LNTMG-(176) Extra 6

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 Tang Jinyu made two major decisions when he was 22 years old. One was to put on a ring and become a married person, and the other was to enter the symphony orchestra where Teacher Xia worked after graduating from university and pursue a successful career.


  Teacher Xia specially celebrated this. The two families traveled together for a few days, and they still went to the islands they used to go to in the past years, staying in the previous Coral Hotel.

  During Tang Jinyu’s travel period, except for changing his single room to live with Xia Ye, the rest did not change. The two families have been together for two years and they have adapted well.

  There are many campsites on the island, and they could drive there by themselves. Tang Jinyu has been living in a hotel close to the sea for the past two years. He hasn’t visited much in depth, but this time he has been here for a long time.

Xia Ye was looking for a high-end travel agency that specializes in private travel. It has a service team of more than 200 people. However, during the first period of the trip, only seven or eight people were entertained, and the rest were staff who provide services for travelers, privacy and comfort. All of the highest quality, of course, the total price was high.

  Tang Jinyu was very interested in the rafting project inside, so Xia Ye chose this team and signed up for it.

  When he was leaving, Song Yi just called to discuss matters. After the two chatted, Song Yi was surprised and said: “Going to the mountains? Is confidentiality good?”

  Xia Ye said: “Not bad, Qiao Zuo recommended it.”

  Song Yi smiled and said: “That must be the highest level of confidentiality. The photos of Qiao’s family are never publicized. Is it convenient to add two more people?”

  Xia Ye said: “Are you here too?”

  ”Well, I owed Yinqing a vacation before, and it so happened to be fine for these two days. I am okay with being with you guys, and there will also be a lot of people there.”

  They were all people who knew each other, and Xia Ye readily agreed.

  Song Yi brought his girlfriend Yin Qing over. Because of Yin Qing’s special status, she was at her most popular time, Song Yi specifically asked the service team and nodded slightly after learning that the other staff did not carry a mobile phone. Then asked: “Is it convenient to provide the list of peers this time?”

  The receptionist smiled and said, “Mr. Song, there are no other people. Mr. Xia has already booked a group, and this time there is only you.”


  The first day was camping on the top of the mountain. A dozen tents were set up and a few trailers were parked in the camp. It was like a mobile town, quite lively.

  Xia Ye was picking vegetables over there. There were a lot of vegetables and fruits in the car, and there were first-class chefs to serve them at any time. After choosing two, he looked up and saw Song Yi and said with a smile: “Just the two of you? I thought Han Yichen would also come, yesterday was the day he came to report.”

  Song Yi said, “I invited him, but he refused as soon as he heard it.”

  ”Why is that?”

  ”He went back to blind date in a hurry, saying that he didn’t want to be a single dog.” Song Yi laughed, “Actually, I think he is in good condition now, and his work efficiency is very high.”

  ”I remember you promised to introduce him to someone,” Xia Ye asked, looking at him and Yin Qing beside him, “Has he found the right person?”

  Song Yi shook his head, “Xiao Han said it’s not easy to find.”

  Xia Ye was curious: “What does he want?”

  This time before Song Yi could speak, Yin Qing on the side couldn’t wait to say: “He asked me to introduce someone who can watch games with him, and have to be familiar with all kinds of football rules, and love to play football. Where can I find someone like that?” Han Yichen, the golden bachelor, was indeed a little anxious. He called his sister-in-law and asked her to help introduce him to someone, but the problem was that their crews were all part of her workplace, let alone playing football, they didn’t see much games.

  Xia Ye laughed, shook his head and said nothing.

  Tang Jinyu took a handful of fresh little tomatoes and shared them with everyone. He and Yin Qing met many times, and they were very familiar with each other. He brought the little tomatoes and gave them to Yin Qing more. He smiled and said, “Sister Qing, do you want to go pick the dishes for tonight? The chef said that we can barbecue in the evening, but there is so much more!”

