LNTMG-(172) Extra 2

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 When Tang Jinyu went back into the back kitchen, he found that the old man was also chatting with a small robot.

  It was Xiaomei.

  ”Let me look again. I have to check every time, my menu has to be very clear! I want to change the name of the dish…”

  ”During the background review, it cannot be modified!”

  ”I wrote it myself, can’t I change it?”

  ”No way!”

  ”Then you can see for yourself, how my dishes this time are the same as yesterday, this is tofu, it is salty, this is sweet bean curd, just listen to the name to know it’s sweet! Doesn’t this look different from yesterday? Look for yourself, come here, you turn your head and have a look, I still have a freshly made sweet bean curd, you look back for yourself!”


  ”Where is it? I can’t see it.”

  ”Just behind you, you look back!”


  There was no way to communicate between the two sides. Grandpa Tang was so angry that he hugged him over and made it look at it. The little robot also chirped to him, and he could reply to the last few sentences. There were so many words, and he didn’t catch all of it.

  Tang Jinyu felt that his grandpa was about to quarrel with the artificial intelligence there, which was especially funny. However, he was not willing to make the old man really angry, so he hurriedly went over to ask, and learned that there was only a small problem with a menu entry, so he helped deal with it. He was responsible for communicating with Grandpa Tang, and Xia Ye was responsible for communicating with the little robot. The program was modified on the spot and the process was completed in a few minutes.

  This time, Xiaomei quickly distinguished the two dishes and passed the review smoothly.

The four wheels on the little robot’s site turned quickly, and it trotted out with a cheerful voice: “There is a new menu, there is a new menu! There will be delicious and healthy dishes tomorrow—”

  Grandpa Tang stood there blowing his beard and stared, “What new menu? I showed this yesterday, and other small robots can remember it, but this one can’t remember every time, and he always likes to go to the back kitchen to recharge!”


  After dinner, the back chef also came to relax. Tang Jinyu sat there chatting with the old man, “Last time I learned the dishes from you, everyone in my family loves to eat them. My grandpa also likes them, so I want to study more. It’s my turn to make a good dish!”

  Grandpa Tang smiled and said, “Just like it. I haven’t thanked you for the chess book that Grandpa sent last time. It’s really useful. I can win several games now!” The old man is learning to play chess and likes to play chess on weekends. The other old men joined together to play chess, just at the beginning of learning to lose. The more they lose, the more addicted they are. They can only scratch their heads to find foreign aid. Fortunately, the foreign aids around him are better than one, and they can all help out.

Tang Jinyu had no class in the afternoon and stayed to learn how to cook with the old man. Xia Ye received four or five phone calls after he accompanied him for a while. Grandpa Tang said to him, “Xiaoye, if you are busy, go back first, and then come back in the evening. He is an adult, I’ll watch him for you, I can’t lose him!”

  Tang Jinyu also looked up, “Brother, I’ll go up to you in a while.”

  Xia Ye had no choice but to go back to the office first.

  Tang Jinyu stayed in the back kitchen while learning to cook while using his mobile phone to help the elderly take short videos. Short videos have been very popular in the past two years. Everyone will create an account to update a little daily fun things around them and put them on online. Grandpa Tang’s account is dedicated to sharing cooking, and some small tricks, there are not many likes on it. Their most popular video has only more than two thousand comments. Among them, Tang Jinyu’s message was the first, firmly occupying first place.

  Today, Grandpa Tang talked about steamed rice, and while washing the rice, he said, “Everyone knows how to make steamed rice, but there are some tricks to make it as beautiful as a restaurant one. It’s very important to wash the rice, and it also has a special… Xiaoyu, have you started recording?”

  The boy who did not appear on the screen, he laughed and said heartily: “It’s recording, Grandpa, you can go on and talk!”


  ”Okay, take it closer. I’ll teach everyone to wash the rice. You must wash away some starch, so that the rice can be steamed to be translucent, and you can chew with your teeth.” Grandpa Tang washed the rice two or three times, and talked to Tang Jinyu about his homework. The old man just got together with his grandson to have a good time. When he brought his little apprentice to teach him, he occasionally interacted with the netizens in the comment area, but his main focus was still on Tang Jinyu. “Did you see this Xiaoyu? Do you want to try?”

  Because Tang Jinyu was videotaping, he washed one hand and tried what the old man said, but he fiddled with the rice bowl twice. Grandpa Tang started to boast silently, “Yes, that’s it, Xiaoyu did it. It’s very good. Many people just like rubbing when they get started, but that’s a mistake. You must wash it gently, even if you wash it again, it is better than rubbing.”

  ”Northern rice doesn’t have a lot of water. One catty of rice and a half of water, which is just right.”

