LNTMG-(165) Camphor

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 Grandpa Tang came to the hospital to deliver food for the next few days, and looked after Tang Jinyu, he couldn’t help but feel kind towards him and talked to him specially. It was like a long-lost sense of familiarity. It seemed that this was not the first time they met, he felt familiar with him. He felt happy in heart, but he was embarrassed to say this directly to the child so that he would sound like he recognized him as his grandson or something. But then he thought that the child might think that he would rely on him based on his old age, and take advantage of other people’s children’s homes.

  Although he was paying attention, Tang Jinyu called smoothly, and saw the old man coming over and called him “Grandpa”, making them sound incredibly close.

  Xia Ye saw that the grandpa and grandson duo were in a good relationship, and tried to move him back to the hotel to live in. Sure enough, Grandpa Tang brought the meal here as usual, and came to see him every day just like when Tang Jinyu was living in the hospital.


  Tang Jinyu looked at the old man running back and forth after getting off work, and felt a little embarrassed, and he eagerly wanted to visit Grandpa Tang, but was stopped by Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye said to him: “Did you forget that you are still pretending to be sick?”

  Tang Jinyu was at a loss, “Brother, don’t I just have a problem with my head, don’t my feet seem to be okay?” His character set in front of Grandpa Tang seemed to be like this.

  Xia Ye was a little bit uncontrollable by his bewildered little eyes, and pressed the person on the sofa to kiss him for a while. His little idiot might be a master in love, otherwise, how could he know that he likes this bite?

  Dumb and cute, he can’t help liking when he sees it.

  Tang Jinyu still restrained his desire to run outside and tried to stay in the hotel to wait for the old man to come.

  Grandpa Tang cooks deliciously. Tang Jinyu likes the dishes he cooks very much. After all, he had tasted everything from snacks to big ones, and now he can still taste them. He has tears in his eyes just thinking about it.

  Grandpa Tang didn’t understand his mood, and when he saw it, he thought he was choking, and quickly gave him a glass of water, “Xiaoyu, eat slowly, and drink some water.”

  Tang Jinyu sat beside his grandfather and felt that drinking water was very sweet.

  The young and old sat in the living room to eat and watch TV together. Tang Jinyu was a little disappointed when he first realized that the old man did not know him, but then he cheered up. He moved a small bench and sat down next to the old man. He watched TV together, and accurately found a local station here, which was also broadcasting all kinds of lively events from the locals. He has been used to it for many years. He knows the old man too well, and all his gestures and actions are familiar to the old man. There’s no question that the old man liked him when he saw him, it was like a grandson raised by his own hands.


  Tang Jinyu watched TV with him, which was broadcasting the landslide a few days ago.

  “After the landslide occurred, due to the low-lying forest protection belt surrounding the landslide body, which blocked the impact of mountains and rocks, the main road area was cleared and removed at around 2 pm. The relevant departments of Shanhai Town initiated an emergency response as soon as possible, and quickly carried out on-site treatment and transportation of the wounded. Experts said that this time, this was a high-speed remote landslide, with a large vertical drop, fast movement, and huge destructive power. The staff and residents of the local scenic spot were evacuated and transferred in time, and no casualties were caused…”

  The old man looked at him with emotion, “Fortunately, no one has had an accident. To live is to have good fortune, and nothing else is not important.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and agreed, “Yes, Grandpa, I think so too.”

  Xia Ye didn’t come back for dinner today. The old man cooked a lot of dishes. Tang Jinyu tried to eat more, fearing that the rest would make the old man feel like he was wasting food.

  Grandpa Tang saw this, and asked, “Where is your brother?”

  ”My brother is out, something happened.”

  Grandpa Tang smiled and said, “Oh, this is really rare. If you don’t stick to him at ordinary times, is there a time when your brother is willing to be separated from you?”

  Tang Jinyu rubbed the tip of his nose and smiled.

