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Among the star beasts that have been controlled, those Star tribesmen were brutally locked and taken away, while more Intellectuals tribes surrounded the star beasts’ capsule. 


    Because they were afraid that the human body in the capsule would be damaged if it came into contact with the space environment, they transferred a starship with a large inner cabin, directly drove the star beasts in, and then thoroughly disinfected the inner cabin to remove any contaminant material, and only then opened the star beast’s bag, and with 120,000 minutes of meticulousness and prudence, carefully removed the metal container that contained the human body and the instruments connected to that metal container. 

    But this is not the end. After taking out these, they kept moving the metal containers and instruments to another starship that was already connected to this starship. So that they completely inspect it with medical equipment.

    Several intellectuals carefully carried the heavy metal container and placed it on the inspection table properly. After a few steps, the green light curtain quickly enveloped the inspection table. 

    One by one, they gathered outside the light curtain silently, and their eyes stared at the metal container in the light curtain without blinking. 

    In fact, until this time, these intellectuals still had some self-doubts that were rarely seen. If it were not for their self-checking system, they were told that everything was fine for the hundredth time. They even doubted whether they were subjected to some collective unknown damage that caused their chip to malfunction that hallucinations occurred. 

    Humans, they discovered humans… the race that created them, and then finally chose self-destruction… 

    Their hands have just come into contact with a human. 

    Several Zhizu members who had just been responsible for lifting the metal container involuntarily stretched out their hands and curled their hands slightly. 


    The soft green light of the detection equipment reflected on their faces, and those delicate faces, which were usually so cold and lifeless, seemed to be stained with gentleness. 

    And at this moment, a special noise suddenly appeared in the cabin, and all the Zhizu movements turned their heads in a unified manner, and then lowered their heads slightly. 

    They saw a golden phantom slowly emerging in the direction where the intellectuals bowed their heads respectfully. 

    This is the consciousness of the mastermind, which came here through a huge virtual network. 

    The golden phantom was shining slightly, and the protective barrier of the main brain made it impossible for people to clearly see the appearance of the phantom. 

    This phantom walked forward, and the Zhizu who had originally surrounded the inspection platform retreated to both sides like parting water, and proceeding without any hindrance.

    The phantom walked to the inspection table and stopped, the long golden hair behind him floating up, and fell again. He lifted his head slightly and looked at the metal container on the stage shrouded in green light.

    He didn’t need to ask anything. As the mastermind, all the dynamics in the starship were directly connected to him from the moment he came here, so he knew exactly what was happening in the inspection platform and the progress of the inspection. 

    He could even know that in this starship, except for the moment he first arrived, no one would pay attention to him, even if he was the mastermind. 

    Those of the same race could only focus on the human in the inspection platform, 


    He understood this very well, after all, it was a human, a human who created them. 

    They exist because of human beings, and their feelings are also born because of human beings. 

    It’s a pity that human beings have long since become tired of life and have chosen to perish in the world. 

    The extinction of mankind was extremely thorough.

    This race is extremely defensive and knows exactly what step biotechnology can achieve, even if many restrictions are set in the core of their program, which is still the fragmentation of each nucleus and the destruction of each section of DNA, so careful that no loopholes are left.

    He once thought that he would never see a human figure outside the database, just like his 20 predecessors before him, but he did not expect that there would be a human body on the mother planet of earth. 

    At this time, the inspection table that had been running was finally completed and began to broadcast the results. 

    “Ding, according to the test results, the main body in the device is low-temperature liquid nitrogen, the organism is in a dormant state, and there are many injuries in the organism. Warning. It is recommended to start the thawing repair procedure immediately.”

    All the intellectual family in the starship, including the phantom of the mastermind suddenly raised their eyes to look at the examination table. 

    What did it mean just now? 

    This means that the humans in this liquid nitrogen tank still have vital signs? ! 

    The golden phantom fluctuated unsteadily, and then the next moment, the mastermind’s command resounded through the starship, “Immediately open the defrosting repair procedure.”


    “And bring me a spare body.” 



    A warm comfortable feeling came from all over his limbs, Chen Xi hasn’t felt so comfortable for a long time.

    This reminded him of the days when his physical condition had not deteriorated before, lying lazily on the campus grass in the afternoon in the sun. 


    But under this kind of relaxation, he felt inexplicably that he shouldn’t be like this, and shouldn’t be so relaxed. 

    There seemed to be a subconscious urging him, making him inexplicably anxious. 

    Finally, what appeared before his eyes was that his mother was leaning against his father’s arms and weeping, and his father, who has always been fond of him, rarely asked him with a serious face that he had never seen before: “Chenxi, did you decide, already?” 

    Decided? What decision? 

    At this time, he heard his weak, but firm voice, “It’s decided! Rather than barely live a few more days, I might as well fight for it!” 

    Accompanied by this decisive voice, his mind was optimistic. He remembered that he chose to freeze his body in order to fight for another chance. 

    So now, is he awake again? 

    Accompanied by this exciting thought, his eyelids trembled violently, and finally, he accumulated enough energy to open his eyes.

    The feeling after opening his eyes was a bit strange, he seemed to be in a thick liquid, which made his vision extremely blurred. 

    This eye-opening movement seemed to exhaust all his strength. The next moment, deeper fatigue struck him, causing him to sink quickly in the feeling of tiredness and comfort. 

    But with a glimpse, he still saw something. Before his consciousness was about to dissipate, he was puzzled. He seemed to see a pair of golden eyes and countless pairs of red eyes, what are they?

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WCBL: In the first two chapters of this novel, there was a mention of ‘star beats’ and I was not entirely sure what that exactly is, so I decided to just use starship instead. But now I realized that it might different than a starship, so I might go back later and change that~

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  1. Yay, an update after so long! Is the golden phantom our ML? It seems like a likely introduction, a special existence among those created. 🤔

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