  ”This rice should be used in Wuchang, it’s authentic Northeast rice, it’s delicious when you eat it!”

  ”First soak for 20 minutes, and then we use a small trick. Let’s not use ordinary water, and instead use mineral water, and then some olive oil. If you want a softer meal, put a little bit of white vinegar on it.”


  Tang Jinyu accompanied the whole recording process. When steaming the rice, he stopped and helped the old man clean up the kitchen. A few small workers at his hand rushed over to do it. He smiled and said, “You don’t need to do this work, just stay with our master. We are looking forward to master teaching us little cooking tricks every day. All the big guys are stealing our master here. This is a hard skill that has to be practiced, I have learned more than I used to in training schools!”


  A few of them rushed to work and respected the old man. Tang Jinyu didn’t stop him, smiled at them and went back to the old man again.

  Grandpa Tang’s rice was soon steamed. Tang Jinyu tried it in the past. The rice that just came out of the pot was oily and bright, and the grains were crystal clear. Grandpa Tang first mixed it well, and when the heat dissipated a little, he gave it to him immediately. He filled a bowl, and this time the old man took his mobile phone and handed him the bowl, “Try it.”

  Tang Jinyu took the bowls and chopsticks. The freshly steamed rice was still full of steam. The rice was fragrant, he took a bite and he felt the fragrance spread in his mouth. He can taste the rice by chewing carefully, it was sweet and chewy, he felt that he could finish a small bowl with an empty stomach.

  Tang Jinyu ate happily, and said as he ate: “Grandpa, this meal is delicious, it doesn’t need side dishes!”

  The old man laughed and said, “That’s not possible, you might be full today, but Grandpa doesn’t feed you much. When you come back, you want to eat some side dishes. Grandpa will prepare it in advance, and it tastes better if you pair it with it!”


  The old and the young recorded a small video of eating food. Tang Jinyu finished the small half-bowl of rice, edited the video with his mobile phone and posted it. He does this every day. The old man’s account is always handled by him. It’s very smooth.

  When it’s done, the old man has to rest. The people in the back kitchen are usually busy with meals, and they have lunch breaks in the afternoon, which is relatively leisurely.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t bother him much, and went straight to the top floor by the elevator from the restaurant.

  Xia Ye was reading a collection of poems in his office. When he heard the knock on the door, he thought it was Song Yi and the others. He casually agreed for them to enter. After seeing that it was Tang Jinyu who came in, he wanted to put away the book, but it was too late, so he could only close the pages of the book and raised his eyebrows. “Coming back so soon?”


  Tang Jinyu said, “Grandpa is about to rest, so I came up… Brother, what did you put in your drawer?”


  ”A book?”


  The two spoke at the same time. Although the person who answered was calm, the action of stuffing the book in his hand betrayed him, and the person who asked the question was also a bit embarrassed. He could see that the book in his brother’s hand was stuck there and it hadn’t been stuffed in.

  Xia Ye coughed and said, “A book on how to deal with files can improve work efficiency.”

Tang Jinyu walked over, took out the book and read it, then looked up at his brother. Xia Ye pursed his lips and did not respond. Tang Jinyu was so happy, he squeezed into a chair and flipped through the collection of poems, and asked, “Brother, let me ask you, how can reading poetry improve work efficiency?”

  Xia Ye held him in his arms, looked at him with his arms around him, and said seriously: “Probably put me in a good mood.”

  ”A good mood can improve work efficiency?”


  This reason cannot be refuted for a while, and Tang Jinyu himself sometimes does the same, and playing the piano especially smooth makes him feel better. He turned to the place where his brother made notes in the collection of poems and saw that his brother had written a lot of notes. When he was about to read it carefully, the book in his hand was taken away by Xia Ye, “I haven’t finished reading yet…”

  Xia Ye bowed his head and kissed him, “Is the book good or me? You didn’t see me this morning.”

  ”I was going to school, and we just had dinner together at noon.”

  Xia Ye didn’t listen to this, he lowered his head and kissed again. The other person who was muttering his reason immediately blushed, closed his eyes and kissed him intently. He couldn’t remember anything else. After the kiss, he was a little excited. His slender fingers gripped Xia Ye’s collar tightly, looked at him expectantly, and whispered to his brother.


  They were so familiar with each other. Xia Ye raised his hand and scratched his chin. The person in his arms immediately softened, but he still looked at him, just like when he was a child when he was embarrassed to ask for candy, and can’t help but give a hint.

  Xia Ye rubbed his chin twice with his thumb, “Thought about it?”

  ”Yeah, brother wants to.”

  Xia Ye chuckled softly, “I was thinking about it.” He rubbed Tang Jinyu’s lips with his hands, they became red, and his eyes darkened.

