LNTMG-(164) Grandpa Tang

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 Tang Jinyu went out with them. He talked a few words with a young woman on the road. It was unexpected. After learning that the other party’s name was Wang Yeqing, he was basically certain that this person was the woman he and his grandfather saw on TV. 

  Wang Yeqing also felt that the boy who was with them was looking at her all the time, but the other party looked over openly, and smiled when their eyes met, and let alone that, his smile was sweet.

The seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy was at his peak and handsome age. The kindness in his eyes was far greater than curiosity. Wang Yeqing didn’t feel any pressure, and calmly accepted the other person’s look, and smiled at him as well.

  Tang Jinyu wanted to know more about her, and asked as they walked: “Sister Qing, are you also working in the scenic spot?”


  Wang Yeqing nodded and said, “Yes, I transferred here a few months ago.”

  ”Then you must know this place well, right?”

  ”It’s okay. The planning of the scenic area here is almost the same. Construction started last year. Now, except for the west area, which is still closed, the rest have been built. If you want to play around, it is recommended to drive in from the gate of the scenic area. There is a ropeway over there, and the mountain scenery is pretty good.”

  Tang Jinyu asked again: “Isn’t the west side developed yet?”

  Wang Yeqing smiled and said: “There is an old scenic spot over there, and there is a stream halfway up the mountain. In the past two years, it has rained a lot. The local government has given special warnings several times for fear that tourists will encounter danger there, but the warning has not never been heard for several years.”

The forest ranger on the side was a local, and heard about their conversation, and said “There was an accident here, this happened many years ago, a group of students here ran to the mountains to play, and they encountered a river surge, you can’t see that the stream is half a person deep, and the water is rolling down with mud and sand, and it can wash people away in the blink of an eye! That is to say, because of that incident, we specially invited a lot of experts and professors in the town to see and re-divide. After the scenic spot, there are still many people living in the western area, but they have all been demolished and have moved out.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and suddenly realized: “No wonder when we came over there were some old houses on both sides of the road. They were quite old and they didn’t look like anyone was living there.”

  The forest ranger smiled and said, “No, everyone has moved to the outskirts of the town. Those who stay here are those who work in the scenic spot. They usually visit the mountain to check and make sure they are okay.”

Tang Jinyu found the word patrolling interesting. He and Xia Ye followed behind the rangers, trying to get out of their mountain patrolling schedule. Probably because he was getting closer and closer to his grandfather, Tang Jinyu relaxed a lot, his smile on his face changed more, and he was in a good mood.

  Xia Ye took him around the scenic spot. They didn’t know when the old man would come back, so they waited there just in case something went wrong.


  While eating at noon, there was a call from Shanghai, and it was from Chen Suling.

  Chen Suling first asked Tang Jinyu about his physical condition, and then smiled and said: “Baby, your grades have arrived, and you got the first place in the Conservatory of Music! Both the professional courses and cultural courses are in first. The admission notice has been sent, and they are waiting for you to come back, your dad is busy calling home. When you come back, let’s celebrate, but it might be hard for you to go to other places. Your grandfather wants to invite old friends from school. Your grandfather also says that it’s going to take a few days, and then our family will go there together…. “

  Tang Jinyu nodded as he listened, and all agreed. He knew in his heart that he did well in the exam, but this result still made him happy for a while.

  Xia Ye specially ordered a sweet and sour fish for him at noon, smiled and put the first chopsticks under his face to him, “Eat more, you have done so well in the test, and I have to think about how to reward you.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Brother, don’t put less tables in the company too!”

  Xia Ye thought for a while, and said, “The company doesn’t have a canteen yet. I plan to prepare one this month.”

  Tang Jinyu: “Huh?”

  Xia Ye picked up the fish for him again, carefully picked the fish bones, and said to him: “Didn’t you say that Grandpa Tang is a chef? I plan to invite him back and let him go to the company to continue to be a chef. Whenever you miss him, wouldn’t you be able to come and see him?”