  Today, Xia Ye went to find the person in charge of the scenic spot. He wanted to do the physical examination for the old man, but it was not good to only do the examination for him alone. He was willing to spend a sum of money to do it for all the people here. Check and conduct some psychological counseling by the way. After all, many people experienced these things for the first time, and they were somewhat frightened.

  The scenic area accepted his kindness and arranged it soon.

  On the day Grandpa Tang went for the physical examination, Tang Jinyu and Xia Ye were with him. The old man’s physical examination was different from that of the others, and his physical examination was very detailed. Approximately the time for the examination was still early, and no tumor was found in the lungs, only one or two spots of slight calcification were found in one of them, which were probably caused by his old problem, and needed more recuperation and rest.


  The doctor prescribed some Chinese medicines for him, and also asked the old man to take them back with the help of the unit.

  Tang Jinyu was temporarily relieved when he heard the news, but was still a little worried.

  Xia Ye figured out a way and went to talk to the old man alone. During this time, he had also been familiar with the old man a lot, so he made a request straight away.

  Grandpa Tang heard what he said, and wondered: “Go to work in Shanghai?”

  Xia Ye said: “Yes, I want to ask you for help. You can also see that my brother is under a lot of stimulation now. He was not in good health before. Our whole family has raised him carefully, but he fainted a while ago.”

  ”Have you ever seen a doctor?”

  Xia Ye didn’t hide from him, and said to him: “Xiaoyu has been in poor health since he was a child, and he has always consulted doctors for medicine. My aunt has tried her best for him. In the past, the doctor said that it would be great to be able to support him until he was ten.”

  Grandpa Tang’s expression changed. First, he followed anxiously and said: “This doctor is not accurate. I think Xiaoyu is in good health now. He can run and jump. How can you say it is so serious?”

Xia Ye said: “To tell you the truth, everyone in our family is also trying to make him feel better, but this kind of thing is not sure to make him better. He slept for a few days for no reason some time ago, and almost couldn’t wake up. He is a particularly sensible child. I wanted to take him out for a few days to relax. Who knew he would encounter something like this again… He is stimulated now, and he only recognizes you. I really dare not let him do anything.” He sighed, and his last was sincere, “I beg of you, can you do us a favor? I want to hire you back to Shanghai. Our company has a cafeteria and there is a shortage of chefs. It would be great if you could come.”

Grandpa Tang had worked in Shanghai before and was familiar with that city, but he was hesitant at the moment.

  Xia Ye said again: “Xiaoyu is going to university in Shanghai. He often comes to the company. If you don’t mind, we still want to recognize you as a relative and an elder. He really likes you.”

  Grandpa Tang was a little entangled, “Did you ever ask the elders in your family, if they approve of this?”

  Xia Ye smiled and said, “I can call the shots.”

  ”Can you do this?”


  Xia Ye’s words are affirmative, he has made up his mind to help his brother fulfill his wish no matter what.


  What the little guy wants to do is what he wants to do.

  Xia Ye offered generous terms, but the old man didn’t immediately agree to it after listening to it.

  Xia Ye got up and sent him out with a respectful attitude, really showing his attitude towards his elders.

  After Grandpa Tang went back, he tossed around at night and couldn’t sleep. He finally slept for a while, but he had a strange dream.

  He dreamed that there was a little boy by his side, and he grew up to his legs bit by bit. He watched the little guy grow into a young man, and he was relieved and a little proud, but the time spent with him was not long. He suddenly remembered that he was going to travel far away, so he packed up and prepared to leave. But when he had just walked a few steps, the boy chased after him, calling his name constantly in his mouth, crying to grandpa, his voice was not loud, he could only hear a little sound of choking in his throat, but the more so. The more distressed he…

  When the old man woke up, the scene in the dream was still vivid.

  He felt as if a piece of it had been dug away in his heart, and it was empty and uncomfortable. He glanced at the sky that had just turned white, but he couldn’t sleep anymore, so he simply got up and wandered around the scenic spot while thinking about it for a long time.

  He didn’t know what was wrong with him. Why couldn’t he let go of a child who had just met a few days ago?

  But if you really want to work in Shanghai, there are still many things that need to be settled in Shanhai Town.