  Yin Qing was very interested, and immediately followed him, and the two of them whispered and exchanged information as they walked. Yin Qing really likes Song Yi sincerely, and she has a tight grasp on Lao Song. She loves to exchange information in the company with Tang Jinyu, and occasionally talks to Tang Jinyu about the gossip in the crew. Tang Jinyu is especially supportive. One of the two little gossip masters talked, and we’re satisfied.


Song Yi and Xia Ye set up the tent together. Although there are dedicated staff who will help, Xia Ye still tried it on his own. It was not difficult, and he was very proficient in doing things.

  Song Yi gave him a hand and asked: “Mr Chen is willing to let you bring Xiaoyu out?”

  Xia Ye said: “The family is here, they are in the Coral Hotel, they approved three days off.”

  Song Yi teased him: “Did you not have to write a letter of guarantee when you left the house?”

  ”Yes.” Xia Ye lowered his head to work, and said simply.

  His tone was too serious, and Song Yi couldn’t tell if he was telling the truth or not for a moment.

  In the evening, the chef grilled on site, all kinds of vegetables and meat, as well as some seafood. The barbecue stall is a little far away. After they order, someone will send it in several plates. The delivery also includes iced butter beer and Coke.

  With the coolness that is characteristic of summer nights in the mountains, Tang Jinyu sits on a raised chair while eating skewers and drinking ice-cola. Looking up, he can see the starry sky, which is very satisfying.

  Xia Ye brought him a few bunches of corn kernels, put down the ice coke in his hand, and changed the water.

  Tang Jinyu had already taken the opportunity to drink more than half a cup just now, and was not annoyed when it was taken away. He continued to eat the skewers with joy. He would eat whatever Xia Ye gave him. It was especially easy to raise, and he was not picky at all. He ate for a while, and suddenly said curiously: “Brother, there are no mosquitoes here!”

  Xia Ye fed him a piece of ham, “I lit a mosquito repellent lamp next to me, eat a little bit more. Don’t always look at Coke, it’s gone already.”


  Song Yi and his wife have been watching. Song Yi has become accustomed to the way the two brothers got along. This is the first time Yin Qing has seen it up so close. She has never seen Xia Ye like this before, whether in public or private gatherings. After so many words, today he was almost like taking care of a child, she didn’t know that he had this side to him.

  Yin Qing looked at the dozens of mosquito repellent lamps that had been spotted around them, smiled, and said nothing.

  The child of Mr. Xia’s family have a simple mind. To make the entire camp free of mosquitoes, it can’t be done with a few lights. I am afraid that the staff in charge had already prepared snakes and mosquito repellents before they came. The surrounding safety has also been thoroughly checked.


  After eating something in the evening, Song Yi and Yin Qing heard the staff say that there was a cave nearby, so they went to see it together, and went for a walk.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t go. He likes to watch the stars. He went back to the tent early and lay down with his arms folded and looked through the transparent top window above the tent, staring at all of this with eyes.

  Xia Ye lay with him and watched the stars. He could hear the sound of wind blowing over the leaves and the sound of insects not far away. He held Tang Jinyu’s hand and played with his fingers.

Tang Jinyu watched for a while, then turned to ask him in a low voice, “Brother, can I sleep in a tent at night?”

  ”Of course, like watching the stars?”

  ”Yeah, it feels better than when I was at home!”

  Xia Ye laughed, and whispered: “There are too many lights in the city, and the stars are too bright.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and continued to look. He raised his hand to count for a while, and found a few more easily recognizable constellations. If he was uncertain, he asked Xia Ye. In his eyes, his brother is an omnipotent existence, he knows everything.

  Xia Ye did know that, he mentioned a few and shook his hand, and looked for it again.

  Tang Jinyu listened to him talking in his ear, breathing very close, his ears moved slightly, and his heart was a little itchy. He turned around and kissed Xia Ye. Because he was kissing in the dark, he ended up kissing his chin, but the second time was much better. He found the corner of his lips along the way. But then he didn’t have to do anything else, Xia Ye generously took over the main position and kissed for a while, from shallow to deep, slowly becoming shallow again, it was very soft.

