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    In this line of sight, Chen Xi smiled and greeted them, and then he saw the eyes of these orange-red robots flashed, and the handsome and delicate faces worked hard to smile at him. 

    This familiar reaction made Chen Xi relax at once. Well, although the color of their eyes are different, he is still a familiar machine family. 

    Later, under Jin Yi’s introduction, Chen Xi learned that these handsome guys with orange-red eyes were a special group of robot races. One word to describe them, is that they are all technicians, focusing on research and development. Most of the current research and development of the new technology of the machine family comes from their hands, while the rest appear in the majority of ordinary machine families with a small probability of being a technician.

    Compared with those with dark red eyes, the number of robots with orange-red eyes is much smaller, but the importance is self-evident, and they are usually more smart, almost always doing research and development with a dull mindset around outside.

    But this time they couldn’t stay still any longer because of Chen Xi. They found the mastermind for the first time, believing that if Jin Yi didn’t let them over, they would go on strike together. 


    Jin Yi felt that their application was justified, certain things should be left to professional people. Humans had disappeared for too long. Their various infrastructures to serve humans could not keep up. All things need to be considered, and it is most appropriate for this kind of thing to be done by meticulous and thoughtful technicians, so he was happy to allocate ten places to them and let them form a team to be responsible for improving Chen Xi’s quality of life.

     Then these important technicians did not care about going on strike anymore, but fought for the ten open spots. In the end, these ten kings stood in front of Chen Xi. 

    Chen Xi naturally didn’t know what kind of blood storm had gone through as they were standing in front of him with a smile and trying to release their kindness before they came to him. He looked at them curiously and started talking with them. 

    Chen Xi knew what these robot races were doing, but he realized that he was very satisfied with his life now. This was simply a fairy day. He couldn’t think of how else to improve his life, so he just wanted to talk to them, and thank them for coming all the way, but soon, he found out that he was wrong. 

    “Look, this is the most popular speed car model and personal aircraft in the history of mankind. Of course, there are also these newly designed concept drawings. If you like, we can send drawings to the base for construction now. When you arrive at the base, you can see all your favorite flying cars and personal aircraft…”

    Chen Xi saw the various models displayed by the other party, especially those with mighty and cool shapes. Every pore on his body opened and closed like breathing, and his eyes couldn’t move at once with the bionic car roaring like a wild animal.

    “Look, what style do you want for your residence on the base? This is the architectural style of the sky garden, the style of the steel nest, or would you rather have a more retro oriental palace style or a towering castle style…” 

    Chen Xi couldn’t say a single sound. 


    “The starship you are riding on is just an ordinary starship. A customized starship is already in the making, with various equipment specially made for you added in it, and the internal space is wider…” 

    Chen Xi’s breathing stopped. 

    “Look at…” 

    “Look at…” 

    These orange-red eyed robots, although the process of distinguishing themselves from the crowd is very fierce, it is clear that the competition among technicians is still very principled. At least, each of these ten of the machine races have researched about human preferences, and are absolutely qualified for how to complete the task of improving Chen Xi’s quality of life. What they each put forward will all go straight to Chen Xi’s heart.

    Chen Xi finally recovered his voice after being stunned by the series of things for a while, but his subconscious reaction was still, “I don’t want this, it costs too much…” 

    However, before Chen Xi could say anything else, he heard a deep laughter from behind, Chen Xi turned around and saw Jin Yi’s smiling eyes. 

    Chen Xi gave him a puzzled look. Is he wrong? 

    Then the next moment, Jin Yi took a step forward, stretched out his hand and gently placed it on Chen Xi’s shoulders, helped him turn around, and said to him: “Let me show you something.” 

    As soon as his voice fell, The starship cabin they were in underwent a wonderful change. It should be that the outer alloy wall slowly becomes transparent until it is like glass, and the starry sky outside can be clearly seen.

    Then a few minutes later, Jin Yi said to Chen Xi: “Look over there.” 

    Chen Xi followed Jin Yi’s direction. At first, he couldn’t see much, but the speed of the starship soon gradually increased, and the originally small stars slowly enlarged so that Chen Xi could see more clearly. At this time, Chen Xi found something strange, because he found that there was a star in the direction Jin Yi asked him to look at, it was a strange “planet”. 


    It was a “planet” with a very smooth surface and a metallic luster. The celestial bodies in space were full of a strange sense of disharmony. As the distance continued to get closer, Chen Xi couldn’t help opening his mouth in astonishment. As the distance narrowed, he finally saw that the so-called “planet” was actually made up of pieces of metal. Obviously, it was an artificial “planet.” 

    As for who made this man-made “planet”, he didn’t even have to think about it. 

    Seeing the dense and small pieces of metal on the planet, Chen Xi couldn’t imagine how big the actual volume is. In short, this is definitely a big project. 

    But why did Jin Yi and the others bother to build a metal planet? And for some reason, Chen Xi always has a sense of immediate vision for that metal planet, and it seems that there is something ready to come out. 

    At this time, Jin Yi smiled at Chen Xi and said, “Can you remember what it is? Let me tell you its name. Its name is Dyson Sphere.” 

    Dy! Son! Sphere! 

    Chen Xi’s pupils suddenly contracted. At this moment, the original faint sense of familiarity finally broke through because of the name. He remembered everything. Chen Xi looked at the metal planet again, and his eyes were filled with amazement.”That”s the Dyson sphere?! You mean, it’s wrapped around… the sun! “

    Ji Yi nodded:” Yes. ” 

    Dyson sphere, is a concept put forward long ago in Chen Xi’s era. That concept is an artificial celestial body that completely wraps stars with an imaginary giant man-made structure, enveloping most or all of the energy output of stars.

   Imagine that, it’s equivalent to using stars directly as a power source and having a natural nuclear fusion reactor in space. 

    Stars, which are celestial bodies like the sun, are known to have huge energy. The earth only sheds a small amount of energy by the sun, but it feeds all life on the earth, so if you can directly capture all the energy of a star, how terrible was that. With high automation technology, energy represents everything and it represents a steady stream of wealth. 

    It’s a pity that in the AD era where Chen Xi lived, this kind of thing can only be thought of, and it will only appear in science fiction works, but he has not thought that this kind of thing is now actually realized. 


    However, just as Chen Xi watched the Dyson sphere intently, Jin Yi whispered in his ear: “Do you know how many Dyson spheres we have now?” 

    Chen Xi blinked and looked at Jin Yi blankly, “How many?” 

    “11822 spheres.” 

    Chen Xi lost the ability to speak again. 

    Jin Yi couldn’t help but raised his hand and rubbed Chen Xi’s black hair, and chuckled softly: “The Dyson spheres we have are about 20% surplus to meet daily needs, so there are more than 2,000 spheres. Therefore, within the scope of the Dyson sphere, you can squander it freely. There really is no need to save anything for us, baby.” 

    Two thousand Dyson spheres, Chen Xi felt a little dizzy. At this moment, he suddenly realized the feeling of being rich in the universe. 

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    The author has something to say: 

    Zhihu Q&A: Excuse me, how does it feel rich in the universe? 

    □□: Thank you for the invitation. When the others are in space and leave earth, it’s just pocket money calculated by the Dyson sphere.

Dyson Sphere

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