LNTMG-(174) Extra 4

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 When Han Yichen entered the room, he saw his sister crying there. After seeing him, she stretched out her hand to block the person on the hospital bed and said to him with red eyes, “Brother, you are not allowed to hit him, yes. I want to be with him!”

  ”Why would I hit him?” Han Yichen said dryly, “I just went to see him.”

  He wanted to see who it was that took away his baby sister’s heart.

  The young man lying on the sickbed recuperating looked sly and shy. After seeing him, he became very nervous. After smiling a little, he stretched out his hand to grasp the thin quilt and didn’t know what to say for a while, and shouted dryly: “Brother Han.”

  Han Yichen stood there and looked at the person again. He knew Ji Yuanjie, but he didn’t know much about him.


  This boy has never been very noticeable among the group of children who played with Xingxing. Han Yichen could not even remember his name before, but later remembered it because Xiao Ji was serious and honest, and he was relatively temperless. But Han Yichen has never liked such people very much, thinking that this kind of boy looks weak, fleshy, and has no abilities. Later, when he learned that Xiao Ji went to the military academy, he was quite surprised. Song Yi didn’t have time to come over and let him award him a scholarship. He also shook hands with Xiao Ji, telling him to study hard in the future.

  Who knew that it was only two years of work, and he abducted his sister!

  Han Yichen sullenly looked at the person in the hospital bed and then turned to look at his sister, “Xingxing, you go out first, I will say a few words to him alone.”

  Han Yixing still wanted to protect, but Xiao Ji tried to sit up a little bit, tried to look more decent, and whispered: “Xingxing, you go out, I will talk to Big Brother Han.”

  The little girl bit her lip to look at him, “Can you do it?” Her brother is so fierce.

  Xiao Ji laughed and nodded.

  Han Yixing went out in three steps, and she didn’t go far, leaving a little crack in the door to eavesdrop. But the brothers and sisters are connected. For so many years, Han Yichen has known how his sister is. When the little girl saw that he walked towards her, he closed the door of the ward and locked it back, making Han Yixing stomped outside.

  The two people in the ward started a conversation between men.

  Han Yichen has a sister complex, and he couldn’t wait to ask questions and ask everything clearly, interrogating from the first meeting. Xiao Ji was a little nervous, but he was honest, and slowly became less nervous. “I have known Xingxing since kindergarten. She is very kind to me and taught me a lot of things. She also told me how to make friends correctly. I was a little short at that time, I was robbed of the toy and star took it back to me…”

  Xiao Ji spoke slowly, with a calm tone, and was not fast or impatient like other people. After talking to him for a while, he relaxed.


Han Yichen’s expression never relaxed, but after listening to him for a while, he knew why his sister liked such a person. It’s probably a complementary relationship. Their old Han family has an anxious temper, and sometimes he really needs such a calm person to say a few words around in order to be more assertive.

  And the more Han Yichen asked, the more it sounded like his sister took the initiative.

  Xiao Ji denied it: “No, I liked stars first, I chased her.”

  Han Yichen felt a little more comfortable, and looked at the brat in front of him, and he seemed a little more pleasing to the eye.

  When Xiao Ji mentioned his sweetheart, he blushed and said, “Big Brother Han, you don’t know, stars is so good. When I see her, my head is blank. I only know how to smile and not think about anything. But I will try to get better, I will work hard to become better, in both school and work. In the future, I will give all the salary to stars. I will make a lot of money, and give stars whatever other girls like, I will give her all of me…”

  Han Yichen said coldly: “Are you saying that our old Han family wants your money?”

  Xiao Ji blushed and waved his hands quickly, “No, no!”

  Han Yichen’s heart has been smoothed a lot, but his tone is still cold, “You want to get better, right? My sister has everything she could have wanted since she was a child. So if she wants you to get better, you have to get better quickly.” He looked at Xiao Ji’s cast leg and was a little worried, and couldn’t help asking, “You are really fine with this leg? Will you be the pillar of the family in the future?”

