LNTMG-(171) Extra 1

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The ring on Xia Ye’s hand was only noticed after a while.

  The first person that saw this was Han Yichen. Comrade Xiao Han just came to give his regular report. When reading the document, he glanced up and caught a glimpse of the little thing the big boss was wearing. After reading it several times, he forgot what he was going to say.

  After finishing the meeting, Han Yichen immediately followed Xia Ye to the office. After entering the door, he stared fiercely at his finger and asked: “Lao Xia, what’s going on, what’s the situation?”

  Xia Ye looked at him, somewhat surprised, “What situation?”

  Han Yichen cried out strangely: “You still pretend, the ring you are wearing! I have been trying to go on a blind date for several years, but I haven’t gotten a girlfriend. When did you find someone? No, when did you start talking? Why didn’t I hear anything about this?”


  ”This will be kept secret for the time being.” Xia Ye looked down at the finger ring and smiled, “They are still young and shy, and I will bring them out to meet you later.”

  This sentence contains too much information, and Han Yichen digested it for a while before grasping the key point, “Younger than you? How much younger?”

  Xia Ye was silent for a moment before saying: “I don’t think feelings can be measured by age.”

  Han Yichen was happy, “Are you an old cow eating tender grass?”


  ”Really? Lao Xia, let me tell you, three-years older is a generation gap, it’s hard to communicate. Don’t look at me like that, all I said are based on scientific evidence, wait a minute, you have this expression now that It’s not a matter of generation gap… I’m guessing, six years younger than you?”

  Xia Ye looked bad and wanted to blast this person out.

  Han Yichen has changed from eating melons to just lemons, envious of the boss, “How on earth did you achieve the same working relationship? Your workload is bigger than mine, and Lao Song is different since his emotional foundation started in university. But where did you come from?” He pondered for a while, then hesitated, “Do I know this person?”

  Xia Ye played inside and asked Song Yi to take the people out to work overtime.

When Manager Song came to arrest people, Han Yichen was still a little dissatisfied, but after looking down at the wedding ring Song Yi was wearing, he took another mouthful of dog food.


  Xiao Han felt that he couldn’t come here as often at the headquarters. This group of people all had targets, and they were simply too unfriendly towards single dogs.

  After Han Yichen came out, he was still a little envious. He chatted with him for a while in Song Yi’s office, and asked a few questions about Xia Ye’s object. He felt that Song Yi and Xia Ye were inseparable from each other, so he must know more information.

  But this time he miscalculated. Manager Song didn’t know any news about the ring in Xia Ye’s hand, let alone the small object who only appeared in Xia Ye’s mouth occasionally, but Manager Song refused to admit defeat. The unpredictable expression on his face said to Han Yichen: “You don’t know about emotions.”

  ”Huh?” Han Yichen was stunned. What did he not understand?

  ”You can imagine better.”

  ”How much better?”

  ”The most best kind.”


  Song Yi actually vaguely had a bold guess in his heart, but even if he was confident in his heart, he wouldn’t just talk about it without Xia Ye’s permission. He tapped his finger on the desktop, and said ambiguously: “Feelings are things that suddenly come to light. Sometimes you can’t find the right person anywhere, but once you think about it, and then you see that person, you know it’s the right person.”He simply defined it neatly, “You have never experienced this, so it’s normal if you don’t understand.”

  Han Yichen: “…”

  Han Yichen felt that he was bullying him for not being in a relationship.


  When Song Yi gave him the file, Han Yichen was not convinced: “Then you give me some time to feel true love. You assign so much work to me. My sister didn’t have that much high school homework! No matter how I talk, I still squeeze time for blind dates, and I only watched half of the ball game once that I have no time to consider my personal feelings!”

  Song Yi said, “You don’t need to watch the football match and go on a blind date.”

  Han Yichen said immediately: “That won’t work.”

  Song Yi thought to himself, this person deserves to be single, and it’s normal not to find someone.

  Han Yichen couldn’t ask anything from Song Yi’s side, and ran to gossip with Old Ape.

  The old ape has recently been promoted to be a prospective father, and the little baby is still in his wife’s belly. At the moment, he is completely a slave wife. Three sentences cannot be separated from his two babies, one big and one small.

