LNTMG-(170) Reunion

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 After staying in Qizhou for two days, Tang Jinyu went to Zhengcheng with his family.

  Grandma Chen, who lives in Zhengcheng, has been waiting for him for a while, and she didn’t talk as much. After waiting for people to come, she smiled and kept them to live for a few more days, and cleaned up the house behind and let Tang Jinyu live with them.

  This time, Grandma Chen didn’t exaggerate. Although the old lady likes to be lively, she is not so pushy. The only time she held a three-day banquet was when Tang Jinyu won the piano for the first time when he was a child. She just wanted to brag and win for her daughter, and after that the whole family closed the door to celebrate.

Tang Jinyu was admitted to the university this time. According to the practice of the Chen family, Grandma Chen invited several relatives who walked close to him and had a banquet. The two daughters of Chen Qiuguo and Chen Wenqian, the eldest son, also celebrated in the same way. The old lady also gave gifts separately. The two girls Hua Yan and Chen Deyun got things that the little girls liked, and gave each of them a good purple jade. The bracelets are made of thick materials and are a rare pair with a particularly good meaning.


  When it was Tang Jinyu’s turn, the old lady didn’t want to treat him badly. She gave a mutton jade gourd to ask for good luck. In addition, there is a string of southern red agate bracelets. Grandma Chen beckoned him to come over, personally handed the things to him, and smiled and said: “Good treasure, this jade gourd belongs to you, and this is for your mother. Yes, you will wear it for her later, and thank her for taking good care of you over the years, and you must be nice to her in the future, you know?”

Chen Suling stood up and stopped and said: “Mom, these are too expensive, they are more than the share of my elder sister and second brother, don’t give him so much.”

  Grandma Chen didn’t listen to her, she pushed Tang Jinyu, whispered a few words in his ear, and motioned for him to go over. Tang Jinyu came over with that string of southern red agate bracelets, and while bringing them to Chen Suling, he said: “Mom, you wear them, I’ll talk to grandma, and I will buy a bunch of filial gifts for grandma after I make money. This is what I borrowed from my grandma. You and Dad have worked so hard for so many years…” He didn’t say anything more. After wearing it, he gave Chen Suling a hug, then turned to hug Tang Hongjun, and said with a smile, “Dad, you have worked hard too!”

  There was only one bracelet. Tang Hongjun was not greedy at all. He was happy that his wife was wearing it more than him. He said it was not hard, but his eyes were red.

  He really didn’t expect that they would have such a day.

  It’s more beautiful than he can think of in a dream.

  Chen Suling was also happy when she received the bracelet, but she still mentioned her elder brother and sister carefully. The eldest sister would not think too much about it, but if the second sister-in-law Pei Jun heard about it, she would be sad for a while.

  Grandma Chen didn’t care: “You control her, I have my own private money, and she wants to still control it? Xiaoyu, don’t listen to your mother, listen to grandma.” The old lady squeezed her grandson’s face and smiled. The smile lines around the corners of her eyes are curved up, “You will be a great musician in the future, and be a piano master, and make great records in the future. Grandma is waiting to enjoy your blessing.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and was serious.

  Chen Suling originally wanted to say a few words, but she couldn’t help but smile when she saw her parents like this together.

  Elder Chen also gave a gift separately.


  Old Chen was in business, and the things he sent were just the few things, either gold or a house. It was the same every year. The share that Tang Jinyu invested in the mine has now risen by several times, and he didn’t know how many times. Old Chen has been saving it for him. The property market has been bullish in the past two years. He didn’t continue to save money for his grandson, but replaced it with a house.

  Grandpa Chen called Tang Jinyu to the study and gave him a bunch of keys.

  In the past few years, the old man bought a small house for his birthday every year. It was regarded as an investment for him, and he found someone to take care of it. Tang Jinyu received a lot of keys this time, but he was still happy and shook a bunch of keys and said: “Grandpa, there are so many spare keys this year. It’s great. I will give one to my parents and my mother, and I can also give one to Uncle Xia and my brother.”

  ”What spare keys? Grandpa bought you a building.”


  ”Your grandpa used the money to invest in you before, let alone, you have made a lot of money during this time! It is a pity to keep this money, don’t you like the beach? It just happens that the house price in Yecheng has dropped a bit recently. It was cheap two years ago. Grandpa chose a community for you in Yecheng. The community has a good environment, and there is a large swimming pool downstairs. It is also close to the beach and you can walk there.” Grandpa Chen laughed and said, “Your uncle took a trip personally and picked the best one for you, take it!”

  ”Grandpa, this is too much…”

  ”Not much. Although the house prices are cheap now, they will rise a little in the next few years. After all, it is the provincial capital. Buying more will keep the value. Grandpa took advantage of my strong bones in the past two years, so I did more and saved some money for my good treasure. Keep it for later and eat the rent.” Grandpa Chen was also frightened a while ago. The old man had always felt ashamed and always felt that he hadn’t taken good care of the kit. But now he was relieved to see the little grandson standing here well. He beckoned Tang Jinyu to come over, holding his hand and exhorting a few words, “You don’t have to worry about anything, every day is good, and it’s only after you get to college. If you think about it, you can live as you want, so worry about other things, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu was happy and nodded.

  He felt that he hadn’t gotten crooked in such a family atmosphere, and he was determined.

  At night, Tang Jinyu went to Xia Ye.


  Grandma Chen prepared enough rooms this time, but the two brothers still lived in the same room. Tang Jinyu made an excuse for himself, and he fumbled for a long time. In short, he wanted to live with his brother. Xia Ye just stood by and listened this time. He didn’t mean to help, sitting and enjoying the results.

