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     When Chen Xi first appeared in front of the robots, he was very uncomfortable, because as long as he appeared, all the robots that were working normally would stop and pay attention to him. 

    Those delicate faces and dark red eyes made him feel really stressed. 

    However, Chen Xi soon discovered that the appearance of these robots that were cold and unapproachable was just an illusion, even if they were born with a cold and solemn atmosphere like ice and snow. The robots would still work hard to smile when facing him, and as long as he walks in the starship, no matter where he encounters any difficulties, there will be robots who will come to help and help him solve the problem as soon as possible. 

    One day, Chen Xi was walking in the starship and was stopped by a robot. At that time, he looked at the strange robot that appeared in front of him, and looked at the exquisite but extremely serious expression of the other party and was a little nervous, but then, the red-eyed robot passed him a beautifully wrapped box and left. 

    Chen Xi didn’t react until the red-eyed robot walked for more than ten seconds. This seemed to be… a gift from the other party. 


    After Chen Xi opened it and found that it was indeed the case, it was something that he had never seen before, but after checking the Internet, he quickly figured out the usage. It was a multi-dimensional projector that integrated input and projections. 

    Many beautiful starry sky scenes and special planetary ecology are recorded in the projector. When the projection is turned on, the virtual reality projection almost makes people feel immersive. The meticulous light and shadow, and multi-layered sound effects made Chen Xi want to take a step outside. It really seemed like he had traveled to those planets, and some of the small details in these projections made Chen Xi faintly feel that the projections he saw were not those that were broadcast in batches on the market, but may have been recorded by the red-eyed robot that gave this to him.

    Chen Xi likes this gift very much and enjoys playing with it every day, but what Chen Xi did not expect is that the first robot to give him a gift seemed to give some inspiration to other robots. After that day, as long as he goes out, he would carry gifts from the other robots in his arms. 

    Moreover, these robots were not willing to let him walk the gifts in his arms, so they would often help him deliver gifts back to his room. Then this situation quickly developed into the fact that the robots set up two large gift boxes at his door. So that he can see two large boxes full of new gifts every day when he goes out.

    Chen Xi also dismantled a part of those gifts, and found that there were all kinds of things inside, but most of them were things that he could use or looked very interesting, he can feel that these were carefully selected for him. 

    After all these things, Chen Xi looked at the delicate faces with red eyes, and he was no longer stressed at all, because he found that these are a group of cuties who wanted to try hard to get close to him, we’re kind and flattering, and behave straightforwardly. However, compared with these enthusiastic and excessive red-eyed robots, Jin Yi, who takes care of him, can really be said to be quite cold.


    But speaking of it, among so many robots, he found that only Jin Yi has golden eyes. Why is that? 

    Doubtful Chen Xi asked Jin Yi this question, and then he quickly got the answer. 

    “Because I am the main brain.” 

    “The main brain…” Chen Xi was stunned, because that title does not sound like a simple character. 

    Then Chen Xi quickly confirmed his guess that the mastermind is more than simple. 

    The main brain is the one with the highest authority and most powerful performance among all robots. It is responsible for controlling the entire machine race, and the main brain is unique. At the same time, there can only be one main brain. In other words, Jin Yi is the entire machine race. The supreme leader, well-deserved king. 

    The shock on Chen Xi’s face couldn’t be concealed for a long time, so when he woke up, the one who was next to him was the mastermind of the robotic race. What kind of treatment was this? 

    After a long time, Chen Xi sat down and said, “But, you are the mastermind, shouldn’t you be very busy? Don’t you have to deal with a lot of things? Will you be delayed by being here with me?” 

    Jin Yi understood what Chen Xi meant, he lowered his eyes, and his golden eyes stared at Chen Xi and said, “I didn’t have my main body to come, because the main body is too far away from the earth. It takes a long time to get here. Now, the main body still sits at the junction of the internal and external universe to deal with the affairs of the whole race, and being assigned here to take care of you will not burden my body.”

    Chen Xi… well, he understands that he cannot use normal human thinking to guess the master brain. He thought about how being the most powerful brain of the entire race, processing thousands of pieces of information every minute, with a single mind and thousands of uses, was probably not a big deal. 

    After understanding this, Chen Xi’s burden immediately became much smaller. 


    The golden eyes looked at the relaxed human being. His gaze moved from Chen Xi’s shiny black eyes to the slightly raised corners of his mouth, and finally turned to Chen Xi’s sitting posture that was too relaxed, his shirt slightly lifted. He stretched out his hand towards the corner of his pajamas, and silently lifted the small piece of clothing to cover the exposed belly, and at the same time increased the temperature in the room. 

    In fact, as the main brain, Jin Yi can indeed process and master a lot of information at the same time. 

    He closed his eyes slightly, and in an instant, the huge network of the entire machine family was under control. 

    He can even know that within the machine race, the communities that the human teenager have not set foot in are constantly refreshing a huge amount of information. 

    As artificial intelligence, every machine family is a super-intelligent brain. Although they are born with self-awareness and emotions, feelings and can be regarded as a special life existence, their underlying structure, which is very different from ordinary creatures, still makes them very different from other intelligent lives.

    For example, they believe in efficiency and are accustomed to directly connecting with data, dealing with problems, so chatting is meaningless to them. 


    So even if the population of machine races is extremely large today, surpassing any life race they found in the outer universe, and even surpassing the peak number of human beings, within the huge network that connects every intellectual race, it is used inside the machine race. In the daily communication community, the content of it has always been small and silent. 

    They disdain small talk. 

    But since the discovery of humans on the earth, news gradually spread, today’s internal communication community of the machine race has been completely different from the past. 

    The former emptiness and dead silence disappeared. Today’s communication community has an explosive growth of information. At every moment, there will be a huge amount of information constantly refreshed.

    They asked, they inquired, and they whispered… They desperately wanted to know all the information about the human teenager Chen Xi.

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