  Xiao Ji froze for a moment, and a smile immediately appeared on his face, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of her. I can take care of her!”

  Han Yichen said uncomfortably: “I just asked casually, you should rehabilitate first, and then talk about this when you are fine.”

  ”Yes, I know brother.”

  ”Who is your brother!”

  Han Yichen’s whole body was blown up, but Xiao Ji, who was sitting on the hospital bed, just smiled and looked at him very happily.

  Xiao Ji thought about it, and what Xingxing said was right, her brother is a particularly easy-hearted person, but his mouth is a little bit hard.

  Xiao Ji needs to recuperate, so Han Yixing wanted to stay and take care of him.


  Han Yichen didn’t let her go, and found him a special nurse in the hospital. During the two days his sister stayed here, he stared at them the whole time, not even letting the little couple hold hands.

  In fact, occasionally when the little girl handed a water glass or a bowl to Xiao Ji, their fingers would touch lightly. Xiao Ji blushed and immediately lowered his head, embarrassed to speak.

  Han Yichen saw all of this, but because her sister took the initiative first, the other boy was sitting on the hospital bed and dared not move, he was also embarrassed.

  But when he was alone, and left the hospital, he complained to Xia Ye, saying that Xiao Ji was a coward.

  Xia Ye asked in confusion: “…Do you want him to hold the star’s hand, or do you not want him to hold it?”

  Han Yichen’s mouth opened and closed, and finally his eyes were red, and he said coarsely: “I don’t know! Why do girls get married when they grow up! It’s annoying! Who made these rules!”

  Xia Ye couldn’t answer this question, but he understood his mood at the moment, and drank a little wine with him to comfort this old friend who had been single for many years.

  After returning to Shanghai, Tang Jinyu was criticized by the family’s elders for being too far away from home.

  Tang Hongjun said to him: “If it’s not convenient for you to take us, please take your brother with you!”

  Tang Jinyu raised his hand to promise, and repeatedly declared that he would not dare to mess around, and the elders in the family reluctantly nodded and let him go.

  In the evening, Tang Jinyu, in order to calm down the elders of the Xia and Tang family, did a good job, rolled up his sleeves and went to the kitchen to cook some good dishes by himself. Tang Hongjun was still a little angry and didn’t follow in this time. He just sat in the dining room and peeled the edamame. The peeled beans were passed into the kitchen by Teacher Xia, but he still didn’t go in.

  In the kitchen, Tang Jinyu looked outside and was a little worried. Chen Suling helped him cook together. She smiled and said, “Don’t worry about your dad, he will be fine after a while. When you grow up, you can just call us later, and can go anywhere you want.”

Tang Jinyu’s hands were full of flour, and it was not easy to hug her. He rubbed his head against his mother’s shoulder twice and acted like a spoiled child, “Mom, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll stay with you and Dad at home.”

  Chen Suling flicked the tip of his nose and smiled.

  The mother and son were cooking and chatting. Chen Suling asked him about his going out this time. She was a little bit sorrowful when Xingxing and Xiaoji fell in love. She sighed, “This kid is pretty good. It’s too bitter, and it’s not easy.”


  ”Yes, he was actually a little scared this time, because his family background, coupled with his leg injury, he did not dare to promise. Mom, Xiao Ji really likes stars and wants to give her the best.”

  Chen Suling said: “Girls are not afraid of this.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Huh?”

  Chen Suling used chopsticks to pick up the brown sugar florets and smiled: “You are still young, you don’t know this. In fact, girls are not afraid of being poor or bitter as you said. But just afraid that there would be no hope in the future, but if there was no hope on those days, why should they look forward so much?” She put small wreath rolls on it and patted the flour on her hands. “Do you think that he would make stars spend her whole life with him hopelessly?”

  Tang Jinyu immediately shook his head, he could feel Xiao Ji’s hard work, he would definitely prepare the best for stars, houses, cars, and everything else. One day in the future, he would surely be able to buy them for stars, and other things that others have. Xiao Ji will never let stars down.

