LNTMG-(175) Extra 5

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 Tang Jinyu sat in the living room alone, feeling a little uneasy. He kept looking up at the study room, still writing drafts in his heart. He was preparing for a while. If it was his turn, what should he say and how should he express his attitude so that the adults at home felt that he was not playing around, and that their son is very serious and firm.

  He imitated what parents would ask several times, practiced in advance, and answered questions and answers.


  The door of the study was kept closed, and no sound came out.

  Tang Jinyu felt that their family must have held a small family meeting inside. The main content of the meeting must be around him and his brother, but now it seems that the main firepower is concentrated on his brother’s side.

  Tang Jinyu sat on the sofa eagerly and waited. After more than half an hour, he saw the study door open.

  Xia Ye walked out from the inside, he immediately stood up, but Xia Ye shook his head this time, took a pot of hot tea back, and closed the study door again.

  Tang Jinyu: “??”

  Tang Jinyu was puzzled, and could only sit down and wait.

  After waiting for more than an hour this time, Tang Jinyu’s legs were trembling nervously from the beginning, slowly became numb, and in the end he was not too scared.

  It’s useless for him to be scared, can he still be separated from his brother?

  It is absolutely impossible to separate, at most he will be beaten.

  Thinking of this, Tang Jinyu couldn’t help but feel distressed. His brother has been inside for so long, won’t he have been beaten? What happened to the pot of tea just now? Do you want to pour a cup of tea on his brother’s face?

  The tripartite trial has been going on for about two hours, during which Tang Jinyu made up various things that would happen in the TV series at 8 o’clock and felt that his brother was too miserable. When the adults in the study came out, Tang Jinyu sat upright and waited eagerly for interrogation.

But although the people who came out of the study looked solemn, no one raised their eyes to look at him. Tang Hongjun was still talking to Xia Ye in a low voice. Xia Ye was listening attentively, nodding in response from time to time. After Tang Hongjun finished speaking, he reached out and patted Xia Ye on the shoulder, and he even showed a slight smile.


  Tang Jinyu looked at them from the sidelines, feeling strange.

  But after the meeting between the two adults in Xia and Tang family, they went back soon. Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling went to the room upstairs together, and Teacher Xia also returned to his residence.

  When Tang Jinyu went to the door to send him off, Teacher Xia reached out and touched his head, and said with a smile: “Go back, you must be tired of being outside these past two days. The food you cooked today was delicious. I will rest early in the evening. Your brother will send you to school.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, “Uncle, my brother…”

  Teacher Xia coughed and said with a smile: “I know, you are actually good like this, you are a good boy, and you can often come to accompany me when you have time in the future.”

Tang Jinyu didn’t understand, but Teacher Xia left soon and didn’t even say anything else.

  Tang Jinyu was a little dumbfounded, and turned to ask Xia Ye, “Brother, what happened?”

  Xia Ye raised his hand and knocked on his forehead, and said with a smile, “Are you still asking me? Didn’t you say it first.”

  Tang Jinyu clutched his forehead and whispered, “I said it, but it’s not the same as what I thought. What did uncle say just now? He said that I should visit him often in the future, but we live so close. I can go every day.”

  Xia Ye said: “It won’t be like that in the future.”


  ”You can’t live here tonight, you have to follow me.”

  Xia Ye drove Tang Jinyu to his apartment, and after going in, made an exception and poured him a glass of champagne.

  Tang Jinyu held it without drinking, a little nervous, watching Xia Ye look around to see if there were any traces of being beaten on his body, but he didn’t seem to have any signs of being beaten, his clothes were good.

  Xia Ye briefly talked to him about the situation in the study. It was nothing more than that the adults in the family asked some questions about their relationship. Xia Ye didn’t know how much his brother had confessed, so he decided to tell the truth. He guessed that the little guy was thin-skinned to say everything about their daily lives. When Tang Hongjun asked them how far they were going, he insisted that he just kiss his forehead—and match his story to what Tang Jinyu had said to Chen Suling, which made the elders in the family feel at ease.


  Xia Ye said to him: “In short, because of these explanations, the family decided to give a statement.”

  Tang Jinyu immediately sat upright, very nervous.

  Xia Ye said: “Well, after discussing with my aunt just now, they decided to temporarily transfer the rights to me.”

  ”What right?”


  ”…Isn’t this going to disappear in adulthood?”

  Xia Ye flicked his forehead and said with a smile: “They gave it for a lifetime.”

