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   Jin Yi, who had been pushing the door open in the room, suddenly paused. Chen Xi, who was rarely not immersed in the virtual world, realized this and looked at him curiously and asked, “What’s wrong?” 

    “Nothing.” Jin Yi returned to normal and closed the door. It’s just that the number of reports that he received all at once exceeded the sum of his hundreds of years in office. 

    When Chen Xi saw Jin Yi calmly act as usual, he thought it was nothing, and when he saw Jin Yi coming, he immediately waved to Jin Yi and asked him to come over when he encountered doubts on the star network. 

    After the tall figure walked to his side, Chen Xi raised his two-in-one tablet and asked him in confusion, “I have seen a lot of things recently and found something strange, all these games and artistic creations were at least created 8000 years ago. I thought they were created by human beings, but when I looked at the author later, I found that many of them were created by you guys, but why haven’t you created anything for thousands of years? “

    Jin Yi’s pale golden eyes glanced at the tablet in Chen Xi’s hand, and then replied: “The robots themselves are not interested in these. They used to serve humans, so they created those. There are no humans left, so naturally no new works will be born.” After saying this, Jin Yi paused because he suddenly remembered that after the demise of mankind, the robot family did not have any work. There was a specific category of works, which had always been created by the machine family, and there were a lot of machine families to watch. However, because the subject matter of that category was too special, he looked at Chen Xi’s hairy little head, and didn’t say anything.


    After listening to Jin Yi’s answer, Chen Xi sighed: “It’s such a pity.” 

    Chen Xi’s sigh was sincere. He noticed this accidentally today. He noticed this when he looked through the collection of poems. When he came across a poem that he liked, he wanted to find out the author’s other works to read. But when he saw the author’s name, he realized that something was wrong, because the author’s name was marked that the author was not a human being.

    After he became interested in this matter, he went to check other collections of poems, and found that almost half of the poetry writers in the future world were filled with human authors and artificial intelligence authors. Then he expanded the scope to game paintings and found that everything else was the same. Even a game he especially loved to play a few days ago, the author is artificial intelligence.

    In fact, Chen Xi is not surprised that artificial intelligences can create so many works. After all, they are super-intelligent brains. The speed and range of learning are many times stronger than that of humans. In addition, they have self-awareness and emotions. It’s not so simple to produce works of high artistic achievement. 

    So he is simply wondering why there is such an innate advantage, but no work has been produced for thousands of years. If you know that innate advantage, it would make humans envious to death. After all, just think about it, knowing that a super intelligent brain can reach the master level of human art after learning for a short period of time.

    Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi’s pity, a smile flashed in his golden eyes, and said, “Don’t feel pity, because that was before. Now you are here. I believe they will continue to create new work for you.”

    Chen Xi smiled embarrassedly when he heard Jin Yi’s words, but he was still very happy overall, because it means that he not only has the huge entertainment treasures left by humans in the past, but also the robots continue to give him assets, he thinks he can be happy to be old. 

    After laughing for a while, Chen Xi suddenly thought of something, and picked up an object to show Jin Yi. 

    That was the “paper” he specifically asked for Jin Yi, but unlike traditional paper, it was not made of plant fibers, but a new type of synthetic material in the future, and now his handwriting has been written on it. 

    Jin Yi looked at the paper that Chen Xi asked him to look at. After reading it, a look of surprise appeared on his face. He said, “You did this?” 


    “Yeah.” Chen Xi nodded, and then said again. : “I didn’t write that well. I saw the poem I like very much today, and I couldn’t help the itching from my hands.” 

    Jin Yi’s eyes focused on the beautiful lines of poems, and said seriously: “No, it’s well written ” 

    Although there are still immature marks everywhere in those words and sentences, considering Chen Xi’s age, he has written very well, and Chen Xi’s handwriting is also very beautiful, which is very rare among teenagers.

    In historical data, human beings are delicate and romantic creatures, but now it is the first time that Jin Yi has felt that kind of romance in Chen Xi. 

    This feeling is…very strange. 

    When Chen Xi saw Jin Yi complimenting his writing well, a smile appeared on his face. In fact, the reason why Chenxi could write poems was a little old skill in his time, which was thanks to his body.

    Because of his health, he couldn’t do many things. The hobbies cultivated by his parents are some very soothing things that cultivate his sentiment. Among them, reading literary works, picking up brushes and practicing calligraphy were more of the major ones.

