LNTMG-(167) Employment

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  Grandpa Tang thought he was just talking big, but he didn’t expect Tang Jinyu to do things really swiftly, and he could find a task to do for himself after looking around in the kitchen, without having the old man remind him, he did things just right. There was a hand-tipped cabbage at noon. Most of the people that Grandpa Tang worked with didn’t satisfy him, but when Tang Jinyu got started, the old man felt that it was just right.

  Tang Jinyu went to get the cut vegetables, but Grandpa Tang didn’t stop him this time.

  Tang Jinyu said, “Brother, it’s okay, I know this well…”

  Grandpa Tang handed him a small pot of beans, and said with a smile: “You help me wash this, and we will steam it later. Let’s make sesame beans. I’ll do the job of shredding, you’re less familiar with that than me.”

  Tang Jinyu agreed with a smile, washed the beans, chopped off the ends, and smoothed the loops in the middle, his movements were particularly smooth.


  Grandpa Tang was cutting carrots. The old man used to slice first and then shred. Seeing him come over, he checked the beans he chose, and he was surprised: “Okay, you’re quite familiar with this kind of task. It seems that there is no shortage of help at home, I underestimated you.”

  Tang Jinyu proudly said: “That is, I have been guided by a famous teacher since I was a child, and I am a master of cooking!”

  ”Oh? Who did you learn this from?”

  ”Follow… from my grandpa.”

  Tang Jinyu found it hard to say that it was him, rubbing the tip of his nose, and vaguely said: “My grandfather is very kind to me, and he taught me how to make squirrel fish, which is very delicious.” He said this sincerely, no matter what he said. His grandfather Tang is still Mr. Tang Hui, who is far away in Qizhou City, and both grandpas are too good to say anything to him.

  Grandpa Tang nodded and continued with him: “That dish is not easy to cook, so I have to pay a visit another day to see what your grandpa is capable of.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded hurriedly and showed his white teeth, and said, “You can come anytime, just tell me in advance, and I’ll pick you up!”

  Grandpa Tang cut the carrot slices here, but before shredding, Tang Jinyu habitually reached out and took a few slices of carrot peels that he pushed on the cutting board and placed them in his mouth. After taking a bite, he felt that something was off. When he looked up, he saw that both Grandpa Tang and Xia Ye were looking at him. There was a moment of weakness, but now he took a bite and it was hard to take it out. He smiled, “I saw this piece, and thought that it should be very sweet.”


  Grandpa Tang smiled and cut a small piece separately for him and let him eat it.

  Tang Jinyu took it and went outside and waited while eating.

  The back kitchen is divided into two parts, one is where Grandpa Tang and the others are, where the stove is used for cooking, and the other is where Tang Jinyu and the others are sitting. Several tables are set up as workbenches, and some vegetable rice noodles are stacked. Tang Jinyu and Xia Ye sat on the chairs. The little girl sat on the small bench. She rarely saw outsiders. She looked a little timid at the moment. She dragged her small bench to the door of Grandpa Tang and sat down, waited for the old man to come out, and didn’t dare to look at Tang Jinyu.

  Tang Jinyu bit the carrot and ate it crunchy, and the tip of his carrot was thick enough, whether the old man picked it purposely or not, it was especially sweet.

  The little girl over there didn’t have any carrots. She bit her fingers and waited there, without any communication.

Tang Jinyu ate for a while, but also a little embarrassed, and his voice became quieter.

  Xia Ye poured a glass of water, looked up at him, and said with a smile, “Why don’t you bite so loudly?”

  Tang Jinyu said: “It’s crispy, I… I didn’t bite it particularly loudly.”

  Xia Ye pinched the tip of his nose, “Let me see if your nose longer?”

  Tang Jinyu did not transform into Pinocchio, but his face still blushed.

  Xia Ye saw the carrot in his hand and asked, “Why do you like this suddenly?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Oh, when I was a child, and lived with my grandfather, I used to stay in the kitchen. My grandfather has been a chef, and I helped my grandfather like her when I was a kid.” He pointed to the bench over there. The little girl on the table laughed, his eyes were a little nostalgic, “At that time, there was nothing good to eat, our family was poor. It was expensive to buy fruits, but there was a lot of food in the kitchen. Grandpa often gave me carrots and small dishes of Tomatos or something.”


  Xia Ye was not an easy person to lie to. He just saw his brother stretch out his hand to hold the ones he didn’t want on the cutting board, and he curled his eyebrows and said, “You used to eat radish peels?”

  Tang Jinyu scratched his head, “It’s a bit of a habit, I got used to it…”

  He saw that Xia Ye’s complexion was not good, and he hurriedly put the last piece of carrot in his hand to his mouth, and said in kindness: “Brother, you taste it? In fact, the nutrition is the same, it’s really sweet.”

  Xia Ye sullenly stared at him for a while, “You never told me about this.”

  Tang Jinyu took the carrot back and ate it himself, and said with a smile: “It’s just a small matter. It’s actually not as hard as you think. It was fun. Grandpa took good care of me.”

  Xia Ye still wanted to ask him more, but a little worker came out of the kitchen and opened the door to move things. Tang Jinyu saw him and stood up and said enthusiastically, “What are you going to get? Rice, let me go with you. I just saw glutinous rice, the steam rice should be added a little too, right?”