  Tang Jinyu watched him as his eyes turned red again, but quickly nodded, holding him buried in his shoulder and rubbing hard, “Brother, you are the best!”

  Xia Ye squeezed his face and laughed.

  In the afternoon, it started to rain lightly. In the summer, it is normal for Shanhai Town to rain. There are many mountains and forests and the land is also close to the sea. There are always heavy rains every year, and it is common for it to rain on for days.

  Today’s rain tends to turn into torrential rain, but it is already dark at around three o’clock in the afternoon.

  The thunder was hurling down, and there was a lot of rain.

  In the evening, the stagnant water on the ground had gone beyond the feet, but the rain had not stopped, and it had been falling all night.


  Tang Jinyu looked anxiously outside in the hotel, watching the rain getting heavier through the glass, and then turned to watch the weather report on TV. It stated that it would be sunny, but now he doesn’t think it would. He glimpsed several cities flashed on the screen, and only the lights on the road and the vehicles passing by in the rain could be seen.

  Xia Ye went to sit next to him and said to him, “I called and asked. The car I went out to buy must be back tomorrow.”

  Tang Jinyu breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s fine if you don’t come back in the rain. The rain is too heavy. I worry that something might happen to him on the road. Brother, when I lived with my grandfather, there was such heavy rain for a year. To make more money, grandpa went to give people food on a scooter to eat food in the morning. He was hit by a car on the road and he turned his scooter into a ditch on the side of the road. Fortunately, there was grass on both sides. The ankle was cut by humulus, and a lot of blood was shed…”

  Xia Ye only heard him briefly talk about his relationship with the old man there, but he had never heard of such a detailed incident. The more he listened, the more he couldn’t help frowning, “Where did you live before?”

Tang Jinyu said: “It was where we went last time, when we went to Pingcheng. I used to walk around the rental house, and when you asked me if I had come here before.” Tang Jinyu said casually, but Xia Ye heard it in his heart. It was not a taste. They went to the old city several times and the environment was not good. He couldn’t imagine his brother living in that environment for more than ten years.

  Xia Ye hugged him and said, “These things won’t happen in the future.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and said cheerfully: “I also think that a lot has changed now, and it’s very different from before! Brother, you don’t know, in fact, the most uncomfortable thing is when I just remembered it, I especially wanted to tell you, But I couldn’t say a word, and that hurt me. So now I won’t hide anything from you from now on, I will tell you everything!”

  Xia Ye lowered his head and kissed him in the ear, “Okay.”

  The heavy rain continued to fall into the night before it slowly stopped.

  Tang Jinyu lay on the bed and listened to the sound of no raindrops outside, and then rolled over safely and fell asleep in Xia Ye’s arms.

  But when it was about to dawn, they heard a roar from a distance from outside, followed by an earthquake. The hotel room was shaken slightly, and the glass on the window of the room was shaken. A water glass on the table fell to the ground with a “pop” and shattered.


  Xia Ye woke up in an instant and protected Tang Jinyu and pushed him out first. They reacted fast, and after running out, they didn’t stay in the courtyard, and quickly went to the outside square. There were already a lot of people gathered on the square. Song Yi was standing in the bathrobe with a pair of crooked glasses on his face. He was looking for them. After seeing them, he breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said:” I was going to go back to find you guys, are you two okay?”

Xia Ye shook his head and said, “It’s okay, is it an earthquake?”

  Song Yi said: “It’s not clear yet, the people in the hotel are clearing, and have just come out.”

  Tang Jinyu was squeezed by the people around him, Xia Ye immediately took him by the shoulders and embraced him, and reprimanded the man a few words. He was tall and stern with great momentum, and the other party also noticed that he was wrong when he was flustered, and quickly apologized to him in a low voice.

  Xia Ye’s face was still ugly, and he kept Tang Jinyu in his arms without any scruples. He wrapped his arms around him for fear that he might bump into them again.

  Tang Jinyu looked at him from his arms. After a while, he only heard the noise of people around him talking in low voices. He didn’t feel the vibration anymore. He wondered, “Brother, it doesn’t seem to be an earthquake.”