    Of course, Chen Xi had always felt normal about these things before, he had no love for them, let alone work hard. What really made him enthusiastic was at the time of his youth on campus.

     Teenage boys and girls gather together every day, the hormones of youth will inevitably be restless, even if most people are still ignorant and don’t have a deep understanding of feelings, but instinct still makes them do certain things. 

    The favorite thing for boys and girls in the second phase is to secretly stuff love letters in the table of their favorite objects. 

    Those boys who use dog-crawling characters will rarely try to write the characters correctly at this time. 

    Of course, if you can create a love poem for a confession with a high level, it will simply be worshipped by everyone. 

    Big boss, big boss, can’t afford to offend. 

    Meanwhile Chen Xi, who has been cultivated by his parents since childhood, has a natural advantage at this time. More importantly, under the influence of being surrounded by hormones around him, he also had this kind of thought for a girl in his class.


    With a girl he likes, Chen Xi certainly worked hard for the skills he had already mastered, but even in the end he wrote poems one after another to express his heart, even if his handwriting is rare and beautiful among his peers, and he is almost invincible among his peers in the whole school, so confession poems have never been sent out once. 

    It’s not because of his shy personality or lack of courage, but because he knows he has no future. 

    A person who is judged by a doctor that he will not survive to adulthood, how can he be qualified to confess?

    Even if the girl he likes accepts him, he can’t even agree to be together like his other classmates, and fall in love together when he goes to college.

    In the end, it was nothing more than sorrow. 

    Therefore, Chen Xi knows how to write poems, but the poems he writes will always be appreciated by himself and never sent out. 

    Chen Xi looked at the poems he wrote today and was a little stunned. 

    However, the situation is different now. 

    The original loneliness in Chen Xi’s eyes gradually disappeared. Yes, it’s different now.

    Chen Xi raised his head, smiled and looked at the person in front of him, and then said: “Jin Yi, this poem is for you.” After speaking, Chen Xi raised his hand and folded the paper on which the poem was written. 

    The paper in his hand is different from everything he has used in the past. This kind of future paper, whether it is the writing experience or the touch of the hand, is far more than the traditional paper before. Even the feeling of folding is very cool, Chen Xi praised this in his heart, and stuffed the folded paper into Jin Yi’s hands. 

    Jin Yi was originally a little nervous because of Chen Xi’s sudden depression, and was thinking about how to solve it. 

    In a blink of an eye, he realized that Chen Xi’s depression was gone, and he also gave him something. He was completely stunned. He looked at the stacked poems written by Chen Xi in his hand, and asked in a daze, “Give it to me?”

    “Yes.” Chen Xi nodded his head, thought for a moment and said: “This is the first time I have given someone my poem, you should put it away.” 

    Yes, ah, now everything is different. There is no problem with his body now, and his life span is no longer short. The poems he writes in the future will be given to whomever he wants to give, without any scruples. 


    However, Jin Yi didn’t know the journey of Chen Xi’s heart at this time. He suddenly received a poem, and his heart was filled with a special feeling. 

    He knows that human beings have always cherished their own works and would not give it to others casually. 

    But now Chen Xi gave him the poems he wrote, and also told him that this was the first time he gave poems to others. 

    So is he a special existence in Chen Xi’s heart? 

    At this moment, Jin Yi’s body at the junction of the inner and outer universes couldn’t help but change his sitting posture. 

    In the end, Jin Yi put away the poem and said seriously to Chen Xi: “I will keep it well.”

    Because of an inexplicable feeling, Jin Yi did not stay in Chen Xi’s room for long today. When Chen Xi was immersed in the virtual world again, he checked that there was nothing to do, and then walked out, closed the door. He couldn’t help but raise his hand to touch a place on his body, and then a smile unconsciously appeared at the corner of his mouth. 

    The starship is approaching the destination at a steady speed, but the earth is too far away from the wormhole leading to the outer universe, so there is still a long journey. 

    However, Chen Xi was indulged in various forms of entertainment every day, and couldn’t feel the passage of time at all. 

    In short, every day was spent very happily. 

    However, staying in the virtual world more and exploring more deeply, Chen Xi made an accidental discovery, and that discovery was something that Jin Yi hadn’t told Chen Xi for some reason. 