  Han Yichen just made a call, and Old Ape immediately dialed a video call. After the phone was connected, the loyal and honest face of Old Ape appeared on the phone screen, and he smiled and raised the two small clothes in his hands to ask: “Xiao Han, you just help me take a look, which one of these two looks good?”

Han Yichen looks like a pure scholar, but he has the heart of a warrior inside. When he is studying, he likes to watch martial arts. Although he used to dislike his sister wearing a torn scarf and dressing as a fairy, there also lived a fairy with a veil fluttering in his heart. Seeing the little dress held by Old Ape, he did not hesitate and said, “The pink one! “

  Old Ape said with joy: “I think this one is good too!”

  ”Old Ape, your baby is still too early to tell the expected date of delivery, but you have the clothes ready? What if it’s a boy?”

  ”It’s all the same, I bought some of them, pink and blue, anyway, so what if it’s a boy or a girl? They will wear the same clothes, they are all cute!”


  ”Then what do you want me to pick?”

  ”I just learned ribbon embroidery, and I plan to decorate it again. Dad’s little love dress, you don’t understand!

  Han Yichen was no longer eating dog food this time. He feels that he has been pressed into the dog food bucket by the Old Ape, and he can’t get up if he doesn’t eat it.

  After finally turning the topic to Xia Ye, Old Ape comforted him and said: “Xia Ye is already in his twenties, so he should solve his personal problems. It’s a good thing to find someone.”

  Han Yichen said: “I’m one year older than him, why don’t you worry about me!”

  Old Ape: “Then there is no way, he found one by himself, you don’t have the ability to blame anyone.”

  Han Yichen: “…”

  Xiao Han always went through a series of blows, like a chicken that was defeated, most of his hair was pecked off, and he could no longer communicate with his old friends arrogantly. He felt that he had entered the lowest level of the contempt chain, this kind of silent comparison was simply too cruel.

  Xia Ye’s office hours are actually not as long as Han Yichen thought. After dealing with the things at hand, he spends more time reading poetry collections-this is recommended to him by Old Ape. It is said that Old Ape was learning to write poems while reading. After more than a year, he finally caught up with his wife. Xia Ye doesn’t have to work as hard as Old Ape, but he also wants to learn how to make his partner happy, after all, he is also a novice in love.

  From the moment he decided in his heart to be together, he was the only person from beginning to end.

  The only person that he can practice this on is that person.

  Xia Ye turned over the collection of poems at his hand. There were not many words in it. He turned it over and memorized it, but it’s hard to tell if he had any insights. He didn’t have any emotions for these. But after reading it, his eyes turned red, but after reading it now, Xia Ye still maintained his usual indifferent indifference.

  This book is not good.

  Xia Ye frowned, and asked Old Ape on the Internet to tell him to introduce a new collection of poems to him, while checking his brother’s position by the way.


  Tang Jinyu and him use a couple mobile phone. Xia Ye installed a small gadget inside. They can see each other’s location. Both of them are like small tin robots, and they can show a series of small footprints on the road. How far is the distance between the other party and oneself, and how many minutes will it take to meet.

  Tang Jinyu’s little robot showed that he had arrived at the company, but instead of coming up, he went to the restaurant on the tenth floor.

  Xia Ye laughed and clicked on the little robot in the picture that was happily spinning around because of the closer distance, and took his coat and got up and went out.

  The company’s restaurant has been in operation for nearly a year, and Mr. Tang Zhengde has been here for a while. He is a chef in the restaurant and he is good at all kinds of dishes, especially the northern cuisine, which is quite authentic. When they first received the meal, Tang Hongjun ate with them a few times. He was shocked when he saw that it was the chef of his unit. He went up and shook hands and hugged him again. Their relationship was very good. Before leaving, he asked the old man for a portion, and went back to ponder the new recipe with joy.

Now Xia Tang and Tang Zhengde are both familiar with what camping activities are there, especially when Tang Jinyu is on vacation, he will drag the old man. There were a few times when Mr. Tang Hu happened to be here, Tang Jinyu yelled “Grandpa”, and both of them nodded at him, they looked back at each other, they couldn’t tell who he was calling for a while, and they both went to see their little grandson.

