LNTMG-(163) Shanhai Town

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 Song Yi reported that Tang Zhengde was found in a place called Shanhai Town. After verifying his identity, it was the old man they were looking for. The other party is now working in a tourist attraction in Shanhai Town, and is still engaged in back kitchen-related work, providing meal services to the scenic staff.

  Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu directly to Shanhai Town.

  Unfortunately, when they arrived, the old man happened to be out shopping and was going to come back the next day.

  Song Yi was here, so Xia Ye said a few words with him. Tang Jinyu couldn’t wait after saying hi to him, and went to the staff of the scenic spot to inquire about it.


  The staff of the scenic spot said to him: “Uncle De usually goes shopping on the weekends quite a bit. There is still a way away from the town. In addition, the scenic spot was rebuilt in the past two years and part of it was demolished. Many people have moved out, and have to go a little farther to buy things.”

      (T/n: Tang Zhengde- Uncle De)

  Tang Jinyu asked, “Where did he go? Is there a regular vegetable market?”

  ”Oh, this is really hard to say. Sometimes he goes to the town’s food market, but sometimes he buys more outside when he goes to the market, so I’m not sure. Uncle De also goes to the farm to collect some vegetables. It’s all in this season, and it’s very fresh.”

  The old man has high requirements for cooking, but his craftsmanship is good. People here in the scenic area love to eat. In addition, he doesn’t spend much money. Even if he spends more time choosing, it will be from his own past cooking. The leader of the scenic area also agreed and doesn’t care much about it.

  The more Tang Jinyu asked, the more he felt that this was the person he was looking for.

No matter if it is speaking or style, they are exactly the same as the stubborn old man who he grew up with.

  ”Grandpa… I mean Grandpa Tang, when will he be back?”

  ”Sometimes he comes back on Saturday night, but sometimes I have to wait for Sunday night, but he will definitely be back before Monday, he has to go to work in the morning.”

  Tang Jinyu thanked the other party and ran to find Xia Ye. Xia Ye had already talked a few words with Song Yi and saw him come over and beckoned: “Did you say hello?”


  Tang Jinyu nodded with a look of excitement. Xia Yeguang knew that he had found him this time, and smiled: “Then go back to the hotel first, and I will wait there with you.”

  Tang Jinyu walked two steps and looked back, then whispered to him, “Brother, can I stay here?”

  Xia Ye also glanced at his line of sight, shook his head and said, “There is no place to stay here.”

  ”I can stay with the employees. I just heard them say that there’s some place still available. Let’s rent one, okay…”

  Xia Ye was looked down upon by him, but still insisted: “Your health is not good, the weather is hot, it’s better to be in the hotel, did you forget that you have to video with your aunt tonight? Let her see you live in the staff dormitory, and I won’t be able to take you out again in the future.”

  Tang Jinyu hesitated, still looking back.

  Although Song Yi didn’t know why they were so eager to find people, his advantage was that he never asked more questions, and only did more work, and calmed him down a few words, “Xiaoyu, don’t worry, the hotel is in the town, and it’s not too far away. I have my phone, and I’ll receive the news as soon as they come back, okay? I’ll drive you over at that time, okay? It’s a ten-minute drive at most. Although it’s a scenic spot, there are quite a few people here. I haven’t seen a traffic jam for a few days here.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and went back to the hotel with them.

  Tang Jinyu originally thought that Shanhai Town was nothing more than a small town with no high-end hotels, but after he went there, he realized that the hotels here are very well built. They don’t look like the unified buildings of other places. Instead, they seem to be made by experts. It was a hotel with a Chinese garden structure. They live in one of the courtyards, a single-door courtyard, with brand-new lanterns and wooden signs on the house number plate with the word “Xiafu” written on it.

  Tang Jinyu looked up and asked, “Brother, it seems that your name is written on it.”

  Xia Ye saw it too, turned to look at Song Yi, and Manager Song coughed: “I didn’t know that there would be such a special arrangement. You didn’t give me Xiaoyu’s ID card, so I had to hang up your name first.”

  Tang Jinyu’s documents are generally in the hands of the elders of Xia and Tang’s two elders, and Xia Ye consciously joined them when he became an adult and became his guardian.


