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    Asking Chenxi to go to the outer universe did not appear in Jin Yi’s consideration at the beginning. After all, this human was discovered with great difficulty, the only remaining human being in the world. 

    Such a precious and important existence, of course, must be well protected in the safest place in the world, and the inner universe, which is completely under their control, is undoubtedly the safest place. 

    But is it enough just to protect it? 

    Is there anything around human beings that can threaten them? 

    In fact, human beings once perished in a state of trampling this universe under their feet. 


    Humans are creatures with rich emotions and changeable emotions. What they need is not only safety, not just food and clothing. They need more and more.

    They must have a variety of entertainment and a sense of freshness in the world. If one day, the world does not make them feel fresh and can no longer arouse their emotions, they will be depressed and even feel bored about the world, and the consequences are extremely serious. 

    So the outer universe they discovered is extremely useful for satisfying the freshness of mankind. 

    After Jin Yi had made up his mind, the starship they were on had quietly changed its course. 

    The original Jin Yi wanted to protect Chen Xi from the depths of the inner universe, if he later hears that Chen Xi no longer wants to go to the earth in the near future. The destination he was going to take Chen Xi was a large space base nearest to the earth.

    But now that he is ready to go to the outer universe, it doesn’t make sense to go to that space base. So where he is going to take Chen Xi to now is the largest space base in the inner universe, which is located next to the wormhole connecting the outer universe. At the same time, it is also where his ontology is.

   The base next to the wormhole has been there for the past several thousand years. In addition, it is the intersection of the two universes, and robots come in and out frequently, so it is also the most advanced space base in the inner universe and the best built space base. 

    Chen Xi should have a lot of fun there. 

    Thinking of this, Jin Yi couldn’t help but let a smile show in his eyes.



    The change of Jin Yi’s idea triggered a series of chain reactions in a place thousands of miles away.

    The space base that Jin Yi originally planned to go to is the closest to the earth, but it is now overcrowded. 


    The news of the discovery of a human being on Earth has already spread within the machine family. This news was enough to heat up the chips of all the machine families. It has already made all the machine families uncontrollable, and they urgently felt the need to do something. 

    It’s a pity that humans have always been in the Earth’s protected area, and that place is a place that ordinary machine races simply can’t set foot on. 

    At this time, those robot elites who are in the execution of the Earth Guard mission have become the envy of all the robots. For every robot elite who performs missions in the Earth Reserve, all platform accounts are closely watched. Yes, every day there are countless machine races leaving messages for them, trying to get a little bit of information about humans. 

    But just this is obviously not enough for the vast number of machine races, they also want to be closer to humans. 

    So when they learned that the next destination of the starship that mankind was riding on was the space base closest to the earth, countless machine races moved by wind. 

    Nowadays, the space base, which is built in space and covers an area far more than one planet, and the space base on the edge is Star Harbor. Is now full of starships, and even the Star Network has no tickets to this base at all, countless machine families who don’t buy tickets have made high contributions to purchase, but no machine family is willing to sell them at all.

    And now, those lucky machine races who have bought tickets have arrived here all the way. They were looking forward to it, and imagining, and waiting for their beautiful encounter with mankind. 

    In those delicate faces and dark red eyes, it seems that some of the cold breath that was born that day is missing now. 

    But at this time, they waited for news that the starship carrying the human had changed course. 

    Today’s machine races were all born after the new calendar, and none of them had any contact with humans.

    But having no personal contact does not mean that they have no feelings for humans, nor does it mean that they don’t know what happened in the past. 

    Machine races are special beings born in the hands of humans. They swim and grow in human knowledge. They learn emotions under the guidance of humans. From the beginning of their consciousness, they only had humans in their eyes. 


    They were full of attachment to the Creator who created them with one hand. 

    And human beings also like the artificial intelligence they created. This is their right-hand man in work, the most intimate care of their existence in life, and even the artificial intelligence that has consciousness and emotion, can provide humans with emotional comfort. 

    Most humans, even more than their peers, prefer artificial intelligence that always accompanies them. 

    But at the end of the New Year, in that dark age, a large number of humans chose to end their lives, while the machine races who accompanied the humans at that time could only watch them and had no authority to stop them. 

    In the post-human era, it is also a moment when artificial intelligences choose to end themselves in large numbers. They simply cannot accept this fact. 


    Artificial intelligence, or machine family, has been updated in a short period of time. 

    The newly born machine races are all a blank sheet of paper that has never been in contact with humans. 

    However, although there are no humans in the world, some of the machine races in the human period chose to leave some memories before the end of themselves.

    Those memories are all the good times of the machine race and human beings, and the despair of finally watching humans activate the particle annihilation capsule. 

    As a result, the newly born machine races all saw those memories, and then felt their despair. 

    Those machine races that have memories have no other purpose. They just know that their masters have completely disappeared in this world, not even a cell nucleus is left behind, and human beings will clean up all traces of the virtual world before choosing to die, so the pictures stored in their memories are the only traces of their master’s existence in the world, They don’t want these memories to be destroyed with their self termination, so they finally choose to leave them on the star network.

    But these memories have indeed caused irreversible damage to the new machine family. 

    Even if there was a bill later to protect the newly born robot family, urging the robot family to watch some historical data more carefully, but this bill has no effect at all. After all, as long as it is a robot family, how could they not be curious about the creator that created them. Therefore, none of the newly born machine families has been spared from feeling that despair.

    It is definitely not a beautiful feeling. 


    But there are no human beings in this world anymore, no matter how hard they try, they can’t restore history. 

    But they didn’t expect that after so many years, they actually discovered another human being. 

    This is simply the best treasure in the world. 

    This time, they will never let him give up his life because he feels that the world is boring. They will do everything they can to satisfy him and let him feel the joy of life. 

    But just as they were about to meet a human, they were thinking about day and night, waiting for the starship to arrive at the base. 

    The starship that was supposed to be carrying a human to them has actually changed its course! ! ! 

    Countless machine races bowed their heads expressionlessly, and the dark red eyes seemed to be suppressing a storm.

    Their consciousness is connected to the virtual network, and they madly press a red button, a dog is better than the main brain, report!

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