  Xia Ye nodded, but still did not let him go. After they waited for a while, the person in charge of the hotel came out to explain, saying that a landslide occurred on the mountain in a nearby tourist attraction, and there was a boulder rolling down. Now that it was under control, they were safe and unaffected except for the scenic area.

After Tang Jinyu heard this, he panicked and asked, “Where did the accident happen in the scenic spot? Is it close to the staff’s residence?” Grandpa Tang was in the cafeteria over there, and he was about to arrive this morning.

  The hotel’s staff said: “This is not clear yet. The scenic area has just been sealed off. I heard that the rocks have collapsed and the roads have been smashed and blocked.”

  Tang Jinyu heard this and his heart lifted up. The rain stopped at midnight last night. At this time, Grandpa Tang was on his way back. He couldn’t wait here, but he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t stand it anymore. After losing the old man again, he raised his hand and rubbed his red eyes to look at Xia Ye, and called to his brother.

Without hesitation, Xia Ye first contacted the fire rescue team. After learning that there were not enough vehicles in the town, he immediately applied for rescue and sent the two vehicles he brought to the hospital to help rescue the injured.

  By noon, the disaster situation in the scenic spot had stabilized, and no more rubble fell.


  The number of rescuers continued to increase, and some people spontaneously went to help. Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu over. He saw the cordon up from afar, and rescuers from the school and the Engineering Bureau used heavy machinery to search and rescue people from the landslide. Several old houses at the foot of the mountain were buried, and the whole mountain changed. Half of the peak was cut off, and the rocks and trees all collapsed. The situation looks terrible.

  Some of them were not buried, but the place affected by the falling rocks happened to be the employee slab houses. The white-walled and blue-roofed house has now been crushed in half, and several vehicles outside have been damaged. Rescue workers are digging at the site. From time to time, shouting in open spaces excavated by the decentralization and asking if anyone was there.

  Tang Jinyu still wanted to go there. The rescuers stopped him and said, “You can’t go ahead!”

  Tang Jinyu said, “My grandpa may be inside!”

  ”What’s your grandpa’s name?”

  ”Tang Zhengde!”

  The rescuers understood the emotions of the family members and asked him to look up the list of rescued persons in the makeshift tent. Tang Jinyu and Xia Ye went to check the list. Although it looked serious this time, no one died and was rescued. Most of the dozen or so people were inspection staff in the scenic area. Only one was seriously injured, and the rest were only slightly injured. They have been sent to the emergency department of the hospital.

  There were rolling rocks on the road, and the vehicles were not able to pass. Tang Jinyu was so anxious that he couldn’t sit still. He rolled up his sleeves and started to help clear the road like other volunteers from the town. He didn’t know what he could do and could only do his best to help. Xia Ye was with him, always guarding, silently accompanying him to clean the road, and paying attention to the list of rescuers.

Grandpa Tang’s phone couldn’t be reached. Xia Ye was a little worried, but he did his best to reassure him: “It’s normal that there is no signal for the time being. There are many mountains here, and there has just been an accident. Didn’t they just send a few satellite phones here? It’s difficult to get in touch, let’s wait and see.”

  Some villagers were rescued and rushed to the hospital. Tang Jinyu looked over them one by one and looked disappointed after recognizing that there was no Grandpa Tang.


  The weather dimmed, and light rain began to patter again. Rescue work was racing against time. For fear that the rain would cause a second landslide, they seize all time to search and rescue.

  While clearing the road at the foot of the mountain, news came that a crushed pickup truck was found.

  Tang Jinyu felt his heart fall, and his footsteps became soft, and he was about to follow them subconsciously.

  Xia Ye grabbed his hand and Tang Jinyu said anxiously, “Brother, I have to go over and take a look!”

  Xia Ye held his hand to protect the person behind him, and said in a deep voice, “I will go with you.”

