LNTMG-(180) Extra 10

  Xia Ye made full preparations for this. He moved the company’s affairs home to deal with it. At the same time, he went to school to help Tang Jinyu ask for leave and postponed his senior year graduation for a period of time.

  Because of their special circumstances, the school allowed it.

  Tang Jinyu enjoys himself at home every day, treating it like a long summer vacation. He used to exercise quite well, but now after soaking in the water, his fish’s tail spreads out and his golden scales shine in the sun. He swung his large fishtail, smashing a lot of water, and he was very happy, and he could even swim back and forth in the pool several times without holding his breath!

  Xia Ye was shocked when he saw him do this, and hurriedly jumped in to fish him out. The mermaid who was caught hugged his neck and sprayed water. Xia Ye pushed his wet hair that was on his forehead back, but the person in his arms laughed with joy, and swam around him specially, circling his waist with his tail flexibly, “Brother, look! Aren’t I particularly good now!”

 Xia Ye touched his tail fin. The temperature of the human hand was different from the cooler body temperature of a mermaid. Tang Jinyu blushed after being touched twice, waving his tail to swim away, but was hugged.

  Xia Ye put his arms around his waist, stood in the swimming pool and touched the tail carefully, touching him as the other person trembled. At first, he was just curious. He took a close look at the scales on the golden tail and the gorgeous silk-like tail fin. Once again, after unfolding, in addition to the golden color, it will also reflect the multicolored rays of sunlight, looking noble and gorgeous.

  Tang Jinyu’s teeth trembled and he couldn’t bear it anymore. The mermaid’s tail was almost like it was covered with sensitive bands. He couldn’t hold it when he touched him casually, let alone being touched carefully. He held onto Xia Ye’s neck, whispered for mercy, and told him a good thing in the ear. Seeing that his brother didn’t respond, he bit his ear anxiously: “I don’t want to do it outside…”

  ”Want to?”

  ”Brother wants to!”

  Tang Jinyu had teased Xia Ye countless times before, but this time he was too innocent. It was Xia Ye who was teasing him.

  Xia Ye gave a low laugh and hugged him ashore, but didn’t go too far, so he hugged him on the reclining chair and dried his tail from water, and waited for his legs to be exposed before kissing.

  The doctor said that he was asked to wait for the opportunity, if it wasn’t for his little mermaid to think about it, he shouldn’t touch that tail too anxiously.

  He didn’t want to hurt the person in his arms.

  Not at all.

  Tang Jinyu lived here with Xia Ye for more than two months. When Xia Ye was wondering what the doctor said was not accurate, the breeding period of his little mermaid suddenly came.

  That night, Xia Ye smelled the smell of honey in the room, which was very weak, but it kept hooking the tip of his nose, causing his heartbeat to speed up a lot, and blood rushing all over his body. It was a natural attraction, an irresistible force, and he didn’t want to resist it at all. Following its guidance, he found the mermaid in the bathroom.

  That is his mermaid.

  Tang Jinyu looked at him without saying anything, Xia Ye knew he was longing for himself.

  When they truly merge into one, it seems that the hearts can hear each other’s voices, the true union of the soul and the flesh.

  Xia Ye was immersed in it, and the mermaid in his arms hugged him. When he was excited, his tail would swing and splash some water in the bathtub.

  Xia Ye kissed him while turning on the water. He couldn’t feel cold at all now, and the mermaid holding him felt that his body was about to burn.


  Tang Jinyu’s breeding period was longer than that of other mermaids. The average mermaid is about a few days, but he lasted for a whole week.

  During this period, Xia Ye has been by his side, giving him everything he wants.

  When Tang Jinyu was tired, he took the person to the room, wiped off the water on his body, and briefly restored his legs to restore some physical strength.

  Xia Ye lowered his eyes and watched the fish tail disappear in front of his eyes, and placed his palm on the boy’s slightly raised lower abdomen. He did what the doctor told him. It is said that this would increase the chance of conception even more.