  Grandpa Tang walked with his hands on his back for a while, and suddenly he saw someone in Camphor forest and shouted, “Who is there?”

  On the side of the road was a young man, a good-looking young man in his twenties, standing there looking around with something in his arms. The young man smiled when he saw the old man, and said hello: “Hello, I am from this town, my name is Mi Yang, and the Cheng family over there is my grandma’s house, which is not far from the Bai family…”

  Grandpa Tang looked at him and shook his head and said, “I’m from the canteen of the scenic spot here. I didn’t know the people in the town a few months after I first came to work.”

  Mi Yang scratched his head and smiled, “I’m sorry, I don’t come back often, and I’m afraid the acquaintances here won’t recognize me.” He didn’t expect the other party to be a newcomer, so he made a joke.


  Grandpa Tang waved his hand with a smile, “It’s okay, boy, don’t go there. There was a landslide accident a few days ago, and the road is unsafe. If you don’t know the road, follow me and I will send you there. “

  Mi Yang shook his head, “No, I know the way here.” He explained to the old man with a smile, “My grandpa used to be a ranger in this area.”

  Grandpa Tang nodded and said, “No wonder, are you here to find him?”

  Mi Yang froze for a moment, thought for a while and suddenly smiled and said slowly: “Yes, I came to him.”

  He looked up and stood there looking at the half-missing mountain wall not far away. Most of the mountain wall collapsed and covered the camphor forest. Together with the small wooden house where his grandparents once lived, it formed a building. The new “mountain”.

  The camphor forest was covered underneath, and the wooden houses and memories were all overturned.

  In other words, they are already in the mountains, and they are integrated with the mountains.

  Grandpa Tang chatted with him for a few words and then left. Mi Yang looked at his back with his arms around his chest and left, but he was a little surprised.

  His grandfather is also such a stubborn old man, but he is not as good-tempered as the other party, and he knows to smile at strangers. The grandfather of his family never smiles except when he sees his grandma. He is a very serious and weird little old man.

  Mi Yang laughed, then looked up at the place covered with rocks, his eyes nostalgic.

  There was the sound of horse hooves, and one person ran towards him on a black horse with a strong stature. Mi Yang saw him and he didn’t hide, but stepped aside to make room for them. Bai Luochuan held the reins near him and rode on the horse in a bad mood. His chest rose and fell sharply. He asked him bluntly, “Where did you go? I looked for you all morning!”

  Mi Yang opened the thing in his arms and showed him a piece of shamisen wrapped in it, “I went to get something.”

  Bai Luochuan’s voice was dumb, took a look down, and immediately, took off his leather gloves and stroked it carefully, his voice was a little quieter: “You should have told me, I will accompany you to fetch the piano together.”


  Mi Yang has a good temper, and smiled: “No need, I would like to go and see Wu Le for a while.”

  ”Just look at Wu Le?”

  ”Look at you too.”

  Bai Luochuan smiled, leading the horse and walking side by side with him, “The wooden house, now I can’t find it, if you want to, I can find a way to…”

  Mi Yang shook his head and said, “No, it’s good now. They will never separate again.” He laughed, touched the shamisen in his hand and said, “I just want to take this back and keep it, and think about it.”

  ”It’s good.”

  Wu Le sneezed, shook his head and rubbed the other owner, seeming to want to appease him and attract his attention, Mi Yang returned to his senses, smiled and stretched out his hand to touch the bridge of its wide nose, from his pocket He took out a piece of candy and fed it to him.

       (T/n: Wu Le is a horse just in case anyone was confused)

  Wu Le ate candy and became more intimate with him. He tried to get closer, but Bai Luochuan murmured a few words in a low voice. The black horse had the same arrogance as Bai Luochuan and protested.

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  The author has something to say: The camphor forest has become a mountain, and it has become an eternal thought.


  The story of Mi Yang and Bai Luochuan is “Return to File 1988”. It is also a story of growing up from childhood, super sweet. Interested friends can find it in the author’s column~

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