    The discovery is that in the category of film and television, Chen Xi discovered works that actually had a creative time after the new calendar, and those works were evenly distributed over the past eight thousand years, and even some were created just a year or two ago, with high scores and large viewing.


    Chen Xi is really curious, he knows that the games and films left over by mankind have never been opened and played, so what is the magic of these works, so that the robots after the new calendar can continue to create, and still have many robots watching it.

    Chen Xi was curious, after eating part of it, he found that he had opened the door to a new world, and then he couldn’t recover for a long time. 


    In fact, those film and television dramas are not so bizarre themes, and even the plot and routines are somewhat soiled, but as a human, Chen Xi looks at those film and television dramas, and his heart felt really mixed and complicated. 

    Because the plots in those works are combined into one routine. 

    For example, because of the turbulence of time and space, a human being has traveled through thousands of years of time and arrived in the new calendar era, and then was picked up by a robot clan. 

    This robot clan takes care of human beings, helps humans to familiarize themselves with the world, and works hard to be nice to him/her. Then, during the day and night, humans and the robot clan who picked him/her developed a deep relationship. 

    Then, at this time, the turning point came, and the emergence of human affairs finally couldn’t hide it. The news spread quickly, and then the upper layers of the machine race quickly acted. Of course, the ordinary machine race could not stay by the human side, and the human beings were taken away and taken care of by specialized robots.

    The ordinary robots who were forcibly separated from the humans were heartbroken, and the humans were also depressed because they had left their robots. Finally, because the humans became increasingly unhappy, the robots had to find the robot family that first picked up the human being, and allowed them to stay with the human beings again.

    From then on, after the reunion, the ordinary machine race can once again be with humans every day, and humans are no longer unhappy, they live happily forever together in this era. 

    And this is the only film and television work that the robot tribe is willing to create and love to watch thousands of years after the extinction of mankind. 

    It’s also worth mentioning that in every drama of this theme, there will be a super villain in the middle and later stages, and that villain was the mastermind of the machine race at the time. 

    Chen Xi watched every drama appear in each drama category, and although the mastermind made people feel hateful, he couldn’t help but feel more complicated. 

    At the same time, for the first time in his heart, he have a subtle understanding of the image of the main brain in the hearts of most of the machine races. 


    However, after the complexity was over, Chenxi thought from another angle and found that film and television dramas are indeed film and television dramas, and the probability of happening in reality is too low. 

    Because when he first woke up, the first person he saw was Jin Yi. 

    Since then, he has been by his side, and the one who gets along the most with him is also Jin Yi. 

    So it is almost impossible that human beings who have come to this era will be picked up by ordinary machine races and lived together for a long time to cultivate feelings. 

    Chen Xi, who was so shocked by seeing these works, did not recover for a long time, so that when he saw Jin Yi again, he was a little absentminded. 

    “What’s the matter?” Jin Yi asked him suspiciously when he keenly discovered that something was wrong with him. 

    Chen Xi raised his face and looked at the handsome and handsome face of Jin (Main Villain) Yi. After a while, he shook his head and said, “I’m fine.”

    Because of some strange entanglement, Chen Xi didn’t tell Jin Yi. He discovered that the robot family still loves to create works even after the new calendar, um, it can be regarded as saving Jin Yi a little face. 

    However, Jin Yi came to Chen Xi today. He told Chenxi that the team he had mentioned before that could improve Chen Xi’s quality of life had arrived.

    Chen Xi was stunned when he heard this, because he felt that his quality of life was already very high. The sentence Jin Yi had only said once before had long been forgotten by him. Unexpectedly, there really were people coming. 


    Although Chen Xi was too satisfied with his life now and felt that there was nothing to improve, since the machine races had traveled over thousands of miles, Chen Xi still met with them under Jin Yi’s arrangement. 

    But as soon as he met those robot races, Chen Xi couldn’t stop staring at them for no reason, but it was just because Chen Xi found that the eyes of those robot races were different from all the ones he had seen before. They were not Jin Yi’s golden color. It is not the dark red of other machine families, but an orange-red color. Although it also had a red hue, the difference can be seen at a glance. 

    Chen Xi was amazed, because he always thought that there were only two eye colors in the Robot Race. 

    However, although the eye colors are different, these machine races are also the tall and exquisite looks that Chen Xi is familiar with, and the moment Chen Xi appeared, they fixedly stared at him.

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