LNTMG-(177) Extra 7

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  In the evening of the next day, their camp met another group of people who had come. Their group looked a little smaller, but there were a lot of tents and trailers. They soon set up camp near the stream and stayed there.

  Generally speaking, people in the two camps will not encounter them, but they couldn’t stand the wayward employers changing their routes without permission. As long as personal safety is not involved, the travel team will recognize it.


The staff on both sides negotiated with each other. The person in charge who served President Xia was very dissatisfied. He asked in a low voice, “Why are you here? Our team is using it for three days.”

  The other side also looked helpless, and said: “No way, the young master over there has to come, we moved in after asking for instructions from above.” The other party smiled bitterly, “You don’t know, the young master we received is playing with the radio, and I don’t know if he is looking for some signals from the mountains. He looked for this side of the mountain and insisted on coming over.”

  ”Do the rest of your team agree?”

  ”He made the team.”


  The person in charge can’t help it. He is a rich young master who is worth to a hundred million people, and he looks like the kind that is more willful, generally the kind that they have the most trouble receiving.

That evening, when a bonfire was lit on the camp, the person who camped next door strolled over to greet Xia Ye and the others.

  The visitor wore a loose linen cloth, stepped on a pair of slippers, and held a strangely shaped small radio in his hand. He was handsome, with a tall nose and thin lips, just looking at the lazy boneless. Similarly, it is Qin Ke who has been trying to harass “a little fish” on the Internet before.

  Qin Ke greeted Xia Ye, looked at each other’s face, and immediately raised his hand and smiled: “Boss, I have been working with you for more than half a year. Even if you don’t recognize me as a deputy, can’t you at least regard me as a colleague? You just have to say hello, no need to be so nervous.”

  Xia Ye said: “How did you find us?”

  Qin Ke was surprised: “How can I find, I just happened to run into…”

  Song Yi had already got up and said a few words in Xia Ye’s ear. When Xia Ye shook his head, he walked aside. He pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose and was a little wary of this Qin Ke. He could hear him clearly just now. He kept saying “deputy”, but he was the only deputy of Xia Ye for so many years.


  Qin Ke didn’t expect to step on Song Yi’s bottom line when he came, and he was still looking around. He didn’t react to Yin Qing until he saw a young and beautiful big boy emerge from the RV where Xia Ye was staying. His eyes lit up, and he couldn’t help but keep looking.

  Qin Ke knew the other party was “a little fish” almost immediately. It was really easy to recognize, this person was different from everyone around him.

  Xia Ye calmly blocked his vision, frowned and said, “What the hell are you here for?”

  Qin Ke retracted his gaze and said with a smile: “Is it him?”

  ”It has nothing to do with you.”

  ”If you say that, it must be him. What is his name? Can you introduce me to him?”

  ”Don’t make me angry.”


  The two people talked in riddles. Song Yi couldn’t understand what they were talking about. It has been several years since Tang Jinyu’s social account was hacked. Manager Song is not proficient in business matters, and it is normal for him to forget it.

  Xia Ye clearly had the word “scram” written on his face, but Qin Ke had a thick-skinned face and ignored it, and he stayed for dinner.

  The table was not big, and a few people were sitting around for dinner. Xia Ye covered Tang Jinyu with a black face. He didn’t even introduce Qin Ke. Qin Ke and Song Yi said their names to each other, and after thinking about it, they reported this to the Qin’s family. Anyway, although he is a rich second-generation who can do nothing, the golden sign of his family is really easy to use.

  Song Yi nodded slightly. Old Ape and Han Yichen mentioned this person to him when they came back from that mission. He had already checked that it was indeed the young master of the Qin family, who was born with a golden spoon. It is not an exaggeration to say that Qin Ke’s family background is the focus of many people’s life pursuits, but Song Yi is more concerned about his connection with Zhuang Ya and Qin Shuwei, and has always been vigilant towards him.

  Yin Qing always habitually kept a professional smile in front of outsiders, and quickly put on a mask without any intention of communicating more.