Chen Suling smiled and said: “That’s right. When it’s your turn, you should admit your mistake and make amends with her. But nowadays, girls who are willing to endure hardship with them are precious.”

  Tang Jinyu laughed and nodded, “I also wanted to persuade Xiao Ji, but as soon as he saw the stars, he stammered. Before stars could cry he couldn’t help apologizing, and coaxed her.”

  Chen Suling hadn’t heard the funny stories between these young people for many years, and was quite new, and was amused several times.

Tang Jinyu saw that she was in a good mood, probably inspired by Xiaoji and Xingxing, he was a little more courageous. He looked up at her and said, “Mom, I also have someone I like.”

  Chen Suling took a break and asked, “Who do you like?”

  Tang Jinyu got closer to her and said a few words in a low voice. His voice became smaller and smaller. Several times, Chen Suling couldn’t hear him over the sound of pots and pans in the kitchen. She got closer and asked: “Wait, what did you just say? How much older are they?”

  ”Nine years.”

  Chen Suling raised her head to look at him with a worried look. Her son’s appearance has always been good, and she simply doubted the other party’s purpose for doing this. But despite this, Chen Suling still said: “In fact, it doesn’t matter. A good person is the first. You tell your mother in detail, how did you meet that person? Is she a good person? Do you meet often?”


  Tang Jinyu blushed and nodded vigorously, “He is very good!”

  ”Can you tell mom more?”



  Xia Ye was outside helping Tang Hongjun choose vegetables, without knowing that his partner had already confessed in the kitchen.

  Tonight’s food was cooked very slowly. Chen Suling and Tang Jinyu stayed in the kitchen for nearly an hour before they came out. She kept looking at Xia Ye when she was eating at night, and Xia Ye poured her a glass of water for her, and she looked up; Xia Ye peeled the shrimp shells for Tang Jinyu, and she also watched; at night Xia Ye took the initiative to go to the kitchen to wash the dishes and chopsticks. He didn’t know what he was thinking, and didn’t return to his senses for a long time.

  Tang Jinyu voluntarily ran to the kitchen to help. The two brothers worked in it, as close as usual.

  Chen Suling looked at it for a while, her brow furrowed slightly, and a moment of hesitation appeared on her face.

  Tang Hongjun noticed it and asked her, “Suling, what’s the matter? You’ve been absent-minded while eating. Have you been too tired and unwell recently?”

  Chen Suling shook her head and said to him: “Let’s go to the study to talk.”

  Teacher Xia was sitting by and drinking tea. When she heard he was about to leave, Chen Suling stopped him and said: “Lao Xia, you come too, let’s talk together.”

  Teacher Xia nodded and agreed, and he went in with his teacup. This tea was brewed with a good tea cake that Tang Hongjun got recently. It tasted good, so he went into the study with a couple of teas.

  Tang Jinyu came out of the kitchen and saw that there was no one in the living room outside. He was a little puzzled: “Brother, did my parents and uncle all go out?”


  Xia Ye brought a plate of fruit over and said, “No, there is something to discuss in the study, and they will be out in a while.”

  Tang Jinyu curiously asked, “How do you know?”

  ”Just now my aunt sent me a message, telling me not to leave, and asked me if I have something to do.”


  Tang Jinyu’s knees were a bit weak. He looked at the study, and then at Xia Ye, sat down, and said, “Brother, or you can run first.”

  Xia Ye puzzled: “What’s the matter?”

  Tang Jinyu hesitated. Before he could say anything, he heard the door open from the study room. Teacher Xia’s voice came over. He couldn’t see anything unusual as usual, but his tone was extraordinarily formal, “Xia Ye, come here, I have something to discuss with you.”

  Xia Ye got up to leave, Tang Jinyu eagerly stretched out his hand to pull the corner of his clothes, Xia Ye squeezed his finger, “I’ll be back with you in a while, be obedient.”

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  1. Xia Ye isn’t the running away type! This seems like a really fitting segue into everyone knowing. I could have seen them both come out together to everyone at once, but a quiet conversation with your mother? That’s reality right there!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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