  Xia Ye kept watching him, the little guy was relaxed and very capable in the environment of the back kitchen.

  Those skills were learned only in places he couldn’t see, and he didn’t know how much it took to understand so much.

  Xia Ye was in a complicated mood, and he did not say a word while pursing his lips.

  They ate there at noon. There was also a private dining room in the cafeteria, which is semi-open to the public. Generally speaking, tourists do not come here, that is, if the unit has some temporary entertainment, two tables will be placed. Grandpa Tang personally paid for their meal. Wang Yeqing’s mother and daughter were also eating together. Wang Yeqing respected the old man as her elders. Although the little girl next to her talked a little, she looked very well-behaved and she didn’t need to feed her when she ate.

  The warm food is much better than the food that Grandpa Tang brought to him a few days ago. After all, they were just out of the pot. The old man remembered that Tang Jinyu was not in good health, and he deliberately followed his diet, cooked lightly, and didn’t put out much oil or salt. 


  As long as Tang Jinyu can accompany the elderly, everything tastes delicious.

  Xia Ye ate with him and saw Wang Yeqing’s mother and daughter on the opposite side. He suddenly said, “When Xiaoyu was as old as her, it was very difficult to raise him. He was in poor health and kept getting sick. He slowly learned when he was over five years old to use chopsticks.”

  Tang Jinyu blushed. What his brother said was embarrassing. He still remembered that the adults in the family took turns feeding him. What he could do independently was to drink milk, and he had never made milk powder by himself.

Wang Yeqing also has a child, and she chatted about the topic with Xia Ye. At first, she thought he was just being raised at home. Later, when Xia Ye said that he would live in the hospital every winter for treatment, she apologized: “I didn’t know that was the case. I thought that it was a small problem.”

  Xia Ye said: “It’s okay, it’s better now.”

  Grandpa Tang sat there and couldn’t help but feel distressed. He didn’t know the concept of being better. He was in a coma for several days a few days ago. How bad was the child’s health before?

  Xia Ye turned the topic from Tang Jinyu to the old man’s side, and talked a few things about the nursery. He hadn’t invited the old man to return to Shanghai. To his surprise, Wang Yeqing, who was sitting at the side, began to urge, “Uncle De, I also heard about the nursery school. I can take my baby alone in the future. You can go back, didn’t the company invite you to be their chef two days ago? This is a great opportunity, I feel like I owe you a lifetime of hard work here. How can you stay with me in such a remote place? It’s far away from the hospital. You are getting older now, so I don’t worry if something really happens.”

  She didn’t know that it was Xia Ye who hired the old man.

  Xia Ye and Wang Yeqing persuaded him together, and Grandpa Tang nodded slowly while hesitating.

  The little girl next to Wang Yeqing was ignorant. Her mother lowered her head and said it twice before she understood, and asked indistinctly: “Grandpa, are you going?”

  Wang Yeqing said, “Well, grandpa goes to other places and will come to see you when the holiday is over, okay?”

  The little girl understood this time and cried sadly.


  When she cried, Tang Jinyu felt a little sorry. After eating, he went to the scenic shop to buy a large bag of sweets and snacks and gave it to the little girl.

  Grandpa didn’t let him, and he bought snacks to compensate her.

  The nursery has not been built yet, so Grandpa Tang decided to stay there for a few more months, and then go to Shanghai when the little girl can be sent there.

  Xia Ye naturally agreed. He promised the old man: “It will be built soon, don’t worry.”

  Before leaving, Wang Yeqing also came to send them off. Grandpa Tang was reluctant to leave Tang Jinyu. The two grandpa and grandson held each other’s hands as they were separated for many years. They were particularly reluctant to let go of each other. They talked endlessly. On the other side, Wang Yeqing and Xia Ye also looked at each other. Because of the relationship between the elderly, Wang Yeqing treated them even more enthusiastically, she said to Xia Ye: “I didn’t expect Uncle De to go to your company, I will trouble you to take care of him in the future.”

  Xia Ye said: “As it should be.”

  Wang Yeqing sighed, “Uncle De is really good. I told him that I can manage here, but he is still worried and insists on coming to take care of us. In my heart, I treat him as my elder, and he provided a lot for me. I came to Shanhai Town to study, and to be honest, he has given me more than what my parents gave me.” She bit her lip and pleaded in a low voice, “If it is convenient, can you please supervise his physical examination for a year? Once, Uncle De had an old problem with coughing, and he didn’t have much treatment. He was old and didn’t care much about himself. After the physical examination, I can rest assured…Uncle De is good at everything, but his temper is too stubborn. The money is spent on us, and many students have been funded, but we also hope that he can treat himself better.”


Xia Ye said: “Physical examination is included in the company’s benefits, you can rest assured.”

  Wang Yeqing nodded, and she looked up at the old man, with smiles and dismay in her eyes.

  Xia Ye remembered the ending his brother told him, and he thought it really changed this time.

  Just like he hadn’t encountered an airplane accident, even if they didn’t come to Shanhai Town to retrieve the old man this time, Grandpa Tang would no longer easily lose to an illness. His ending has already changed.

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  1. I’m glad this mother and daughter pair will have a much better ending this time around! Such a sad story of abuse last life!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. I’m happy for Yeqing and her daughter… but I guess this means she’s not Han Yichen’s gal.
    I wonder if he’ll still be single by the time the story ends? 🤭🤭

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