LNTMG-(173) Extra 3

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 Xia Ye spent four years planning every detail on how to confess to his family.

  He was not afraid of anything, just that his family would not accept it, or that the little guy he was caring for under his wings would show sad eyes. For this, he thought a lot and made a lot of preparations, and wanted to make a little bit of gradual progress as much as possible.

  But he didn’t expect that Tang Jinyu suddenly had a showdown with his family in his sophomore year.

  Tang Jinyu was not to blame this time, in fact, this started out because of Han Yixing.

  Han Yixing has grown up and has turned from a little fairy to a pretty girl. It may not be regarded as a school flower, but she was definitely well-deserved. She was also a closed student accepted by Mr. Tang Hui and has many suitors in S University.


  Han Yichen did not relax his vigilance for this reason. Not only did he call his cousin himself, he also told Old Ape to help take care of his sister, for fear that his sister might be bullied by someone.

  Old Ape ran to the courtyard every day, wishing to treat the courtyard as a member of his own family, that must be supervised.

  In the first year, Old Ape found that the little girl had not accepted any suitors in the school, she was devoting herself to studying. Occasionally, when she was called in the corridor, she was discussing topics with classmates, as if she was still counseling someone.

  In the second year, the little girl had a high morale, and the frequency of going to the library increased a lot. It seemed that she had made a pen pal. In this era of electronic information explosion, she was quite retro.

  But it didn’t take long for the little girl to cry to Yue Yuan, saying that she was broken in love.

  Yue Yuan comforted her for a long time, both of them were all from a few universities. Yue Yuan was a few years old and had always treated the little girl as his sister. They had a good relationship. When Han Yixing walked from Yue Yuan, her eyes were swollen from crying, and the little girl’s behavior after breaking up in love was particularly strong. She bit her lip and said: “Senior sister, I don’t believe it, I want to ask him in person.”

  Yue Yuan sighed, but also nodded, putting her hair behind her ears and said: “Okay, I’ll ask for leave for you, but you have to go and get back quickly. At most, I will give you 2 days, you can’t delay, okay?”

  Han Yixing sniffed and nodded, “Okay.”

  Old Ape was shocked all the way on the side. After Han Yixing left, he couldn’t digest their conversation, and asked with a trembling voice: “Talking about the stars, talking about an object?”

  Yue Yuan said: “Yes, didn’t you hear it just now?”

  Old Ape was extremely shocked, “What’s the matter! I have never seen her interact with any boys in school!”


  Yue Yuan said: “She’s talking to a boy from a different school. The boy is pretty good, he went to a military academy. I’ve only seen him once. He and Xingxing invited me to dinner. They were very shy, but they didn’t hide anything. He is a real young man, and looks good. I think that they were going to be together after graduation, but I didn’t expect them to suddenly break up, ah.”

  Old Ape was even more shocked, “How do you know so much?”

  Yue Yuan smiled and said: “Our girls talk a lot in whispers, what’s all the fuss about.”

  Old Ape’s whole body collapsed, he was in charge of taking care of Han Yichen’s younger sister. He never thought that this would escape from under his nose, and was so anxious, “What’s the name of the person that stars talked about? When did you start talking? “

  Yue Yuan thought for a while and said, “It’s Ji Yuanjie. I heard the stars call him Xiaoji. They have been together in high school. They have been together for many years. Their childhood sweethearts have a particularly good relationship.”

    Old Ape didn’t panic this time.

  He stopped and thought about it. In high school, it was obviously Han Yichen’s own responsibility during that time, so it had nothing to do with him. After he figured it out, he breathed a sigh of relief and immediately felt relieved.

  He went to report to Han Yichen, and Comrade Xiao Han rushed over after booking the plane for the day!

  But he was still a step too late, and Han Yixing had already left for the military academy where Ji Yuanjie was located.

  Han Yichen sullenly called his sister, “Xingxing, where are you?”

  ”Brother, don’t worry about this, I will solve it myself.”


  ”…How will you solve it? Come back first, your elder brother will think of a solution for you, okay?” Brother Xiao Han was extremely humble.

  But Han Yixing still rejected him, and said coldly: “I can handle my own affairs, and I will be back in two days.”

  ”Then you can’t go alone!”

  ”I’m not alone, Xiaoyu also came with me.”

  Han Yichen took a deep breath, “Why did you abduct him too?!”

  The little girl said “bad signal” and hung up the phone. Han Yichen was so flustered that the other party didn’t answer the phone, so he could only ask which school Ji Yuanjie had taken while hurried to find Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye didn’t believe it at first. He looked at the phone and found that there were a few unread text messages. He didn’t have time to read the text messages in the morning. After a quick glance at the text messages, his face turned black. After turning on the phone to locate and search for a moment, he confirmed that they were running away. He picked up his coat and immediately got up and said, “They should have taken the train, there is still time to rush over.”

  On the other side, on the train.

