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    Humans might’ve been extinct, but they did not destroy everything they created before they disappeared. It may be that they still have a touch of affection for their creation, or it may be that they simply don’t want the glorious civilization created by humans to disappear completely in the universe, so they wanted it to survive in a different way.

    After the disappearance of mankind, artificial intelligence and robots that once accompanied mankind, possessed many powers and self-awareness took over everything left behind by mankind, trying to survive alone in this world without human beings, which is the first year of the new calendar.

   After 3746, artificial intelligences discovered hidden wormholes in the depths of the universe, after realizing that it was a space jump. They discovered another vast starry sky full of life. 

    In that starry sky, there are many highly intelligent life forms that humans have been looking forward to but have not been able to find. 

    The artificial intelligences who turned out to appear in that universe are called by the intelligent beings of that universe-the intellectuals. 


    Because of the nature of artificial intelligence, they did not object to the title of “wisdom” in the name, if they really wanted to name themselves, they would prefer to call themselves machine race or mechanical race.

    However, there are too many things that can be exposed by using the machine as the name of the race. Artificial intelligence born in the hands of humans will naturally not do such superfluous things. 

    Then, thousands of years passed, until now 8322 in the new calendar. 

    After the supplementary class, Chen Xi, who thoroughly understood the history of the destruction of mankind and the history of the development of robots. He went silent for a while. After all, all this information had a really big impact on him, especially the fact that mankind has long since perished for thousands of years. 

    Although he had prepared himself before freezing that his relatives would no longer be alive, he really never thought that all humans would be gone. 

    Among them, the reason for the demise of mankind was even more shocking to him. He didn’t expect that mankind chose to perish not because of natural disasters or any other disasters, but because life was boring.

    Forgive him for being a man who was born in AD. Humans still need to work hard to survive. He was born with a congenital disease and has been suffering from his illness all this time. His greatest wish is to have a healthy body, so he really couldn’t understand that feeling that life was boring.

    But after thinking about it carefully, human beings born in that era have everything they need from birth, without any troubles, enjoying the best things, without experiencing any pain, their own standards should be very high, in this lifestyle It is really difficult to make them happy under that standard. 

    After all, if you give a bun to a beggar who doesn’t have enough to eat every day, he will be very happy, but if you give a bun to a rich man who eats big fish and meat every day, it would not be strange that he can give you a smile. 

    In that case, human beings have never been able to find anything worthy of happiness, and it seems that life became boring over time, which seems to make sense. 


    While Chen Xi was stroking his forehead and not speaking, the mastermind had been watching the human quietly. Although there was no expression on his face, he was already calculating rapidly. If the humans in front of them cannot accept this fact, and the cruel situation that mankind has perished, how should he remedy it.

    Finally, Chen Xi raised his eyes. He looked at the man in front of him who was essentially artificial intelligence and said: “You said, humans have already solved the problem of lifespan. So, not only has my body become healthy, but has my lifespan also been extended? “

    The alarm in the mastermind immediately sounded. He looked at the human being in front of him and answered cautiously: “There is no disease. The body that unties the limit of human cell division is the basic constitution of human beings. When we perform the repair program for you, your body has automatically been restored to the basic physique of human beings.”

    The main brain has entered a state of high alert, and the core program is running fast, and even extremely careful to change referred to Chen Xi as “you”. The level of caution can be said to be up a step. After all, at this juncture when the news of the demise of mankind was just learned, the only remaining human in the world began to ask the question of lifespan. This is indeed a very sensitive and dangerous signal. Why did he ask this question? Did he already think this world without other humans is meaningless? Had he begun to feel impatient with having a long life? 

    Since its birth, it has been the mastermind of the entire race. A single instruction can annihilate a galaxy. No matter what happens, it was the mastermind of indifference. For the first time since he was conscious, he felt nervous. 

    His golden eyes stared at the human in front of him, his vision captured the humans every expression, and then he carried out a comprehensive comparison and analysis. 

    And after Chen Xi listened to the main brain’s answer, his dark eyes lit up slightly, and then slowly, the corner of his mouth was slightly raised. 

    After analyzing the micro-expressions of humans, the main brain was a little surprised. It seems that the human in front of him is in a good mood?

    In fact, Chen Xi’s mood is really good at this time, and it can even be said to be quite good. After all, immortality and eternal life! This is simply something that Chen Xi’s era is something that all humans dream of before, cough, of course it may be commonplace for humans before him, and it is not worth mentioning, but who made him come from a hard time. 


    After seeing that Chen Xi did not have any low feelings or weariness, the nerves of the main brain slowly relaxed and began to answer some other questions of the curious baby Chen Xi.

    While answering questions, a long time passed, until the mastermind noticed a trace of fatigue on Chen Xi’s face, so he took the initiative to terminate the conversation and said to him: “You should rest.”

    Chen Xi nodded without objection. He slid down from the soft pillow behind him, watching the golden-eyed man beside the bed reach out and help him remove the pillow that took up space, and then stooped down to help him tidy up the quilt meticulously.

    Chen Xi looked at the figure beside the bed, from the opponent’s perfect chin, to the delicate skin, to the refreshing black hair hanging down on the forehead, he really couldn’t tell that this was not a real human being. Only when he looked into those golden eyes and looked at his excessive peace and calmness, could he remind him that the nature of the other party was artificial intelligence. 

    But thinking of artificial intelligence, Chen Xi couldn’t help but think of the only artificial intelligence he had ever come into contact with. Thinking that those artificial intelligences might be the ancestors of the man in front of him, Chen Xi’s head twitched and said to the golden-eyed man who was taking care of him meticulously and thoughtfully: “Are you a Xiao Ai, Tmall Genie, or Siri?”

(T/n: Xiaoai and Tmall Genie are called ‘smart speakers’, and are kinda similar Siri)

    There was a suffocating silence. 

    As soon as he heard what Chenxi said, he immediately searched for the mastermind of the relevant information interpretation in the huge historical database, and naturally understood what Chen Xi was talking about, and also understood what kind of artificial mental retardation it was. 

    He took a deep breath, watching the human teenager on the bed with golden eyes, and said: “What you said belongs to the first generation of artificial intelligence, and we are the product of the third generation of artificial intelligence, so in theory, we There is no direct contact with Xiao Ai, Tmall Genie, and Siri.” 


    Looking at the seriousness of the mastermind, Chen Xi nodded obediently, and carefully buried half of his face in the quilt. 

    In the next moment, the quilt covering Chen Xi’s nose and mouth was pulled down, and it was carefully tucked on Chen Xi’s neck again. 

    Because of this action, his slender fingers briefly touched Chen Xi’s chin, and the touch that was the same as that of human skin made Chen Xi even more amazed. 

    It’s warm, he thought. 

    After helping humans to cover the quilt and confirming that everything was correct, the main brain turned and left, and the moment the main brain left, the lights in the room were also dimmed, creating an excellent sleeping environment. 

    That evening, Chen Xi had a good night’s sleep. 

    He also had a dream. He dreamed of a sweet-sounding classmate Xiao Ai standing next to the bed and helping him cover his quilt. 

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    The author has something to say:

    Classmate Xiaoai: You are thinking about fart.

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