LNTMG-(166) Competing For Favor

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 Grandpa Tang came back from a walk, thinking about his answer when he was working during the day.

  In the evening, the old man made some small dishes and went to see Tang Jinyu. After entering the door, Tang Jinyu immediately ran over to pick up the things in his hand while holding his arm. Grandpa Tang paused. His left leg and foot were a little uneasy, he usually didn’t see it, but he would feel a faint pain if he walked a long way. He usually endured it and wouldn’t show it intentionally, but the child came over and took his arm as if he knew what he was thinking at once.


  The old man raised his head to look at him, but saw Tang Jinyu looking down at the steps, supporting him without noticing: “Grandpa, there is some water on the steps. Be careful and it’s slippery. I will help you to walk slowly.”

  Grandpa Tang was moved. He lost all his family members in his early years, and it has been a long time since he realized such concerns.

  Tang Jinyu helped him walk to the living room and waited for the old man to sit down before happily opening the side dishes he brought. It was hot today. The old man brought all small cold dishes, as well as a cooked noodle. The side dishes are mixed in the noodles, the hot and sour chicken shredded cold noodles become refreshing and cool.

  Tang Jinyu added a large spoonful of peanuts on top. The fried peanuts are very crispy with some salt particles. When eating cold noodles, biting one from time to time makes him feel more happy.

Xia Ye also likes to eat noodles. He also mixed a portion like Tang Jinyu’s. The two have different tastes. Tang Jinyu has many small dishes, but Xia Ye’s bowl is full of noodles. The advantage of cold noodles is here, even if the taste is different, they don’t worry about not being able to eat it in one place, just pick a few side dishes they liked and add it in.

  Grandpa Tang sat on the sofa and waited for them to finish eating. He sighed, “I can’t go with you now.”

  Tang Jinyu: “Grandpa, why?”

  The old man was silent for a moment, and said: “I am here because of one person, I don’t keep it from you. I am a lonely old man who has had no relatives for more than ten years. I can make some money but it’s useless to save it. So I took some of it out to help some students, I came here this time to help one of them, her name is Wang Yeqing, who is also working in this scenic spot.”

  Tang Jinyu looked at him and waited for him to continue.

  The old man didn’t mention other people’s affairs, so he thought about it and said: “Yequing is a good kid and ambitious. She was the first one of them to enter university. I watched her go from middle school to university, and saw her graduate. She then got married and had a stable life, but what I didn’t expect was that she had been cheated on back by her family to get married. She has a stubborn mouth, and never told me this. The only reason that I know now is because one of the other students accidentally let it slip this year, and only then did I realize it. After I asked, she told me.”


  ”Her husband’s family is not a decent person, lazy and unambitious, and beats women. She tried to find a way to find a lawyer and divorce over there, and escaped with a child who was over a year old. There is nothing wrong with separating from bad people, but she has no other family relationship. She completely separated from her hometown. After a year of hard work, now she is working here alone with her baby. Usually when she goes to work, she locks her child in the dormitory room by herself, even if it’s a single room. She’s afraid that something will happen to her child. The water, electricity, etc. are all shut down and turned on once she comes back. When I first came here, I went to have a look. After Ye Qing comes back from work, her baby can’t walk steadily but she knows how to bring her slippers!”

  Tang Jinyu was taken aback and asked, “Sister Qing is married?”

  Grandpa Tang sighed and sighed, “Yes, her family is cruel enough, and doesn’t want her own daughter.”

  Tang Jinyu remembered something, and quickly asked, “Is that the little girl that Sister Qing brought out?”

  The old man nodded, “Yes, a little girl, her baby is already big, but she is very sensible. I was looking for a job in Shanghai before. I originally planned to take care of it there. But after hearing about their situation, I came here to help them specially. If I leave, what can she do with her baby alone? I am not busy in the cafeteria, and I can help watch her baby during my spare time, and wait two years for her baby to grow older, to go to kindergarten.” The old man looked at Tang Jinyu reluctantly. He really liked the boy in front of him, but he also felt distressed for the students he had sponsored in the past and wanted to help her again.

  Tang Jinyu sat in silence for a moment. In fact, he felt more sympathy for Wang Yeqing’s mother and daughter than Grandpa Tang.

  He thought the world had changed a lot, but after listening to Grandpa Tang, he realized that only Wang Yeqing herself had changed. She studied under Grandpa Tang’s support and did not stay in the poor and backward mountains, but was still involved in the same fate and was tricked back into giving birth to a daughter. But fortunately now, she had gone to college and refused to go back to accept such a stupid life, and escaped with her daughter.


