and take him to see his campus together, so they can fulfill what they agreed upon before.

  Although Xia Ye was still furrowing his brows, Tang Jinyu already felt him hesitate a little, so he leaned over in favor, and kissed him on the cheek, “Brother, help me get the admission ticket for the exam!”

  Xia Ye looked at him for a while, then sighed and nodded, then agreed.

  Two days later, Tang Jinyu took the college entrance exams again.


  It’s also a coincidence that this time he was still going to the exam room and going to the hospital, but the conditions were much better this time. Before the exams, Mr. Tang Hui and Xia Ye helped him with the test and sharpened his skills p. In addition, his parents Chen Suling and Tang Hongjun, like all the parents who sent their children to the college entrance examination, nervously prepared a schoolbag for him, which contained all the stationery stipulated by the school. Tang Hongjun also bought a watch for his child so that he could check the time, and Chen Suling prepared a thermos cup for him and filled it with water.

  Chen Suling was even more nervous than her son. After checking breakfast several times before serving it to her child, she watched him eat, wanted to ask but didn’t dare to talk more, trying to stay calm.

  The whole family accompanied Tang Jinyu to the exam room. By noon, Xia Ye picked them up and went to a nearby hotel.

  Xia Ye didn’t feel very nervous during this, and had confidence in his brother. He was just worried about his health and feared that the little guy would be tired. He arranged the presidential suite on the top floor of the hotel for him to rest.

  In Xia Ye’s view, eating half a bowl of rice at noon and having a better quality nap are more important than exams.

  Tang Jinyu was cared for by the whole family, and the exam went smoothly for two days.

  When he finished the last subject, he walked out of the school gate and felt a lot lighter, Xia Ye did not wait in place, walked a few steps against the crowd that came out to meet him, Tang Jinyu saw him from a long distance, ran two steps and gave Xia Ye a big hug, the whole person hung on him, holding his hands and not letting go, “Brother, I have finished the exam, I have written all the questions this time, and I must have done a great job in the exam!”

  Xia Ye stretched out his hand and stroked his head, laughed, and brushed his lips over his hair as if giving an unmarked soft kiss.


  The elders in the family walked over. Tang Jinyu has been so coquettish with Xia Ye since he was a child. The family members are used to seeing this, and they didn’t find it strange. Chen Suling also joked and said with a smile: “Xiaoyu come down soon, how old are you to let your brother hold you!”

  Tang Jinyu hooked his arms around Xia Ye’s neck, his face turned red, and said in a slightly trembling but loud voice: “I like my brother, so I’ll hug him.”

  What he said was a bit childish and he made the elders laugh. Xia Ye looked down at the person in his arms, and only he could hear the courage of the young man in this sentence.

  The softest part of Xia Ye’s heart was moved, he felt itchy, and his lips couldn’t help smiling.

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  1. How’s that for some coming out practice? To be fair, at this point who in the entire world would be a better match than Xia Ye for their precious child? I’m so utterly charmed by everyone’s complete lack of concern about exams. Won’t they be surprised!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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