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him stupidly, but did not react for a while. Xia Ye held his hand and kissed his lips, and said in a low voice, “I will take care of you in the future, whether it is work or life, I will share it with you. I will also learn to cook, cook three meals a day for you, buy clothes for you, take you to eat what you like, and accompany you to where you want to go… You can continue to call my brother and call it for the rest of your life, I am your lover and a family member.”

  Tang Jinyu’s ears were red, watching his lips move, and called him brother in a low voice.

  Xia Ye rubbed the tips of his ears and said with a smile: “Really good.” He hugged the other person tightly, bowed his head and kissed his forehead twice, “This responsibility is a bit big, I hope I can take care of you better from now on. But it’s the first time that I talk about this with you, I only have you. If I don’t do anything well, please tell me, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded vigorously in his arms, his eyes were a little red, and called him again.

  Xia Ye shook his hand and relaxed a little, and said in a low voice, “But in the future, we will have decades to practice this thing for a lifetime. I am confident that I can do it well, baby, you give me a chance. Let me take care of you in a different role, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and said with a little nasal voice: “Okay.”

  Xia Ye ordered a watch the next day and brought it to Tang Jinyu personally, and he kept wearing the silver ring Tang Jinyu gave him.

  Until two years later, Tang Jinyu graduated from university, and they formally formed a small family.


  Xia Ye customized a pair of rings that belonged to them. He liked the style of the silver ring very much, and made it similar to that ring. The initials of the two of them were engraved in it, and he always took the other side with him.

  Their wedding banquet was scheduled for June 1st, and they didn’t invite too many people, only some old friends.

  Despite this, Tang Jinyu was still very nervous. He didn’t eat much in the morning. Chen Suling took the gown to try on him, and had to walk on.

  Chen Suling was much calmer than him, except that she was a little surprised when she first learned about it two years ago, she was more pleased. She and her husband had discussed this many times about their son. They thought about many possibilities, but never thought that Xia Ye would take the baton and take this responsibility.

  Tang Hongjun was the first to react. He found that this was particularly good. If Tang Jinyu followed Xia Ye, he would not worry about his son leaving home at all. Anyway, the Xia and Tang families have been close to each other for so many years. There is almost no difference in the year! Because of this, the relationship between Tang Hongjun and Xia Ye has grown rapidly over the past two years.

  The same is true for Chen Suling. She has always regarded Xia Ye as the eldest son, and now things are really better.

  She tidied Tang Jinyu’s clothes, looked at him stumbling and asked, “Does it look good?” She couldn’t help but smile: “It looks good, Xiaoyu looks good in everything, just don’t turn around when you go out for a while.”

  ”Huh? Did I turn around again just now?”

  ”Well, a little bit.”

  Tang Jinyu digs the edge of the armchair with his fingers, looking very pitiful.

  Chen Suling flattened his collar, Tang Jinyu asked her in a low voice: “Mom, you said my brother won’t regret it suddenly, right?”

  Chen Suling: “How can it be?”

  ”I was dreaming last night, Mom, you said my brother is so good, what if he doesn’t want me in the future?” Tang Jinyu looked worried, “Actually, my piano skills are not as good as Li He, and my grades aren’t particularly good, I still don’t know why my brother is interested in me…”

  Chen Suling chuckled, raised her eyes and glanced at the silly boy in front of her, “My son can be regarded as a talented person, and it’s good for me to look at it.”


  The mother and son whispered inside, and when someone knocked on the door a few times, Xia Ye opened the door and walked in.

  Xia Ye wore a well-fitting suit today. His hair was uplifted and handsome, his face had a touch of indifference. But when he saw Tang Jinyu standing there wearing the same suit, there was a smile in his eyes, as if stars were scattered all over the place for a moment, with a gentle gaze, he said. “Auntie, let me see Xiaoyu.”

Chen Suling said: “You came at the right time. There are a few guests from the small hall. I’ll go and have a look.”

  Xia Ye nodded, and after Chen Suling left, he beckoned Tang Jinyu to come over, took a closer look, and bowed his head to kiss him. Tang Jinyu was so nervous that he hiccuped.

  Xia Ye stood there, chuckling.

  Tang Jinyu blushed and said, “I, I didn’t eat anything in the morning, and I don’t know why I hiccup when I’m nervous…”

  Xia Ye touched his ears and smiled: “So nervous?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded.

  Xia Ye flicked the tip of his nose and smiled and said, “Do you know why I brought wine in today?” Seeing him shaking his head, Xia Ye said again, “Because today is your birthday.”

  Tang Jinyu felt a little strange. His birthday was on May 20th, but he soon figured out that Xia Ye was talking about his other birthday, the birthday that the old man gave him when he was adopted by Grandpa Tang.