  When he kissed again, it was no longer as gentle as before, and it was almost like he was a different person, attacking him extremely overbearing.

  Tang Jinyu was a little scared, he avoided it twice, and tried to raise his head to speak to the desperately busy person, “Brother, are we going to do this in the office, I, I’m a little scared…”

  ”What are you afraid of?”

  Tang Jinyu whispered several reasons, and looked around, the other person was still shy and thin-skinned.

  The door was locked with a click, and the shutters closed automatically, and the whole room was darkened.

  Tang Jinyu felt a little safe in the dark, but his face was still hot.

  ”Turn over.”

  Xia Ye’s voice was hoarse as he ordered him.

  Tang Jinyu hesitated a little, but still obediently turned.


  Xia Ye feels that today the other person was sometimes obedient and sometimes not obedient.

  In general, a change in environment does require a break-in period.

  Xia Ye had thought about the office for a long time, and it took a long time to run in. Tang Jinyu protested in a low voice at first, but then began to twist and hide.


  Xia Ye almost couldn’t hold it back, his breathing became a little heavier, and gritted his teeth and said, “You asked for it.”

  Tang Jinyu: “!!!”

  The office break-in period was more than once. After starting, it seemed like he had discovered a New World. This week, Tang Jinyu had only gone into Xia Ye’s office and whenever he came out of the office, his feet became sluggish.

  But after the number of times increased, there was also a little discovery.

  After Tang Jinyu tried a few times, the overall feeling was better with his back facing towards that break-in experience, but the more times he felt it was better to face-to-face, he would become dizzy, he felt that his brother was good at everything.

  It was not until more than a month later that Han Yichen returned to the headquarters for a dinner with some old friends. Comrade Xiao Han accidentally found a hickey behind Tang Jinyu’s ear, and his eyes straightened immediately.

  Taking advantage of Tang Jinyu’s departure for a few minutes, he quickly touched Xia Ye’s side with his foot, winking at him and said, “Hey, Lao Xia, did you see that just now!”

  Xia Ye: “What?”

  Han Yichen lowered his voice and whispered with his hand covering his mouth: “Xiaoyu’s right ear, there seems to be a hickey!”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Song Yi heard this when he was sitting up close. He looked at Han Yichen and wondered: “You haven’t been in a relationship, how can you still study these? Where did you learn it?”

  ”I watched TV, no, Lao Song, you’re focusing on the wrong thing!” Han Yichen persevered, and went to see Xia Ye again, “Lao Xia, you don’t care? Xiaoyu has just been in college for a year, so he must have a partner! And one that’s quite bold, Tut Tut, there’s a lot of redness behind his ears, don’t students at this age hold hands?”

  Xia Ye said: “One and a half years.”


  ”Xiaoyu has been in college for one and a half years, and he will be 20 years old after his sophomore year next semester.”


  Han Yichen looked at him puzzledly, “So?”

  ”At the age of 20, we can talk about this for two years first, and after another two years, he will just reach the legal marriage age after graduating from college. I think there is nothing wrong with him getting together with someone at his age.”

  Han Yichen looked dumbfounded. When he discussed this with Xia Ye about this before, this person didn’t say that! Comrade Xiao Han thought he had heard him wrong, and after asking it again and getting the same answer, he felt even more incredible. He asked, “Didn’t you say that Xiaoyu was only allowed to fall in love at the age of 30?”

  Xia Ye: “Did I say that?”

  Han Yichen: “You said this!” What kind of person, how can he turn his head and not even recognize what he said!

  Xia Ye thought for a moment, and said, “It’s different.”

  Han Yichen was too curious about what kind of person it was, but just as he couldn’t ask about Xia Ye’s object, Tang Jinyu’s partner was also so tightly protected that he couldn’t ask for any news.

  Tang Jinyu came back soon. Han Yichen kept staring at him, especially wanting to ask, but several times before he could speak, Song Yi stepped on his feet under the table.

  Han Yichen froze.

  He waited for the dinner to go to ask Song Yi again, but this time Manager Song didn’t mention a word to him. He didn’t even have to make a perfunctory question like before. His question was answered with only three words, I don’t know.

  Han Yichen was curious for two full years.

  It was not until two years later that at the private banquet party between Xia Ye and Tang Jinyu, he learned who the so-called “different” refers to. In just a few seconds, his expression changed from shocked to distorted, and he immediately recalled all the previous interactions and suddenly realized it!

When Xia Ye and Tang Jinyu came to clink glasses for him, Han Yichen’s eyes were sharp and he saw another hickey behind Tang Jinyu’s ear, a small piece of bright red, which was like a stamp to show his belonging.

  Comrade Xiao Han couldn’t help madly insulting the boss in his heart, but he didn’t dare to say a word in front of the boss, and gave a lot of gifts.

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