  Tang Jinyu poured a cup of hot water and took it back to the sleeper compartment. The little girl who was sitting there by the window holding her knees still had tears in her eyes, and her nose was also red. She was not as rigid as when she was talking on the phone with her brother just now.

  Tang Jinyu sat aside and comforted her, “Don’t be angry, Xiao Ji may not mean that. Besides, it was written on a letter, maybe there is a misunderstanding? You drink some water first, wash your face and sleep, and after that, I will accompany you to ask him, okay?”


Han Yixing bit her lip and didn’t speak, and stared at the small table in front of her. After a while, she raised her hand to touch it, with tears welling up, she said stubbornly: “I’m not mistaken, he wrote it that way.”

Tang Jinyu: “What did Xiao Ji write? Would it be convenient for you to show it to me?”

  Han Yixing didn’t show it to him, and didn’t say anything.

  Tang Jinyu grew up with her since they were children, after a moment of comfort, Han Yixing listened to him, drank some water, washed her face, ate a little, and fell asleep very early.

  She couldn’t sleep peacefully in her dream, and kept dreaming about the past.

  She dreamed of the letters Xiao Ji wrote to her.

  When she first started studying at university, Xiao Ji was preparing for the college entrance examination because of re-study. The two people called and only discussed various topics. She wholeheartedly wanted to help Xiao Ji enter university, and wanted him to have a broader choice of options in life like herself. 

  When Xiaoji chose the military academy and was successfully admitted. She was really happy.

  When Ji Yuanjie was about to go to school, she and his mother took him to the station together. For the first time, Han Yixing realized that she needed to look up at this boy. He grew taller and looked good. When he saw her, his eyes were always gentle with a smile, although he may be shy, he never looked away from her.

  Xiao Ji told her: “Xingxing, I will write down all the people who have helped me before. I wrote down a list and the amount of money in the notebook. After I get to the army, I can use the allowance to repay them.”

Han Yixing was distressed and proud, and the boy who looked at her nodded and deliberately said fiercely: “You are right, but you can’t save too much. Pay back slowly. There is still a lot of time! You have to cherish the opportunity, study hard, and work hard. Work hard and serve our motherland!”

  ”Yes, I will, Xingxing.” Xiao Ji smiled, and carefully touched her hair before there were too many people to pay attention, and said gently, “I will work hard to serve our motherland.”


  It was also from that time that she and Xiao Ji began to exchange letters. Because of the particularity of the school, Xiao Ji could not answer the phone at will. She was also busy with her studies in the academy. When they missed each other, they began to write letters. They both wrote a lot in each letter.

  A thick pile of letter paper, like a pile of thoughts that a boy who is not good at expressing, each one is full of likes.

  Xiao Ji likes stars.

  He can’t hide what he likes.

  He once spent the most bitter summer vacation of his life. At that time, he thought he would never be able to return to a normal life. He went to the construction site to move bricks and silently tried to help his family lighten a little burden. Xingxing was the first person to find out that there was an accident in his house. She just passed by that time, but after seeing it, she ran to help without saying a word. She didn’t listen to any advice. In the end, the little girl was tired and hurt in her hands and couldn’t bear it, and sat there crying.

  She was squeamish and strong, the cutest girl he had ever seen.

  Xiao Ji wrote this in the letter. He wrote: “Xingxing, you must not know how cute you were at that time. I used to think I liked you, but from then on, I think I started to fall in love with you. The word ‘Love’ are very heavy, like all the bricks that I moved that summer vacation were so heavy on my shoulders, but every time I see you, I can see light from you, because I like you, I also have my own light. No matter what I do, I can persevere…”

  ”Stars, our phones were allowed in. I was very nervous when I first brought mine, and I was worried that the monitor would check the inside of the phone! I saved your photos in it. You look cute in a red dress with two ponytails. I dare not let others see it, I’m afraid that they will like you.”

  ”Xingxing, I have some good news, I have been promoted to squad leader. This time I also became squad leader, but not as experienced as you, I hope you will teach me more in the future…”

  ”Stars, I went to listen to your favorite song while on vacation. It’s really good, and your favorite movie. Actually, I’ve seen it secretly a long time ago. You must not know it. I will try to listen to, see, and like the things you are interested in.”

  ”Stars, I actually like you more than you see.”


  Every letter made her cheer, blush and heartbeat, thinking of how sweet the other party was, and how lost she was when she woke up.

  Han Yixing insisted on their relationship for two years, and she felt she could keep going.


  But she never thought that it would be Xiao Ji who let go first.

  The train rumbling through the tunnel, the sound of people walking and talking in the corridor, after the darkness of the tunnel, the light from outside the window came and fell on her face, Han Yixing slowly opened her eyes, her eyes were red, and the traces of crying at night were still there. She woke up in the morning and couldn’t help feeling sore from the tip of her nose.

  Tang Jinyu got up very early, went to the dining car for breakfast, called Xia Ye by the way, and brought the little girl back with a meal.