  Qin Ke did not focus on Song Yi and his wife. He had been looking at the person Xia Ye was blocking. He occasionally caught a glimpse of that fair and handsome face, and his ignorant and curious eyes. As if caught by a paw, he couldn’t help but smile at each other when their eyes met.

  He spent several years, and finally found them.

  It turned out that what was hidden in the depths of the nest by the dragon was a piece of honey.

  After dinner, Qin Ke sat there slowly eating fruit, his eyes still looking at Xia Ye’s side. It was the first time he saw Xia Ye say so many things, and even softly coax people. This was the first time seeing this. For the sake of saving face. Qin Ke sighed, but it soon became clear again. While watching Tang Jinyu eat something, he thought to himself, it’s no wonder Xia Ye wanted to hide this person. The first time he saw him, he wanted to hide him, and not show him to anyone.

  Tang Jinyu was also watching Qin Ke, of course he knows this person, he was Xia Ye’s number one fan!

  Tang Jinyu quickly planned Qin Ke into his own camp. He is particularly proud now that he has snatched the title of Qin Ke as the number one fan. He really chased the stars and chased Xia Shen. He couldn’t be more proud!

  In the evening Qin Ke stayed away, Tang Jinyu was also curious about him, and the two began to talk across Xia Ye.

  Qin Ke was a little surprised when the kid over there was enthusiastic towards him. He looked at Xia Ye and turned his gaze to Tang Jinyu and said, “Xia Ye mentioned me?”

  ”Yeah, for sure, you are very famous yourself!” Xiao Tang habitually admired people, and Qin Ke smiled openly at this one sentence.

  Xia Ye looked down at him with a little doubt in his eyes, but after his brother tried hard to grab his palm and wrote a few words under the table, he was relieved that things will change in the future, but it is difficult for people to change. Since his brother thinks Qin Ke is a good person, it seems that there is a possibility of cooperation in the future.

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t wait to ask, “A few years ago, did you participate in a hacking contest?”

  Qin Ke attended several times, and it was not clear which one he was asking about.

  Tang Jinyu said: “That’s the one from Hisense website, with a bonus of 500,000!”


  Qin Ke thought for a while before remembering, and smiled at him: “What kind of a hacker contest…” The opposite Xia Ye gave a serious cough, and Qin Ke turned his words halfway, “It can only be regarded as a small contest, what about it?”

  Tang Jinyu: “You attacked the wrong webpage at that time hahaha!”

  Qin Ke: “…”

  Qin Ke wanted to talk to him about his opinion, but Xia Ye stared at him, so he didn’t dare to make trouble. He could only explain: “I didn’t want the money, I just wanted to make them unhappy. This kind of exaggeration was just using this kind of trick to use people. What I don’t like most is that I do whatever it takes to advertise.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and said, “I understand.”

  Qin Ke curiously asked: “Do you understand what I mean?”

  ”Understood! Isn’t it right to follow in the footsteps of Xia Shen? By the way, can I ask you, why are you so persistent with my brother?”


  When he asked this, the two men next to him were silent.

  Qin Ke felt that the other party had misunderstood his provocation, and denied it: “Don’t talk nonsense, who is obsessed with him, I have a reason!”

  Tang Jinyu not only pricked up his small ears, but also didn’t mind Yin Qing who pretended to come to get the fruit bowl, trying to listen to gossip.

  Qin Ke said uncomfortably: “This is a long story. The hacker challenge was not my first confrontation with him. Xia Shen might’ve been busy at ordinary times, and didn’t remember me. Our first confrontation was probably nine years ago. At that time, when I was in elementary school, dial-up Internet was generally used…Dial-up Internet, did you know what that is? It was kind of like a telephone line.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, “I know, you can’t make phone calls with that one.”

  Qin Ke nodded and said, “At that time, I really didn’t understand the rules, and thought it was fun. I just came into contact with Trojan horses and puppet machines and found it fun, so I found a few people on the Internet and tried it on them.” Although he tried to be vague, his tone was awkward. It is conceivable that Qin Shao, who was still a primary school student at the time, had almost no friends on the Internet, when Qin Ke realized this his face turned ugly. He curled his mouth and said, “It was bad luck that I unfortunately met your brother, and lost once. I couldn’t accept it, and then I lost a second time.”


