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After half a day, Chen Xi’s worldview has undergone earth-shaking changes. 

    It turned out that this place was more than ten thousand years later. 

    It turns out that there are no human beings in this world. 

    It turned out that the golden-eyed man in front of him was not a human being, but a robot, an artificial intelligence.

    Chen Xi couldn’t help stroking his forehead, feeling that he needed some alone time.

    The year Chen Xi’s body was frozen was in 2022 AD. 


    One hundred years after he accepted his body being frozen, mankind successfully realized the application of controllable nuclear fusion technology. Since then, the energy that humans can use has undergone earth-shaking changes. 

    Through controllable nuclear fusion technology, the equivalent of 300 liters of gasoline can be obtained from one liter of seawater and the energy released after burning, without any more pollution. It was unlimited clean energy for human consumption.

     The upgrade of energy represents the liberation of productivity. The almost unlimited amount of energy that can be squandered, coupled with the already very high level of mechanical automation at that time, has achieved fully automated planting, automated breeding, automated production of daily necessities…a steady stream of resources, It was now easy to feed all mankind, and human beings quickly live a life that does not need to work for survival. This year was called the first year of the New Year. 

    Human beings who are free from survival have a lot of time. During this period, human science and technology are developing rapidly, artistic achievements are unprecedentedly high, and the entertainment industry is changing with each passing day. In addition, with higher quality energy, humans can easily rush out of the solar system and go explore further afield.

     There were many places to explore, so more substances were discovered. The scientific gaps of human beings were filled rapidly. There were various ideas that were feasible but could not be realized because of the lack of suitable materials, and they are realized one by one because of the new substances found in space.

    The realization of new ideas and new and stronger technical means have added new energy to mankind. Mankind is like an engine that has been accelerating, soaring into the sky. 

    Human beings are centered in the solar system and are spreading rapidly in the universe. Countless galaxies are included in the scope of human beings. What surprises humans is that they have not found any highly intelligent life forms other than them in the universe. The imaginary strong enemies did not appear, so they were able to explore the process of expansion, calmly and without any resistance. 

    At this time, the existence of a country has long been meaningless, the reason why there was a country on the earth is because on a small earth, humans have to compete with each other for those scarce resources, but now the vast universe was in front of them, as long as they were willing. They can take to their heart’s content, and compared with the vast universe, the human population is too small, it is simply too late to cooperate with anyone else, all human beings gradually only remember that they have one identity-earthlings. 


    In this context, the original governments of various countries have long since merged into the Earth’s federal government. 

    After the controllable nuclear fusion technology came out, mankind became a race that was born not to work for survival, only to be supported. 

    And the subsequent great technological development and the great exploration of the universe made the resources allocated by every human being born to the point of inexhaustible squandering. 

    In this context, humans began to think about the meaning of survival and how humans should live. 

    Some sages once said that human beings are born with the right to want happiness, and that humans should enjoy eternal pleasure. 

    In the end, this sentence was included in the human constitution. 

    All human beings live with this sentence as their purpose. If you feel that achieving success in a certain field can be happier, then go explore and achieve success. If you feel that enjoyment can lead to happiness, then go and enjoy yourself.

    To be a human, they should happy and reckless, and human technology is the strongest backing for human beings. 

    Under this purpose, all things that make humans feel unpleasant were gradually being eliminated. Because of illnesses, they will be unhappy. So they eliminate all illnesses, because of the short lifespan, they will be unhappy. So they used various methods to increase life expectancy until it reaches immortality. 

    Finally, human beings have become a race without any troubles, eternal health, eternal life, and the ever-expanding, nearly endless resources and material enjoyment.

    But it was unknown what happened since then, human beings found that they feel less and less happy, and the things that they were born with, they will not feel joy for these things, whether it is endless material enjoyment or eternal life. Even those entertainment methods that have been developed to the extreme by humans have become increasingly difficult to mobilize human emotions. 

    They don’t know when it started, but some human beings got tired of being alive and chose to take the initiative to end their lives. 

    Then the situation got worse and worse, and more and more humans, because they felt that life was boring, embarked on the same path. 


    The birth of mankind has long since broken away from the original model of human breeding and family raising, but was bred uniformly by the government from the human life bank. 

    The human population crisis has not come for the time being, but soon, the human government discovered that the time chosen by each generation to end life is getting shorter and shorter, and even some humans are no longer willing to fertilize eggs and provide sperm to supplement the life bank.

    For what reason should their descendants experience such a boring world? 

    In order to prevent being resurrected, they even used the most thorough way of ending their lives, convinced that they would never return to this world. 

    This rise of this mentality and trend was irreversible, even in human government, this mentality was slowly spreading. 

    Finally, there are fewer and fewer humans in the world, until there is only one human being left. 

    This great man with tenacious willpower, who has lived for thousands of years, was once full of responsibility and made great contributions to the technological advancement of mankind, but now, he looked tired and pressed the button to destroy the human life bank. Completely destroyed the human sperm and egg bank that only existed in the world. 

    Then, he lay down in the particle annihilation capsule and ordered the main brain to execute the program. 


    At the last moment the program was executed, his face showed a look of relief, and said goodbye to this boring world. 

    The year was SGD 7128.

    Since then, human beings have completely disappeared in this world.

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  1. Humans are greedy, they want more.. staying constant for a long ass time, they break. i know its not that deep but i relate it a bit. sorry for bad eng

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