  The person in his arms fell asleep deeply, with red marks on his ears and neck, and he was very tired.

  Xia Ye lowered her head and kissed him, and fell asleep with him in his arms, as if he was holding a piece of honey in his arms.

  One month later, Tang Jinyu found out that he had a baby.

  The baby mermaid can be born in only four or five months. After Tang Jinyu was taken care of as a protected animal for a few months, he was sent to the hospital by Xia Ye, a novice father. He was accompanied by special medical staff 24 hours a day in addition to himself, Xia Ye was even more nervous than him. The novice father’s anxiety period is very long. He did not show it in front of others. But Tang Jinyu has been extremely sensitive to his emotions since he was a child. After differentiation, his ability to respond to his partner has improved. After being admitted to the hospital In turn, he comforted his brother with a few words.

  But on the day of giving birth, Tang Jinyu regretted it.

        It hurts so much.

  His stomach hurts, and there is no other focus. Why is the mermaid’s delivery room a sealed glass room filled with seawater? This is simply unscientific! Tang Jinyu was swimming around the room painfully, Xia Ye ran around with him, calling his name from time to time.

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t speak because of the pain. Even in the water, Xia Ye could see his red eyes and tears at the first glance.

  Tired of tossing, Tang Jinyu swam to the edge of the room with his cheeks against the glass, looking at Xia Ye pitifully, and mouth out.

  ——Brother, It hurts.

  Xia Ye stroked his cheek through the glass, his eyebrows never lifting up. The little guy in the room looked at him for a while, and suddenly hit the glass with his forehead, and the tips of his eyes and nose were red, “Blame you!”

  Xia Ye touched him through the other side of the glass, and said in a deep voice, “I will take the blame, will you hit me after you come out?”

  He regretted it, and even hated the beast himself who wanted to take the little guy as his own. He couldn’t bear to see him in pain and wished to replace him.

  The room filled with sea water looked faintly blue. The boy was still wearing his white shirt and was outlined with a raised abdomen. A golden fish’s tail flicked uneasily. Later, it hurt so much, and he got up and ignored Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye’s palm could not touch him through the glass, so he kept calling him anxiously. The doctor came to remind him to calm down. Xia Ye bit his lip and didn’t speak. He kept looking at the mermaid in the room without noticing the blood on his lips.

  As long as there is something wrong with the mermaid in the room, Xia Ye’s heart will be pulled.

  Although Tang Jinyu hurt for a while, the baby in his stomach was still obedient. He didn’t toss him for too long, and soon gave birth to a little mermaid.

  The baby is white and tender. He was very strong when he was born. He has soft black hair, a delicate face like a little prince, and a golden red tail that was beautiful like a jewel. Although the tail fin is small, it swings in the water. It was exactly the same as Tang Jinyu’s.

  This is an extremely rare phenomenon of returning to ancestors. After the average mermaid gives birth to a baby, most of them look like human babies. The babies with fish tails at birth are too rare. After the doctor’s examination, the baby’s physical indicators are all very good, and it was a particularly healthy child

The elders of Xia and Tang’s family were upgraded to grandparents. The two elders in Qizhou and Zhengcheng were also very surprised by the arrival of this little baby. Grandma Chen finally realized her wish, and now the four generations are living together.

  The whole family took good care of Tang Jinyu and the baby. Xia Ye always insisted on taking care of Tang Jinyu personally, not letting others touch him.

  The mermaid’s physical recovery ability is very good, but Tang Jinyu recovered in a few days, and was able to  run and jump. Xia Ye was not at ease. In the end, the doctor said that letting him run down and run more is good for his health, and Xia Ye agreed to let him go.

  The little mermaid baby is very cute, because he is still very young and has no ability to control his fishtail. This kind of thing will probably only slowly learn to control when the child is one or two years old.

  The elders in the family have made up a lot of parenting knowledge for this, and have sent various customized fish tanks.

  It will take two years!

  But it was so cute. They have to stock up a lot of fish tanks to use. If they missed it, they can’t play… No, he can’t use it!