  Qin Ke talked about the process of their fighting. In fact, it could not be called a battle. It was completely one-sided. He was crushed and beaten by Xia Ye, completely destroying his self-esteem.

At that time, Qin Ke studied a lot of things, from puppet machines to flood attacks, as well as the initially involved honeypots, as well as forts, etc., but Xia Ye will always have only one trick against him, and that is to rebound.

  Qin Ke would be badly beaten!

  He had been going smoothly since he was a child, so how could he stand this? He was beaten to death, but he did not let go, until Xia Ye got serious and blacked out all his puppet machines. Not only that, but he also followed the traces left by Qin Ke to find the Qin family. The computers on the building had dark screens and they were disconnected from the Internet and the telephone lines were all unplugged.

  It was also the first time that Qin Ke realized that as long as he touched his bottom line, the other party could really do anything.

  And it wasn’t just an intrusion into the network, even Qin’s telephone line was paralyzed all afternoon, Qin Ke thought at that time, that X’s revenge is really too heavy, he has never seen such a stingy person, because X was attacking him and being kicked out of the company by his brother at home, he was not allowed to play computers there. Qin Ke also stopped for a while until he established a bad boy club when he was in junior high school, and gradually gained his own place on the Internet.

  The effect of this past incident on Qin Ke’s blow is still there, and he still feels a little unhappy when he said it.

  Tang Jinyu asked Xia Ye in a low voice. Xia Ye curled his eyebrows slightly and nodded and said, “It seems that there is something like this, I mainly dislike him.”

  Qin Ke: “…”

  Qin Ke decided to take revenge. He looked at Tang Jinyu and asked, “Xiaoyu, do you like sweets?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, “How did you know?”


  Qin Ke smiled and said, “I followed your account. I saw that you often post pictures of desserts, you also found Grandpa who makes the Eight Treasure Rice, right? I see that he often cooks for you, can I taste it? I’ve always been curious about what it tastes like, and it must be delicious.” He got closer and said to Tang Jinyu, “I also like to eat sweets, and I have a lot of hobbies in common with you, and my age is not bad. Many, I think I am more suitable for you.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t reply, but Xia Ye’s face turned black in the middle.

  Qin Ke pulled the tiger’s beard, boldly said: “You see, our names are quite similar,’Ke’ is a treasure,’Jinyu’ is a beautiful jade, do you think it is possible for the two of us…”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head like a rattle, and immediately refused: “Impossible!”

  Qin Ke squinted at him, “Why?”

  ”…My grandfather said that the two jade pieces are fragile when they touch one piece, and it is not very lucky.” Tang Jinyu began to make nonsense on the spot, saying that it was very serious. “My family can be superstitious. My grandfather is a businessman, and everytime our family worships Bodhisattva, really, I am not lying to you!”

  Qin Ke’s face changed several times, and he didn’t hold back his snorting, “I am just teasing you, you are with the boss, so I can’t touch you, so how about being friends? Can you give me your phone number?”

Tang Jinyu touched his pocket and said solemnly: “My cell phone is on my brother’s side. Do you have his phone number? You can just call him. We are usually together.”

  Qin Ke: “…”

  These two brothers are a perfect match, and they are perfectly defensive.

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  1. I still can’t help but like Qin Ke. I hope he gets a spin off one day. At least, I can imagine a good future story for this master troll! Not just anyone can be this bold!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Alright, I think I understand what happened when Xia Ye was 10.

    His mother was working for Qin Cheng when Xia Ye and Qin Ke had their online battle, and Xia Ye’s revenge caused the company to suffer losses. Qin main family got the government involved and sued Xia family, hence Xia Ye’s memory of being scorned by his mother in court.

    Zhuang Ya probably suffered a setback in her career due to the incident which is why she spurned him for not being an ‘ordinary child’, but since she was already sleeping with the Qin Cheng anyway, she left to become Madam Qin and work her way back up the ladder.

    Sounds about right, but I could be wrong.
    Three more chapters until the finale! 🥳🥳

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