  He guards more tightly than others, from online to offline, it was not airtight, but Tang Jinyu’s information is really rarely known to outsiders except him and his family.

  Before Xia Ye could speak, he heard the little guy next to him cheer. He took a photo with his phone and said, “This is too interesting, Brother Song, can I put my name on tomorrow? I want a ‘Tang Courtyard’ too!”

  Song Yi asked him: “Do you want to open another one?”

  Tang Jinyu immediately shook his head: “No, I’ll stay with my brother. Today I will enter Xia’s Courtyard, and tomorrow my brother will also live in my Tang Courtyard. How interesting!” Once he thought about the feeling of raising his brother in his place, he felt that it was beautiful, with a feeling of identity replacement, and he can also be a little master.

  In the evening, they ate local specialties. The portion is affordable and the taste is good.

  After Tang Jinyu came to Shanhai Town, his heart was relieved, and with Xia Ye accompanying him, he ate more for dinner.

  The bedroom here is an ensuite, but Tang Jinyu didn’t sleep on his own. He hugged his pillow and went to find Xia Ye.

  He just finished washing, and sat on the bed wrapped in a large bathrobe and read a travel magazine. His eyes often fell on the side of the small hall. From his perspective, he can just see Xia Ye working. No matter how he looked at it, he was very handsome.

  Tang Jinyu cupped his chin and laughed.

  He really wants to see how his brother is still at work when he is in his seventies. He should be the same as he is now. He always has a straight face and doesn’t say a word. When he is old, he is restrained and diligent and meets other people. If he does something wrong, his actions will slow down, and can’t help but frown, as if he can’t understand why the other party can’t do it.

  Xia Ye came over, looked at him, and asked him strangely: “What’s the matter? You’ve been looking at me for awhile just now.”


  Tang Jinyu beckoned: “Brother, come, I have something to tell you.”

  Xia Ye sat over, sat on the edge of the bed with him, and listened carefully.

  Tang Jinyu leaned closer, rubbing his nose against him, “Brother, you were so handsome just now.”

  Xia Ye felt that the little guy’s voice was soft, like a small sticky cake, and he whispered, “Where am I handsome?”

  Tang Jinyu kissed him on his forehead, “Here.”

  Xia Ye looked at him puzzled.

  Tang Jinyu proudly said: “My brother is the smartest person in the world!”

  Xia Ye laughed, “Anything else?”

  Tang Jinyu leaned over and kissed him several times on the cheek. “Your face is also super handsome!” After kissing the cheek, he was a little bit embarrassed, and quickly kissed the corner of his lips.

  Xia Ye raised his eyebrows and pinched his chin to make him turn to look at him, “What do you say about this in the end?”

  ”Well, it means ‘I like you’.”

  Xia Ye’s thumb rubbed the corner of his lips, and looked at the other person’s bold and shy appearance. He was a little emotional, and said in a dumb voice, “I like you.”

  Then Tang Jinyu put himself in and experienced the adult version of the kiss. He was so breathless at first that he could not catch his breath, and then he managed to master the rules and slowly started to breathe, but immediately followed by a new round of charge and was kissed, and his mind went blank, and when he reacted, he found that he was held in his arms by his brother, and his chest rose and fell sharply. But it was not only him, but his brother was the same.

  Tang Jinyu was hugged tightly, and the two sides touched each other, and felt that Xia Ye’s body was in a different state from usual at this moment.

He moved manually, and as soon as he touched it, he was held by Xia Ye and warned in a mute voice: “Don’t move, or I won’t be able to control it for a while.”


  Tang Jinyu didn’t move away, and buried his head in his arms and whispered, “Can’t I help you touch it?”


  ”I’m good at playing the piano, and my fingers are very flexible, if you don’t believe me.”

  Tang Jinyu tried hard to sell himself, and moved twice on the spot. Xia Ye held his hand, breathing quickly, “Are you sure?”

  Tang Jinyu rubbed his head against him twice, and talked to him in a low voice.

  Xia Ye couldn’t hold it back, pressed his hand and let it go, letting him play.

  Just now, he said in his ear and said that he wanted to play a song that he could understand and like to listen to—Xia Ye felt that he could never understand music, but now he didn’t have to listen to it, and instead just felt it. He then felt that it was too exciting.

