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    He had a good dream, when Chen Xi woke up the next day, he saw the figure of the man with golden eyes next to his bed. 

    After a good night’s rest, and after waking up for a day, Chen Xi found that his body was gradually regaining strength, and the soft feeling he felt  yesterday had disappeared. 

    The golden eyed man brought a dining car filled with exquisite food and told Chen Xi: “Because humans have disappeared for a long time, so many production lines that once served humans have been abandoned and damaged, and in the society of machine races, There are not too many things that humans can be use to eat. These foods were urgently imitated with the same materials according to the historical information in the database. I don’t know if it suits your appetite.”

   The man with golden eyes also told Chen Xi that their current conditions will not last too long. Soon, a dedicated team will come to customize all the items and food needed by humans for Chen Xi to ensure Chenxi’s quality of life. 


    Chen Xi looked at the exquisite and varied foods on the dining car, and listened to the words of the golden eyes man who seemed to feel that he was wronged by the heavens, and his heart was filled with a strong sense of disobedience.

     But after thinking that these foods are all made according to the recipe, the robot society may not have made human food for thousands of years. It may just look good, but it might not be delicious. So he didn’t refute the words of the golden eyes man, but tentatively stretched out his hand to the food on the dining car. 

    To Chen Xi’s surprise, when he wanted to lean forward to pick up a delicious-looking pastry, two robotic arms were conveniently placed under the dining car. One of them picked up the plate of pastry that Chen Xi had fancied and passed it to him. In front of Chen Xi, the other robotic arm picked up a small spoon, dug a spoon on the pastry, and handed it to Chen Xi’s mouth. 

    Chen Xi opened his mouth tentatively, and was fed a bite of cake by the robotic arm. To Chen Xi’s surprise, these robotic arms were very flexible and the movements of feeding him the cake were very gentle and skillful, without any force that he had imagined. It was like being gently fed by a real person. 

    More importantly, this cake is really delicious. 

    With a sense of novelty, Chen Xi ate a few bites of cake under the feeding of the robotic arm. Because the cake tasted really good, his eyes looked expectantly at another plate of food on the dining car. Soon, two robotic arms came out from the bottom of the dining car, one arm holding a dish and the other with a fork, and soon started it’s previous action again. 


    Chen Xi looked at the four robotic arms around him, and was a little curious about how many robotic arms the dining car was equipped with, but after a while, Chen Xi decided to give up exploring this question because he was already surrounded by ten robotic arms, some took spoons, some forks, some served drinks, and some took napkins to help him wipe the corners of his mouth from time to time, but the dining car still seemed like a bottomless pit, and he didn’t know how many robotic arms could still come out. 

    At this moment, Chen Xi suddenly felt something was wrong. How come there’s more napkins…

    Chen Xi followed the extra arm that was obviously different from the other mechanical arms, and then looked into a pair of calm golden eyes.

    In addition to this incident that was mixed in this meal, Chen Xi was extremely satisfied with his meal, because not only was there a wide variety, but each one was extremely delicious, and more importantly. This was the first time that Chen Xi had been giving food to his mouth, did all the humans live like this every day? Chen Xi suddenly understood a little bit why mankind would eventually become so bored with life. 

    After eating, Chen Xi looked at the man with golden eyes beside the bed and continued to communicate: “I didn’t ask your name yesterday. Can you tell me your name?” 

     The golden eyed main brain stared at Chen Xi, and he said: “You can call me Jin Yi.” 

    Jin Yi? 

    Chen Xi muttered silently in his heart, and then smiled: “Jin Yi, it sounds good.” 

    The name given to himself was called out from someone else’s mouth for the first time, and this person was still a human, and a trace of something special appeared in the mastermind’s heart.


    After Chen Xi learned the name of the golden eyed robot in front of him, he began to inquire about the others again. Among that, Chen Xi was most concerned about one thing, “Since you found me on the earth, is it possible that there are other frozen humans on the earth?” 

    Unfortunately, Chen Xi’s hope soon fell through. Faced with Chen Xi’s question, Jin Yi gave him the answer that after discovering him, they immediately searched the entire planet and explored it several times in depth again, but nothing was found, so he, a human being, is sure to be the last fish that slipped through the net on the planet.

    The reason why this fish slipped through the net before is because the earth was already a protected planet during the human period. After thousands of years of human beings entering space, they have issued a bill to list the earth’s mother planet as a special protected planet. So no one can step on it at will.

    At that time, when all human beings withdrew from the earth, before they all left, the robots conducted a large search of the earth, but after the extinction of mankind, the robots left behind did not conduct the search because they believed too much in their previous search, but strictly guarded the earth’s mother planet according to the laws of the human period, until an accident like Chen Xi occurred.

    After listening to Jin Yi’s answer, Chen Xi looked a little disappointed, but he quickly cheered up and asked Jin Yi if he still has an internet connection. He wanted to go online and see for himself. 

    How could a society made up of artificial intelligence have no internet? Jin Yi gave Chen Xi a device, told him how to use it, and let him explore freely. 

    While Chen Xi was in Jin Yi’s presence, he roughly explored the various sections and functions. After Jin Yi left, he immediately focused on information on history and the past of mankind. 

    Although Chen Xi was treated well after waking up, he was willing to believe everything Jin Yi had told him about humans and robots. 


    But being suspicious is something carved in the human genes, even if he knew that his behavior might not be hidden from the robots who were intellectual brains, Chen Xi still decided to verify it himself. 

    If what Jin Yi said is not true, then there must be loopholes in the vast network. 

    A few days later, Chen Xi was lying on the bed bored, and seeing him now look more relaxed and casual than those two days before waking up, it was obvious the result of his verification. 

    In the past few days, Chen Xi not only verified that what Jin Yi said was true, he also went out to stroll around the starship, and then saw other red-eyed robots besides Jin Yi. 

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    The author has something to say: 

    Chen Xi: Ah, this boring life…

WCBL: I know that some of the chapters are a bit short right now, but chapters are going to be slightly more longer around chapter 10. So stay tune!

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  1. I am enjoying this omg. Thank you for the translation!!!! ❤

    It makes me wonder if we would reach that point somewhere, probably far, FAR away future.

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