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   He doesn’t know how long time has passed when Chen Xi’s consciousness recovered again. This time, he was no longer in a state of being wrapped in liquid, and he felt something soft and solid underneath him. With the warm fabric wrapped around him, he seems to be on a very comfortable bed. 

    It seems…The treatment is pretty good. 

    Chen Xi was mentally prepared, opened his eyes, and met a pair of golden eyes again. 

    Chen Xi couldn’t help blinking. It seemed that the time he woke up and saw before was not an illusion. 

    But are gold and red eyes popular among human beings nowadays? 


    Chen Xi thought about this, and looked calm. 

    Of course, for those who have the courage to choose liquid nitrogen freezing, it is one of the necessary qualities to consider all the possibilities before freezing. 

    After all, he may never be able to wait for the day when he is thawed. If he stays in the liquid nitrogen tank, he wouldn’t die from his illness, and might be treated as garbage because of war, natural disasters, if no one continues his freezing fee and so on.

    And even if he was lucky enough to wait until the day someone thaws him, he may also be faced with identities such as laboratory rat, ancient human research, penniless refugees, and so on.

So choosing the path of freezing his body, without considering all the possible consequences and prepared to accept it, it’s better to spend the last few days comfortably and directly cremate.

    However, it seems that his luck is not bad, and he has not encountered the worst. 

    There were traces of being taken good care of, which made Chen Xi relax. 

    He silently stared at those golden eyes for a long time, then, under pressure, he said, “Excuse me, can my illness be cured?” 

    Chen Xi naturally did not forget why he took such a big risk to freeze his body. So asking this question is clearly his first priority. 

    The master mind had been silently observing the human being. But he didn’t expect that the first words humans would say would be this. In his mind, he brushed over the many injuries of the human body in the frozen state, and said: “All the injuries in your body have been repaired, and you are healthy now.” 


    You are healthy. He has been looking forward to this sentence since he was sensible. Chen Xi couldn’t help but clenched his fists excitedly. 

  Sure enough! He made the right decision. 

    The technology developed by mankind in the future can really cure his disease. 

    Eighteen was not his end! 

    Mom and Dad, he can continue to live again! 

    The intense emotions and the complex feelings of finally fulfilling his wishes made Chen Xi’s eyes moist. 

    At the moment when the main brain discovered that human eyes were filling with water, the original indifferent and calmness could no longer be maintained. The super powerful main brain chip quickly searched all the existing data about humans, and after comparison and analysis, it was finally calculated. As a result, the tears of the human being are not because of being hurt or sadness. 

    Sure enough, as if to verify the mastermind of powerful computing capability derivation, the next moment, the human Chen Xi, embarrassed, wiped his eyes and smiled at the golden eyed man beside the be, “I’m sorry, I was just so happy.” 

    Mastermind …

    Human beings are indeed emotionally rich and unpredictable creatures. 

    The main brain was silent for a moment, and according to the originally prepared procedure, he brought a cup of hot drink specially formulated for human research from the side. 

    Existing data on human psychology show that after a major change, giving humans a warm blanket and a cup of hot drink can effectively soothe human emotions and bring human security. 


    “For me? Thank you.” Chen Xi glanced at the man with golden eyes in surprise. 

   After hearing good news after waking up, and the fact that he felt embarrassed for crying in front of the other party, Chen Xi felt less distance and less wary of the man. Seeing the other party handing him a cup, he thought of sitting up and taking it. 

    However, Chen Xi’s body is still a bit weak, and the movement to get up is a bit soft. The next moment, a strong arm stretched out to support Chen Xi’s shoulders, supporting him to sit up without any effort, and also thoughtfully placed a soft pillow behind Chen Xi’s back, so that he could lean back very comfortably.

The sudden close distance allowed Chen Xi to clearly see the opposite party’s handsome and perfect facial features. Such close distance and such intimate movements made Chen Xi feel choked by his looks. 

    In fact, when Chen Xi woke up, he noticed that this man had no flaws, he had handsome facial features, that kind of handsomeness that can kill any top star in a flash, which makes Chen Xi even wonder whether the first person he saw after he woke up is a big star from the future.

    However, Chen Xi, who had just woken up, had more important issues to pay attention to, so he forcibly ignored the person’s appearance. At this time, his crisis had been lifted, and looking at this man, his lethality was doubled. 

    Even the bright golden eyes of the other party that made him a little uncomfortable at the beginning, at this time, he felt that there is no more suitable for the other party than this color in the world. Such a dazzling look should be matched with this radiant color.

Chen Xi’s heart was full of thoughts. He took the cup from the man’s hand and found it was hot. He tentatively took a sip of the liquid in the cup. It was sweet and waxy, he didn’t know what it was, but it tasted good. 

    He ended up drinking half of the cup without knowing it. 


    Facts have proved that the information about humans in the information database is very useful. At least Chen Xi feels more relaxed after drinking half a cup of hot drink, and has a better impression of the golden-eyed man in the room. 

    When he saw this super handsome guy with a pair of indifferent golden eyes, although he looks like a cool guy who is not easy to approach, but in fact, he is very meticulous and considerate. He must be a super gentle person, not to mention that the other party helped him up and cushioned himself before, but also prepared a hot drink for himself.

    He must thank the other person if he has the chance in the future, but although the danger of his life is solved, there is still a very important problem, even if he knows that he not see his parents living in the world after waking up, he has very slim hope slim, but if there is any chance. 

    So Chenxi cautiously asked the second question to the man with golden eyes full of expectation, “Excuse me, can you tell me what year it is now?” 

    The handsome man lowered his head slightly, his indifferent golden eyes reflected the human look of expectation, his beautiful lips slightly opened: “The new calendar…8322.” 

    Chen Xi, who was originally full of expectation, suddenly froze. His dark eyes showed a confused look for the first time. What? What year is it?

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