  At first, Mr. Tang Hui had been jealous, but gradually he got more in touch, and found that Tang Zhengde had a straightforward temper. Although he had no culture, he had a lot of knowledge about traveling north and south. It was also very interesting to talk about the things he had seen. The two old men became friends. Since Tang Zhengde was a few years younger, he shouted “old brother” to Mr. Tang Hui, and the old man responded, with a smile on his face.

Tang Jinyu doesn’t live in university. He spends almost half of his time there with Xia Ye. At noon, he likes to eat in the company restaurant. There are a few dishes that he can eat every day.

  The company’s restaurant is more intelligent. There are small robots running back and forth to help deliver food and order orders, and they can talk directly with it. The voice is kind of serious with a milky sound, and with a mechanical voice, it is especially cute.


  When Xia Ye passed by, Tang Jinyu was talking to the little robot.

  In addition to the eyes and mouth on the electronic screen of the little robot who was talking, there were two pink blobs on his face, looking as if it was a shy little guy. Tang Jinyu sat on a chair and teased it: “Are you a boy or a girl?”

  ”I’m so cute, of course I’m a boy!”

  ”What’s your salary?”

  ”No salary, all salaries are paid for electricity.”

  ”But yesterday ‘Xiaomei’ said it has a salary!”

  ”Really? Then I’m going to ask about it.”



  One person, one machine were having fun.

  Xia Ye walked over and clicked on the screen. The little robot immediately displayed the menu with due diligence and asked him what he wanted to eat, “I can recommend, there is a particularly delicious sweet and sour pork today!”

  Xia Ye ignored it, entered a string of codes, and found a hidden menu inside, which he wrote specially for Tang Jinyu and Grandpa Tang, so that they could order outside, and Grandpa Tang in the back kitchen could see it every day, and prepare a separate meal for the little guy.

After Xia Ye ordered, he ordered another plate of nut biscuits for it to be delivered first. The little robot slid away flexibly, avoiding all obstacles, and went to the back kitchen. He jogged and said happily as he trot, “Order, order, there is a new order—”

  Tang Jinyu was amused by it every time. He laid on the back of the chair and watched with relish. Xia Ye sat aside and poured a glass of water for him, and asked, “Like this? Go back and get one at home for you to play with. “


  Tang Jinyu shook his head and smiled: “No, it’s fun if they get together. Brother, you don’t know that they will quarrel with each other. That ‘Xiaomei’ is their captain, since it can beat three of them, it’s so overbearing.”

  Xia Ye said: “Really, look at it next time.”

  The dishes came very fast, as if they were prepared early in the morning. The food came out with four dishes and one soup, a squirrel mandarin fish, a cashew nut and celery, a stuffed meat tofu box, and a winter melon pork rib soup, and a small cold vegetable spinach in oyster sauce.

  The squirrel mandarin fish is charred on the outside and tender on the inside, the soup is rich, and it is crunchy in the mouth. The fish meat is especially served with the soup on the plate; the tofu box is also specially prepared, with lean meat, winter bamboo shoots, and shiitake mushrooms. Tofu is fried first and then steamed. The skin is tough but still has a particularly delicate taste like tofu, and each bite was good. Tang Jinyu usually doesn’t like to eat soy products, but likes to eat this dish and can eat half a plate every time.

  Grandpa Tang in the back kitchen prepared thoughtfully. Besides the two small bowls of rice, there was a small plate of croquette. The old man spoiled him like a child, and he made him the dishes that children like to eat.

  Xia Ye ate dinner with him, seeing that he had almost finished eating, he asked: “There is no class in the afternoon, where will you go later?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “I’ll go find Grandpa to play.”

  Xia Ye immediately said, “I will go too.”

  Last time Tang Jinyu said that, saying that he would go to Grandpa Tang to play for a while, he was not seen for a day. Later, he found both the grandpa and grandchild duo in the cinema. Grandpa Tang said that he had never watched a 3D movie, so Tang Jinyu took him to watch a show. The young and old were too devoted to watching the movie and forgot the time. The mobile phone was also turned off and mute in a disciplined manner. It was no wonder he couldn’t find him.

  Xia Ye planned to keep an eye on him this time, and went to the kitchen with him.

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  1. Han Yichen will be a single dog all his life at this rate! 😂 You don’t seem to learn!

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    I’m really looking forward to the relationship reveal!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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