  When Xia Ye reached his end, he kissed the other person deeply, and the breath from his lips and tongue urged him to climb to the top.

  He had never felt such a wonderful taste.

  He couldn’t help kissing the corner of the other person’s lips and kissed him on the cheek and forehead. Xia Ye’s pampering in his heart also increased by a degree. If his brother asked for the stars now, he would give it to him without blinking.

  He kissed the corner of Tang Jinyu’s lips, and his voice was dumb with satisfaction: “Baby, thank you for making our relationship better.”

  Tang Jinyu was pecked at him, “You can go a step further, brother, would you like to try?”

  Xia Ye laughed and bit his nose, “No.”

  ”Well, why not?”

  ”Because your health is not good yet, you must behave better, wait a minute.”

  Tang Jinyu protested in a low voice, but was covered up by Xia Ye’s low laugh. Xia Ye hugged him for a long while and didn’t want to separate. He really liked him so much. He was enthusiastic and straightforward, and told him what he wants, with the intimacy and trust of “You can do anything to me” in his eyes.


  It took him more than ten years to raise one of the best-behaved people in the world.

  Early the next morning, Tang Jinyu could not sit in the hotel after having breakfast. Xia Ye understood his mood and drove him out for a while.

  The layout of the scenic spot here is not bad, many facilities are newly built, and some areas are marked clearly with falling rocks in front, so that tourists are not allowed to pass. Xia Ye was most concerned about these potential dangers, and when he saw it, he took Tang Jinyu around the ground and went to the camphor forest at the foot of the mountain on the other side.

  That piece of camphor forest is very large, this season is lush and luxuriant.

  Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu for a while on a gravel road nearby. He also ran into a ranger. The ranger stopped them and said, “You are here to travel, right? It’s not easy to get out if you go inside here. The road inside has not been repaired yet.”

  Xia Ye nodded and thanked him, and wanted to take Tang Jinyu’s hand, but Tang Jinyu stood by and looked at the woman in her twenties who had been looking at the opposite forest ranger, with a look of confusion.

  The forest ranger also saw this, misunderstood what he meant, and immediately explained: “She is not a tourist, but a garden teacher we specially invited to do the landscape decoration.”

  The young woman had a good temper, and smiled at Tang Jinyu and the others.

  Tang Jinyu looked at her and could confirm that he had seen this person, or that he had seen this person on TV.

  That was the last time Grandpa Tang was in the hospital. The only entertainment for the old man was to watch mediation programs. At that time, he and Grandpa Tang watched the mediation events of this woman together. The last thing the old man. What the old man looked down on most in his life was the person who was rough with women and children. This woman’s husband is a domestic abuser, and his family is extremely patriarchal, because she has not studied much, she always looks arrogant and tricky in the camera. The man not only beat his wife, but also beat her child, and smashed the forehead of a seven or eight-year-old girl in the family. It was also because of this incident that he completely woke up the woman who had always tolerated him and insisted on getting a divorce.

  The end of this woman was not good. She failed to divorce, and the reporter could not solve the problem after calling the police. When she went back, her daughter was gone, and the woman’s eyes turned empty and she had lost all of her fighting spirit.


  Tang Jinyu was afraid that his grandfather would be sad at the time, so he fabricated the ending and read it to the elderly.

  The woman in his impression was a lot thinner and haggard, so when he saw her standing next to the ranger, he didn’t recognize her for a while. After all, the mental outlook has all changed, and it’s not an exaggeration to use a new look. It’s still the same, even a little darker, but looking at the complexion, there is a trace of confidence. She was no longer the woman who was beaten and that suffered all those years.

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  1. Jinyu, as always, is so aggressive in his pursuit! If this dynamic isn’t enough to convince those torn over the age difference and potential power imbalance, I don’t know what is. We all know who has the world under his gentle but firm control!

    Save this poor woman! I felt so bad for her in the other life.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Ai the censored “piano playing”. Their dynamic is really adorable, you’d expect Xia Ye to be the old beast but we should worry about his chastity instead of Jinyu’s. Thank you for the update.

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  3. If Jinyu does decide to help her and she’s a worthy friend, I recommend her hooking up with Han Yichen. 😋😋

    Xia Ye may learn to appreciate music yet. 🤭🤭

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