  Tang Jinyu bought several of them himself. There are transparent pink cherry blossom patterns and white ceramics decorated with colorful shells. All kinds of small fish tanks are really cute, especially when the little mermaid is put in. Every time the little one was put in a new fish tank, he would be stunned, and then turn around with his tail in the water before he opened his mouth.

  When the baby was more than two months old, he learned a new skill.

  He would deliberately pat the fish tank to attract the adults’ attention, and then sink down with a “gulu”, and when the adults rushed over in a hurry, he would suddenly pop out of the water and spout a small water with a “poof”, and then couldn’t help laughing.

  Tang Jinyu was the first one to be fooled, and the little mermaid is also the closest to him. He probably thinks it’s amazing to attract his Dad’s attention!

  Tang Jinyu wiped the water off his face, then hugged him to find Xia Ye, “Brother, look he can play dead!”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Xia Ye looked at the two babies, one big and one small, and the corners of his mouth trembled, and he couldn’t help but smile.

  Tang Jinyu warmly invited him to experience what the child was learning. Xia Ye walked over and was sprayed with water by the little guy in the fish tank as he wished. He raised his head and poked the little mermaid’s forehead and warned: “Naughty.”

  The little guy is not afraid of him at all, holding his fingers and having fun.

  The little mermaid is very proud of this skill to play dead, and enjoys it.

  It wasn’t until all the adults and elders in the family experienced it once, that he was satisfied.

  When the little mermaid was one and a half years old, the fish tanks sent from home had already become large, it was the size of a crib, and could not be held after being filled with water. The little guy is a bit dissatisfied with this. He stretches out his hand to be hugged every time he sees Tang Jinyu coming in. He already knows a little bit of simple things, biting his fingers and saying: “Dad, the bathroom… I want to swim!”

  Tang Jinyu hugged him in the bathroom. The bathtub they used was much larger than the little fish tank that the little guy used as a bed. Every time he put him in, the child was very happy and threw out a lot of splashes.

  Tang Jinyu gave him an apple, which was red and big, and the little guy was very happy, holding that apple and starting a new round of performances.

  He put the apple on his head first, and then sank into the water.

  But soon he poked his head out and poked the apple curiously, wondering why this apple didn’t sink into the water with him.

  Tang Jinyu sat aside and squeezed his small face, and said with a smile: “The apple will float, you can play with it.”

  The little mermaid seemed to understand, but he soon sprinkled water back and forth in the swimming pool against the apple. No matter how hard he used his swimming skills, the apple has always been firmly on his head, motionless.

Finally, he was tired from swimming, and took the apple in my arms and gnawed. After a few bites, he started to doze off.

  Tang Jinyu resisted the itching of his hands and took out his mobile phone to take pictures of him.

  Xia Ye happened to see this scene when he came in.

  Tang Jinyu beckoned him to come over, whispering: “Brother, what if he doesn’t change back?”

  Xia Ye chuckled and kissed his forehead, “I’ll still raise him.”

  He will raise them for the rest of his life, always treating them as his treasures.

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WCBL: The last chapter is here at last! I never thought that I would be able to completely finish translating this novel, although my translation level wasn’t that great. I had fun improving my skills, and I also wanted to thank anyone for taking the time to read this novel and grow to love these characters like I did. And also thank everyone for leaving a like and for leaving a comment below, it really motivated me to keep going!

I was really happy when I was able to finish translating the last chapter, and also a bit sad that I did because I wanted to see more of Xia Ye and Xiaoyu, even though this novel was long enough already…

But one thing that I wanted to see the most is what happened to my homeboy Guo Xiaohu? He wasn’t mentioned in the extras at all! So I can only hope he got his happy ending as well QAQ

But overall, I was happy, so make sure to send some love to the author and to their other novels! And see you later~

Thank you for reading this, I will also begin updating ‘The Last Creator’ everyday after this chapter is posted tomorrow!~

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    Same with all the other commentators I wanted to know what happens with GXH too but I shall just imagine in my head his happy ending.
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