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     If one day, you find that you have lost all your restraints, all the problems that have plagued you are no longer problems, you no longer have troubles, and more importantly, you now have unprecedented freedom and can do whatever you want. What would you do? 

    Chen Xi’s answer to this question is to do all the things he wanted to do in the past and fill up the regrets he once had. 


    When Chen Xi was born, he was an unhealthy baby. He had a rare congenital disease. This disease would continue to develop as he grew older, and eventually died of multiple organ failure. 

    The doctor who diagnosed Chen Xi even asserted that he would not survive to adulthood. 

    Even though Chen Xi was born in a good family, under all sorts of travels, he found that this problem still could not be solved. 

    Chen Xi’s father gave the name Xi, hoping that he would live with hope. 

    The body that was born with the disease was far more fragile than other children. Diseases of the systemic system made Chen Xi’s immunity lower. A slight temperature change and insignificant germs could make Chen Xi seriously ill. 

    His function of internal organs was far inferior to others, which makes Chen Xi need to pay attention everywhere in life, not to stay up late, not to eat unhealthy diet, but even then Chen Xi’s heart disease still grew, making him like other heart patients. Generally, vigorous exercise is not allowed, and his mood fluctuates greatly.

    During the intermittent school enrollment time, in all physical education classes, Chen Xi was also the only boy who could sit on the bleachers like the rest of the girls who got their period.

    Chen Xi’s life spanned just over ten years, he lived carefully, and was also full of hope. 

    He lived with hope as his father had hoped. 

    More than ten years of life is too short, and the world is too exciting, he has not lived enough, he still wants to live longer. 

    In order to live longer, Chen Xi gave up too much, he could not laugh, nor feel thrills. At the end of every vacation, listening to where his classmates went to rock climb or where they drifted and climbed, he secretly hid his envy in his heart. 

    Because he knew that he couldn’t do all of these, and if he did it secretly, he wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences. 


    With this tenacious will to survive and strict physical care, he broke the doctor’s prediction and he lived to adulthood. 

    But that was all. At the age of eighteen, his body entered the final countdown, and he could no longer delay. 

    Then, with this kind of mortal ending, he opted to freeze his body. 

    But now he woke up again. 


    On the mother planet of the earth. 

    “Ah ah ah!” A loud cry rang out, and then a figure jumped down from the top of Mount Everest.

    Everywhere on Mount Everest, the Intellectuals’ raised their delicate faces one after another, and their dark red eyes stared at the figure leaping from the top of the peak, and then started to glide from the moment they started to move. They calculated the angle and wind speed of the other party’s gliding, and they kept jumping on the mountain, quickly changing their positions. 

    And the figure with the hang gliding wing behind it, under the control of the mountain wind, whirled a few times, and finally swooped down quickly in one direction.

    Heading quickly straight down, and closer to the ground, bringing an unmatched experience of terror, Chen Xi could not help but scream, “ah ah ah ah!” 

    That ground was getting bigger in his field of vision, and the cold wind blew on the transparent mask, but just as Chen Xi was about to actually make contact with the ground, a figure jumped from the ground and caught him steadily.

    Others had already arrived from all over the mountain, trying to pick him up, but their speed was slow. The robots who jumped up for a millisecond couldn’t help but pursed their lips, looking at the two people with dark red eyes. 

    The mask on his face was taken off, and Chen Xi’s eyes reflected on a pair of golden eyes. 


    His heart was still beating, and the unprecedented experience brought about by the soaring adrenaline made Chen Xi’s eyes refocused after a long time, and then he burst out laughing: “Hahahaha! Go again!” 

    In this way, Chen Xi once again moved from Mount Everest, and jumped off. 

    The mother planet of the earth is the holy land of the machine race, and it is not allowed to set foot at will when it is not necessary, but this kind of regulation does not exist in the face of the last human being in the world. 

    At Chen Xi’s request, the earth became his playground. 

    He had experienced all the thrilling places he had heard of and had never heard of before. Under the powerful devices and protection of the machine clan, he didn’t need to worry about any danger at all. 

    He climbed Mount Everest and jumped down from the top. He set foot in the Amazon virgin forest to find the legendary piranha. He drifted on the waterfall, surfed in the storm, and he was still accompanied by the robot family. He dived into the sea to see the beautiful corals and small fishes, and swam with the giant animals on the bottom of the sea. 

    All the cautiousness in the past has been replaced by today’s willfulness, and all the envy and regret that have been in the past have also been cleaned up by his rich travels. 

    In the end, Chen Xi went to the place that was once his home using a satellite location. Of course, that place was now a virgin forest. 

    He stood in front of a huge tree whose trunk could carry a few people. This place used to be the gate of his house, but now, there was no trace of it.

    Chen Xi raised his hand and stroked the tree trunk, but all the things he had lived in slowly appeared in front of his eyes. He once asked Jin Yi why his liquid nitrogen tank froze for such a long time. Jin Yi told him that his liquid nitrogen tank was equipped with micro-controllable nuclear fusion technology, and the underground chamber he was buried in was not far from the coast, and directly obtained seawater using nuclear fusion technology to continuously convert energy, thus maintaining his refrigeration equipment for tens of thousands of years.


    Controllable nuclear fusion technology appeared one hundred years after he was frozen. No one knows what this means better than him. 

    This shows that after he was frozen, his parents did not give up on him, and even after a hundred years, his parents may have passed away, but there are still family descendants who have replaced the energy sources so that he can be frozen safely for a long time. 

    Although he does not know why so many years have passed and no one has awakened him, it may be because of the immaturity of medical technology, it may be that the descendants of the family have encountered an accident, or the descendants of the older generation have forgotten him.

    But no matter what, his parents did not abandon him or forget him. After a hundred years of freezing, someone still replaced his energy, which was enough to make him feel warm. 

    Chen Xi stroked the tree trunk under his hand and whispered softly: “Dad and Mom, have you seen it? We succeeded.” 

    As he said, he sniffed, raised his head slightly, and slowly forced back tears in his eyes again. Then, after a long time, a brighter smile reappeared on his face, “Mom and dad, don’t worry, I’m doing well here, and I will always live happily.” 


    The scene of the human teenager’s promise to the tree trunk is reflected in the eyes of the many machine races behind him. All the machine races watched this scene, and an inexplicable feeling emerged in their hearts. 

    Standing at the forefront, Jin Yi looked at the lonely young man in front, and slowly raised his hand, as if he wanted to take that figure into his arms and comfort him.

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    1. I know that all the human beings are gone but what about the animals, the birds, the fishes, the wild animals. Have they all extinct and perished with the human ?🤧🤧

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