  The road was covered by a layer of soil, and several horizontal stripes were broken. The destroyed trees were mixed with boulders and pressed on it. A small truck was caught under a few trees, and the roof of the car was deformed. Rescuers broke the door of the car and successfully rescued a middle-aged man from inside, helped him on a stretcher and hurried out.

  Tang Jinyu stood outside the cordon and watched closely. For fear of missing even a little bit, there were not enough ambulances and some private vehicles had been used. He was relieved after seeing the face of the owner of the truck. The other party was not wearing the uniform of the staff in the scenic spot, and he was about 30 years old, it was not Grandpa Tang.

They came out without an umbrella, and the light rain soaked their bodies. Xia Ye wanted to stretch out his hand to cover him, but found that his hands were covered with mud, and the rain mixed with mud dripping after a few times was even more embarrassing. His brother wasn’t any better. When he ran out of the hotel in the morning, he was wearing a T-shirt and trousers. He rubbed a lot of dirt on it, he didn’t know when a red mark was left on his arm, and he felt everything. It was like he couldn’t feel anything. He only knew to stare at the people in the cordon and try to find the trace of the old man.


  A car drove over at noon and sent some packed lunches to the rescuers.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t have any appetite. He tried his best to do something. He was dirty and embarrassed. Xia Ye found him a pair of gloves. He put on gloves and tried to remove the stones scattered on the side of the road and clear out one. A road that can be passed by vehicles.

The people who participated in the rescue took turns eating. There were people running past him one after another, and occasionally a stretcher was carrying people over. Tang Jinyu immediately stopped and looked up. As soon as he saw someone with gray hair and a little older, he leaned in and shook his head several times. He himself didn’t know whether he looked at them with hope or disappointment, but he was trying to find him.

  A stretcher came over again. Tang Jinyu wanted to get up and look. He knelt down and sat on the ground. Xia Ye immediately supported him and said, “You wait here, don’t go anywhere, I’ll go and see.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and said dumbly: “Brother, you pay attention to safety.”

  Xia Ye passed, Tang Jinyu’s legs and feet were numb, sitting on the ground watching him walk over to ask the rescue team, his eyes were blurred several times and he wiped it randomly, and he continued to look up. He has no time to cry now.

  Tang Jinyu was lightly patted on the shoulder as the car whistle and the crowd intertwined.

  He looked back and saw the old man.

  It was still the same as he remembered, with gray hair and a beard, with kind eyes. When he looked at him with a hunchback, he smiled first, and handed him a box of lunch in his hand. Asked: “Young man, I asked around over there, but you have not eaten here. You should eat two bites to cushion your belly.”

  The road here was blocked. Grandpa Tang took a long time to return. He heard about the accident as soon as he arrived. He cooked a meal and delivered it to the rescue team along with the dining car. He couldn’t do anything else. But, it was always possible to give everyone some hot soup and rice.


The old man didn’t cause trouble for the rescue team. He tried his best. He was very polite when he saw the people who came to help. He heard that the boy over there hadn’t eaten and delivered it himself. But the other party didn’t pick up the box lunch in his hand, just stared at him blankly. After looking at him for a while, he cried and hugged  him, his mouth was vague, and he said something he didn’t understand.

  Grandpa Tang saw that he was so miserable and thought he was also a local disaster-affected person, so he quickly patted him on the back and comforted him: “You guys don’t cry, as long as you are alive, there is no threshold beyond which you can pass.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded vigorously, hugged him, sobbed at first, then cried aloud.

  The old man saw that there was a wound on his arm and took a handkerchief out of his pocket and bandaged him. He didn’t know why, but when he saw the child crying, his heart was so soft that he felt like he was naturally close to him, and felt distressed, he said with concern: “Child, it’s okay. Grandpa will take you to put some medicine on your arm in a while. Where else did you hurt?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head and tears kept rolling down. He wanted to cry and laugh. He watched the old man, and said with a choked voice, “Grandpa, I, I’m in college.”

  The old man stared at him for a moment, but quickly laughed and praised: “Is that right, a college student, that’s great!”