  Tang Jinyu returned to the room and took the key to Xia Ye. “Brother, look, grandpa bought me a building!”

  Xia Ye lifted his fingers and slid his hand across, and the set of keys made a crisp crashing sound, and he smiled: “Very good, so many houses can be hidden in the golden house.”

  Tang Jinyu immediately showed his loyalty, “Brother, I will hide you!”

  Xia Ye raised an eyebrow to look at him.

  Tang Jinyu immediately changed his words: “I won’t hide it. After two years of work, I will make money by myself, and then I will tell my family.” He hugged Xia Ye and said, “Brother, I really like you so much. I will study hard and work hard in the future. I will make a lot of money and I will buy you everything.”

  Xia Ye already calculated this in his heart, his brother’s salary didn’t matter, but the rent that the child had accumulated over the years was quite impressive.

  Tang Jinyu hugged him and said vaguely, Xia Ye heard only one ending and asked: “What?”

  ”…I bought a ring.”

  Xia Ye didn’t say a word, waiting for him to continue.

  Tang Jinyu whispered: “Just when we were in Shanhai Town, when I went to the back kitchen to help Grandpa. Grandpa gave me 100 yuan and he said that he didn’t want me to work in vain. I took advantage of you and called Brother Song. When I went out to buy a ring at the scenic spot, it was not very good, but I think it is quite commemorative. This is the first time I earned money from working.” He took out a plain white silver ring from his pocket. The ring is simple and clean without any fancy patterns.

  Xia Ye looked down and watched him put it on for himself, and he didn’t know when the little guy secretly measured his finger, and it was just the right size. After a while, he heard himself ask: “Just one?”


Tang Jinyu lowered his head to adjust the ring for him, and said with a smile: “Well, there wasn’t not enough money, I only have enough to buy one, I will hold you up first.” He raised his head and kissed Xia Ye, his eyes shining brightly, “Brother, every year from now on, I’ll buy you one. No, I’ll buy a pair. Let’s make an appointment and see how many rings we can save. I want to spend a lifetime with you. There are so many enviable rings.”

Xia Ye stroked his cheek, rubbed his thumb twice in his ear, bowed his head and kissed him, and said okay when he pressed their lips together.

  He also wants to live with the person in his arms for a lifetime.

  A very long good life.

  A few months later, soon after Tang Jinyu University opened, Grandpa Tang rushed to Shanghai from Shanhai Town.

  Tang Jinyu went to the station to pick him up in person. He wore a T-shirt and trousers with the name of the conservatory of music, holding up a sign, and greeted him at the station as if waiting for a freshman. This was a ceremony that he and his grandfather had imagined countless times before. At that time, while the old man was suffering from illness, he listened to his imagination of the university with a smile. Tang Jinyu was very happy and told him about the university he had heard from his teacher——

  ”Grandpa, I heard from my teacher that when there are new students coming to the university. Every year, some people wear school uniforms and wait to pick up people at the station, and hold signs, it’s amazing!”

  ”After I go to university, I will take you to study with me!”

  ”I heard that the university also distributes school uniforms. Grandpa, when the time comes, we will have uniforms, and you will be one of us, and everyone will be able to see us as a grandpa and grandchild duo!”

  ”You can see that there will be so many people wearing school uniforms, they won’t be able to make a mistake!”


  Elder Tang Zhengde dragged a simple small suitcase and rushed to Shanghai. He saw a student in school uniform far away from the station.

  Among so many people, he could only see a boy in his eyes. The crowds around him were crowded, and there were all kinds of people waiting at the station, except that the kid wore a neat school uniform with a line of school printed on the white T-shirt, so that he didn’t recognize the wrong person.


  Holding a sign in his hand, Tang Jinyu was stepping on his feet to look for him. He seemed to sense something across the crowd. He turned his head and met the old man’s eyes, but just when he saw the other person’s face, he couldn’t help but smile.

  The old man walked two steps forward and saw Tang Jinyu smiling and running over and giving him a big hug!

  The old man put his hand on his shoulder and patted twice. The insecurity of the previous few months was lost. The child always remembered him, with him in his heart. Just thinking about it, the old man used his hand slightly, and patted him with a little bit of strength, and smiled: “I’m back, this time when you have a holiday, you can come to Grandpa for dinner, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu helped him carry his luggage, and said in surprise: “Grandpa, you must have not read my text message, right?”

  ”What text message?”

  ”I also go home for dinner every day when I go to university. The school is very close to my brother’s company. By the way, my brother has arranged a staff room for you. Let me take you over to see… My brother? My brother is waiting at the door, it’s not easy to park here, of course he will come with me to pick you up! We all miss you!”

  The old man was helped by Tang Jinyu and walked outside. Within a few steps, he saw a tall man approaching. He lifted the suitcase beside Tang Jinyu and said in a low voice, “I’m coming.” .

  Grandpa Tang looked at him, then at the boy at hand, his heart that had been wandering for many years suddenly fell from mid-air was now steady, and felt not so empty.

  He seems to have found his relatives.

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  The author has something to say: The text is over, thank you for your company in the past three months~ I got two full attendances for this book, and I worked hard to write all the affection I want to write. Because the outside world is not perfect, I work hard to give it to all the perfection I can think of for Xiao Yuer. I hope he is lucky, like a child who is ignorant of happiness, and will not have to experience wind and rain for all his life.

  I also hope that all readers will always be carefree and happy.


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