  Han Yixing couldn’t eat it, and barely drank the porridge.

  Tang Jinyu coaxed her while coaxing the person on the phone, he was very busy.

  Han Yixing glanced at him and said with a little guilt: “Xiaoyu, this time I’m so troublesome for you, does Xia Ye know? He must be very angry, I’m sorry, I lost my mind yesterday, so I forced you to come without thinking about anything……”

  Tang Jinyu put away his mobile phone and smiled and said, “It’s okay, friends are supposed to help each other, so I am here. Last time I played with my teacher here for a week. I’m very familiar with it, so it’s right for me to take you there.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t tell lies, he really came here before. He and Han Yixing rushed all the way to find where Ji Yuanjie was, only to find that he was in a military hospital.

  Xiao Ji’s right leg was put in a cast from below his knee. He was surprised when he saw the two of them coming over on the hospital bed. He turned his eyes and quickly fell on the little girl’s side, “Stars, why are you here? “

  Han Yixing’s eyes turned red and said: “I wanted to come over and ask if you really want to separate, but now I have changed my mind, Ji Yuanjie, if I don’t come, how long will you keep hiding this from me?”

  Xiao Ji had a good temper, scratched his head, and told them.

  When they went out for training, a surrounding village was hit by heavy rain. There was a dam above it, which was at risk of collapsing at any time. Even though he is a student, as long as he wears this suit, it means that he has to serve the people. The team recruited students who had more experience and had to go to the rescue and provide disaster relief, and increase the number of people in front. At this time, every minute and every second was a race against time to rescue a fellow villager.

Xiao Ji has a good level of experience and was the squad leader again, and soon led people there.


  He rescued a family of four and used a rubber boat, pushing them out first, and when turning back to rescue another person, the dam collapsed. Time was urgent and the engineering vehicle was completely unable to operate. It was all up to them to hold the sandbags on top. Xiao Ji had an accident on the side of the dam. He was hit by driftwood and stones that washed down and floated out more than ten meters in the water. Fortunately, his teammates rescued him.

  But his leg was also fractured and he was hit with steel nails. The doctor said that he still needs to observe, and there might be a long term effect.

  Han Yixing cried several times as soon as she listened, and felt terribly distressed.

  Xiao Ji laughed, and said to her: “Xingxing, look, I did it, I didn’t shame you.”

  Han Yixing’s voice became hoarse, and stared at him. She was angry and sad, but before she could speak, Xiao Ji held her hand and said, “I can be good to others, but I’m afraid that I’m not good for you. “

  He frowned and said very seriously, “Xingxing, you can find a better person, my leg is still being treated…”

  ”I don’t care, I want you, you must get better!” Han Yixing slammed him, her tears rolled down, and wiped them away rudely, “I will ask for leave from school, and I will stay here for a few days to take care of you. You are so daring, but you are still young, I’m sure you didn’t dare to tell your family, right?”

  Xiao Ji was hit, smiled, and nodded slightly.

  Tang Jinyu looked at the two of them, and the heart he was holding was also let go, and felt glad that Xiao Ji and Xingxing had no relationship problems. The phone in Tang Jinyu’s pocket vibrated twice. He looked down and quietly exited the ward to leave room for them, and went to the corridor to answer the phone.

  His brother and Han Yichen came over, and it is estimated that there is not much time left for the young couple in the ward to spend time alone.

  Han Yichen and Xia Ye rushed to the military area hospital quickly. Xia Ye contacted Tang Jinyu yesterday. He also took the opportunity to ask a lot about his younger sister. He was anxious and worried all the way.

  When he arrived at the hospital, he saw Tang Jinyu in the corridor, he walked a few steps quickly and asked, “Xiaoyu, where is stars?”

  Tang Jinyu pointed inside and said, “Star is inside, Xiao Ji hurt his leg, she…”

  Han Yichen hurriedly searched for her without waiting for him to finish speaking.


  Xia Ye stopped in front of Tang Jinyu and looked at him dissatisfied, but said nothing.

  The more he was like this, the more guilty Tang Jinyu became, taking advantage of no one around them, and took the initiative to go forward and hug him, whispered softly: “Brother, I am wrong, I must plan in advance when I come out, but when stars started crying I was so frightened, but you can rest assured, there is definitely no second time! You don’t know, Xiao Ji is kind to her, and I am definitely not willing to make her sad…”

  Xia Ye squeezed his ears, and said irritably, “What about you?”

  Tang Jinyu blinked, “I will never let my brother worry about me, I promise! Swear to you, okay?” He raised his hand and said something, but Xia Ye stopped him with his hand, “No, no need to say more of this.”

  ”Hmm, I know, brother, you are the best!”

  Tang Jinyu hugged him and rubbed his head in his arms, like a coquettish little milk dog.

  Xia Ye’s body reacted faster than his mind, and he habitually touched the heads of the little guy in his arms, but he changed his mind halfway and gave him a small punishment.

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