Xia Ye gave him a gentle kiss, “Grandpa chose a good birthday for you. I also want to take you home on Children’s Day and be my kid for the rest of my life…” The following words were all in the kiss.

  Tang Jinyu was kissed by him, and gradually became less nervous.

  At the wedding banquet, Tang Jinyu and Xia Ye cut the cake to share with everyone, and happily drank a few more glasses of champagne for the first time.

  The two elders of the Xia and Tang families, as well as the two elders of the Chen family, Mr. Tang Hui and Tang Zhengde, the elders in the family sat there. They received the tea from the two children, and everyone gave generous red envelopes. Although Grandma Chen couldn’t bear to let go of her grandson, she still smiled and blessed them. On the contrary, Grandpa Chen’s eyes were a little red and he secretly wiped a bit of tears on the back of his hand.


  Grandma Chen kicked him under the table and whispered, “Why cry in front of the child!”

  Old Chen sniffed, but refused to admit it.

  He rarely sees his little grandson, and he can see him several times a year, but it is very rare to have a sensible, good-looking child. He has carried the blessing kit next to his body for more than ten years, watching his grandchild grow up a little bit. He didn’t dare to think that one day his grandson could finish university, graduate and start a family. It doesn’t matter who he is with, as long as his grandson is healthy and safe, he will be content.

  Tang Zhengde was also watching. He didn’t know why he was not surprised when he received the news. After thinking about it carefully, maybe it was because the two brothers were too close together, and he subconsciously accepted it. The old man was very happy today, as if something he had remembered for many years finally fell. Looking at the two children, the smile on his face never broke.

Song Yi brought his girlfriend over to participate, and Yin Qing generously went on stage to sing songs for the couple. The engagement ring on her right hand was also very dazzling, as sweet as her smile.

  The old ape brought his wife and daughter to have a wedding wine together. He successfully upgraded to being a father last year. He was so happy. The little girl named Yuan Ruirui, she was so cute and clever. Since Old Ape has been reading with her in his arms, the little girl put everything aside when she climbed over to hold a large dictionary. At that time, Mr. Tang boasted that she was “quick and eager to learn”. Old Ape kept this in mind and simply called her Yuan Hao from then on.

  Mr. Tang Hui saw their family and said with a smile: “Your family’s name is just right for the occasion. Yue Yuan’s name goes with Rui’s nickname, which means ‘Happy Moon’, Hanqiu you are a blessed person!”

  Old ape sat with his daughter and his wife side by side, grinning openly.

  On the other hand, Han Yixing, who was far away in the military camp, also sent a blessing. After graduation, she went to work in the city where Xiaoji was located. She had few vacations, but she was able to meet Xiaoji often.

  After graduating, Xiaoji was promoted and officially became a soldier. His leg injury healed a lot, but he could not continue to work in the field army. He transferred to a civilian unit. He was serious and steady everywhere. He also mentioned his new job last month.

Whenever Han Yixing came to visit him, Xiao Ji always came to the gate of the barracks to wait for her, and walked back slowly after registering with him. Now he still can’t get rid of his old problems. He is shy when he sees stars, and sometimes he still walks on the road and giggles.


  Han Yixing tickles him, Xiao Ji hides, blushing and said: “Don’t star, don’t do this, it’s not good.”

  ”Are you afraid they might not see us badly?”

  ”Well, it’s hard to lead soldiers in the future…”

  As he was talking, someone in a green uniform passed by, raising his hand to salute and shouting “Hello Sister-in-law”.

  Han Yixing waved her hand generously and agreed. She turned around and found Ji Yuanjie looking at herself, touched her face, and said strangely: “What are you looking at?”

  ”Look at you.” Xiao Ji smiled and said, “Stars, you are so beautiful.”

  Han Yixing gave him a light punch, which made him a little shy.

  They walked side by side, Xiao Ji stretched out his hand to lead her, for so many years, he was so nervous that his palms were sweating just by holding her hand, Han Yixing looked up at him, bit her lip and smiled: “Actually, I have a big temper.”

  ”No, stars is very gentle.”

  ”Listen to me.” The girl shook his hand and said with a chuckle, “I have a really big temper, but if I am gentle with you every day, it must be because I like you so much.”

  Xiao Ji shook her hand and laughed.

  He has been using the same screen name since he was in junior high school, called “Little Star”.

  There were sparkling and twinkling, little stars all over his heart.

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  1. So romantic! ❤ Oh. I love everything about this chapter and story!

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  2. Ahhh thank you translator-san for translating this chapter 🙂
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