  ”I got very good grades. I passed the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. I can still play the piano. I won a lot of awards in the competition… I’m having a very good life now…” He cried and talked a lot, speaking incoherently, and hugged the old man.

  The old man thought he had post-disaster stress response, and was there to comfort him, stroked him with a rough big hand, and talked to him in a low voice.

  When Xia Ye came back, he saw this scene.

  He stood and watched. He waited for Tang Jinyu to calm down before he helped him to get up and said to the old man: “Thank you for your help. Can you help me help him go to the tent?”


  The old man naturally agreed, but he basically didn’t have any strength. Xia Ye just wanted him to come with him. After two steps, he simply carried him on his back.

  After arriving in the tent, Xia Ye took a bottle of water and washed Tang Jinyu’s hands. The old man also took the medicine box and gave him a little medicine.

  Tang Jinyu kept looking at the old man, and looked at him when he turned around. He would eat whatever the old man gave him when he was eating, he was very obedient. After eating two bites, he went to Xia Ye again, and saw that he also had a box lunch on hand, and then he continued to eat his own.

  There was no sign of the landslide this time, and it happened suddenly, but most of the collapsed Wanxing Rock was abandoned old houses, which were empty, and most of the people had moved out. After confirming that there were no signs of life, the rescue team used large-scale machinery to excavate, worrying that it was still raining and advancing faster. After confirming that there were no missing persons, the rescue team stopped first and waited for the rain to continue.

Among the several celebrities sent to the emergency department of the hospital, in addition to the staff in the scenic area, there were also some local residents. Most of them had fractures. Only one was seriously injured. However, after the rescue, the vital signs are basically stable and there are no casualties.

  The scenic spot has special personnel to conduct inspections every year, and early warning is also given. The landslide area happens to be the foot of the mountain after the previous demolition, so the loss is very small, only covering some old houses, and the largest loss is the large piece of camphor in the west, half of it was covered by rocks rolling down, and can no longer see the original appearance.

  The people in the town are simple and honest, and the local rescue teams are basically all people here. After hearing the news, the Bai family in the town also donated a batch of equipment and sent sound detectors and urban search and rescue equipment.

  However, the situation was controlled within two days and completely stabilized.

  Tang Jinyu was admitted to the hospital. The bruise on his arm was not a major problem. Xia Ye helped him in the hospital as an excuse. Xia Ye is also thinking about how to let Grandpa Tang stay. The current situation can only temporarily make the little guy pretend to be sick. Pretending to be inseparable from the old man, by the way, take the old man to the hospital for a physical examination.


  Tang Jinyu didn’t need to pretend at all, he really couldn’t do without grandpa now, and he would follow wherever he went. The old man doesn’t like to use mobile phones, but Tang Jinyu will look for him a few steps away. For this reason, he also received a mobile phone from Xia Ye so that he can contact him easily.

Xia Ye’s statement on this is succinct and clear, following the old man’s mind, he said: “This is a post-disaster stress disorder, please help me, he is my only younger brother. If anything happens to him, our family will not be able to handle it.”

  The old man nodded and agreed.

  Grandpa Tang actually felt a bit strange in his heart. He doesn’t like these electronic products at all, but he likes the kid named Tang Jinyu in the ward very much. Especially when he yells “Grandpa”, his heart feels like he is eating honey, and felt sweet, he couldn’t help but smile and agree. He has been very diligent when he goes to the hospital these days. He personally cooked the food, stewed the soup, and sent it to him. The child over there cried after taking a bite. At first, he scared the old man. He looked at the other party who was devouring the food, and only did he understand that this a relationship that like too much.

On the day of the landslide, Xia Ye called his home in Shanghai to report their safety. In the past two days, under tremendous pressure, he insisted on staying in Shanhai Town for two more days. He didn’t let Tang Jinyu suffer, so he took care of it all by himself.

  After making a phone call in the hospital corridor, he opened the door and saw the old and the little guy eating together in the room. His eyes fell on the other person’s bent eyes, his heart softened a bit, and felt that everything was worth it.

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