  Early the next morning, it was good weather.

  Xia Ye and the others moved forward and changed to another place. It was near a small stream, the stream was crystal clear, the water was not deep, and the environment was very good.

  He took Tang Jinyu to go fishing at a nearby creek. The weather was clear, and a large cloud of white clouds were reflected in the creek. The fish in the water were scared by the shadow and wandered away.


  Tang Jinyu’s childlike heart was not lost. He saw a few beautiful little stones by the river, so he rolled up his trousers and picked them up under the water. Xia Ye saw this, and called him. Tang Jinyu walked ashore. When he ran over with half-wet shoes There was a smile on his face, “Brother, here you are! I saw it flashing in the water just now, it looks good!” He said this while handing a small stone over, before he put it in Xia Ye’s hand. He took it back, wiped it with his clothes, and then handed it to Xia Ye, looking like he was waiting for praise.

  Xia Ye picked up the thing and held his hand, drew the person a little closer, hugged him and looked at the small stone together.

  It was a small white translucent stone, shimmering slightly in the sun, he didn’t know what material it was. But it was really pretty.

  Xia Ye watched for a while, put it in his pocket, and prepared to take it home. It seems that his brother has been like this since he was a child, but he will keep any good things for him. When he was around five or six years old, he would give him a slap-sized little swallow kite. Later, there will be leaf specimens, famous brand watches, and occasionally some small awards from school, trophies from piano competitions… as long as the child likes it and holds it as a baby, it will be sent to him in a hurry.

  Xia Ye collected the stone, held the person and didn’t let it go.

  The fishing rod is held aside and left freely, and a school of fish swims by from time to time in the water.

  The brothers stood by the stream, and Xia Ye hugged him from behind and laughed in a low voice: “Little fish look at the little fish.”

  Tang Jinyu laughed.

  Xia Ye looked down and saw the small dimple on his cheek, stretched out his hand and touched it lightly, teasing him: “Why is the dimple also crooked, only one side has one, I ask you, is your heart crooked too?”

  ”Yeah, I’m very partial, don’t you know, brother?”

  ”On which side?”

  ”To your side, hehe.”

  Xia Ye was amused by him, bowed his head and kissed him.

  A staff member in the distance passed by, and she didn’t squint after seeing it. She carried the mosquito repellent lamp in her hand, and was preparing this for the night during the day. She has been a staff member of the team for many years. And to be honest, the two pairs here are really eye-catching! The shadow queen Yin Qing has a close relationship with her boyfriend. The couple by the stream are really handsome and  are a good-matched. The key point is that they are sweet!

  While the girl thought, she tried to restrain herself from looking at the guests too much.


  Although Mr. Ba doesn’t speak much, he is gentle and considerate to his children. The little handsome guy named “Xiaoyu” has a very good personality. He looks especially good when he smiles. At first glance, he looks like school grass. The key to being cheerful and happy, which is especially attractive.

  The person in charge of the team came over to check and urged everyone to pay special attention, because some of the guests who came this time heard that there was a pianist who bought a huge amount of insurance. Now not only is their team anxious, but the insurance company is also asking. Be sure to ask to ensure safety to their fingers.

  The girl has a good relationship with the person in charge, and quietly asked, “Sister, do you mean that the pianist also bought their finger insurance? Is it worth Tens of millions?”

  The person in charge shook his head and said: “More than that, the news I heard is whole body insurance.” The price is not convenient to disclose, and she only heard a vague price, but it was also quite scary.

  The girl was speechless, out of all the four people she had observed on this trip, Yin Qing was excluded. It seemed that the only one of them was good at musical instruments, and the boy’s name was Xiaoyu.

  She silently labelled the little handsome guy as being worth one billion, and doubled the mosquito repellent lamp in her hand.

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  1. Precious things must be protected! The Tang family really did end up with the best possible son-in-law! I’m still laughing at Jinyu being unable to drink a full cup of coca cola though! Haha!

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