  Tang Jinyu still remembers Wang Yeqing’s gloomy eyes after losing her daughter in that mediation program.

  She really loves her child.

  Tang Jinyu exhaled and was about to say something. Xia Ye next to him suddenly said, “I heard that a staff nursery is going to be built here in the scenic area, which will specifically accept children under the age of going to kindergarten, they can go to kindergarten with the other children in town.”

  Grandpa Tang was a little moved, “When will it be built?”

  Xia Ye said: “Next week.”

  Grandpa Tang was at a loss. He has been working here for a few months, and he has never heard of this.

  Tang Jinyu raised his head to look at his brother, Xia Ye was seriously and looked calm.

  Grandpa Tang knew that Xia Ye was in business, and he seemed to be a big boss. He thought he and the people in the scenic area would know some internal news. He was very happy to ask about the nursery school, and what Xia Ye said was true, and the addresses were very accurate.

  When Grandpa Tang was sent away, Tang Jinyu asked him, “Brother, are we really going to build a nursery here?”


  Tang Jinyu also became happy. He stretched his waist and said with emotion: “I really want it to be built soon. Maybe when summer vacation is over, Grandpa will be able to return to Shanghai with us!”

  Xia Ye laughed, and when Tang Jinyu was going to take a bath, he gave Song Yi a call.

Tang Jinyu’s “Golden mouth and jade words”, the nursery started construction within a few days.

  After learning about this from the work unit, the happiest ones were Wang Yeqing’s mother and daughter and Grandpa Tang.


  Tang Jinyu also went to visit them specially, the reason is to “explore slowly and adapt to the external environment”, which Xia Ye helped him find, is said to be one of the ways to deal with stress.

  Grandpa Tang still works in the back kitchen. He is the chef here. There are two handy workers under him. They have to do a lot of work, but the old man arranges well and never delays things.

  When Tang Jinyu passed by, he happened to see Wang Yeqing’s child sitting on a small bench outside helping the old man to peel beans. A two-year-old girl with two croissants, wearing a small smock to peel the beans seriously. The small bowl has already filled most of it, and it can be seen that the child is very obedient, even if there is no supervision outside, she is not lazy.

When Tang Jinyu and Xia Ye came in, the little girl was a little flustered when she saw them. She rarely saw outsiders. Tang Jinyu just bent over and wanted to talk to her, but the little girl immediately stood up by the little table and went around the table to hide from him.

  Tang Jinyu kept his voice down as much as possible, and asked her with a smile: “How old are you and what’s your name…”

  Before he finished the question, the little girl walked to the back of the kitchen with her short legs, and cried out to grandpa.

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  Tang Jinyu saw the little girl rubbing her eyes and being picked up by the old man. For the first time, he felt sour, and he couldn’t help but look at her while feeling sour.

  The old man coaxed the little girl a few words inside, and touched her croissants.

  Tang Jinyu whispered.

  Xia Ye laughed, touched his head, and coaxed softly, “Why are you still jealous of other children?”


  ”Isn’t he my grandfather?”

  Xia Ye was so amused by him. After seeing the old man come out, he patted Tang Jinyu’s back lightly, motioning him to step forward to “fight for favor.” Tang Jinyu was embarrassed to do this in front of the old man. He told the old man the reason for coming. He looked around and saw the half bowl of beans from the little girl. He immediately rolled up his sleeves and said, “Grandpa, I’ll help you too!”

  Grandpa Tang was a little surprised: “You? You can’t.”

  Tang Jinyu refused to accept it: “Why?”

  Grandpa Tang smiled and said, “You are a young master. Those hands are for writing and playing the piano. You don’t understand the things in the kitchen.”

  Tang Jinyu rejoiced: “Grandpa, you really don’t know me too much. I think I have to stay and do something today so that you can get to know me again. I know more than just playing the piano!”

  When it comes to doing things in the kitchen, he is much better than that little girl. After all, he grew up in the kitchen with Grandpa Tang.

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  The author has something to say:

  Small Theater:

  Xiaoyu: Brother, when will the nursery be built?

  Xia Shen: 5

  Xiaoyu: Wow, 5 days?

  Xia Shen (raising his hand to look at his watch): 4, 3, 2…

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  1. You really want to be jealous of a tiny little kid, Jinyu? She’s had a rough life so far! 😅

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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